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As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful and Beloved Asiatic Black Goddesses!!!

The great stress of How To Eat To Live is made upon eating one meal per day.

We, the so-called Negroes, have been taught by our enemy (white race) who were put here to cut short our lives, and for the last 6,000 years they have done so. We should be living not under one hundred (100) years and from that to one thousand (1,000) years. The old patriarchs, Noah and Methuselah each lived nearly a thousand years, consisting of 365 1/4 days.

365 1/4 days has always been a year with Allah because that is how long it takes the planet Earth to orbit the Sun.

Since we have been under the rule of the white race, our lives have been shortened so much so, that we are surprised to see a person live over seventy (70) years, which should just be the beginning of life.

But All Praise is Due To Allah, The Best Knower, The All-Wise True and Living God. He has Come in the Divine Person of Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is Due Forever, as it was prophesied, to give to us more life, and more life abundantly. This prophecy is fulfilled in the Teachings of the above book.


There are two versions of How To Eat To Live: Book One and Book Two. They are very similar, however there are two small differences. The last chapter in Book Two is a call for the Black people in America to Do Something For Self by donating to The Nation of Islam. The other difference is that Book One reads that fish is not good for you and Book Two reads that fish is good for you.

It is my understanding, considering the Nation of Islam’s lucrative fish program, that Book Two is a later revelation and should be accepted as such. However, I know some people who will not eat fish at all. I disagree, but respect their choice.


The benefits of eating one meal a day, as prescribed by Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) in the above books, are both spiritual and physical. The spiritual benefit is that by taking long intervals between meals we are better qualified to seek a favor from Allah. Such as when Moses fasted for a cure from Allah, for his sister (Miriam) who had contracted leprosy by speaking carelessly of her brother (Moses). Moses fasted to beseech Allah to heal his sister.

We can do the same. When we are seeking a favor from Allah, we can do as Moses, and fast to show our dedication to achieving the desired outcome.

Our Beloved Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) taught in the above book (Book 2) that if we are seeking spiritual advancement, we should fast for three days. Such a fast will bring us closer to Allah.

Imagine if you cut your meals to one meal every three days, how close you will be to Our Saviour, Allah!

The physical benefits of eating one meal a day are numerous: we increase our beautiful appearance, clear our thinking, improve our health and lengthen our lives.

It is very logical. Eating three and four times a day and all between meals keeps the digestive system working, trying to digest this food which the body has not even called for. By taking long intervals between meals, such as days, we give the digestive system time to complete the digestive process for the previous meal and also give it time to rest before asking it to work again. If we keep adding more food while the other meal is in the process of digesting, we have a new poison, in its full strength, to add to the poison that is already there and give it more strength and working power that will keep us sick.

If we give our body enough time to completely digest our meals, it will completely rid itself of the germs (poison) and leave us enjoying the results of a healthy body, which is the greatest enjoyment we can experience.


Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) also taught us in the above book (HOW TO EAT TO LIVE) that NO MEAT IS GOOD FOR US. We should not eat any meat, not even chicken. The chicken is a very filthy animal, inasmuch as it does not eat the cleanest of food. A chicken will turn around and eat its own droppings.

The only type of meat that is okay for us to eat, according to the above book, is the little young pigeon that has never flown from the nest where it was born (called squab).

Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) taught us that our flesh was not made to digest other flesh (meat) and keep doing a job of maintaining the life of our flesh. By eating the flesh of others, we poison our blood and destroy the surface of our flesh, causing us to look old quickly.

We eat meat because it is a habit from childhood, but if we eat it only once a day or once every two days or three days, it will not harm us so quickly and give us a few more days to our life.

We can eat fish. But we should be careful not to eat every kind of fish. We should not eat a fish weighing over fifty pounds (such as tuna). Our Saviour taught The Messenger (PBUH) that the eating of such large fish is too hard on our digestive system. We should confine our fish-eating to those fish weighing under ten pounds.

We should also be careful to never eat the scavengers of the sea, such as crabs, shrimps, lobsters, oysters, clams, snails and catfish. The fish last mentioned (catfish) is a very filthy fish and is the pig of the water.


There is another flesh that we should not eat that is an abomination in the eyesight of Allah (God). That is, the divinely prohibited flesh of the swine (hog). This filthy animal contains a live poison in the form of pork worms (trichinae) which, when they enter the blood stream, multiply by the thousands. These worms lodge in the muscles and cause aches and pains (arthritis and rheumatism). They also travel up the spine and into the brain. When they enter the spine and the brain, the disease becomes incurable.

The Bible mentions not to eat this filthy animal and says that we should not even touch it! It is a sin to eat the flesh of the swine and our people, the Black People of the Earth, Muslims by nature, will not allow you to enter into their society if you are a swine eater. No swine eater shall see the Hereafter.

The devils (Caucasians) know that they are not going to live to see the Hereafter, so they do not care about eating the divinely-prohibited flesh of the swine, nor of the harm they are doing to their bodies. They do not care about lengthening their lives because their time on our Earth is limited anyway. The Holy Qur-an says that they would try and take as many of the righteous (Black People) with them to their doom as they could. So, they taught us to eat the swine, knowing that it was forbidden by Allah (God). Everything Allah (God) says, “Thou shall not do,” the white race teaches, “Thou shall do.”


Some other foods which are not good for us, and we should not force our bodies to try to digest are: nuts (all types), white bread, cornbread, greens, blackeyed peas, lima beans, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, spaghetti and macaroni.

In the books, HOW TO EAT TO LIVE, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) shares with us the exact science of how to eat to live, so you can lengthen your life, increase your beautiful appearance and improve your health. For your health and for the health of your family, I highly recommend that you read this book.

You can read it for free by clicking HERE or purchase your own copy HERE.

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum!

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