بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


I met this guy when I was eight (8) years old.
I fell in love with his eyes and my Crush was Cold.
Kinda Brown and Mesmerizing
I Would Get Lost in His Gaze;
Oblivious To The World Around Me
You Could Say I Was In A Daze.
Only eight (8) years old and already in Love,
With a Ten-Year Old God, who fit me like a glove.

As the years passed,
My Love Only GREW.
And Although there were others,
Every Few Years It Would Renew.

I’d run into him somewhere,
And end up in his arms;
Lost in his eyes,
I’d succumb to his charms.

To this very day, my love deeply burns.
And Who Knows But Allah
What the Future Holds?

I thought he was a Muslim,
Because of his name,
But he’s not in the Nation,
And Sunni is not the same.

In love with a Non-Believer!
What Kind of Muslimah am I?
Allah is The Best Planner tho
And on Him do I rely.

All He Has to say is “Be.”
And it is.
So, if it’s His Will
Then I will be his.

But until then, I’ll just wait and stay chaste
Until that sure day when I’ll again see his face.

The Man Whom I Met When I Was Eight (8) Years Old.
Fast-Forward Thirty Years

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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