بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I grew up like any other Black girl in the eighties, so naturally, I was in love with New Edition. And no, not THE New Edition. (I used to HATE it when d.j.s or v.j.s or music show hosts introduced them like that!)

Anyway, it was awhile before I had heard of them, being that, my mom wouldn’t allow us to listen to the radio. But my Aunt would take me and my cousins for a ride down “The Arlington Doubles” and we would inevitably listen to the radio.

Well, “Candy Girl” came on the radio and my cousins started talking about New Edition. I had never heard of them.

So, anyway, I saw a video or something and learned more about them. I thought Ralph was the cutest.

So, one day at school, me and one of my cliques, (I have recently learned that I have split personalities) decided that we were each going to be with a member of New Edition. We wrote a novel about them and us.

Anyway, the Sister in charge of distributing, liked Ralph, so I was assigned Mike. I accepted it without protest. I was young and impressionable. And, when I commit to something, I give it my all or nothing. One Hundred Per Cent.

So, I convinced myself and everybody who knew me that I was head over heels in love with Michael L. Bivins.

I would probably STILL be in love with him, if it weren’t for my Habibi (Honey-Baby in Arabic 😀 ).

The Sister in charge of distribution won concert tickets from KDAY (the first radio station to feature an all hip-hop format) a limo pick-up, a N.E. jacket, front-row seats and backstage passes.

So, apparently she got to know them very well and they used to visit her home. She called me one time (I lived on the other side of town, remember?) and everybody (my clique and N.E.) was there.


So, I talked to somebody on the phone, now that I think about it, I don’t think all of them were there. Probably just BBD and Bobby. Ralph might have been there. But I don’t think so.

Anyway, they wouldn’t let Baby talk to me. He was upset. I guess it was good for me, considering…… 😥 RIP Whitney & Bobbi Kris).

But anyway, they started calling me when New Edition WASN’T there and acted like they were them. I knew the game, but I really wanted it to be N.E. so I went along with it.

Years later, one of them came clean. (Thanks Baby E. ❤ )

I used to see them all the time. The first time I saw Mike, I was completely heartbroken because he liked my friend. But I still liked him.

Then I saw him and Rickie at The Beverly Center with my Honey Bear, and he said, “You STILL like him?” I felt real juvenile and that was that.

 It wasn’t until I converted to Islam, that I began to really know myself. So, the Truth resurfaced that had been buried, as it ALWAYS does. And yes, it can hurt.

But the Truth is, I was never really in love with Mike, just like I was never really in love with any other man, besides my Habibi <3. I’m sorry, Habibi ❤ . Allah is the Best Knower. And, here we are….

What do you think?

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