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11:45 A.M.A.D.-JAMAL


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful Black Bebies

I’m listening to this B. McKnight live album from L.A. and I’m perplexed as to how he can have a live band and recorded background vocals. Raheem did the same thing when I saw him and I want to know how they do that.

I could scream.

When I have a concert that is what I want.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This library has about ten non-fiction books for beginning readers and almost a whole floor of fiction books for beginning readers. It’s annoying and frustrating. They fill our babies heads with nonsense as soon as they learn how to read. That sets the stage for a future of foolishness. The ten non-fiction beginner books are from National Geographic.

If you have toddlers, here is the book I found. PLEASE do not fill your babies’ heads up with nonsense.

Image result for national geographic play kitty

**** Click on the book cover and go to Amazon where you can purchase this book and others like it for your babies. If you have two-year-olds or younger they should know their English letters and sounds and should be ready for these books. ****

There are eleven of them and they are called “PRE-READERS.

I sent them an e-mail asking if they can publish some dealing with science and mathematics.

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Why did I go watch the brothers making the beignets and the dough they use almost made me throw up.

I bake bread you know, so when I saw them take the bowl of dough and move it to where they prepare the beignets and it wasn’t pulling from the side of the bowl I got so totally grossed out. I had to leave.

It’s bad enough that they don’t put YEAST in the dough.

But to fry dough like that is disgusting.

I tasted them once (before I knew how they make them) when this homeless old gentleman gave me a bag of them and the first thing I noticed was the WASTE of powdered sugar.

I mean the whole bag was nothing but powdered sugar with some beignets thrown in it!

Then when I tasted it and got a mouthful of dough I knew I could never buy them.

They’re nothing but French churros.

I don’t eat those either by the way.

They’re worse than pancakes.

And Pringles.

If you eat anything in the line of dough please make sure it’s BAKED and with YEAST added!

Otherwise, you might as well go dig yourself a grave due to the taxing of your stomach.

I think I wanna watch Bamboozled.

Let me see if I can find it on YT.



Allah Wants Me To Finish Book of Eli


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Oh yeah, Mardi Gras is not as bad as I thought.

Yesterday (Saviour’s Day) was more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed.

I didn’t go see either of my N.O. “boyfriends” I quit both of them!!








❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I didn’t run into any parades either.

Allahu Akbar!!!!

Today is turning out good too.

No parades.

I’m going to push to the hideout early.

I had a wonderful night


Nothing but optimistic expectations for the rest of February.

No idea what I’m going to do next month.


I’m thinking I might stay for my dentist appointment.

MY tooth is an eyesore

To me anyway.


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When I Met Allah…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

“I have all the hard luck and confronting more hard luck cause by my own people; Don’t you see they are poison by the devil and so badly poison that they can’t see me walking among them every day and eating with them give them Knowledge to compare with any body in the world and they are still in doubt.”

 – Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are Due Forever  – ALLAH IN PERSON

The above quote was taken from a letter written by our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom praise is due forever, to our Dearly Beloved Holy Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). As you read, He mentioned to the Messenger (PBUH) that He walks among us and even eats with us and we don’t see Him.

He (ALLAH) is right here among us and we don’t even see Him!


When I tell people that I met Master Fard Muhammad, in Person, they very rarely believe me. But this quote right here provides proof of what is actually going on. I just happened to be blessed enough to be open in my heart to receive the Knowledge that I was actually in the presence of our Saviour. Al Hamdulillah (All Praise is due to Allah).

Details of My Encounter With Our Saviour – 

 Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises Are Due Forever



 February 27, 2008



My son, Hakim, and I were on a Greyhound bus on our way home from Saviour’s Day in New York and Hakim kept having to go to the bathroom! I know it was all Divinely Planned by Allah now, because every time I got up to take Hakim to the restroom (at least three times) the whiteman who was sitting behind me kept resting His arms on the top of my chair, getting real comfortable and whatnot.

This really upset me, to the point where I was going to say something to Him about it, but I held my peace. I was keeping a close watch on my seat because I had left my pocketbook on the floor and I didn’t want this devil to try and rob me.

I laugh about it now, knowing who He Was. I thank Allah I didn’t say anything to Him about leaning on my seat!

When we reached the next rest stop, He asked the Sister who was sitting next to Him (she looked like she may have been a Muslim Sister from Africa or somewhere in the East because she had her hair covered and she had an exotic look) as she was on her way off the bus, to get Him a “chicken wing” or something and He Got up and handed her some money.

Then He turned to me and explained that He didn’t want to get off the bus. It was very cold and He was only wearing a t-shirt. I thought those were his only clothes, but later on He had on a jacket, and when He transferred buses, I noticed He was dressed very fashionably with nice shoes too, some kind of light brown loafers or maybe ankle boots. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have laces. But they were very nice shoes.

He sat back down and Hakim (who was five at the time) started talking to Him. They were carrying on a conversation and I was very concerned because I don’t like Hakim talking to devils but I didn’t say anything.

The Sister brought back His food, a sandwich, and I made Hakim turn around so He could eat in peace and also as an excuse to get him to stop talking to Him.

After He ate (and a little while He ate), He and Hakim resumed their conversation.

All I remember is when they started showing each other tricks. Hakim made his nostrils flare out and told Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, that my grandfather could make his ears go up and down.

This man, whom I thought was a devil, could do both things.

Then Hakim did this clap he does with his hands that sounds kind of like bubbles popping, that he learned from watching Buffy (The Human Beat Box from The Fat Boys) and Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due Forever, could do that too!

Then Hakim mentioned how some people can flip their eyelids up and fold them over. This “devil” could do that too, but He didn’t because He said, “Your hands have to be clean.” (I wish I had known that when I was in the First Grade. I used to do that all the time!)

Then He showed Hakim a trick where it looked like He was removing the top segment of His index finger and that’s when I heard a voice in my head that said,

“Doesn’t He look like Master Fard Muhammad???”

I tensed up and got very still.

I could not deny that He DID look like our Saviour.

The voice told me to turn around and look.

I did NOT want to turn around. I thought He might think I was staring at Him or something.

But I have learned to obey the voice in my head, so very reluctantly I turned around.

He was smiling at me so pleasantly; it was as if He was waiting for me to turn and look at Him.

He caught me so off guard, I think I laughed. He was smiling so sweetly and I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m sure I smiled back before turning back around.

I was very nervous by now, but I tried to act normal.

I had no sooner turned back around in my seat, when the voice said,

“Look again.”

Now you know, if I didn’t want to look a first time, I most definitely did not want to turn around and look a second time.

Nevertheless, knowing the voice inside my head comes from Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, Who Was sitting right behind me, after what seemed like a lifetime, I turned around to look at Him again.

He looked as if He Was Waiting for me to turn around and look at Him again and Had the most reassuring smile on His face!

I wasn’t convinced He was our Saviour yet, but I was certainly more at ease. So, when He started doing the finger trick, I very naturally joined in the exchange. I whispered to Hakim,

“Doesn’t He look like Master Fard Muhammad?”

A real devil who was sitting across from Him tried to get in our conversation by showing a trick where it looked like he pulled a string through his neck. I ignored him, but Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, let the man perform his trick, then He went on talking to Hakim.

It was during this time that He said that “Darkness is a trick”.

I knew what He meant. He was referring to the world of spiritual darkness we now live in made by Yacub’s made devil, the Caucasian.

I asked Him what His Name was and He seemed to think about it for a little while and then He said, “J.J.”

He told us He was from Turkey. But since we all know our Saviour was born in the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia, He could have meant that He had been living in Turkey.

I Was so taken by Him that I called my Sister in Islam, and told her about Him. She said, “Girl, you better take a picture!”

So, I asked Him if I could take a picture of Him. He agreed and I think Hakim was already sitting next to Him, so I took a picture of them together.

After a while it was prayer time. I started to turn around and face Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due forever. But after turning 90 degrees, I heard the Voice say, “That’s enough.” If I had turned all the way around, I would have been facing East…

He asked Hakim if he liked to draw and Hakim thought about it and then he said, “Yes”. Then Brother “JJ” let Hakim have some paper and He gave him a Greyhound ink pen to draw with, like He had bought it at the bus depot, just for that purpose.

Hakim asked me if I could draw a lion. I told him I couldn’t and to ask “Brother JJ”. So he did. He asked “Brother JJ” if He could draw a picture of a lion standing up. Brother JJ said He could. Hakim gave him back the paper and the pen.

After He drew the picture He handed us back the paper. He had drawn a picture of a lion standing up on its hind legs as if it were a human being standing up. I laughed and then Hakim laughed, but then he said,

“No, I meant like a lion.”

I explained that, “He knew what you meant, He was just being funny to make you laugh.”

Hakim said, “Oh,” and then He handed Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, back the paper and He proceeded to draw a lion standing up. Very nicely, I might add.

Hakim drew some pictures too. Snakes.

When Hakim finished drawing I handed the paper back to Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom all Holy praises are due, and I asked Him,

“Maa hatha?” referring to the paper.

He said, “What?”

So I repeated my question.

He said something like “What does that mean?”

I told Him, “It means, ’What is this?’ in Arabic.”

He said, “I used to speak Arabic.”

I asked Him why He doesn’t speak it anymore. He said He stopped speaking it.

All this was happening as He was standing up (He was about 6 feet+) putting the paper back into His bag.

Later, when He was transferring buses, I noticed that it was a Messenger Bag.

I wish I had kept that paper.

Then He let Hakim listen to His walk-man (a little tape player). I wanted to hear what He was letting my son listen to because I screen Hakim’s music, and I wasn’t completely convinced that He was actually our Saviour just yet.

He was listening to some Turkish music. It really relaxed Hakim.

So Hakim sat back and listened to the music and I asked Him where He was going. He told me He was going to Michigan. Not Detroit. He seemed to have a little difficulty saying the name of the city. But He managed “Lans…” So I deduced He must have been going to Lansing. He Said He was going to a Wedding.

Hakim finished listening to the walkman and gave it back to Him. Then Hakim started playing with his toys and Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, and I listened to our walk-men.

He Sat back in His seat and closed His eyes but then He Started reading a book. Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, DOES NOT SLEEP.

I asked Him what He was reading.

It was a book written in Turkish and He told me the author was the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. It was called Istanbul. I wrote down the name of the author and He was impressed that I didn’t have to ask Him the author’s name again (Orhan Pamuk).

After we returned home, I read a different book by Orhan Pamuk, called Snow. You know how when I read books and watch T.V. I see “signs”. That happened very often throughout my reading of Snow. During that trip to NYC, I saw snowfall for the first time in my life.

Some time later, we came to another rest stop. This time He got off the bus and He asked me if I wanted some water. I told him “Yes, thank-you.”

When He got back on the bus, He handed me some water, I can’t remember what the name of it was. I would know it if I saw it, but it was not a kind that I have ever seen out here in L.A. It looked like some kind of foreign word because of the spelling, but it was in English. It is right on the tip of my brain. The label was light blue or light green or both with trees on it and I think a stream or river or something. In any case, it was very cold and I was very thirsty for water, which I did not bring any with me, so I was very grateful. I’m pretty sure it was “Sierra” water.

I said, “Shukruun.” (Thank-you, or what I thought was thank-you, in Arabic).

He said, “Shukran.”

I said, “Oh, is that how you say it?”

He said, “Yes, Afwaan.”

He sat down and started eating some sunflower seeds and asked me if I wanted some. I told Him,

“No, I already have some.”

Later, when I was getting something out of my suitcase, I showed them to Him.

Mine were shelled. His were not. I didn’t look to see what He did with His shells.

He also had some “Powerade” and after Hakim importunately asked about it, He gave it to him, but I ended up drinking it because He said it would be too much for Hakim and have him all hyped up and everything.

I asked Him if He Wanted some Ritz Crackers, knowing we are not supposed to eat crackers unless we cannot get to our own cooked bread. And, I had some bread. I just used the trip as an excuse to eat crackers. Astaghfirullah. Of course, He Said, “No.” I was tempting God. Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah.

After the bus took off again, He and Hakim started talking more. I remember Him asking Hakim what grade he was in. Hakim explained that he wouldn’t be starting school until he was six and Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Be Praised Forever, Said That He Started School When He Was Seven.

That didn’t dawn on me until the next day, and that is what really convinced me that He Was Actually Our Saviour. I remember reading somewhere where our Messenger (PBUH) wrote that our Saviour started school when He was seven. I don’t know why that was the determining factor to my realizing that He was actually Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due Forever. Probably because seven (7) is such an unusual age to START school. I had never heard of anyone starting school at age seven.

He also asked Hakim what he wanted to be when he grew up. Hakim told Him he wanted to be a builder and a doctor. So, “Brother JJ” told me about Dr. Oz and He said that he was a good doctor and that he appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Then He let me listen to His music and I asked Him what the man was singing about. He seemed to know what I was thinking and said it was a love song.

So then I let Him listen to my walkman. He said it was “very nice” (“Chameleon” by Herbie Hancock) but I had something better, so I skipped to the next song and let Him listen.

He said, “Who is this, Miles?”

I said “Yes!” I was surprised that He knew. Then He explained that his old roommate listened to a lot of Miles and that he played the guitar. I asked Him what kind of music he played and He said “Jazz”. Then I asked Him if His roommate was Black and He said “No, he was white.”

At first I was surprised, but the Messenger taught that while the Saviour was in school at the University of California, He stayed with white families.

Then I lied to Him unintentionally (talking about what I knew not) and told him that the piano player on the Miles was the same as on “Chameleon”. The Miles was “All Blues” from Kind of Blue and a devil is on the piano. But I didn’t know that back then.

He just looked at me as if He was trying to assess if I was deliberately lying to Him. He must have known that I would never intentionally tell Him an untruth and He just didn’t say anything about it.

Later, Hakim asked me what was the name of one of his teeth. I said I didn’t know and to ask Brother JJ. So he asked Him and He said, “Let’s name it JAMAL.”

I COULDN’T BELIEVE HE SAID THAT. I am enamored with a Brother named JAMAL!!!

That was pretty much it tho. Soon we got to His transfer point (Pittsburgh) and He stood in line in the bus depot and waited to board His bus. Everytime I looked at Him, He was looking down and to the side, like He wanted to appear as He looked in that photo.

Praise be to Allah in Person, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due Forever, Saviour to the So-Called American Negroes.

He is With Us.


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



February 25, 2017

10:54 A.M.A.D.-JAMAL



I wish I was in Harlem…

Instead of this bubbling kettle of debauchery.

Two more days and it’s gonna blow!!!

Everybody’s in place.

I’m at library.

I don’t know where anybody else is. LOL

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So, if you were in any doubt about POTUSes being masons.

The first one was so…….

There is a statue of him outside the library and he has on full mason garb.


He is on a different stand at the library and there is on his right side a letter he wrote to his Brothers, on his left side a list of his fraternal brothers and on the back some history about the statue. It’s dope. I love the coded words.

It said he is “free and accepted.”

That proves that masonry is just symbolic of us – the so-called american slaves once you become free or A MUSLIM.

masons used to be good, but they’re wicked now. But what more would you expect from devils.

They cannot be reformed.

So Allah is going to wipe them all off the planet. The women too.

Pigs too.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Black people have so many problems.

The devil is our main problem.

He made our women take the place of men.

Women work and take care of the children and the men don’t have to do anything but sit out and wait for the women to give them something.

Our children suffer the most.

I have no idea what this generation is going to do.

Change is happening.

I know women are starting to understand that we are not supposed to work.

And men are starting to realize that they are responsible for providing for the family.




In that order.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m watching a movie.

I haven’t watched a movie like this since I saw Matrix

It’s called Book of Eli

I know Denzel is going to win.


Maybe I won’t watch it.

I’ll just use my own imagination.


The devil ALWAYS Disappoints.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Friday, February 24, 2017

11:50 A.M.A.D-JAMAL

New Orleans, Louisiana

As-Salaamu Alaikum Our Beautiful Black Bebies!!!

If you have not read the above book


By The Honourable Elijah Muhammad
(May the peace and the blessings of Allah forever be upon him)

I would highly recommend that you hurry and do so.

It is getting more difficult to find online.

Two of the websites that used to provide it for free are now discontinued.

Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, is closing your avenues to salvation by degrees.

I believe that movie (Book of Eli) is about Message To The Blackman.
(I’ve never seen it but I can imagine)

It is getting more and more difficult to find.

I don’t even have a hard copy.

It’s in good hands though. 😀

If you have an address and the means, you can order it online or go to a bookstore.

But it is getting harder to find online.

I’m sure one day, it will not be available at all.

So, I highly recommend reading it NOW


Ordering a hard copy


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


I decided not to go back to L.A.

I know.

I have a dentist appointment in N.O. next month.


I’m getting N.O. paper


I might as well stay.

Zawji said I can.

So there.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

1:40 p.m.


Message to the Blackman in America

By The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

(Peace Be Upon Him)




In order to clarify some of the confusion surrounding Muslim outlooks and objectives, I will confront the rumors and false allegations of Muslim ‘threats of violence’ with a direct statement which answers the implied question “Will the Black Muslims Attack America?” in a direct and forthright manner. These are some statements I gave in an interview to the New York Herald Tribune Newspaper.


“We are not going to take part in any violence whatsoever. We’re not going to do anything other than what we are doing. That is trying to deliver the truth to our people and teach them that they are supposed to be Muslims, and that means they are supposed to be righteous people and that we have shed all things that pertain to wickedness.

“We have stripped ourselves of arms to let you know that we are not people of violence. We don’t intend to attack you. We have no idea or knowledge of anything like that coming in the future.

“Because if we attacked you, we would have to have superior weapons to attack you with, and we don’t have factories nor earth to dig metals to manufacture tools or weapons such as you have.

“All this is your creation, and, therefore, if we would get some of this, you would have to let us have it – and you would not give me a gun to shoot you with. Therefore, God forbid us even to accept weapons and even to carry anything like weapons to fight with. Because to fight is with Him, and you are not with us.”


The aim and purpose of Islam here among my people is to give them a knowledge of self and a knowledge of God, knowledge of their religion, Islam and to separate them in time, that these 17 or 20 million American dark people should go for themselves.

“This is the basis of the whole, it is to separate our people and put them by themselves.”


“We have respect for them and their professions, and we try to treat them as we treat ourselves, for that matter. We know they are not believers as we are. We know that.

“But as long as they tolerate our faith, we tolerate theirs, and we treat them as brothers.”


“He would have to be in sympathy with us and he would have to have some knowledge of the aims and purposes of Islam in America.”


“This is the real trouble: the whites oppose us, the black people of America, who were their slaves once upon a time, from ever becoming anything like self-independent. They want to keep them subject to themselves in a more educational and scientific way, other than their fathers.

“Their fathers only used the common knowledge of enslaving our people. But, today their children can use one of the smartest scientific ways against our people to keep them subjected to them that ever were invented by a race of people since time was.

“We want what you want today, and that is independence. We want peace, and, whether you want peace or not, we want peace and security from you. You are our worst enemy. We have no other people who are an enemy to us but you, because we don’t live in the country of other people.

“We live only with you, and we have been here for 400 years, and you say now that we are free, but yet you are doing everything to keep us from exercising the rights as equals or of a free people.

“This is what I want you to understand. We are tired of suffering, brutality, beatings, killings, just because you don’t like us, and just hate us, and absolutely knowing that we are powerless to resist because you have all the odds against us.

“You are absolutely the boss, and we have nothing. And we are asking to leave you, that’s all we’re asking. We can’t get along with you in peace; you don’t want us in peace.

“If we sit over there in that house across the street, peaceful all day and all night, after a while that worries you. You will send someone around to see what is going on over there in that house.

“It’s the white man’s way of starting trouble – breaking the peace of people by interfering with their peace. We’re not sitting over there in that house planning anything but are trying to plan peace for the house.”


“The American white man is not going to move out of his estate to give to the so-called Negroes. We are not asking you to do any such thing.

“No, only unless you prevent our going to our own. If you are going to prevent us from going to our own, or back where we came from, where you found us, then give us a place here to ourselves.

“There has been too much talk about separation and about our acting or demanding a territory here. We’re not demanding territory in America. No, sir, we’re asking America only if they don’t allow us to go back to our own people and to the country from which we came.

“Then give us a place to ourselves; as you know and we have learned through experience for 400 years, we can’t get along in peace together. You’re not going to accept us as your equals, and we know you’re not going to do so. We disregard your promises because you are not going to live up to them; because 100 per cent of your people will not agree with such. And we have proof today in the South.”


“Allah has revealed that the black is the original Man, and that’s what I teach. Now, where this supremacy teaching comes in that is charged by the disbelievers – that I teach it in order to suit their particular purpose of charging us with being an aggressive movement, or intending to become such, because of the teachings of one being superior over the other.

“We say that the black man is the first man in the sun, and then they take this and just change it around – that he is teaching supremacy. And that we are not doing. We already know that we are inferior to you here in America.

“We cannot say physically or even mentally that we are equal, nor say your superior, when it comes to actual physical or educational ability.”


“The head of this movement, Mr. King, is trying to force the white men in the South to do that which is against his will and nature, because some of the Northern parties of the white people, maybe in Washington, have said to him that this should be done and should have this in the Constitution and, therefore, you should enforce it and, therefore, have it enforced by the government.

“But Mr. King has not learned as yet that the white man in the South is brethren to the white man in Washington and the Washington white man is a brother to the Southern white man – that they are not going to go to war over the Negro and kill each other for the sake of the unlearned Negro – of the knowledge of self and others – to integrate into that which they don’t master, give me a piece of your meat that you have there in your house.

“Therefore, Mr. King is making a fool of himself in the South and acting like a dog around the house, where the master stands at the door and the dog wants something to eat and he just waddles all around the door, around the master’s feet, whipping his tail on the ground and grinning and leaning his ears back on his neck to show that he is a good peaceful dog, and master, give me a piece of your meat that you have there in your house.

“And this while there is plenty of meat for the dog in the bushes out there, if he would go out and hunt for it.”


“Poor fellow, trying to force himself into a school where it is 100 per cent white and they’re telling him they don’t want him. And then the Army is standing around trying to force him in there – that’s their crazy idea.

“I wouldn’t want the Army to think about coming to help me against a white man, to allow me to come into his house or in the school or his restaurant, or anything else that he owns.

“If you tell me, I don’t want you here, that’s sufficient. I’m gone.”


“In a case where the person…..wants to fight and he pounces upon us, sometimes without even warning us, we want our own men and women and our girls to learn to try to protect themselves the best they can in case of attack.

“But in the case of the so-called American Negro, we have nothing to fight back with. If you come to the door shooting, we have no guns here to shoot back with, so, therefore, the right is with God, as it is written in the Book.

“He will defend us if we believe in Him and trust Him, and we’re not going to start fighting with anyone to have Him to defend us. But if we are attacked, we depend on Him to defend us because He has stripped us.”



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Sisters and Brothers,


This NOTE is really for my Beautiful Asiatic Black Sisters but my Brothers need to be made aware of this fundamental Truth as well.


The reason why Allah (God) Created Black People (He didn’t create any of the races. They were MADE from the Black NATION) WAS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF WORSHIPPING HIM AND SUBMITTING TO HIS WILL. THIS IS THE REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE, Brothers and Sisters.


If you are NOT submitting to Allah’s (God’s) Will then, My Dear Sister or My Dear Brother, you are not living according to the NATURE in which you were Created. You are living other-than-your-ownself. Submit to Allah, Accept Your Own (Your Own God – Allah, Your Own Religion – Islam, and your Own People – The Black Peoples of the Planet Earth) and Be Yourself, Dear Brothers and Sisters, a Righteous Muslim.


Muslim only means, “One Who Submits His or Her Will to the Will of Allah.” 


This is the NATURE in which all Black People were Created, but we were taken out of this Knowledge by our devil slavemasters who did not teach us the TRUTH of ourselves in order to make us some harmless slaves. 


But Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom and Mercy, Came Himself, Dear Brothers and Sisters, to Return to Us the Knowledge of Ourselves and to Give us the Opportunity to Escape the Impending Destruction Coming Upon America.




Our Sole Reason for Being is to Submit to Allah. This goes for ALL Black People. Other races can PRACTICE Islam, but this is not their NATURE. Our Beloved Messenger, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him) taught us that because of their faith “a remnant of them will be saved” from the destruction. However, they will only live a thousand (1,000) years after the destruction. After that time, the Earth will, once again, only be populated by The Aboriginal Black Nation, as it was in the beginning.


ALL BLACK PEOPLE WERE CREATED TO SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF ALLAH, however Black Women were Created to submit to the Blackman as well. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we will all be in Heaven AT ONCE.


The Devil Caucasians have removed us so far away from our nature that it is shameful. Black Women are competing with the very man we were created to HELP. We have followed the devil woman’s ways to the detriment of our own Holy and Righteous Black Nation.


Sisters, we are the progenitors of our Nation. If we are acting other than our own Nature, then the children we produce will be wayward also.


The only reason we are on this planet, other than submitting to the Will of Allah, is to be a Helpmate to the Blackman, who is the Builder and Maintainer of Our Civilization and Nation. That’s all.


I know you don’t want to hear this but we have gone so far astray that it takes a powerful teaching to return us to our Rightful Place – On Top of Civilization. We cannot accomplish this by following after a people who were made to destroy us – the devil Caucasians.


We were made to comfort the Blackman, Sisters. Rear his children. Keep his house clean. Cook his food. Wash his clothes. So he can focus on providing us with the necessities of life – FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER as well as a Holy and Righteous Nation (Infrastructure) in which we can be proud to call our own.


Let’s try and be the best at this Divine Purpose as we can, Beloved Sisters.


And to my Dear Brothers, please don’t believe this hype that is circulating amongst Black so-called Intellectuals that the Blackwoman is God. This is only an attempt at diverting you from your own responsibilities as the God of the Universe. Yes, life comes from woman, but not the FIRST LIFE – The Originator of the Universe and Everything in it was a BLACKMAN – ALLAH – THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD – AGAIN, THE B.L.A.C.K.M.A.N IS GOD. 


The Blackwoman is his HELPMATE.