Captain’s Log اثني عشر

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



FEBRUARY 8, 2017

9:40 A.M.A.D.- JAMAL

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Beautiful and Beloved Asiatic Black Bebies!

Sometimes I forget what state of mind many of our people are in.

I think everybody should have common sense and know the TRUTH like I.

But there are still many people lost in confusion (darkness).

I was thinking this morning that there are many places where they do not allow the guests to talk about religion or politics.

Because everybody thinks they are right. And arguments are inevitable.

But if you prohibit people from discussion then how can you ever arrive at the TRUTH.

One of us is right, but if we aren’t allowed to discuss it then how can I bring the other person into the light?

At least let me try.

If they reject it, then that’s on them.

People can’t handle the TRUTH.

It hurts.

But it only hurts the guilty.

I love the discussion of TRUTH.

It empowers me.

And you too, if you are open to receive it.

So, I’m staying in the New Orleans Rescue Mission or whatever it’s called and I swear Louisiana has got to be the most religious state in the United Snakes of North America. I’m positive we are the only state that has “parishes” as opposed to counties. Let me G it. BRB Yup. Only Louisiana. Now let me G “parish.” Wait for it…

ˈperiSH/ (itn’t that evil?)
  1. (in the Christian Church) a small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastor.
    “a parish church”
    synonyms: parishioners, churchgoers, congregation, fold, flock, community

    “the story scandalized the parish”
    • US
      (in Louisiana) a territorial division corresponding to a county in other states.

See what I’m saying??? :/

This is what Wikipedia says:

Parish – Wikipedia

A parish is a church territorial unit constituting a division within a diocese. A parish is under the pastoral care and clerical jurisdiction of a parish priest, who might be assisted by one or more curates, and who operates from a parish church.

So creepy.
So, the whole state is under a religious government. And it’s Catholic. The worst type of Christians ever. Here is what the Messenger (pbuh) taught us about Catholics:
From “Nimrod

“A pagan religion was adopted by the Jews in Judaism. They didn’t want the Blackman’s religion, Islam, nor would they accept the Yellowman’s religion, Buddhism, the whiteman had to invent himself a religion that would fit his nature, for his being evil, his religion had to be flexible enough to allow him to practice his evil and worship statues, drink blood (wine), eat (body flesh), etc.

“They applied the teachings of Moses (Islam) to paganism, thus Judaism began. Judaism kept the Jews a united people. The other devils used parts of Judaism, paganism and combined all those teachings together, thus began Catholicism, out of Catholicism they invented Christianity 551 years ago. We wouldn’t expect a whiteman to accept a Black, Brown, Red and Yellowman’s religion. They hate everything Black… That stands for Black.”

And this (Catholicism) is what is used to run the state of Louisiana.

So, Allah Decided to place me right in the midst of it – at a state run shelter – a Mission, no less.

Now, we have the Union Rescue Mission in L.A. and I know there’s one in Vegas. I’ve never stayed at the one in Vegas but I don’t remember seeing any crosses or pictures of “Jesus” and “Mary” (I put them in quotations because those pictures are not anywhere close to being depictions of Jesus and Mary who were Black) when I went there.

I just left the one in Los Angeles and they stopped making the guests sit through a sermon before feeding and letting us go to bed.

But Louisiana!

Oh My Goodness!

I went for Lunch just to check it out and see if it would be worth coming back to try and stay the night and we sat in the chapel but there was no sermon. I heard the preachers were in a meeting.

I don’t mean to sound vain in the least, but I would not be surprised if the meeting was due to the presence of a certain Muslim in full Muslim garb who signed her name as LOVE ALLAH! LOL!

I make stuff happen.

But I was grateful. The meal was aight – some mediocre gumbo. I was gonna just pick the shrimp out and eat the rice and roux. I didn’t get to enjoy it tho. They separate the men from the women but I was the last to go in and there was no more room at the women’s table so they sat me at the men’s table.

I took personal offense and left the table.

Why would they do me like that?

Testing me.

They sit the one woman trying to live Christlike with a table full of men and expect me to EAT with them??? Christianity is full of prostitutes and loose women and they are trying to make me into one.

I left the room.

Then when I said something about it, they played dumb. Like I was the one who sat the other women at their own table!


But I went back that evening because I didn’t want to get arrested for trespassing and it’s just EASIER.

So, I got a bed and was instructed to then sit in the chapel.

You HAVE to sit through a chapel meeting and you can’t use your phone. I read my Holy Qur’an, but I did listen a little bit for amusement.

The Reverend’s sermon was all about integration and miscegenation and how Allah (God) Wants to “break down social barriers” when he knows just as well as anyone that this is the Great Day of Separation.

I had to laugh at how he stood up there, read the Bible and then told us stuff was in there that wasn’t, like we hadn’t just heard him read it and explain it!!!

People get caught up in the show and don’t listen constructively. He stood up there and said, “God said thus thus and thus” after just reading the Bible knowing what he just said was nowhere in what he had read.

I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself. I’m just flabbergasted at how they lie outright and nobody says anything!!!


They think because he’s a Reverend, everything he says is the truth, when he’s paid to lie to control the sheep.

I felt like I was sitting in a 2017 slavery prayer meeting. The only difference was there were more in the audience instead of just on the stage and the reverend was preaching miscegenation instead of just love your slavemasters – kinda the same thing, huh? I’m nauseous.

I had plenty of questions. But churches are not like the mosque where you can ask questions after the lecture. So, I just pitied the poor sheep and their shepherd and went on and tried to get through the night.

So, all of the shelters I’ve been in are just entry levels for the programs. It’s so evil what they do to poor Black people who have no knowledge of self. We will submit to anything. That’s the definition of a Nigger. Not this nor that. Just waiting for someone to position him somewhere.

So, we have to do everything, wait. First, they strip you of all you personal belongings. I had to surrender my purse! They said for security reasons. I don’t trust anyone, but I went along with them. I figured everything could be replaced and the woman in the dormitory convinced me there hadn’t been a theft in the three years she’s been in charge. So, I submitted. I felt like they got me though. They do everything very subtly. That’s what makes it so deceptive. They secretly get you to surrender your whole life over to them by degrees.

It’s incestuous. The people who work there all went through the program and now live, work, eat and sleep there. The program runs their whole lives. It’s like the military. An institution. Like jail. Once you go through the program, you’re incapable of living without it and incapable of doing something for self.

I know that’s why Allah Has Me Right Up In there. Just like when I went to Atlanta. All I did was ask the people in the program, “What is your plan when you get out of the program?” Do something for yourself. They are slaves and don’t even know it. They have not the slightest thought of working or supporting themselves without the help of the program. Even feeding themselves, much less providing themselves with shelter. That’s how they get you.

They give you a place to live.

At the very least, feed yourself.

Food is crucial to your livelihood.

Whoever feeds you, controls you.

They can cut you off at any moment.

So you do whatever they say to keep that meal coming.

To keep that roof over your head.

Next thing you know, you work there for added benefits. Then they provide you with your own housing in one of their units. Everybody you know is in or a graduate of the program. I don’t know of any families produced from graduates of the program.

Most live in SROs (in L.A.) or shotguns (in New Orleans) neither of which is conducive to families.

I’m getting depressed. 😥

Let me change the subject. This is what happened when we got to the dormitory.

Everyone has to take a shower and put on the clothes they give you to sleep in. You put your clothes on the porch and put them back on in the morning. You surrender your phone before you go to bed too.

So, I’m waiting for my shower, reading my Qur’an minding my own business. Trying not to get into any arguments on my first night. I’ve found that if I’m friendly, eventually it gets ugly (believe it or not), so I decided to just stay to myself.

So, I’m reading my Arabic Holy Qur’an and somebody walks by and says something like, “She’s reading that Qur’an!” “In the house of God!” “That devil Bible!” I didn’t even look up.

I have so little patience for ignorance.

Later I realized it’s better that I don’t know who said it. Because then I can be justified in treating everybody the same. I know they don’t know any better.

Nobody stepped to me. So I wasn’t tripping. I was ready if they wanted to get into some gangsta stuff but in these shelters if you fight, you get kicked out. So, I know they weren’t going to start nothing.

All you have to do is show no fear and they always back down.

I wasn’t even afraid of getting jumped. I know I’ma get a couple of them.

Later this Sister who I had recognized spoke to me. Which was cool. It’s good to have an ally sometimes.

I guess I’ll go back. You get 21 days, then they probably want you to enter the program. Either that or you’re “off on your own, Girl.” 😛 In Sha Allah, I won’t get kicked out. I’m sure if I made it through the first night, I can make it the rest. But Allah Knows Best. At least that New Orleans weather is back. It’s not nearly as cold as it was when I left. In sha Allah, it will stay this way and I won’t have to go back to L.A. next month.

I’m thinking about it.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

There were three tornadoes here yesterday.

TBH, I wouldn’t even have known if I didn’t get alerts on my phone and seen all that stuff on Facebook. I mean it was raining, but it’s always raining in New Orleans. LOL

Somebody said on FB, New Orleans can’t catch a break!

I think it’s because it’s run by Catholicism, which is in opposition to Allah and His One True Religion – ISLAM. So, Allah is Teaching Them A Lesson. Get right!

Everybody’s getting ready for Mardi Gras, which I’m convinced is the wickedest place and time on the Planet!

And it’s supposed to be a religious holiday!!!

Christians “prepare” for a time when they are supposed to be holy by being wicked!!!

They are, apparently, trying to get all the wickedness out of their system before being holy. SMH

Muslims are just the opposite. We prepare for being holy by being holy.

Before the month of Ramadan, we start eating right so we won’t tax our system when the time comes to fast. This makes sense. Do it gradually.

But that’s Christians for you.

Opposers of what is right. :/

I know where I’m going to hide during Mardi Gras. Oh no.

I just remembered.

My cubby hole is on the street most of the parades go down.

I was there on New Year’s and it was HELL!!!

Maybe I’ll go to the lake….

It’s peaceful and far far away from the French Quarter.

My last day at the shelter is the same day as Mardi Gras.

See how Allah and Zawji do me?

I try to hide from all this wickedness and they force me into it.

To test me. But I think more to see what I’m gonna do. Even though everything is written. I just HATE it. They squeezed me out last time. I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE but they want people to see me. I’m filthy and still getting compliments. SMH I know They want me out in it, otherwise They wouldn’t have brought me here.

It’s like when you see a baby screaming and hollering about something and it’s so cute. They’re torturing me for my own good. For Black people’s own good. I know most have never seen anyone like me. So they force me out.

I know where I’m going.

Somebody told me where the Black people have been going for Mardi Gras for centuries, so I’m going to submit and just go there.

I kinda want to see the Mardi Gras Indians. I’m not scared of them anymore. I told the Brothers I met last year what color I would wear if I was an Indian and I’m seeing that color everywhere now. I think they may have been Indians low key.

I also met this Brother last year who told me he was a “skeleton.” He told me they come out first, real early in the morning and knock on everybody’s door telling them, “You’re Next.” I know he wasn’t supposed to reveal that (his identity) to me. Everybody’s incognegro out here, wearing masks and costumes and whatnot. But it must be the Islam. People think I’m somebody. LOL

There are so many rituals they have here. Voodou is more powerful than Catholicism low key. I just hate how all the Black people love devils. It’s sickening. I saw it again last night. The white people will laugh and joke with the Black people then leave the Black people and go with the devils leaving the Black people looking stupid because they can’t go too. SMH
But they think I’m wrong for not speaking to them. :/
I think maybe the Indians may be okay.
I mean, what do they really have to do with Lent?
Let me Google them
Okay, I saw a picture and it scared me.
Okay, Back to the Indians…
I think this tells all.
So cheah, the Indians used to use Mardi Gras as a day to settle scores because they could fight without police interference.
Nowadays, they compete by singing and dancing and who has the best outfit.
Let me try and find a picture that doesn’t scare me. LOL
Image result for mardi gras indians
(I think it’s the pose!)
Okay, you know I’m a scholar and historian and I’m learning that it might be “white mardi gras” that’s wicked and evil.
“Black Mardi Gras” appears to be something else.
It’s probably full of liquor and debauchery too, but I know it’s nowhere near as filthy as the devil’s Mardi Gras.
I just don’t wanna see devils there. I might put on a mask and…
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
1:28 p.m.

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