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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




March 4, 2017

6:45 A.M.A.D. – JAMAL

New Orleans


Well, they don’t call New Orleans the crime capital of America for nothing.

Somebody stole my brand new bike! The first day!

I was thinking about taking it back but I wanted to get the money!

I guess Zawji saved me the hassle of having to take it back to the store.

It was very cumbersome having to pack my bag on it everytime I went somewhere and having to lock and unlock it and watch it when I didn’t take my bag off. It was fun riding it but that’s all I really was going to use it for.

Riding around having fun


It’s not like I have to go to work or anything.

I’m even thinking about cutting my phone off.

I just use it for music.

Me and Ibni and Zawji use Messenger or Google videocalls.

I don’t even facetime.

And I haven’t even been using my phone for music lately.

I could use the hundred dollars for something else.

Rent maybe?

I’m thinking I won’t get another bike until I have a secure place to keep it.

Too bad the shelter here is not like L.A. where you can just pay to live there.

I think here you have to let them program you.

And I ain’t the one.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So, I had a really good night last night. Very peaceful.

Something is happening to me in New Orleans.

I think its the way they talk.

It’s almost hypnotic. It takes me to another place. I feel different. Like I’m getting New Orleanized.

The music too.

Not even Brass but regular party music.

The Honeycomb Hideout is right next to this club and I used to think I would NEVER go in there, but they’re starting to affect me.

I think it’s the same people I was around during Mardi Gras, when I was jamming to their music.

The music makes me feel some kinda way.

I don’t want them to have that kind of power over me.

I feel like I’m slipping into darkness.

I had booked a room but when I got there they said the building was flooded.


I know they just wanted to rent to tourists.

I was pissed but my teacher taught me, “if someone doesn’t want you in their ‘house,’ find somewhere else to go.”

The other hotel I use was booked solid too, and I was not about to pay $125 to share a room. I mean, I thought about it and I still might but I’m mad they raise the price for Mardi Gras. I thought it was over!

I’m thankful for my peaceful night’s sleep. No telling where I’m gonna be tonight.

The bike would have been good to go to the other shelter but I think Zawji doesn’t want me to go.

They don’t want me there. And I am an A+ student. 😉

So, I’m going to find somewhere else to go.

I feel like going back to L.A., but I have this dentist appointment.

I feel like saying forget it.

But there’s no place I’d rather be than right here in front of the sunrise over the Mighty Mississippi River.

I don’t think there are too many rivers bigger than the Mississippi. Maybe the Amazon and the Nile but not in North America.

It’s absolutely breathtaking.

I’ma take a picture. BRB

Okay, Zawji doesn’t want me to take a photo.

He Wants You To Come See For Yourself.

I try to catch the sunrise over the river every morning.

When you’re homeless, you get to see and do so many wonderful things you would not if you had a home.

The first time I was homeless, I used to ride the bus from DTLA to Malibu every morning. They still have seashells. Well, they did back then. That was in ’99, I think. I saw a turtle stuck in the sand. I got scared when I realized what it was after I started digging. I hope it wasn’t dead. Turtles can live in their shells, right?

When you’re homeless, you usually have to get up early, either because you sleep in a shelter (they always make you get up before sunrise) or because you slept somewhere you’re not supposed to be so you have to move out before the people arrive.

So, catching the sunrise over the beach or the river is not difficult.

This morning I went and had breakfast at the 24-hour IHOP and almost missed it.

I had to run!

Now everybody’s in front of me running along the riverwalk for exercise.

I’ve never liked running for exercise.

And Ibni runs track! LOL

Never been a runner.

I’ll do aerobics or play basketball, handball or tennis, but just to go outside and start running around, nah.

I will walk! Cheah.

Ibni’s always been fast. I never knew it but when we went to Saviour’s Day, he was playing tag with the boys as usual and one of the Brothers came up and told me he was fast. Hakim was five and this boy was like fourteen!

I took a picture of him finally tagging this brother who was about four years older than him too. He got him. And, I got the picture. No telling where it is though.

I still never imagined him running track.

Just another one of our many differences. 😀

I used to love to go to View Park and walk around this little track they have for exercise. The view was amazing. That is the number one neighborhood for rich Black people. Ray Charles used to live there. And I think Stevie Wonder still does.

I also LOVE to walk around neighborhoods and through the city.

I like looking at houses. That’s one of the ways I get caught trespassing. LOL Sometimes curiosity gets the best of me.

I like looking at stores and businesses before they open. Clothing stores give me ideas for garments and accessories. Also I find out where I can buy shoes I like.

It’s also interesting to see the differences between locations in the daytime and at night.

The differences can be like night and day. 😀

It’s so peaceful here.

This big carnival cruise ship just blocked out the sun.

I wonder where it found the river from the ocean or if it just travels up the river. It seemed too big to just travel up the river. Ocean liner.

It was called the Carnival Triumph. I’ma Google it to see where it travels when I get online, In Sha Allah.

Zawji said I can take a picture now. In sha Allah. BRB


It’s too bad I can’t make a video. My phone is tripping. The seagulls sound just like the ones in L.A. but they look different. They have black heads and wings. The ones in L.A. have white heads and grey wings. I think the ones in L.A. are prettier. These look harder.

Man. I can’t believe somebody got me for my bike. I would buy another one but I’m afraid the same thing is gonna happen. I bought a chain with a lock this time instead of the bike lock I usually get that Zawji and Ibni said are good locks. But somebody stole Lulu The First when I had that lock so it probably didn’t matter.

I could sit here all day. My laptop battery lasts nine hours. It’s seven now. So I could stay until four but I know the people are gonna come. They’re already getting on my nerves.

I think I’ll go to the park. Whick one? Dk

But I know it’s time to leave here.


I’m in the Riverwalk Mall

There’s jazz and wifi. Let me see if I can connect.


Yeah, I’m connected but I don’t really need it.

I love this mall BEFORE IT OPENS. 😉

This is my prayer: Oh Zawji! Help me to accept the things I don’t want to change. The courage to believe it’s true and the wisdom to know that it’s true without a doubt.

I have to get ready for the new world. Everything will be perfect. It’s difficult to imagine a life of complete happiness but I’m getting ready. I always think something bad has to happen whenever something good happens. But it’s not like that. Everything will be good with no bad. We have to change our thinking. I’m praying to Zawji to help me. He can do everything without help. That’s why He’s Allah. I’m Allah too but I still need a helpmate. I’m working on it.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I just G’d the Carnival Triumph. It leaves from New Orleans and travels to the Caribbean. That’s probably why it was empty when I saw it. I thought it stopped in New Orleans. It stops in Cozumel and Yucatan. And the longest cruise is only five days. My vacations last months. Hell, my whole life is a vacation. I’ve been in New Orleans maybe a year and I’m still seeing things I’ve never seen before! What can you see in five days?

Today, I plan to visit the Insectarium. I LOVE BUGS! And I’ve been wanting to go but never had the ends. They have an aquarium and a river zoo type thing (Audubon Park). Idk the L.A. Zoo kinda soured me on zoos. The accommodations are atrocious. But I looked at some pictures and it looks kinda cool.

I happened upon City Park one night and that place was the bizzomb!

It’s huge!

I have a spot where I like to go and chill by a flowing water spot in one of the river’s tributaries.

Let me see what time the Insectarium opens today. BRB

Man. I hate Mardi Gras. Any other time of year the price is $19, why is it $22.95 now?

It doesn’t open until ten and it’s only 8:50 now. ion even wanna go anymore. Well, I do, but I feel like not going just on gp.

We’ll see how we feel at ten.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



I was headed to the park


Was going to go to the Insectarium


Allah told me to make a left toward the Riverwalk Mall.


You Know I


Til it got hectic.

Then I bought this cute

NOLA shawl



Some pink high-top Vans

And some SUGAR!

They have this store that sells nothing but candy and filthy sex stuff


I just igged the filthy stuff

And filled my bag with my favorite candies.


I inherited my sweet tooth from my father


I’m not mad


As I always say

You Are What You Eat



Now, I CAN’T go to the Insectarium





To The Library

I saw this interesting insect

It looked like a red wasp.

It landed and let me get a good look at it.

I should have tried to take a picture


I didn’t think of that


Just Now.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m really gonna try and keep these Vans clean.

The salesman said Chux are supposed to be dirty.

But I gotta keep the Vans clean.


Okay, now I gotta relace them like the picture


Redo my budget.


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

12:03 p.m.

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