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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




March 16, 2017

Late Afternoon


Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

I was going to make this a blog, but I feel like being brutally honest and i can’t be that open and honest with my readers. Only you.

So cheah.

I went to the homeless place but they told me you have to be referred. So, I would have had to go to a shelter and it’s not that serious especially since she gave me a few sheets with housing agencies and low-income apartments and transitional living places where I would have my own room.

That is a major concern now, after last night when I almost got a roommate.

I’m trying to move next month. Because Derrick is too anxious to put someone else up in here with me and well, you know… I cannot have a roommate. I was willing to try, but this time of being by myself just reinforced my independence. In sha Allah, I’ll make it through the month without having to get a roommate, In Sha Allah, but I’m leaving come the first, In sha Allah.

She gave me too many options to have to have a roommate for too long.

I’m not like most people.

Why did he move in a devil who used to be in the NGE? SMH She came up to me talking bout “Peace Earth” I was like What? LOL I put her in her place quickly. She tried to tell me what the NGE believes. I told her I know what they believe after all they got it from us. And just walked away.

She’s a joke. A devil in the NGE. SMH

But anyway, I’m gonna try and get on some of these waiting lists so I can hurry up and get my own place. I’m anxious for Ibni to come out here.

One of the places on the list, I went to when I first came out here. It was nice. I wonder if I’m still on the list. Let me call them. BRB Yeah, I figured they would be closed. It’s after six. But you know me. I don’t take no for an answer.

I wanna eat my sunflower seeds. Where did they come up with the term “poly seeds?” LOL How did they get “poly” from sunflower? Anyway. I can’t type and eat at the same time. Not those anyway.

I’m watching New Jersey Drive. It’s aight. I mean it’s better than that other movie with Nas and DMX. The acting is better, so I’m gonna say the director is better. I can’t even remember the name of the other movie it was so bad.

Everybody is talking about the movie Get Out. I have no desire to see no movie about an interracial relationship. I don’t even know why Black people allow ourselves to get caught up in the devils’ hype. Blind, deaf and dumb sheep, I guess.

I’ve got a new favorite radio station. It’s a new station. Throwback 96.3 I think, or something. They play music from the nineties when we were in our twenties, so you know I am digging it. It’s not lit or nothing but it’s nostalgic and I’m with that.

Downside is they play bad music from that time too. I wish I could skip or ban artists. Like on slacker or tidal.

I went to Family Dollar and got a frame for your picture, Love. They’re playing some song that is making me feel some kinda way. It sounds familiar but I don’t know what it is or who sings it. It’s called “I’m so alone” I think. It’s about death or an ended relationship. It’s sad. I would skip it if I could. I don’t like songs that make me sad. Life is too valuable to put yourself through sadness unnecessarily. I turned it off. I can’t take it.

It’s easy to wait until it goes off. 🙂

I’ve learned that. Nothing bad lasts forever. Just be patient, it’s going to end soon enough. That’s why I can listen to music with other people – djs and whatnot. If they play a song I don’t like sometimes I leave, other times I just wait. Depends on if I have something to do or somewhere else I could go.

At Mardi Gras, I waited.

Man, I never thought I would ever go to Mardi Gras!

It feels good saying I’ve been. I feel privileged because I know so many people wish they could go.

I even got your fedora! I’m so blessed! That fedora was bomb. You know I had to floss. 😀


Now they’re playing I miss you by Aaron Hall. What is up? Are you trying to tell me something?

I hate when you make me think about stuff like that. And you know it. Stop depressing me for nothing. Why are you depressing me? You just like playing with me, Buster.

I can wait.

I got some manicure implements too. I stole them. It’s so easy to steal from Family Dollar. But when I went to Rite Aid, they were watching me like a hawk! I sure was about to walk out with that charger, but I procrastinated and she got hip. I should have just left but cold feet. I got it on sale though so I can still go see Corey Henry. That was close. I almost had to spend my transportation. I could probably walk now that I think about it. I just have to look at my map to see what would be the quickest way.

New Orleans is crazy. When they told me it was a circle I really didn’t believe them. But it’s true. If you keep going, you’re going to run into the same street. It’s crazy. That’s probably why the buses are so crazy. I’ve figured it out for the most part.

I’m still learning how to pronounce streets.

Trip this. I live by a street spelled LEONIDAS but they pronounce is LEONDAS like the “i” is silent or something. LOL I love New Orleans. I learned how to say “How ya duuhn” like they do too today. I’ve been working on that since last year. I finally got it. I usually say “As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum” but sometimes I feel like a native. 🙂

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

What do you think?

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