بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




by the Honourable Elijah Muhammad[(PBUH])

“Which flag will survive the War of Armageddon?

(Armageddon is the final war of Judgment and separation of the righteous from the wicked, of which I am sent to teach.)

This is a question that is asked the mentally dead of my people in America, the so-called Negroes. This question is to show the answerer that he fully agrees that the Sun, Moon and Star will survive the Cross, or the flag of America known as the Stars and Stripes. Everyone who is asked this question answers that the Crescent will survive America’s flag and the emblem of Christianity, which is the Cross. A fool knows that the sun, moon and stars will survive any nation.

Then comes the next question. Since you believe that the Crescent will survive, why not accept Islam and the flag and Crescent emblem which represents the Sun, Moon and the Stars?

As-Salaam-Alaikum Dearly Beloved Sisters & Brothers

Lately, I’ve noticed that my conversations have been primarily about this War between America and Islam – ARMAGEDDON.

They will not tell you that that’s what it really is. They will tell you that they are fighting “Terrorists“. So they call it the War on Terror.

But let us take a closer look at these “terrorists” and see what they all have in common.

1. The Taliban
2. Al Qaida
3. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)
4. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
5. The “Lone Wolves

They are all Muslims. But America will not admit that. You will have to put two and two together for yourself.

It is a War against ISLAM/MUSLIMS. No matter what they call it. The bottom line is they are all Muslims.

Armageddon is the Final War. It is a Holy War that will reestablish peace on our Earth because it will remove the peace-breakers – Christians – from our planet once and for all.

Armageddon is the War wherein Truth battles falsehood and falsehood battles Truth.

Islam is The Truth. Everything else is falsehood. We are living in the Day and Time when the veil of falsehood MUST be removed and the Truth made known.

Allah (God) is bringing about an end to the people worshiping Him in any manner.

He Gave Us A Way Of Life (Islam) when He Created us and Taught us how He Wants us to worship Him.

Christianity has so poisoned the so-called American Negroes that we are like a dead man. Mentally without life. And, it is like trying to raise a man from the dead to awaken the spiritually and mentally dead so-called American Negroes.

We have been made blind, deaf and dumb and mentally DEAD to The Knowledge of our own selves – all because of the devil’s slave-making religion of Christianity.

Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are Due Forever, said, “If Christianity was put in a wet rag and wrung out, every drop would spell SLAVERY.” He said, the Bible, in its present form is “a poison book” and the Christian church is “the graveyard of our people” which is why they have a cross on top.

He also taught us that “the greatest hindrance to the salvation of the so-called American Negroes is the preacher of Christianity” who will not accept the Truth nor is he content to see anyone accept the Truth of his or her own salvation.

Christianity has been the tool the slave-makers used to make and keep us enslaved. Upon acceptance of our True Religion – ISLAM – the person is freed from bondage “in the blink of an eye.

The Flag on the right (above) is THE UNIVERSAL FLAG OF ISLAM – THE SUN, MOON AND STAR. The red background symbolizes the Sun which shines on us freely, so it is the reason for the “F” in our Flag which stands for FREEDOM.

The Star and Crescent are both in the Sun. We only need one Star in our Flag which represents ALL of the Stars in the Universe. The Star Symbolizes JUSTICE. If you notice, when a person is qualified to enforce the Law of the land, they wear a Star, which is the reason for the “J” in our Flag. It stands for JUSTICE.

The Moon symbolizes EQUALITY because it was a part of the Earth at one time, therefore it is EQUAL with the Earth. The Moon is also a symbol of the Black Nation in the Wilderness of North America because although we were stolen from our land and people we are still equal with the civilized people of the Earth. Hence, the “E” in our Flag. It stands for EQUALITY.

All three – Freedom, Justice and Equality – a person immediately receives upon his or her acceptance of ISLAM, which is what the “I” stands for in our Flag.


Under the “Stars and Stripes” AND the “Stars and Bars” (Confederate Flag)

all we ever received was SLAVERY, SUFFERING AND DEATH. Don’t call it “Ol’ Glory”. It’s “OL’ HELL” to you and me.

Thankfully, there is no way in Hell the Stars and Stripes, Stars and Bars or any flag representing the white devils will ever survive The Universal Flag of Islam – The SUN, MOON AND STAR.

The Sun, Moon and Star were here trillions of years before the making of white Christian race (America/Cross/Stars&Stripes) and they will be here forever.

Can you say the same for America (Stars & Stripes?)

“That is a crime, or that these words (which one — meaning the American flag or the Islamic flag — will survive the War of Armageddon, or Holy War, or the war to end wars) are considered a crime or a teaching to incite insurrection or revolution to take America by force, cannot be proven to be truth by anyone who may read this or may have attended one of our meetings.”




بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Sisters & Brothers

Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I have come to learn that gangbanging is still going on in our communities. This disappoints me, but I am going to try and put a new perspective to eliminating gang culture.

The truce method obviously doesn’t work – at least not 100 per cent. So, I am going to try to eliminate gangs by convincing gang members that RED is better than Blue, so we should all unite under RED.

It’s about colors anyway….

The color RED symbolizes TRUTH, while Blue symbolizes falsehood. Hear me out.

RED is the primary color in the FLAG of the Universe – The Sun, Moon & Star. The Red background in the flag symbolizes the SUN. The Sun is a Red Ball of Fire, which brings out the TRUE colors in a thing.

Blue is just the opposite. IT IS FALSE. In television production, when a person stands in front of a blue screen, the producers are then enabled to put a picture of anything they want behind them. It is a false background.

We say there’s a blue sky. Well… you can go up there a million miles and you will never find any blue. It is a false sky. It appears blue because of a gas called ether which comes from the atmosphere.

RED is also a better color because it symbolizes FREEDOM. The Sun in our Flag shines on everybody freely regardless of income, religion or location. It is better than BLUE just as TRUTH is better than FALSE, as we all agree.






بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

This IS A Blog About HOMEMAKING 😀




Hog Made of Cat, Rat and Dog

Eat one meal a day or one meal every other day, if you are able to. And, eat the food that Allah has prescribed for us. Stay away from the poison food that dresses the Christian’s table. You do not have to eat every variety of food on the earth to be healthy, for two varieties of good food is sufficient.

THERE ARE GOOD vegetables for you to eat and there is good fruit for you to eat. And, if you want some meat, there is some good meat growing out there you can eat without eating the poison meat (the pig). The white man’s greatest desire is that you do that which breaks the Divine Law by eating this poison flesh. Everything God says “Thou shall not do,” he says “Thou shall do.”

You watch him. He is not a friend of God nor is he a doer or a lover of His Law. They were made by nature to be opposers to God and His Law and the righteous people. And, you see them living other than Divine Law.

They are always in trouble; always sick; fighting and disagreeing with each other.

No people should expect peace and contentment who are opposed to the Law of God or obedience to Him that brings us into such conditions of life. Since God has exposed them and exposed the hog, they now will say to you “cook it thoroughly done and it is all right to eat.” It is not all right to eat it if you cook it thoroughly and kill every pork worm there is in it. The actual flesh then is still poison and is divinely prohibited flesh that you should not even touch – not to think of eating it, for it was not made to eat. It was made for medical purposes for the white race and I have taught you time and again, that God taught me they did not make the hog to be taken as a food, but made it for medical purposes.

Since there is a poison in it, the flesh of swine will cure most any kind of disease. Take a slice of this “fatty” and “salty” pork and you have a boil on you some place, full of fever; lay a piece of fat on it and it will soon draw it out.

IT IS A MEDICINE and not food. This is not all it will do in a curing way. I do not have time and space here to put this in this article, but the white man knows and he will bear me witness that I am teaching you the truth of this hog. Medical scientists and our own doctors are fast learning, since I have been writing this article on HOW TO EAT TO LIVE and are now cooperating with me and agreeing with me that the hog is a poison that we should not eat, though they may be eating it themselves. But, they have to acknowledge the truth. Some of them are intelligent enough now, for the last few years, to start getting away from eating it.

Who wants to eat the combination of these fleshes: cat, rat, and dog? This is what the hog is made of — the dog, cat and rat, and the Bible teaches you that he is from a mouse. Read Isaiah 66:17, “They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord.”

The so-called American Negro is a product of evil and filth, produced by the white man of slavery. He is more a true believer in the evils and filth of the white man than the white man himself. As it is written (Bible), when he (devil) makes a convert, he makes him seven times more the child of hell than himself. This is the so-called American Negro. He is turned into a person seven times worse than he originally was.

So, do not think that you are Divinely safe eating pork after you think you have cooked it so done you have killed the pork worms in it. The flesh alone – not to say eating it – is Divinely prohibited to touch. This, the white man knows, but what does he care? He eats anything.





Eat one meal a day of good food that Allah (God) prescribes for us.

Strict Orthodox Jews follow the law that Allah gave to Moses on what food to eat and those strict Jews will not eat the prohibited foods that Allah made prohibited. So, their food is good for you, Allah teaches us in the Holy Qur-an. And, the Strict Muslim food is good for the Jew.

TOUCH NOT that which Allah has forbidden to be touched. There are many tricks that the devil is playing on the total population in our foods and drinks so we have to be on our guard when we go to the market to purchase our food.

There are some people who love to eat poison foods and drinks and they write me trying to defend themselves in eating other than good foods. One writer asked me a question on the eating of hog for cure. Sometime ago, I wrote that the white race is saying if you cook it (the hog) thoroughly done, you are destroying this pork worm in it. But, I also remind you that the very flesh is Divinely prohibited and that you should not even touch the flesh – not to think of eating it.

Regardless to how long you cook it, you still should not eat it.



Swine Eats Anything

The safest way of all to eat, is to stop eating so often (three meals a day and meals between those three meals). In the past, our appetites were as the appetites of swine. The swine has no certain time to eat. It will eat until it is sick and has to lay down, but as soon as it finds a vacancy in its stomach, it eats more food. It doesn’t matter what kind of food it may be; the swine eats anything. The swine’s life is very short, because it comes here eating itself to death and death soon takes it away.

WE EAT TOO much too often, and we eat the wrong foods (poison foods). Most of our drinks are poison.

Allah has blessed America with the best of foods and with good water that is plentiful. America has been blessed with everything that she could desire, but after all of these blessings, she is ungrateful and turns good things into bad, and wages a war against the God of good and His People.

After telling the slaves they were free, America kept them here in order to prey upon them. Now today, many of the slaves wish to be free of America, but her reply by her actions to our wanting to be free is “no.” And America continues to give the so-called Negroes the same bad food and drink that her (America’s) fathers did in the days of servitude slavery.

AMERICA’S markets are loaded with swine, and loaded with vegetables and fruits which are preserved and made to look beautiful by having poison chemicals poured upon them. There are thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of herds of cattle and there are hundreds of thousands of fowls. Yet, Americans decorate their tables with the divinely prohibited flesh – the swine, and represent themselves as being the true Christian followers of Jesus.

Americans have poison whiskey and wine by the barrels and vats all over the country, yet when this does not make them intoxicated (drunk) and crazy enough, they resort to drugs (the poison weeds).

ALLAH HAS blessed them with so much bread that they set whole fields of good wheat on fire. They burn up the wheat in order to obtain higher prices for it. They are crazy over money and wealth.

Now today, Allah threatens America with all kinds of plagues – not one kind, but many kinds. Allah withholds the rains from her wheat fields; sends terrific cold and snow upon her fertile bread basket areas; kills her cattle, livestock and fowls; and kills her fish that are inland in ponds and rivers, with droughts.

ALL OF these plagues are falling upon America because she is against God’s giving freedom, justice and equality to the so-called Negroes, whose labor she has had for 400 years. Because of America’s having broken the Divine Law which prohibits eating swine flesh, and because of her having fed this forbidden meat to her slaves and to other nations of the earth, Allah (God), is now taking His blessings away from her.



Pork Contains Worms (Trichinae)

Eat one meal a day or one meal every two days, if you are able. If you eat the proper food, and not poison food and drink, you will prolong your life, make yourself youthful, and will keep away sickness, and suffering (even colds), said Allah to me in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever.

KEEP THE body and the mind clean. Do good to self and to others. Keep away from evil and remember Allah always, and He Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, will remember you. But, you must eat pure food (the food that Allah has pointed out to us to eat) and stay away from that which He Forbids us to eat, such as swine flesh (the hog).

I will be a happy man when I see the day that our Black people forsake the hog. This divinely prohibited flesh (the swine) can be the cause of most of our sickness. The professional people, such as doctors and religious scholars and scientists, know this to be true. But, in this wicked world (of the white race) they were made to teach against the good Law and Guidance of Almighty God, Allah, to Whom praises are due forever.

ALL THAT God Says “thou shall not do” the white race says “thou shall do,” or “thou should do.” And then, they are bold enough to ask you “what is wrong with eating pig.”

The hog, according to the teachings of God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, is very poisonous. It contains more poison than a rattlesnake. Of course white people eat rattlesnakes. It is not the flesh of the rattlesnake which is so poisonous, but the sac full of poison, which it carries in its mouth. When the rattlesnake strikes it empties the sac of poison into your flesh. This causes death to the victim, if he does not receive attention quickly. But, the actual flesh of the hog is 999% poison (nearly 1000%) as taught to me by God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever. This poison is not going to kill you instantly. It drags you along for many years.

IT IS a very deceitful poison. It is in the form of live worms commonly called pork worms (trichinae). In a hog eater’s body, these worms multiply by the millions. They first enter the walls of the stomach and then from the stomach pass out into the intestinal walls. And from the intestines they travel up the back in the spinal cord into the muscles of the body and finally into the brain. When these worms get into these two places, last mentioned (of the body), the disease becomes incurable.

Look at the pictures in physiology books or in the dictionary where this worm is enlarged several hundred times.

images (1)

The lives of people with such poisonous worms in their bodies are usually limited to less than one hundred years, and for many, less than seventy years. There are a few who live past a hundred years, whose constitutions may have been much stronger than others.

YOU MAY say, “one hundred years is all I would want to live.” No, this is not the Truth. You would like to live a hundred thousand years if you could, when death approaches you, for this is the law of life; it always wants to stay here.

Eating any kind of flesh is not good for us, not even beef. No animal flesh can be said to be good for human consumption, not even fowls, and very few fish, not to think of the scavengers of the waters, such as crabs, shrimps and oysters.

We must learn to eat vegetables and fruits and stay away from land flesh. It is a little difficult for us to suddenly stop eating beef, lamb, and chicken, but we must wean away from such flesh gradually.

EATING one meal a day prolongs your life if you eat the right food. People will soon live a life of one thousand years, after the removal of this wicked world.


The Truth About Pork (The Pig)

Pork or pig, all its parts and by-products, has been a chief food for the so-called American Negro since the days of his physical bondage. The pig was not made for human consumption. The pig is the chief cause of many of the ills and mental deficiencies occurring among the so-called American Negroes and any other people who eat it.

The pig is a mass of worms. Each mouthful you eat is not a nutritious food but a mass of small worms the naked eye cannot detect. Worms thrive in the hog. When these worms are digested into your system, they cause a high birth rate to hundreds of new worms called larvae which travels the blood stream of your system and lodge in your muscles. These worms even enter your brain, lungs or your spinal fluid. They cause muscular aches, fever and many other symptoms of sickness. The worm has an amazing ability to go undetected in your system for many years.

The scientific name for the ill-causing worm found in all pork is Trichinella spiralis which causes trichinosis.

Despite what veterinarians, public health officials, the Agricultural Department or your doctor say, the best defense against the pig is DO NOT EAT IT! When you do eat it, you do not hurt God, His Messenger, the Muslim or anyone else. You hurt yourself.

Thorough and slow cooking of pork does not remove the danger of the worms found in all pork. Additional cooking of pork purchased in the summer or processed pork products does not make the worm-infested pork safe for eating.

Inspection and governmental seals on pork do not remove the danger of the worms yet in the pork to make it safe for you to eat.

Some say never taste raw sausage or any raw pork. It is best not to eat pork, raw, processed, cooked, smoked, cured, or seasoned.

You are what you eat, so why not eat the best and be the best. Do not allow this rotten, diseased meat to be sold in your neighborhoods or brought into your homes.

Pork is often referred to as “cured.” The world “cured” is the past tense of the verb “cure.” If a meat has to be cured before we eat it, we should not even take the chance to eat it.

In the Bible and the Holy Qur-an, it is the Divine will of God that the pig should not be eaten and God has never changed this instruction, despite the white man’s setting up governmental bureaus to grade and approve the selling of pork.

The so-called Negroes should ban this meat from their communities and all those who sell and eat it!



Know Truth About Flesh of the Swine

I told you how Allah taught me the birth of the swine, and for the purpose for making this animal only was for the whites. Because of their being a grafted race, they were made weaker, physically, through the man from whom they came (the Black man). Since the body of the grafted is weaker than the original body, it would be easier for them to attract germs than the original man. You should not argue with me about this because all of the diseases that trouble us today – from social disease to cancer – came from the white race, one way or another.

Do not tell me about four or five hundred years or one thousand years; I am referring to this people’s entire historical scope. They have had 6,000 years to mix and poison our people. Some of you are foolish enough to accept all the blame. But God clears you of it. This refers to those who love the devils so well they would like to dispute God about them. I am teaching, only, you the truth – take it or leave it.

They are too wise to dispute the truth. Read the story in the Bible where Jesus met a man who was possessed of evil spirits. When the evil spirits recognized Jesus to be from God – knowing they would have no chance to contend with him over their presence in the man where they did not belong – they pleaded with Jesus to let them go into the swine, and Jesus agreed. The man who was possessed of evil spirits was none other than the American so-called Negroes. The evil spirits in them are from the white race, making them eat the divinely-prohibited flesh of the swine. The devils were allowed to go into the swine. They ran down a steep place into a lake or sea and perished.

Here the picture changes; the meaning changes a bit. The hog was made for the white race for medical purposes – not even for them to eat it – but they could eat it if they wanted to, since they were created to be destroyed. They use this hog in much of their medical preparation, even to the German 606 (606 poison germs).

Allah taught me that one of these germs came from the swine. However, the white man will advise you to eat it. He would have you think the swine is cleaner now than he was in Jesus’ time, but wouldn’t God know – 4,000 years from Moses – if this swine would be clear of poison? You admit God is a Fore-knower.

The whole story was twisted around. They want you to think God did not know about this process of the devils leaving the man and entering the swine until after it happened. Actually, God knew it was going to happen before it took place. Using deceit, they have succeeded in getting you to eat the swine as food, though it was made to produce a poisonous germ for medical purposes in curing the diseases of the white race.

This is how he makes you to break all of the commandments of God. Because he is God’s enemy and yours and mine, he has you breaking the divine law. We did this because we saw him doing it and at that time had no teacher of our own. These are the tricks of your hidden enemies and their own concocted religion called Christianity, which is deceiving and leading you to your doom with them.

I am your brother, and Allah has revealed to me the truth for your salvation. Jesus also prophesied that the truth would free you – that is, if you accept the truth. The thing you must understand in this parable of Jesus is that, actually, the visible swine could not have gone crazy and choked in the sea or lake, because of the spirit of the devil was sent in them in the meaning that Jesus wants you to understand. The swine that was choked to death in the sea after the spirit of the devil was taken out of the man, the believers among the so-called American Negroes, and the swine that ran into the lake and perished, is the disbelievers among the so-called Negroes who refuse to accept the truth. They will be cast alive in a lake of fire with the devils.

As you have in the Bible, Lucifer’s (Yakub) fall also represents the fall of his race. The lake or sea in which they choked and perished, is the same lake mentioned in the Revelations of John – that all that had the mark of the beast, the representatives of the beast and the false prophets (priests and preachers of Christianity) are referred to as being cast alive in a lake of fire.

I hope you understand. What I am trying to get over is that you who reject Allah and His true religion – entire submission to His will as the Arabs call it, Islam – will perish in the lake of fire with this race of adversaries of Allah and His true religion, to which they refuse to submit. They now are trying to woo you into sharing hell-fire with them, though they know that you have a chance to go to heaven while they do not.

I cannot force you to halt your down-hill plunge with them into the lake of fire. I only have been missioned to warn you in the simplest language. I cannot force you to go to hell or heaven.

Your sweethearting and wanting to marry them is like a frog trying to court a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake gives the frog freedom to do so because he intends to swallow the frog. Taking the death dealing pill and the knife to destroy your future generations are examples. Socializing with them is no sign of justice, but a sign that they have deceived you into going to hell with them. Take it leave it.




Stop Eating It (Pig)

I think we have said enough about the poison animal called, in Arabic, khanzier (khan meaning, “I see,” and zier meaning “very foul”). Beyond a shadow of a doubt the swine is the filthiest and foulest animal human beings could have resorted to for food. The flesh of the swine, while cooking, has a very different smell from that of other animal’s flesh while cooking. And even when it is not being cooked, it is full of worms.

In many cases, the eater of the flesh becomes nauseated when the flesh is being fried in the early morning. It is a divinely prohibited flesh and God (Allah) has prohibited you and me, my Brothers and Sisters of the Black Nation, from eating it or even touching its dead carcass.

Please, for our health’s sake, stop eating it; for our beauty’s sake, stop eating it; for our obedience to God and His Laws against this flesh, stop eating it; for a longer life, stop eating it and for the sake of modesty, stop eating it.

Do you know, that if we, the 22 million lost-found members of our Nation here, in America, would stop eating this pig, (his poison swine flesh), it would mean a great economic savings to us? And I do not think the government would be so eager to eat it themselves if we would obey this Divine law against the divinely prohibited flesh. There is an old, foolish answer our people have given to such advice: “the white folks eat it, and my grandparents ate it, and they lived to be 75 and 80 years old.”

If Noah and Methuselah had heard you boasting that your parents lived only 75 or 80 years eating poison, they would have considered your parents as never having grown up to become adults, according to their good way of eating the best food, about twice a week, and living nearly 1,000 of our present calendar years which consists of 365 days.

God does not punish us for the crime of disobedience to His law if we are ignorant of His laws. But after knowledge of His laws, He is justified in punishing us by setting the full penalty according to the disobedience.

As I have previously said in this book, most vegetables that are sold on the public market are good to eat with the exception of those Allah prohibits, such as collard greens and the rough turnip salads. You have plenty of other vegetables to eat. And, you have good peas other than lima beans; field butter beans, called baby lima beans, and black eyed peas (field peas as we called them).

Eat the good fruit and the good vegetables according to your condition. Some of us cannot eat even the best of these because of the condition of our health.

You are your judge there.





One woman judge in Washington, standing against the force-feeding of the swine to the Muslims through their food was one of the [only] voices against pork that I have ever read. The eating of swine flesh is against the Christian religion according to its teachings. The Christians make this swine flesh a prohibited flesh among their own religion, but then they force it on another religious group. This shows the hypocrisy of the Christians.

It is in papers that they transport all over the world for people to read and follow after, while they, themselves, are not following it. It is in the Bible where we have so much against the eating of the swine flesh, and it goes so far as to teach against even touching the carcass of the swine. But, in Christian America, selling and eating swine is one of the greatest markets that she has. The hog is sacrificed in the church, is barbecued on the church grounds, and they ask the God’s Blessings on the curse that He Made against eating the hog. This action of the Christians is one of the most open condemnations of the law and rules that they represent against using this Divinely prohibited flesh of the hog.

They glorify the eating of the hog as though God is with them to eat what He has made a curse, as Isaiah mentioned it, they called themselves in eating hog (Bible 66:17) Now here comes the Muslims who have been the slaves of Christian America, wanting to obey the Bible, but they are tried by force to not obey the Bible. The Brotherhood of the Muslims is what Paul and his Epistles preached; the Brotherhood gets to clear sunshine.

Christian America is not Christian, because Christian means to be one and one in Christ. Everything that the Bible teaches is against the Divine Law of God, is practiced by the Christians.

I think this judge, Mrs. Burnita Shelton Matthews should be given credit not only by us, the Muslims, but by the world of Christianity; as she is not speaking so much in our favor as she is speaking to Christians who are failing to do these things themselves. Stay away from the swine, instead of trying to force the swine on others. The Christian religion teaches the same against the eating and partaking of the swine flesh.

The Pig is Poison

Do not eat the swine. Do not use any form of tobacco. Do not smoke it or chew it. According to medical scientists, the tobacco weed affects the whole body. The heart, lungs, liver, kidney and bladder can be affected by the use of tobacco.

WOULD THE government like for you to stop using the tobacco weed – yes or no? The government harvests a great revenue from the tax on tobacco, therefore, it would not like to stop its citizens from using tobacco. But, if the taxpayer is losing his life by producing and using the tobacco weed, the government, yet, will not win.

The poor man who uses quite a bit of tobacco and is not able to pay the doctor’s bill for the harm that the tobacco will cause in his body, may have to go on charity. The taxpayers will have to pay the doctor’s bill to cure the illnesses that are caused by using tobacco.

So, it does not make sense for the government to continue to allow the citizens of its country to use a poison that it knows is gradually taking the lives of its citizens.

THE PIG IS another poison people are eating. The government takes no steps towards stopping the raising of swine to be marketed for the people to eat, because it is another thing that brings much money to the government. But all the medical scientists know the hog should not be eaten as food by anyone.

It just shows how wicked the Christian race is. They preach “Thou shall not do this” and point it out in their religious book (Bible) and yet they are the ones who are breaking every forbidden thing of their law.

But, since we now have been given the truth from the mouth of God of this race of people – that they are not what we thought they were and that they are only a race of devils by nature – why should we expect anything from the devils but evil? They cannot be devils and be good.

WE HAVE been made so blind, deaf, and dumb to knowing the people who have exercised rule and authority over us. We have wondered, time and again, why they treat us so wickedly.

But now we have been taught from the mouth of God the true knowledge of this people and ourselves, why should we be so foolish now to continue to follow them for right guidance? They could not guide us rightly, when by nature they were created to deceive and mislead.

The Bible is full of the teachings of the true knowledge of the nature of the devil, from Genesis to the Revelations, but we did not understand the Bible. Now, the truth has come and the knowledge of the book (Bible) has been made known.

SO, EAT THE good food that Allah (God) has given to us and stay away from the things that are no good and poison.






(The Honorable Elijah Muhammad)


Nimrod married his mother Ester when Moses (Musa) was sent to the devils 4,000 years ago. This meant the end of the Blackman’s power to keep them in their boundaries of Europe. This brought them out of the caves putting them on the road to the conquest of Asia, (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow man).

Nimrod killed his father and began sleeping with his mother, Ester, known today as the holiday called Easter.

She had children by her son Nimrod, making Nimrod his own father and son, which was the beginning of the lie that God and son are one and the same. It’s true that this made Nimrod, his own father but the father and the son could never be identical. This is also where the lie originated of the “Immaculate Conception” woman giving birth without the agency of man.

Nimrod and his mother were worshipped by the people, and knowing that if they found out that she was bearing her son’s children they would not respect her, she lied telling the people that the spirit was visiting her, giving her babies. The people, being paganish, believed those lies thus establishing a holiday called Easter commemorating her birthday. They used the sign of the rabbit, which is an over-sexed animal; and eggs representing the first stage of the “embryo” chicken, which is capable of laying eggs without a male, was also used.

Nimrod would go into Asia robbing the brothers of their wealth. Using his unalike attracting power, he was able to steal and divide the brothers. The cross originated as a symbol meaning death and dividing the four brothers, so that Nimrod could rule. The cross is used in most European nations today in their flag in the same form.

Christmas being Nimrod’s birthday has all the signs; the evergreen meaning everlasting life for the Caucasian; the ornaments signifies all the riches and pretty things that the Blackman has. The star on the top of the tree, meaning the devils brain as being powerful enough to keep the Blackman divided, or in the cross.

Santa Claus is the symbol of Nimrod bringing gifts back to Europe from Asia. A pagan religion was adopted by the Jews in Judaism. They didn’t want the Blackman’s religion, Islam, nor would they accept the Yellowman’s religion, Buddhism, the whiteman had to invent himself a religion that would fit his nature, for his being evil, his religion had to be flexible enough to allow him to practice his evil and worship statues, drink blood (wine), eat (body flesh), etc.

They applied the teachings of Moses (Islam) to paganism, thus Judaism began. Judaism kept the Jews a united people. The other devils used parts of Judaism, paganism and combined all those teachings together, thus began Catholicism, out of Catholicism they invented Christianity 551 years ago. We wouldn’t expect a whiteman to accept a Black, Brown, Red and Yellowman’s religion. They hate everything Black… That stands for Black.

Christmas was set up as a memorial to Nimrod. The Christmas tree is an “Evergree tree”, this means that it is green or has life, all year round and does not die out like other trees.

1. Evergreen tree is used at Christmas as a symbol to represent everlasting life for the white race.

2. It sits in a box held in place by a cross which represents the division of the four brothers; Black, Brown, Red and Yellow, which support the white race.

3. The trinkets and ornaments represents the riches, wealth and knowledge of the Blackman which was stolen by Nimrod and brought back to the white race in Europe.

4. The star on top of the tree represents the superior brain power of the white race to remain on top.

5. Santa Claus represents Nimrod bringing the riches of the Blackman back to Europe. (They do not explain where Santa Claus gets the presents from do they).

Note: Santa Claus robbing Black people at Christmas is similar to Nimrod’s work

Note: This also is included at the end of Nimrod’s history: Judaism is a mixture of Moses’ teachings, Islam, and paganism to make it more flexible.

December 25th is the birthday of Nimrod. Nimrod is mentioned in the Bible (Old Testament) as a mighty, mighty hunter in opposition to God. This is because he turned against the teachings of Moses. Nimrod was a white man who was born 300 years before Christ. He took the teachings of Moses and used them as a game to set up the early pagan Empires such as Greece and Rome. According to the Bible, he is the son of Cush. He went among the pagan white people of Europe who rejected the teachings of Moses and used the knowledge to become ruler of the people.

Nimrod killed his father and married his mother whose name was Ester. Today called Easter…When Nimrod’s wife (mother) had her first child he feared that the people would lose respect for him if they knew he was making babies through his own mother (it was a secret that they were married) therefore, to fool the people, Nimrod told the people that the Holy Ghost had impregnated his mother. This was the beginning of the great lie told about the birth of Jesus. The lie that a woman can have a baby without the agency of the male sperm. This lie began 300 years before Jesus was born.

Easter is Ester’s birthday. The rabbit is used because he is an oversexed animal (but a rabbit does not lay eggs). There is more to this but I will not include it now. Just like Alexander the Great, Nimrod went among the original people to divide and rob them of their wealth.

To rob the original has always been the work of the white race.

Nimrod would bring the wealth back to his own people in Europe. For this they loved him as a ruler. This is what all the white explorers and conquerors have done; from John Hawkins to the Peace Corps.





In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

“Using birth control for a social purpose is a sin.”

– The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

This video documents the legal procedures devil Caucasians have exercised to eliminate the Black Nation in America, throughout the history of this country. By far, the most successful method OF KILLING BLACK PEOPLE has been what we now know as, “PLANNED PARENTHOOD”.

download (31)

Message to the Blackman in America


Chapter 35

Birth Control Death Plan!

To the Lost-Found members of the tribe of Shabazz (the so-called Negroes), I warn you my people and especially the women. Be aware of the tricks the devils are using to instill the idea of a false birth control in their clinics and hospitals.


The example of the clinic in Fauquier County, Virginia, where poor and helpless black mothers are pressured into accepting sterilization is certainly not confined to that clinic alone.

It would be better to do as many African and Asian husbands and wives have done, to take care of these matters yourselves rather than rely on such treachery and deceitful counsel.

I say beware of being trapped into the kind of disgraceful birth control laws now aimed almost exclusively at poor, helpless black peoples who have no one to rely on.

Who wants a sterile woman?

No man wants a non-productive woman. Though he may not want children for a time, he does want a woman who can produce a child if he changes his mind. Using birth control for a social purpose is a sin.

Using the birth control law against production of human beings is a sin that Allah (God) is against and for which he will punish the guilty on the day of Judgment. Both the Bible and Holy Qur-an’s teachings are against birth control.

So you and I, too, should be against it.

The white race is a race that was produced by using birth control law, says God to me.

Do not accept this death plan of the devils to destroy, and keep [us] from being a people.

There is no people on earth (even the little savage Pygmie of Africa and the Malayan Islands of the Pacific love their own) who will let anyone change or destroy their identity and culture without a fight. The American black women are ignorant of the real motive behind the so-called birth control schemes proposed and demanded by white officials.

The motive behind these schemes is not designed to promote the welfare of black families, but to eliminate these families in the future.

Our enemies, the devils, know and now seek to prevent us from being a nation through our women, as Pharaoh attempted to destroy Israel by killing off the male babies of Israel at birth.

The thousand years before Moses, Yakub killed off the black babies at birth to produce this present white race.

Pharaoh was envious of Israel’s future of becoming a great nation, beloved of Allah, which would overcome Egypt and her future as a world power.

The same goes for the so-called Negroes and the slave-masters’ children. The slave-masters envy their once-slaves’ future and want to destroy it.

So the best thing to do is to tell you the truth whether you care for it or not. I will feel, then, that I have done my duty as a member of the same Nation as you.

My love for you and your future is the same as that for myself. The life of this world and its sport and play is only temporary.

You can read this book in its entirety by clicking here.

How to Eat to Live, Book One


Do Not Take Birth Control Pills

It is Allah’s (God’s) love and my love, as His Messenger, to teach you and keep you aware of the tricks the devil devises to trap you into accepting death and not life. As it is written, Allah (God) has come to you to save you from death and not life. As it is written, Allah (God) has come to you to save you from death and destruction by the wicked and to register you in the book of the living (the Black Nation) with unlimited future.

He has declared that we are the true members of the Nation of Islam, the righteous, who shall never be removed from the earth by any foe. He even laughs at plans to destroy the nation of righteous.

The birth control law the enemy is preparing for you, with the aid of their angels, the blind, deaf and dumb black preachers and ignorant black politicians, is not concerned about your future. The white priest knows what these plans will do for you. They know that Christianity has been exposed to the civilized world as nothing less than bait to enslave the black people of earth, the original people who serve the white race as slaves. He offers you death in a pill for your future generations of children.

He tells you what it is going to do to you. But it is like telling a world-be suicide: “Here is the loaded gun. Put it to your silly head, and blow your brains out.” Then he stands aside, throws up his arms and says to the world that he is not responsible for your suicide. This is what you do when you swallow the pills. He knows you are blind, deaf, and dumb.

I know you do not know the plans and secrets of your enemies, but Allah and His Messenger have known for a long time – for this was ascertained when we first learned to read the history of Pharaoh, who sought to destroy the future of Israel through the midwives. We know that this, too, is aimed at you in these last days.

We know by the words of the Holy Qur-an on this attempt to destroy your newborn babies; to destroy the very seed of you. You also are warned against birth control law. They say you are not able to provide for the many children with which Allah (God) is blessing you. They say you should be willing to stop giving birth to children they will have to feed.

Who is responsible? Is it not the slave master’s and his children’s fault that you are not able to care for your family? It is theirs not yours. Why don’t they divide the country with you, give you a few of these United States and let you raise all the children you want so you can provide a proper living for them.

But, no! He would rather you were dead than to see you living free of his authority and power to enslave and murder you at will.

You are aware of this, but yet you are a fool. You do not understand that they are after your life – and you are seeking death by following and agreeing with them to destroy you and your Nation.

The earth belongs to the black nation, and its people will rule it in the near future. God never gave the whites any of the earth. He only gave them time to live on it; time to make fools of you and me. However, that time was limited, and I now can say in truth, that “time is up.”

I will defend the interest and life of my people, even at the destruction of my own life, and the lives of those who follow me – for that is why I have been raised among you. It is a disgrace upon us black people of America to permit ourselves and our future generations to be cut off and destroyed by ignorant, foolish, pleasure-seeking girls and women of our own, who do not know what they are doing when they swallow the birth control pill.

I repeat: If you accept Allah (God) and follow me and if you give birth to 100 children, each of you girls and women is considered more blessed and right in the eyes of Allah (God) than those who try to kill the birth seed.

Because of the advice of those who hate you and hope that you destroy yourselves, the clergy – the priests and elders – is united to help deceive you. The Catholic religion is our greatest enemy today. It seeks to woo you into its net where your future will be hopeless in the Hereafter. This old scheme of attempting to destroy the so-called Negro when the day of his salvation comes to him from God, has long been known by us and Allah (God). The nation of righteous is fully prepared to meet it.

Jehovah thwarted Pharaoh’s wicked plan to prosper through destroying the future of Israel. Pharaoh was afraid of Israel’s population, who was populating Egypt faster than the Egyptians. However, he did not want the Israelites to leave Israel. He decided to kill off the male children, which would have stopped Israel from increasing her nation. The birth control laws employed by the white race were used by his father, Yacub. It is no new thing today. He does not teach you this, nor does he teach you the sciences of modern warfare or chemistry. Of course, we do not care to learn any more about warfare, for it is the purpose of God to erase war from the human family. He now plans to destroy those who delight in making war against humanity.

Who said the white man had to carry us forever? Who gave him the right to cut our birth rate so that he could take care of a small number of us? Who is willing swallow the pill? The 20,000,000 so-called Negroes can be placed in Africa or Asia. The country is so large, they would not know they were there. Or they could be put on an island in the Pacific. But he wants to exterminate all of them with the pills so that he and his people can have free reign of the earth. But he should have reckoned with Allah (God), Who has come for the purpose of saving the poor, black man from their wicked plans.

The Negro has been a group of people, held in the hands of the white man, for 400 years and yet, today, he is like a lazy horse or dog who does not want to leave his master because of fear – and has taken all kinds of abuse in order to get a little food or whatever the master has to give. It is a shame. It is not because of lack of education, but because he holds the offer of Allah (God) in mockery.

But this pill is a bold offer of death, openly made, inviting the Indians and so-called Negroes to accept death – and also the people they have under their power in the Pacific islands. It is accepting extermination through a harmless looking pill designed to take away the future birth of our Nation. Think well, you “white Christian lovers.” You sign up to be swallowed up.

Israel was taken into a country where she could do all of the populating she wanted to without the interference of Pharaoh. Allah (God) had Pharaoh drown in the Red Sea, and the white race is going to be thrown into a lake of fire for its plans against the so-called Negro.

I shall always rise to your defense against such an artful, wicked race of people, who has nothing in mind but death for the black man – its scheme covered with a semi-bait of good. Once you have swallowed the birth control pill, it is death.

You can read this book in its entirety by clicking here. 

He begins teaching on birth control around 34:39


Healthy Eating For The Black Family

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Black Sisters!

There are so many areas of study that we need to incorporate into our lives that will not only improve our standing in high, civilized society, but will also improve our personal physical, mental and most importantly, spiritual health.

As I have written, the FIRST thing Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is Due Forever, Told us we need to do is:


Your Own God – Allah
Your Own Religion – Islam
Your Own People – The Black People

Yourself – A Righteous Muslim

These two instructions are paramount to becoming a happy, healthy and successful Original Blackwoman.

We cannot be successful as long as we are in the white race’s false religion of Christianity.

The Christian religion cannot teach one how to believe in and obey the True and Living God, Allah.
On the contrary, the Christian religion teaches one to break all the Laws of God.

Following after the Christians had led us to do things that are considered abominations in the eyesight of Allah (God). Many of these things are also morbidly injurious to our health: Smoking, Drinking, Taking Drugs and Eating the Divinely Prohibited flesh of the filthy, stinking hog.

As the Woman of the House – The Homemaker, We are primarily responsible for providing our families with healthy, nutritious meals that will prevent sickness, increase life expectancy and increase our and our family’s beautiful appearance.

The Bible teaches us, and it is supposed to be from Jesus, that when Allah (God) Comes, He Will Give Us MORE LIFE and MORE LIFE ABUNDANTLY. He Will Teach Us How to Expand Our Lives and How To Enjoy Life More.

الحمد لله Al Hamdulillah! All Praise Is Due To Allah! Allah (God) Has Come and He Taught His Messenger, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH), That “What We Eat and Drink KEEPS US HERE and what we eat and drink TAKES US AWAY from here.” Therefore, in order to Expand Our Lives and Keep Them Expanded, Allah (God) Had To Regulate Our Eating and Drinking Habits. Allah (God) Had To Teach Us HOW TO EAT TO LIVE.

Along with the Spiritual Truth that Will Set Us Free, Allah (God) Blessed us with the Physical Truth in Order to Preserve the Life of the Spiritual Truth. One can have all the knowledge in the world, but when one dies, her knowledge is of no use to her, so we want to live as long as possible so that we can share the Knowledge we possess with as many people as we can.

It is imperative that you read the above book. You can read it for free online here. However, I would recommend that you purchase your own copy of the book (free of typographical errors) here.

HOW TO EAT TO LIVE is what everyone wants and needs to know. Even a fool wants to know how to lengthen her life. The rulers of this world (the white race) did not teach us how to eat to live because they were made to cut life short and for the past 6,000 years they have done so. The white race are the people the Holy Qur-an describes as eating like a beast. Beasts eat anything and everything and they eat whenever they see their food present. These beasts taught us just contrary to the way of our patriarchs, who lived over 900 years. What and How do you think they ate? The white race has not taught us. But you can learn from the above book.

We have been taught to eat the divinely prohibited flesh of the swine, and also to eat three and four meals a day. Just these two aberrations are sufficient to significantly cut short our lives and fill us with sickness.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) taught us in his books (How To Eat To Live, Book 1 and Book 2) that we should be living from 100 to 1000 years! He teaches us that the only way to do this is to cut our eating from three and four meals a day to one meal a day. He said that this is better for our health, beauty, intelligence and duration of life.

Don’t get skeptical, Dear Sister. Just because Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) did not live this length of time does not mean The Teachings are not Truth. The Bible teaches us that, “In all their afflictions, he was afflicted” (meaning the Messenger of God). Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) had to suffer everything we suffer, or else Allah would not have chosen him to be the good Messenger. He had to prove that he loved us so well that he was willing to go through with everything we go through with. So, yes, he died prematurely, BUT he taught us everything we need to know so that we can bring The Teachings into fruition.

I bear witness, Dear Sister. I eat one meal a week and I look and feel better than I did when I was 16!

I want to live to be 900 like Noah and Methuselah. So, I am trying to eat the way Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) taught us they ate. It has taken me over seven years to get to this stage, but it was not difficult. I did it gradually (with some setbacks) but I kept my goal in mind and persevered.

I weighed 206 pounds when I first read How To Eat To Live. After reading the book, I began eating the way The Messenger (PBUH) taught and I lost 70 pounds in three months! People would ask me how I lost the weight and I told them I read How To Eat To Live and began eating one meal a day. I didn’t exercise and I didn’t change my diet. I ate the same foods I had been eating, I just stopped eating three meals a day and ate one meal a day instead, and the weight fell off. All Praise is Due to Allah!

I kept going from there. After about a month, I began eating eating every other day. Then every three days. But I think I got a little ahead of myself because I fell back and started eating all between meals. It took quite a few months but I got back up to one meal every other day again. Then every three days and by Ramadan (December) 2010, I was eating one meal every four days. I got down to 128 pounds.

Ramadan is the month prescribed by Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) for us to “fast”. It is not really a fast because a fast should be from two to three days without taking food. But we do not eat nor drink from before sunrise until after the sun sets.

We fast in December to get us out of the false teaching of the Jesus’ birth on December 25th. That day, which is celebrated by the Christians, is really the birthdate of that evil demon, Nimrod, who was so wicked that it is sickening to even think about the evil things he did, so I will not include them here.

While the Christians are partying and drinking and dancing and eating swine’s flesh in celebration of a FALSE birthday of Jesus, we Muslims, are fasting.

After Ramadan, I fell off again and started snacking. I went back to one meal a day to try and at least eat the way I was instructed. Sisters, after Ramadan, most all Muslims I know, start snacking. So beware of this when you fast. January 1st is the day when we go crazy and start eating everything. But actually, we should be used to eating one meal a day every day! So Ramadan should not be too much of a departure from the way we usually eat, right? We’re just eating after sunset. This pandemic of mis-eating after Ramadan proves that we are not eating like we should. If we were it would not be a major occurrence to go from one meal a day to one meal a day. But it is. We lose all self-control. It takes great discipline to not cross that line after the month of Ramadan.

I has taken me three and a half years to get to this point (one meal every seven days), but here’s what I did differently this time, to ensure that I never fall off again. I did the same thing I did when I quit smoking in 2007. I set a date. I have not had a cigarette since the Kingdom Day Parade in 2007. That is my “date”. My “date” for eating one meal a week is my birthday this year. It has only been a few weeks but I have never felt this sense of urgency to keep it up. Now, whenever I want to eat between meals, I have a reference point to keep me on track.

My goal is to eat one meal a week with nothing between for the rest of my life. I still drink coffee but
In Sha Allah, by Ramadan I will have stopped that too.

So, that’s my story. I’m doing it. You can do it too. Your example will inspire your family to eat better and really, they won’t have a choice because you do the grocery shopping and prepare the meals. You are the one who determines what’s available. They can only eat what’s there. And by witnessing, first hand, the results of your discipline it will encourage them to do the same, In Sha Allah.



A Return to Proper Roles

Bismillah In the Name of Allah, Master Fard Muhammad


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Sisters! Peace Be Upon You

As written in my previous blog, the Blackwoman in America has been reared by her enemies, who taught her to love and follow them.

Following the slavemaster has been the gravest mistake made by the Blackwoman in America, particularly because her enemy slavemaster is wicked and evil by nature, and the Blackwoman is righteous by nature!

This mistake has caused the Blackwoman to act in opposition to her own nature (righteousness). She is therefore unhappy and unsuccessful and is producing children who are incapable of functioning in high civilized society.

The most recent and most devastating mistake the Blackwoman has made in following her enemy slavemaster is: Joining her female slavemaster’s pursuit of equality with men, or so-called, “Women’s Liberation”. This treacherous act occurred at a most critical time in Black History; During the Black Power Movement.

It was at this time that Black People had started to organize to try and better their condition in America. And then white women began to mimic the protests made by the Black populace, claiming that they were, all of a sudden, dissatisfied with their traditional role as Homemaker.

Unfortunately, the Blackwoman identified more with the white slavemasters than with her own Black people, abandoning the Black man and the struggle for Black Power in favor of the so-called “Women’s Liberation Movement”. As a result of this shameful betrayal, many detrimental but reversible problems enveloped the Black Community.

We, Blackwomen, can solve all of these problems, by humbly admitting that we made a terrible mistake. And then and only then can we take the proper steps to correct that mistake.


The First Step is to ACCEPT OUR OWN AND BE OURSELVES and Return to our Natural Role as Homemakers.

When we joined the devil-woman in her pursuit of “liberation,” we abandoned our homes and families, leaving them without a caretaker, all in order to compete with our own Black men, at a time when they needed our support more than ever, just so that we could become the bread-winner. So, not only did we abandon the Blackman in the Struggle for Black Power, we also began to work against him, all to the delight of our common enemy. Consecutively, we abandoned and emasculated our Strong Black Men and neglected our own children.

Sadly, most Blackwomen still erroneously feel as though they can and should provide for themselves. As though they should have careers and make their own money. They think they should not depend on the Blackman to provide their needs. Many Blackwomen go so far as to say, “I don’t need a man! I’m an independent woman!”

This type of thinking has caused the destruction of the Black Family. Women were made to be dependent on men. And men were made to supply the things women depend on. We must stop trying to be the equals of men. We are NOT men. We should not be competing with men; trying to have careers like men, going half on rent and bills and whatnot. This makes our poor Blackmen feel inadequate, unwanted and unnecessary. Any man who doesn’t feel less of a man if, and actually wants his wife to go out and work, has the mind of a slave. He has not yet learned The Knowledge of Himself, which dictates that he should not depend on anyone but himself.

Nature made the man the provider. In order to feel like a man, he must be the provider and protector of his family. The man is the Head of the Household. This is the way nature intended. Allah Created The Blackman to Be The Leader. He is stronger physically because of his roles as Builder and Protector, and he is stronger mentally because of his Natural Role as Leader.

We, Blackwomen, have to accept that actual fact and stop competing with men. We will never be successful if we are always trying to take over the man’s role and responsibilities. We have followed the white woman to our detriment. Nature has made the woman dependent on the man. Any woman who feels as though she does not need a man, is lying to herself.


Allah Created the Blackwoman to be a helpmate for the Blackman. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him) taught us that, “A Woman is the Only Heaven a Man Has.”  Our men need us, Sisters! We have failed them.

Our responsibility is to console our Blackmen. They are living in Hell, where they are outcast and stepped upon, all while trying to provide a decent life for us! And here we are, out there in it with them.

We should be at home, making Heaven for our families, so when our husband comes home, dinner is on the table in an immaculate home filled with peace and happiness where he can rest and recoup for whenever he has to go back out into this devil’s world. Instead, we are out TRYING TO MAKE OUR OWN MONEY, when we should be making our Blackman feel needed, by depending on him to give us money, instead of trying to prove that we DON’T need him and unnecessarily suffering the same rejection and hardships as he.

Again, Allah created us to be a helpmate. We can offer the most help to the Blackman by being the feminine, beautiful Creatures, Created by Allah to give Heaven, Joy and Happiness to the Blackman. We should revel in this most essential role and try to be the BEST at it. This is our nature.

Many women are single mothers. These women should still cultivate and perfect proper homemaking skills, so when her husband comes along, she will be qualified to fulfill her Natural Role as Homemaker.

I was a single mother for 12 years and did not work any length of that time. I homeschooled my son and stayed home with him as a mother is supposed to. Single women should utilize government assistance, lower their expenses and dedicate their time and attention to the well-being of their children. Your child(ren) will greatly appreciate your love and attention and the bonds formed between you and your child(ren) will last a lifetime. You can hone your homemaking skills in preparation for your husband when Allah Blesses you with one.

Once we accept our Natural and Proper Role as Homemakers, we can live a heavenly, balanced, harmonious life, as one with our provider/leader/husband and build happy, peaceful and productive families. There will never be peace in a house wherein the man and woman are not living according to their own natural roles.

When I was in my twenties, I went roller skating with a Brother and I was racing him and he could barely even skate. It really opened my eyes when an older Sister approached him and helped him skate.

At the time, I was angry, but not really. I felt more enlightened than anything. I know it changed the way I looked at my role because I never forgot it. I don’t think she was trying to take him from me because she made sure I saw her. If you’re reading this Sister, THANK-YOU. That was love.

I must add, when it comes to roles, we must also draw the line in physical appearance too. This wicked society has gotten so far from the Love and Worship of Allah that they can turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man.

It started with men growing their hair long like women. The older generation objected to this but apparently not strongly enough. Probably because they couldn’t put their finger on precisely WHY it was wrong.

Next came the earring. This was also controversial, but the novelty overrided the objections and over time, men started acting more feminine in line with the newly acquired feminine physical characteristics.

This, coupled with the addition of homosexuality teachings in schools and the advent of “homophobia” in society has made today’s generation okay with homosexuality and transsexuals.

The only way to correct this trend is to draw a sharp line between the physical appearance of the sexes as there was in the beginning.

Women wear long hair and earrings.
Men cut their hair.

Women wear dresses and skirts.
Men wear pants.

This is the way you tell the sexes apart.

Yes, Dear Brothers and Sisters, my Grandmother never wore a pair of pants in her life. We have to be this extreme in our gender roles to reform from this wicked tendency of homosexuality and return to our nature.

There is nothing grosser than seeing a woman from a distance and getting closer and discovering she’s really a man!!!


The Asiatic Blackwoman in America

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

In The Most Holy and Righteous Name of Allah, Master Fard Muhammad,

The Beneficent, The Most Merciful





As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved and Beautiful Asiatic* Black Sisters,

I pray Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, these words find you in the Best of Health and Enjoying Inexplicable Joy and Happiness. I am Happy to Write that I am Blessed to be Experiencing the Same. I Thank Allah!

Dear Sisters, I am humbled and honored and immensely thankful to Allah, that you have taken the time to view my blog. In Sha Allah (If it is the Will of Allah), you will find it useful and informative and give you some insight into that which has been held back from you for 400 years. During this unfortunate time, your one and only teacher has been your open enemy – your former slavemaster – who forcibly captured your foreparents from their homes and people in Asia and Africa and brought them to this country to be their slaves and concubines, where they were free to practice every evil imaginable upon our poor mothers and grandmothers and who continue to practice even worse evils and cruelty upon us today.

But Al Hamdulillah! (All Praise is due to Allah!), The Truth Shall Make You Free.

The JESUS taught us that the Truth shall make us free, but failed to teach us WHAT Truth it is that will make us free! The Truth that shall make us free is The Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings of The Last and Greatest Messenger of Allah, who was raised up from among us to teach us the KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING that will place us on Top of Civilization. That truth can be found in the premier book of Knowledge of Self for the Black Nation in the Wilderness of North America – Message to the Blackman written by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) . You can read it for free by clicking this link.


Our former slavemasters inflicted every cruelty imaginable upon our poor ancestors and continue to treat us just as bad! We must recognize them as our enemies and then and only then can we move forward.

My Sisters, if you are having trouble accepting your former slavemaster as your enemy, it is probably because he taught you the organized religion of Christianity, which falsely teaches: “Love your enemy.”

Dear Sisters, this is an addition to the Bible that the slavemaster added, to make his slaves harmless! This way, they would not fight back against the terror inflicted upon them, by whom? Their enemy – The Slavemasters!

All while the slavemasters were beating and killing, murdering and raping us, at the same time they were teaching us that God wanted us to love them, while they were doing this evil to us! Who can love her enemy? It is against the very nature of men and even beasts to love their enemy. God doesn’t even love his enemy! (Malachi 1:2,3 Romans 9:13). It is a sin and a shame that we were made so humble and meek toward the very people whom God hates.

It has been around 100 years since the slavemaster began to allow his slaves to read the poison Bible, and his brainwashed Black Preachers thoroughly instilled in the slaves the false doctrine to love their enemies. This lie has been handed down from generation to generation and many of us will put our lives on it! Beloved Sister, unless you stop loving your former slavemasters and recognize them as your enemy, you will never be free.

You may say, “Those white people are dead. We must move on and forgive.”

Dear Sisters, here is where Knowledge of Self, God and the Devil becomes so imperative towards just that…. Moving on….

Only a thorough Knowledge of Self, God and the Devil allows one to successfully advance. The Blackwoman cannot move forward unless she knows her history. We MUST know History in order to Build a Prosperous Future of Unlimited Progress for our Nation.

And I’m not talking about American History nor even World History that has been taught to us in school.

We Must Know History as taught to us by the Originator of the Universe – Allah in Person, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is Due Forever.

We cannot look to the slavemaster or his kind to teach us History. The Blackman is the Original Man. The Blackman is the only man who was created by The Creator.  Prior to 6,000 years ago, every one on Earth was Black. Every other race was made from that Aboriginal Black Nation. The whiteman did not come with the creation! The whiteman was made from the Blackman.

Therefore, we cannot look to the white race to teach us a thorough Knowledge of History. A baby (the white race) cannot tell the story of his birth nor what took place before his birth. Once we have a thorough Knowledge of history, we will be better informed concerning the future and can consequently, live a better present.

Beloved Sisters, your condition in the Hells of North America is worse than any other people in the history of the Planet! Our wretched condition has been brought about by slavery, suffering and finally death.

We are in a condition that no one has been able to remedy for as long as we have been in the Western Hemisphere. Many have tried, but no one will ever be successful without Divine Intervention. Our unique situation requires the attention, sympathy, mercy, and forgiveness from such a Great One as God in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is Due Forever.

This Blog, In Sha Allah, will point you in the right direction towards Salvation, Redemption and Heaven on Earth which can only come through the Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings of Our Beloved Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him).

Are you prepared to accept the Divine Solution, Dear Sister? The ONLY Solution to the horrific problems facing the Blackwoman of America? In Sha Allah, through this Blog, Our Saviour and Redeemer, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is Due Forever, Will Open your Eyes, Ears, and Heart to the Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of The Divine Supreme Wisdom Truth brought to you through His Divine Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him).

* “ASIATIC” refers to the entire Planet Earth.


(*Sisters, please do not confuse The Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him] with those of Louis Farrakhan, who should be shunned. Farrakhan and his followers are NOT the Nation of Islam. I repeat, LOUIS FARRAKHAN AND HIS FOLLOWERS ARE NOT THE NATION OF ISLAM.)

Sister Captain’s Blog ٢٢

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




11:45 A.M.A.D.-JAMAL


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful Black Bebies

I’m listening to this B. McKnight live album from L.A. and I’m perplexed as to how he can have a live band and recorded background vocals. Raheem did the same thing when I saw him and I want to know how they do that.

I could scream.

When I have a concert that is what I want.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This library has about ten non-fiction books for beginning readers and almost a whole floor of fiction books for beginning readers. It’s annoying and frustrating. They fill our babies heads with nonsense as soon as they learn how to read. That sets the stage for a future of foolishness. The ten non-fiction beginner books are from National Geographic.

If you have toddlers, here is the book I found. PLEASE do not fill your babies’ heads up with nonsense.

Image result for national geographic play kitty

**** Click on the book cover and go to Amazon where you can purchase this book and others like it for your babies. If you have two-year-olds or younger they should know their English letters and sounds and should be ready for these books. ****

There are eleven of them and they are called “PRE-READERS.

I sent them an e-mail asking if they can publish some dealing with science and mathematics.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Why did I go watch the brothers making the beignets and the dough they use almost made me throw up.

I bake bread you know, so when I saw them take the bowl of dough and move it to where they prepare the beignets and it wasn’t pulling from the side of the bowl I got so totally grossed out. I had to leave.

It’s bad enough that they don’t put YEAST in the dough.

But to fry dough like that is disgusting.

I tasted them once (before I knew how they make them) when this homeless old gentleman gave me a bag of them and the first thing I noticed was the WASTE of powdered sugar.

I mean the whole bag was nothing but powdered sugar with some beignets thrown in it!

Then when I tasted it and got a mouthful of dough I knew I could never buy them.

They’re nothing but French churros.

I don’t eat those either by the way.

They’re worse than pancakes.

And Pringles.

If you eat anything in the line of dough please make sure it’s BAKED and with YEAST added!

Otherwise, you might as well go dig yourself a grave due to the taxing of your stomach.

I think I wanna watch Bamboozled.

Let me see if I can find it on YT.



Allah Wants Me To Finish Book of Eli


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Oh yeah, Mardi Gras is not as bad as I thought.

Yesterday (Saviour’s Day) was more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed.

I didn’t go see either of my N.O. “boyfriends” I quit both of them!!








❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I didn’t run into any parades either.

Allahu Akbar!!!!

Today is turning out good too.

No parades.

I’m going to push to the hideout early.

I had a wonderful night


Nothing but optimistic expectations for the rest of February.

No idea what I’m going to do next month.


I’m thinking I might stay for my dentist appointment.

MY tooth is an eyesore

To me anyway.


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When I Met Allah…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

“I have all the hard luck and confronting more hard luck cause by my own people; Don’t you see they are poison by the devil and so badly poison that they can’t see me walking among them every day and eating with them give them Knowledge to compare with any body in the world and they are still in doubt.”

 – Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are Due Forever  – ALLAH IN PERSON

The above quote was taken from a letter written by our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom praise is due forever, to our Dearly Beloved Holy Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). As you read, He mentioned to the Messenger (PBUH) that He walks among us and even eats with us and we don’t see Him.

He (ALLAH) is right here among us and we don’t even see Him!


When I tell people that I met Master Fard Muhammad, in Person, they very rarely believe me. But this quote right here provides proof of what is actually going on. I just happened to be blessed enough to be open in my heart to receive the Knowledge that I was actually in the presence of our Saviour. Al Hamdulillah (All Praise is due to Allah).

Details of My Encounter With Our Saviour – 

 Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises Are Due Forever



 February 27, 2008



My son, Hakim, and I were on a Greyhound bus on our way home from Saviour’s Day in New York and Hakim kept having to go to the bathroom! I know it was all Divinely Planned by Allah now, because every time I got up to take Hakim to the restroom (at least three times) the whiteman who was sitting behind me kept resting His arms on the top of my chair, getting real comfortable and whatnot.

This really upset me, to the point where I was going to say something to Him about it, but I held my peace. I was keeping a close watch on my seat because I had left my pocketbook on the floor and I didn’t want this devil to try and rob me.

I laugh about it now, knowing who He Was. I thank Allah I didn’t say anything to Him about leaning on my seat!

When we reached the next rest stop, He asked the Sister who was sitting next to Him (she looked like she may have been a Muslim Sister from Africa or somewhere in the East because she had her hair covered and she had an exotic look) as she was on her way off the bus, to get Him a “chicken wing” or something and He Got up and handed her some money.

Then He turned to me and explained that He didn’t want to get off the bus. It was very cold and He was only wearing a t-shirt. I thought those were his only clothes, but later on He had on a jacket, and when He transferred buses, I noticed He was dressed very fashionably with nice shoes too, some kind of light brown loafers or maybe ankle boots. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have laces. But they were very nice shoes.

He sat back down and Hakim (who was five at the time) started talking to Him. They were carrying on a conversation and I was very concerned because I don’t like Hakim talking to devils but I didn’t say anything.

The Sister brought back His food, a sandwich, and I made Hakim turn around so He could eat in peace and also as an excuse to get him to stop talking to Him.

After He ate (and a little while He ate), He and Hakim resumed their conversation.

All I remember is when they started showing each other tricks. Hakim made his nostrils flare out and told Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, that my grandfather could make his ears go up and down.

This man, whom I thought was a devil, could do both things.

Then Hakim did this clap he does with his hands that sounds kind of like bubbles popping, that he learned from watching Buffy (The Human Beat Box from The Fat Boys) and Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due Forever, could do that too!

Then Hakim mentioned how some people can flip their eyelids up and fold them over. This “devil” could do that too, but He didn’t because He said, “Your hands have to be clean.” (I wish I had known that when I was in the First Grade. I used to do that all the time!)

Then He showed Hakim a trick where it looked like He was removing the top segment of His index finger and that’s when I heard a voice in my head that said,

“Doesn’t He look like Master Fard Muhammad???”

I tensed up and got very still.

I could not deny that He DID look like our Saviour.

The voice told me to turn around and look.

I did NOT want to turn around. I thought He might think I was staring at Him or something.

But I have learned to obey the voice in my head, so very reluctantly I turned around.

He was smiling at me so pleasantly; it was as if He was waiting for me to turn and look at Him.

He caught me so off guard, I think I laughed. He was smiling so sweetly and I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m sure I smiled back before turning back around.

I was very nervous by now, but I tried to act normal.

I had no sooner turned back around in my seat, when the voice said,

“Look again.”

Now you know, if I didn’t want to look a first time, I most definitely did not want to turn around and look a second time.

Nevertheless, knowing the voice inside my head comes from Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, Who Was sitting right behind me, after what seemed like a lifetime, I turned around to look at Him again.

He looked as if He Was Waiting for me to turn around and look at Him again and Had the most reassuring smile on His face!

I wasn’t convinced He was our Saviour yet, but I was certainly more at ease. So, when He started doing the finger trick, I very naturally joined in the exchange. I whispered to Hakim,

“Doesn’t He look like Master Fard Muhammad?”

A real devil who was sitting across from Him tried to get in our conversation by showing a trick where it looked like he pulled a string through his neck. I ignored him, but Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, let the man perform his trick, then He went on talking to Hakim.

It was during this time that He said that “Darkness is a trick”.

I knew what He meant. He was referring to the world of spiritual darkness we now live in made by Yacub’s made devil, the Caucasian.

I asked Him what His Name was and He seemed to think about it for a little while and then He said, “J.J.”

He told us He was from Turkey. But since we all know our Saviour was born in the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia, He could have meant that He had been living in Turkey.

I Was so taken by Him that I called my Sister in Islam, and told her about Him. She said, “Girl, you better take a picture!”

So, I asked Him if I could take a picture of Him. He agreed and I think Hakim was already sitting next to Him, so I took a picture of them together.

After a while it was prayer time. I started to turn around and face Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due forever. But after turning 90 degrees, I heard the Voice say, “That’s enough.” If I had turned all the way around, I would have been facing East…

He asked Hakim if he liked to draw and Hakim thought about it and then he said, “Yes”. Then Brother “JJ” let Hakim have some paper and He gave him a Greyhound ink pen to draw with, like He had bought it at the bus depot, just for that purpose.

Hakim asked me if I could draw a lion. I told him I couldn’t and to ask “Brother JJ”. So he did. He asked “Brother JJ” if He could draw a picture of a lion standing up. Brother JJ said He could. Hakim gave him back the paper and the pen.

After He drew the picture He handed us back the paper. He had drawn a picture of a lion standing up on its hind legs as if it were a human being standing up. I laughed and then Hakim laughed, but then he said,

“No, I meant like a lion.”

I explained that, “He knew what you meant, He was just being funny to make you laugh.”

Hakim said, “Oh,” and then He handed Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, back the paper and He proceeded to draw a lion standing up. Very nicely, I might add.

Hakim drew some pictures too. Snakes.

When Hakim finished drawing I handed the paper back to Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom all Holy praises are due, and I asked Him,

“Maa hatha?” referring to the paper.

He said, “What?”

So I repeated my question.

He said something like “What does that mean?”

I told Him, “It means, ’What is this?’ in Arabic.”

He said, “I used to speak Arabic.”

I asked Him why He doesn’t speak it anymore. He said He stopped speaking it.

All this was happening as He was standing up (He was about 6 feet+) putting the paper back into His bag.

Later, when He was transferring buses, I noticed that it was a Messenger Bag.

I wish I had kept that paper.

Then He let Hakim listen to His walk-man (a little tape player). I wanted to hear what He was letting my son listen to because I screen Hakim’s music, and I wasn’t completely convinced that He was actually our Saviour just yet.

He was listening to some Turkish music. It really relaxed Hakim.

So Hakim sat back and listened to the music and I asked Him where He was going. He told me He was going to Michigan. Not Detroit. He seemed to have a little difficulty saying the name of the city. But He managed “Lans…” So I deduced He must have been going to Lansing. He Said He was going to a Wedding.

Hakim finished listening to the walkman and gave it back to Him. Then Hakim started playing with his toys and Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, and I listened to our walk-men.

He Sat back in His seat and closed His eyes but then He Started reading a book. Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, DOES NOT SLEEP.

I asked Him what He was reading.

It was a book written in Turkish and He told me the author was the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. It was called Istanbul. I wrote down the name of the author and He was impressed that I didn’t have to ask Him the author’s name again (Orhan Pamuk).

After we returned home, I read a different book by Orhan Pamuk, called Snow. You know how when I read books and watch T.V. I see “signs”. That happened very often throughout my reading of Snow. During that trip to NYC, I saw snowfall for the first time in my life.

Some time later, we came to another rest stop. This time He got off the bus and He asked me if I wanted some water. I told him “Yes, thank-you.”

When He got back on the bus, He handed me some water, I can’t remember what the name of it was. I would know it if I saw it, but it was not a kind that I have ever seen out here in L.A. It looked like some kind of foreign word because of the spelling, but it was in English. It is right on the tip of my brain. The label was light blue or light green or both with trees on it and I think a stream or river or something. In any case, it was very cold and I was very thirsty for water, which I did not bring any with me, so I was very grateful. I’m pretty sure it was “Sierra” water.

I said, “Shukruun.” (Thank-you, or what I thought was thank-you, in Arabic).

He said, “Shukran.”

I said, “Oh, is that how you say it?”

He said, “Yes, Afwaan.”

He sat down and started eating some sunflower seeds and asked me if I wanted some. I told Him,

“No, I already have some.”

Later, when I was getting something out of my suitcase, I showed them to Him.

Mine were shelled. His were not. I didn’t look to see what He did with His shells.

He also had some “Powerade” and after Hakim importunately asked about it, He gave it to him, but I ended up drinking it because He said it would be too much for Hakim and have him all hyped up and everything.

I asked Him if He Wanted some Ritz Crackers, knowing we are not supposed to eat crackers unless we cannot get to our own cooked bread. And, I had some bread. I just used the trip as an excuse to eat crackers. Astaghfirullah. Of course, He Said, “No.” I was tempting God. Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah.

After the bus took off again, He and Hakim started talking more. I remember Him asking Hakim what grade he was in. Hakim explained that he wouldn’t be starting school until he was six and Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Be Praised Forever, Said That He Started School When He Was Seven.

That didn’t dawn on me until the next day, and that is what really convinced me that He Was Actually Our Saviour. I remember reading somewhere where our Messenger (PBUH) wrote that our Saviour started school when He was seven. I don’t know why that was the determining factor to my realizing that He was actually Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due Forever. Probably because seven (7) is such an unusual age to START school. I had never heard of anyone starting school at age seven.

He also asked Hakim what he wanted to be when he grew up. Hakim told Him he wanted to be a builder and a doctor. So, “Brother JJ” told me about Dr. Oz and He said that he was a good doctor and that he appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Then He let me listen to His music and I asked Him what the man was singing about. He seemed to know what I was thinking and said it was a love song.

So then I let Him listen to my walkman. He said it was “very nice” (“Chameleon” by Herbie Hancock) but I had something better, so I skipped to the next song and let Him listen.

He said, “Who is this, Miles?”

I said “Yes!” I was surprised that He knew. Then He explained that his old roommate listened to a lot of Miles and that he played the guitar. I asked Him what kind of music he played and He said “Jazz”. Then I asked Him if His roommate was Black and He said “No, he was white.”

At first I was surprised, but the Messenger taught that while the Saviour was in school at the University of California, He stayed with white families.

Then I lied to Him unintentionally (talking about what I knew not) and told him that the piano player on the Miles was the same as on “Chameleon”. The Miles was “All Blues” from Kind of Blue and a devil is on the piano. But I didn’t know that back then.

He just looked at me as if He was trying to assess if I was deliberately lying to Him. He must have known that I would never intentionally tell Him an untruth and He just didn’t say anything about it.

Later, Hakim asked me what was the name of one of his teeth. I said I didn’t know and to ask Brother JJ. So he asked Him and He said, “Let’s name it JAMAL.”

I COULDN’T BELIEVE HE SAID THAT. I am enamored with a Brother named JAMAL!!!

That was pretty much it tho. Soon we got to His transfer point (Pittsburgh) and He stood in line in the bus depot and waited to board His bus. Everytime I looked at Him, He was looking down and to the side, like He wanted to appear as He looked in that photo.

Praise be to Allah in Person, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due Forever, Saviour to the So-Called American Negroes.

He is With Us.


SisterCaptain’s Blog ٢١

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



February 25, 2017

10:54 A.M.A.D.-JAMAL



I wish I was in Harlem…

Instead of this bubbling kettle of debauchery.

Two more days and it’s gonna blow!!!

Everybody’s in place.

I’m at library.

I don’t know where anybody else is. LOL

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So, if you were in any doubt about POTUSes being masons.

The first one was so…….

There is a statue of him outside the library and he has on full mason garb.


He is on a different stand at the library and there is on his right side a letter he wrote to his Brothers, on his left side a list of his fraternal brothers and on the back some history about the statue. It’s dope. I love the coded words.

It said he is “free and accepted.”

That proves that masonry is just symbolic of us – the so-called american slaves once you become free or A MUSLIM.

masons used to be good, but they’re wicked now. But what more would you expect from devils.

They cannot be reformed.

So Allah is going to wipe them all off the planet. The women too.

Pigs too.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Black people have so many problems.

The devil is our main problem.

He made our women take the place of men.

Women work and take care of the children and the men don’t have to do anything but sit out and wait for the women to give them something.

Our children suffer the most.

I have no idea what this generation is going to do.

Change is happening.

I know women are starting to understand that we are not supposed to work.

And men are starting to realize that they are responsible for providing for the family.




In that order.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m watching a movie.

I haven’t watched a movie like this since I saw Matrix

It’s called Book of Eli

I know Denzel is going to win.


Maybe I won’t watch it.

I’ll just use my own imagination.


The devil ALWAYS Disappoints.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


SisterCaptain’s Blog ٢٠

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Friday, February 24, 2017

11:50 A.M.A.D-JAMAL

New Orleans, Louisiana

As-Salaamu Alaikum Our Beautiful Black Bebies!!!

If you have not read the above book


By The Honourable Elijah Muhammad
(May the peace and the blessings of Allah forever be upon him)

I would highly recommend that you hurry and do so.

It is getting more difficult to find online.

Two of the websites that used to provide it for free are now discontinued.

Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, is closing your avenues to salvation by degrees.

I believe that movie (Book of Eli) is about Message To The Blackman.
(I’ve never seen it but I can imagine)

It is getting more and more difficult to find.

I don’t even have a hard copy.

It’s in good hands though. 😀

If you have an address and the means, you can order it online or go to a bookstore.

But it is getting harder to find online.

I’m sure one day, it will not be available at all.

So, I highly recommend reading it NOW


Ordering a hard copy



❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


I decided not to go back to L.A.

I know.

I have a dentist appointment in N.O. next month.


I’m getting N.O. paper


I might as well stay.

Zawji said I can.

So there.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

1:40 p.m.


Message to the Blackman in America

By The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

(Peace Be Upon Him)




In order to clarify some of the confusion surrounding Muslim outlooks and objectives, I will confront the rumors and false allegations of Muslim ‘threats of violence’ with a direct statement which answers the implied question “Will the Black Muslims Attack America?” in a direct and forthright manner. These are some statements I gave in an interview to the New York Herald Tribune Newspaper.


“We are not going to take part in any violence whatsoever. We’re not going to do anything other than what we are doing. That is trying to deliver the truth to our people and teach them that they are supposed to be Muslims, and that means they are supposed to be righteous people and that we have shed all things that pertain to wickedness.

“We have stripped ourselves of arms to let you know that we are not people of violence. We don’t intend to attack you. We have no idea or knowledge of anything like that coming in the future.

“Because if we attacked you, we would have to have superior weapons to attack you with, and we don’t have factories nor earth to dig metals to manufacture tools or weapons such as you have.

“All this is your creation, and, therefore, if we would get some of this, you would have to let us have it – and you would not give me a gun to shoot you with. Therefore, God forbid us even to accept weapons and even to carry anything like weapons to fight with. Because to fight is with Him, and you are not with us.”


The aim and purpose of Islam here among my people is to give them a knowledge of self and a knowledge of God, knowledge of their religion, Islam and to separate them in time, that these 17 or 20 million American dark people should go for themselves.

“This is the basis of the whole, it is to separate our people and put them by themselves.”


“We have respect for them and their professions, and we try to treat them as we treat ourselves, for that matter. We know they are not believers as we are. We know that.

“But as long as they tolerate our faith, we tolerate theirs, and we treat them as brothers.”


“He would have to be in sympathy with us and he would have to have some knowledge of the aims and purposes of Islam in America.”


“This is the real trouble: the whites oppose us, the black people of America, who were their slaves once upon a time, from ever becoming anything like self-independent. They want to keep them subject to themselves in a more educational and scientific way, other than their fathers.

“Their fathers only used the common knowledge of enslaving our people. But, today their children can use one of the smartest scientific ways against our people to keep them subjected to them that ever were invented by a race of people since time was.

“We want what you want today, and that is independence. We want peace, and, whether you want peace or not, we want peace and security from you. You are our worst enemy. We have no other people who are an enemy to us but you, because we don’t live in the country of other people.

“We live only with you, and we have been here for 400 years, and you say now that we are free, but yet you are doing everything to keep us from exercising the rights as equals or of a free people.

“This is what I want you to understand. We are tired of suffering, brutality, beatings, killings, just because you don’t like us, and just hate us, and absolutely knowing that we are powerless to resist because you have all the odds against us.

“You are absolutely the boss, and we have nothing. And we are asking to leave you, that’s all we’re asking. We can’t get along with you in peace; you don’t want us in peace.

“If we sit over there in that house across the street, peaceful all day and all night, after a while that worries you. You will send someone around to see what is going on over there in that house.

“It’s the white man’s way of starting trouble – breaking the peace of people by interfering with their peace. We’re not sitting over there in that house planning anything but are trying to plan peace for the house.”


“The American white man is not going to move out of his estate to give to the so-called Negroes. We are not asking you to do any such thing.

“No, only unless you prevent our going to our own. If you are going to prevent us from going to our own, or back where we came from, where you found us, then give us a place here to ourselves.

“There has been too much talk about separation and about our acting or demanding a territory here. We’re not demanding territory in America. No, sir, we’re asking America only if they don’t allow us to go back to our own people and to the country from which we came.

“Then give us a place to ourselves; as you know and we have learned through experience for 400 years, we can’t get along in peace together. You’re not going to accept us as your equals, and we know you’re not going to do so. We disregard your promises because you are not going to live up to them; because 100 per cent of your people will not agree with such. And we have proof today in the South.”


“Allah has revealed that the black is the original Man, and that’s what I teach. Now, where this supremacy teaching comes in that is charged by the disbelievers – that I teach it in order to suit their particular purpose of charging us with being an aggressive movement, or intending to become such, because of the teachings of one being superior over the other.

“We say that the black man is the first man in the sun, and then they take this and just change it around – that he is teaching supremacy. And that we are not doing. We already know that we are inferior to you here in America.

“We cannot say physically or even mentally that we are equal, nor say your superior, when it comes to actual physical or educational ability.”


“The head of this movement, Mr. King, is trying to force the white men in the South to do that which is against his will and nature, because some of the Northern parties of the white people, maybe in Washington, have said to him that this should be done and should have this in the Constitution and, therefore, you should enforce it and, therefore, have it enforced by the government.

“But Mr. King has not learned as yet that the white man in the South is brethren to the white man in Washington and the Washington white man is a brother to the Southern white man – that they are not going to go to war over the Negro and kill each other for the sake of the unlearned Negro – of the knowledge of self and others – to integrate into that which they don’t master, give me a piece of your meat that you have there in your house.

“Therefore, Mr. King is making a fool of himself in the South and acting like a dog around the house, where the master stands at the door and the dog wants something to eat and he just waddles all around the door, around the master’s feet, whipping his tail on the ground and grinning and leaning his ears back on his neck to show that he is a good peaceful dog, and master, give me a piece of your meat that you have there in your house.

“And this while there is plenty of meat for the dog in the bushes out there, if he would go out and hunt for it.”


“Poor fellow, trying to force himself into a school where it is 100 per cent white and they’re telling him they don’t want him. And then the Army is standing around trying to force him in there – that’s their crazy idea.

“I wouldn’t want the Army to think about coming to help me against a white man, to allow me to come into his house or in the school or his restaurant, or anything else that he owns.

“If you tell me, I don’t want you here, that’s sufficient. I’m gone.”


“In a case where the person…..wants to fight and he pounces upon us, sometimes without even warning us, we want our own men and women and our girls to learn to try to protect themselves the best they can in case of attack.

“But in the case of the so-called American Negro, we have nothing to fight back with. If you come to the door shooting, we have no guns here to shoot back with, so, therefore, the right is with God, as it is written in the Book.

“He will defend us if we believe in Him and trust Him, and we’re not going to start fighting with anyone to have Him to defend us. But if we are attacked, we depend on Him to defend us because He has stripped us.”



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Sisters and Brothers,


This NOTE is really for my Beautiful Asiatic Black Sisters but my Brothers need to be made aware of this fundamental Truth as well.


The reason why Allah (God) Created Black People (He didn’t create any of the races. They were MADE from the Black NATION) WAS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF WORSHIPPING HIM AND SUBMITTING TO HIS WILL. THIS IS THE REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE, Brothers and Sisters.


If you are NOT submitting to Allah’s (God’s) Will then, My Dear Sister or My Dear Brother, you are not living according to the NATURE in which you were Created. You are living other-than-your-ownself. Submit to Allah, Accept Your Own (Your Own God – Allah, Your Own Religion – Islam, and your Own People – The Black Peoples of the Planet Earth) and Be Yourself, Dear Brothers and Sisters, a Righteous Muslim.


Muslim only means, “One Who Submits His or Her Will to the Will of Allah.” 


This is the NATURE in which all Black People were Created, but we were taken out of this Knowledge by our devil slavemasters who did not teach us the TRUTH of ourselves in order to make us some harmless slaves. 


But Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom and Mercy, Came Himself, Dear Brothers and Sisters, to Return to Us the Knowledge of Ourselves and to Give us the Opportunity to Escape the Impending Destruction Coming Upon America.




Our Sole Reason for Being is to Submit to Allah. This goes for ALL Black People. Other races can PRACTICE Islam, but this is not their NATURE. Our Beloved Messenger, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him) taught us that because of their faith “a remnant of them will be saved” from the destruction. However, they will only live a thousand (1,000) years after the destruction. After that time, the Earth will, once again, only be populated by The Aboriginal Black Nation, as it was in the beginning.


ALL BLACK PEOPLE WERE CREATED TO SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF ALLAH, however Black Women were Created to submit to the Blackman as well. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we will all be in Heaven AT ONCE.


The Devil Caucasians have removed us so far away from our nature that it is shameful. Black Women are competing with the very man we were created to HELP. We have followed the devil woman’s ways to the detriment of our own Holy and Righteous Black Nation.


Sisters, we are the progenitors of our Nation. If we are acting other than our own Nature, then the children we produce will be wayward also.


The only reason we are on this planet, other than submitting to the Will of Allah, is to be a Helpmate to the Blackman, who is the Builder and Maintainer of Our Civilization and Nation. That’s all.


I know you don’t want to hear this but we have gone so far astray that it takes a powerful teaching to return us to our Rightful Place – On Top of Civilization. We cannot accomplish this by following after a people who were made to destroy us – the devil Caucasians.


We were made to comfort the Blackman, Sisters. Rear his children. Keep his house clean. Cook his food. Wash his clothes. So he can focus on providing us with the necessities of life – FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER as well as a Holy and Righteous Nation (Infrastructure) in which we can be proud to call our own.


Let’s try and be the best at this Divine Purpose as we can, Beloved Sisters.


And to my Dear Brothers, please don’t believe this hype that is circulating amongst Black so-called Intellectuals that the Blackwoman is God. This is only an attempt at diverting you from your own responsibilities as the God of the Universe. Yes, life comes from woman, but not the FIRST LIFE – The Originator of the Universe and Everything in it was a BLACKMAN – ALLAH – THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD – AGAIN, THE B.L.A.C.K.M.A.N IS GOD. 


The Blackwoman is his HELPMATE.