Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
In the Name of Allah, Master Fard Muhammad,

The Beneficent, The Most Merciful Saviour and Deliverer
To The American So-Called Negroes

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As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved and Beautiful
Asiatic Black Queens!!!

I first heard about this book after watching a movie on slavery. It was either “A Woman Called Moses” or a documentary on The Underground Rail Road. In any case, I checked it out at the Library and was floored by what I read.

The devil will never tell the truth about his history of slavery in the United States. This book is an account of actual stories from the slaves themselves. I have read other books about slavery from actual slaves. But those were all taken after 1865 when slavery ended, and they were just tales of gratitude for emancipation.

This book includes histories taken before slavery ended, from those courageous Black People who had the fortitude, intrepidity and good luck to successfully escape. The stories of terror inflicted upon our poor ancestors, Sisters, are heart wrenching. It is impossible to describe. You need to read this book to your children, so that they may know the truth about the devils among whom they live.

The author of this book is William Still, who was corresponding secretary and chairman of the active sub-committee for the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society. This society was the last stop on The Underground Rail Road for very many escaped former slaves and he recorded their first-hand accounts of their experiences in this book. It was compiled in 1871, after slavery ended to prevent slavemaster’s from learning how the slaves managed to escape, however Johnson Publishing, Inc., a Black owned business, reprinted it in 1970.

You can download it or read it online for FREE here.

And you can purchase it from Amazon here.

Because of our history of slavery and the domination of white supremacy over the people of Earth, Black people feel like we have to go out of our way to show gratitude to devils over and above the accomplishments of our own people. The very beginning of the book talks about the benevolent devils who assisted in the emancipation of the former slaves as if their assistance was more important than the great courage it took the former slaves to take that first step towards freedom.

The excerpt on Amazon is from one of these.

When I first read the book, I posted some excerpts and commentary on Facebook, myself. I am including them here.

In reading this book, I’m noticing a lot of parallels between Slavery and present day so- called American Negroes.

During slavery, many of our ancestors, I would even venture to say the majority of our ancestors, were not even aware that they were slaves!!! Brother William referred to the ones who were aware as “wide awake.”

Being born into an institution where they just worked and were provided with the bare necessities, they thought that that was how life was supposed to be, and they did not even consider the idea that maybe there was something better. They just toiled their lives away for the benefit of the slavemaster.

What is the difference today???

The slavemaster’s children pay you just enough to feed, clothe and house yourself and you never think that maybe there is something better….

Better would be building our own nation and country where we could provide for ourselves the necessities of life, instead of working just to make our devil slavemasters richer and richer and being paid just enough to provide the bare necessities.



Richmond, July 20th, 1857.

Permit Charles to pass and repass from this office to the residence of Rev. B. Manly’s on Clay St. near 11th, at any hour of the night for one month.


It is a very short document, but it used to be very unsafe for a slave to be found without a legal paper of this description. The penalties for being found unprepared to face the police were fines, imprisonment and floggings.


Can you imagine if you had never taken a bath before? Many runaway slaves arrived who were “thoroughly cleansed for the first time in their lives at the Philadelphia station.” Ofttimes the slaves were afraid and had to be reassured in the following manner:

“We want to give you some clean clothing, but you need washing before putting them on. It will make you feel like a new man to have the dirt of slavery all washed off. Nothing that could be done for you would make you feel better after the fatigue of travel than a thorough bath. Probably you have not been allowed the opportunity of taking a good bath, and so have not enjoyed one since your mother bathed you. Don’t be afraid of the water or soap – the harder you rub yourself the better you will feel. Shall we not wash your back and neck for you? We want you to look well while traveling on the Underground Rail Road, and not forget from this time forth to try to take care of yourself,” &c., &c.


Baltimore used to be in the days of Slavery one of the most difficult places in the South for even free colored people to get away from, much more for slaves. The rule forbade any colored person leaving there by rail road or steamboat, without such applicant had been weighed, measured, and then given a bond signed by unquestionable signatures, well known. Baltimore was rigid in the extreme, and was a never-failing source of annoyance, trouble and expense to colored people generally…”


I don’t see how any Black person could be a Christian after reading how murderously Christians treated our ancestors – their slaves. 

“I have seen Mr. Beans whip one of his slaves to death, at the tree to which he was tied.”


“After leaving her mistress she learned, with no little degree of pleasure, that a perplexed state of things existed at the boarding-house; that her mistress was seriously puzzled to imagine how she would get her shoes and stockings on and off; how she would get her head combed, get dressed, be attended to in sickness, etc., as she (Cordelia, the escaped slave), had been compelled to discharge these offices all her life.”

The mistress had taken her slave into the free state of Pennsylvania, where the slave was informed that she was free by the law of the state, But instead of taking her owner to court to secure her freedom, the poor slave opted to take passage on the U.G.R.R. leaving her mistress in the unfortunate for her but comical for us state listed above.


“RUNAWAY – Fifty Dollars Reward, – Ran away sometime in May last, my Servant-man, who calls himself Jackson Turner. He is about 27 years of age, and has one of his front teeth out. He is quite black, with thick lips, a little bow-legged, and looks down when spoken to. I will give a reward of Fifty dollars if taken out of the city, and twenty five Dollars if taken within the city. I forewarn all masters of vessels [boats] from harboring or employing the said slave; all persons who disregard this Notice will be punished as the law directs.

Petersburg, June 8th, 1857″


“Alabama laws utterly denied the right of a slave to buy himself. The right of slavemasters to free their slaves, either by sale or emancipation, was positively prohibited by law.”


SILAS LONG – “…he resolved to reach Canada, ‘or die on the way.’ Of course, when slaves reached this desperate point, the way to Canada was generally found.”

CHARLES HENRY BROWN – “Indeed he felt, that for a man to put his hand in his neighbor’s pocket and rob him, was nothing compared to the taking of a man’s hard earnings from year to year.”