The Nature of the Blackman is ISLAM


HOLY QUR-AN 30:30-31

So set thy face for religion, being upright, THE NATURE MADE BY ALLAH IN WHICH HE HAS CREATED MEN. There is no altering Allah’s creation. That is the right religion (ISLAM) – but most people know not.

Turning to Him; and keep your duty to Him, and keep up prayer and be not of the polytheists (believing in three gods)…

HOLY QUR-AN 30:41-47

Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of that which men’s hands have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return.

Say: Travel in the land, then see what was the end of those before! Most of them were polytheists.

Then set thyself, being upright, to THE RIGHT RELIGION (ISLAM) before there come from Allah the day which cannot be averted: on that day they will be separated (BLACK from white).

Whoever disbelieves will be responsible for his disbelief; and whoever does good, such prepare (good) for their own souls,

That He may reward out of His grace those who believe and do good. Surely He loves not the disbelievers.

And of His signs is this, that He sends forth the winds bearing good news, and that He may make you taste of His mercy, and that the ships may glide by His command, and that you may seek of His grace, and that you may be grateful.

And certainly We sent before thee messengers to their people, so they came to them with clear arguments, then We punished those who were guilty. And to help believers is ever incumbent on Us.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Asiatic Black Sisters & Brothers


*If you, or someone you know, (must be Black) needs any type of literary assistance*

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Typing








sewing implements

*Also, if you or someone you know (must be Black) needs any tailoring (alterations) made on your clothing*

  • Pants hemmed $15.00
  • Pants, dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses taken in $15+
  • Buttons repaired $10.00 (Must have button
    or accept near original for an additional $1.00)
  • Zippers repaired $15.00
  • Ripped seams repaired $15+
  • &c.

Please leave a comment below.
I have to approve all comments, so it will not be seen.
Alterations must be made in NOLA area.
Literary services are available online.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Sophisticated & DEBONAIR


Dressed FORMALLY for a Night In

Just Don’t Get Around Much… Anymore…

Twenty years it has been….

Age has set in…

The two young children,

Have grown into

The Lady and Her Genteelman


To Keep Her Satisfied

She reciprocates

Each acting out his/her part

In this place

On this stage


“The Game of Life”

Set on Earth

But includes the entire Universe


On EVERY Planet



Go with the flow but always against the grain……. Halloween weekend 2015 #NOLA

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Sisters and Brothers

So, I just got back from a live episode of Frazier. :/

I red in the paper about an event called “Words and Music 2015” So, you know the first thing I associate the title with is Jilly’s debut album, right? Wrong?

First thing that should’ve tipped me off to what lay in store for the afternoon was when I walked out onto the sidewalk and found myself swimming upstream in a sea of Saints fans, heading towards the Superdome. :/

This continued for the next three blocks (dwindling) until I made a right on Canal.

It was raining lightly and I rather enjoyed the walk.

A Brother gave me directions (practically escorting me) to the hotel where the event was being held. I’ve been here two months and am starting to feel more like a tourist than when I first arrived.

I was only a handful of Black people who were not servicing the devils.

#dtno is like walking into a nail shop wherein if you stand in the front all you see are Korean faces. But if you stand in the back all you see are Black faces. :/

So, I felt obligated to tip him one of four dollars I had panhandled the other day.

I was at the Greyhound station where I stop to freshen up and had decided to wait for this Brother who had gone in the bathroom to roll one.

So, I’m just there like, what? So, I was asking the sundry Black people who happened by to buy me some ice cream. No one did, so then this guy who looked like a devil hippie “Shaggy” type backtracks passing by and Allah (swt) Told me to ask him.

Now, I never ask devils for shit, but sometimes it’s hard to tell, so I submitted.

He gave a common reply that I’ve heard a lot in NOLA but never in L.A. “For what?” I thought I would try him out and said, “Um, 400 years of Slavery?” He started mumbling something incomprehensible but also started digging in his wallet and handed me $4.00. #symbolic #getit? #4

Anyway, I gave the Brother who escorted me to the hotel a dollar. I wanted to give him all of it (sometimes I give charity to my own detriment), but I kept thinking, “I break fast later” and all I had to eat were 2 apples and I want to give those to Hisaan. I thought I might want to buy something later so I kept the three (3).

So, I get to the hotel and a Sister I had just passed in a convenience store was getting in the elevator. I asked her if she was going to the Words and Music thing. She said, “No,” so I went to the hotel concierge. There was a line and one of the counterpersons asked if she could help me.

I told her where I was trying to go. She directed me me to some stairs that would take me to the mezzanine level. Now, deep down I knew that the mezz is like an in-between floors floor, but I can’t get this racism out of my head (and she was Asian!) So, I go check the elevator and cheah, you had to take the stairs. :/ Doh! But still. :/

I go up the stairs and there’s this devil right there sitting on his suitcase or something, like he was waiting for something or somebody.

We eye each other warily. When I reach the top there’s a covered table with nothing on it, but a hotel memo pad and a pen.

She told me that that was where I was supposed to register, but there was nobody there. And, just the pad and a pen on the table. So, I’m like “Okay….”

Then I look left and see a room with books on tables. And, stuffy. old. devils.

You know that song, “Fly in the buttermilk, shoo fly, shoo” was written for Black people in the predicament I had just walked in.

But, the event was called, “Words and Music” and that’s me to the core, so I didn’t turn tail, which was probably what the two artsy Sisters I had passed on the way there had done.

The devils probably figured I was “new around these parts” and wasn’t scared of devils like the local so-called Negroes. They were right on both counts.

Everytime I’m talking to some Black people, well not every time, but a lot of times, when a devil appears, they run.

Well, my teacher, Allah (God) Taught me to RESIST the devil and HE would flee from me!!!

So, I glanced at the books and took note of the remnants of a meal they had served earlier. I was fasting, so I couldn’t have eaten if I had been there anyway. Not to mention the penalty for eating with Christians.

So, then I entered the main suite. Here, there were preppy college-aged devils intermingling with Frazier and his nursing home homies.

I took a seat but soon noticed that it looked like they had already wrapped. I asked Gidget “Is it over. Am I late?” She replied, “This session. But there’ll be another panel.” So, then I decided I needed an itinerary.

Frazier dug one up and I learned I had crashed some stuck-up literary society’s annual convention and awards gathering.

Nevertheless, I thumbed through the program and discovered the next symposium was entitled:

– The Art Of The Personal Narrative

In other words, MEMOIRS!!!!!

Perfect for my blog!

I was thinking, they can’t teach me anything I don’t already know, but didn’t have anything to do, so I stayed. But to my chagrin, one of the panelists was gay and another a feminist. :/

I walked out three times before I left for good. I knew everything already but I did learn a few terminologies and was able to use the phone on one of my walkouts to inquire about a place. So, I guess the afternoon wasn’t a total failure.

I might’ve stayed if I didn’t feel like the entire charade was being played out for my benefit – the lone so-called American Negro and a Muslimah! LOL GTFOH :/

So, on the way “home,” I stopped at Mickey D’s for the dollar menu, which apparently NOLA tourists are too entrenched in money to warrant even an offering and the Filet o’ Fish was $3.67 or some equally exorbitant figure for a McDonalds sandwich.

Zawji told me not to go in at all. #prostitution and I think the Sister at the hotel may have been one too. 😥 😥 😥

I was ready to leave New Orleans by the time I got “home” but the next day, I woke up refreshed like I had inhaled a breath of fresh hot air #FYAH!!!!!

Junior Fruit of Islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


I can’t believe my son is a Teenager!

It seems like only yesterday……….

When he would look up to me and proudly proclaim, “I can touch your shoulder!

Or when he could finally see his whole face in the bathroom mirror…. 🙂

Or when he would run and hug me tight during a heated game of tag.
*I was “base.”  😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

Or when he would get “lost” looking for the kitchen. SMH

Or his bomb-ass beat box – 2nd only to Buffy RIP 😥 😥 😥

Or that face he would make flipping over his bottom lip that still makes me laugh.


Or that video we made in Leimert of him with Akala in that tree by Crenshaw,
that he wore me out with……. :/

The way he can find ANYTHING lost or missing ANYWHERE!!!

His expert advice.

The way he saved face when my little Doppel kicked him in his in the roda. :/

His competitiveness whenever Kirikou showed up. 😉

That frightening vertigo when he and Ameer decided to pick me up!

His Muhammad Ali impersonation.

His company.

His swag.

Reppin’ the Black Nation in front Muslims from “across the water”


His overprotectiveness (“Who dat?”) 😛 #aintnevahbeentoNOLA 😀

His “transitions” that he would have to remove to find something outside, then couldn’t see. :/


The growth chart on the wall that would surpass me now.

How he made me laugh when still in the womb. 😉

The frequent trips to the emergency room.


The grass stains. :/ #boyz

Capoiera and Drum Lessons


Art Camp and Piano Lessons at The Watts Towers

ASL Lessons and how we could communicate
from long distances without having to yell

Him learning how to write and read Arabic and English at the same time.




His comic strip whose main character was a Superhero, named “Jamil” #ZAWJI ❤ and whose father and uncle were also Superheroes and the Grandfather.


His puppet shows, made out of socks, but that were so entertaining!!!

His determination to do anything he put his mind to.

His resiliency and ability to adapt to ANY situation.

The way he had all the children at the shelter competing to be KK to his Rodney C…

His fingerprints on the wall…….

I miss you, ابني

The way he reminded me of the time, when I was supposed to be cooking his Dinner LOL #gottaloveit ❤ ❤ ❤


His Science Experiments

His patience and tolerance of my mood swings.

The way he would alert me to the presence of devils (one time in ASL).

How he knew when I was ready to leave just by the sound of my keys.

How he would just say, “That’s my Mama…” whenever I did something crazy.

I love you, ابني