بسم الله الرحمن الرحي

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Black Sisters,

I pray Allah everyone is fine and happy and enjoying Abundant Blessings from our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praise is due forever. I am happy to report that I am the same. I thank Allah!

Sisters (and Brothers 😉 ), my life is unlike anybody’s I have ever met or heard of, for that matter, except fictional characters such as Dorothy and Alice…

I have been through so much in the last month. My life has literally been turned upside down, backside up and flip-flopped, but I am so happy that it is almost indescribable.

On October 21 – one day before my Honey-Stick’s birthday – Allah took me on a mystical magical journey that ended with me locked up in the Glendale Jail.

My car got impounded…

And, when I finally was released (three weeks later), I returned home only to find out I had been evicted.

I know, I know, any other ordinary person would probably be completely devastated, utterly wretched.

But, I am very familiar with the way Allah Works – at least the way He Works in my life.

This is the third time He Has Done Something Like this to me. And, EVERY TIME, I end up with something ONE THOUSAND (1000) times better. So, that’s why I can walk down Skid Row to the shelter I call home now grinning from ear to ear.

I almost forgot I had a blog. I think subconsciously I didn’t want to admit everything. It’s kind of embarrassing if you ignore the bigger picture.


#staygrateful 😉