بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

vacuum lines (1)

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful and Beloved Asiatic Black Sisters!

A few years ago, I was blessed to receive a vacuum for free which I used until it broke. I threw it away before someone told me I could have had it repaired. But all praise is due to Allah. He Blessed me with new one and I had no idea vacuuming could be so pleasurable.

My old vacuum was probably from the 1900′ sand extremely difficult to use. I wrote a blog about a method Allah told me to try and discovered that made vacuuming much easier and more efficient. If you have an older model, it might make vacuuming less cumbersome if you try out this method.

In any case, I love looking at houses. Your house is your heaven, so you want it to be exactly to your liking. So, I enjoy looking at different designs (interior and exterior) to get ideas and decide exactly what I want for myself. Sometimes, Allah Has Other Plans, and HE is THE BEST PLANNER, but it’s still fun just to look.

One site, posted pictures comparing different designs in the carpet lines. And, I was awakened to a new style of decorating. I had never even thought of using carpet lines as a form of accenting the aesthetic of a room. But, why not?

It not only makes the room more beautiful, but it is also a tacit way of drawing everyone’s attention to the fact that your house is super-clean. 😉

Develop Good Habits

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

*Make up your bed as soon as you get out of it.*

*Do your grooming and get dressed, every day, regardless of whether you are planning to go

somewhere or not.*

*Do not leave your home unless it is completely clean. There is no better feeling in the world than coming home to a clean and fresh-smelling home. No one wants to come home to a dirty house. When you are planning to leave, always allot yourself a few minutes extra time to clean up and handle any unexpected issues that might arise before your scheduled departure time. This will well ensure your timeliness.*

On a side note, Black People are notorious for being late. This can be prevented by allowing yourself an exorbitant amount of time to get ready. Don’t give yourself the minimum amount of time to get dressed. Get up early enough to prepare to leave at a relaxed and leisurely pace. I was always rushed growing up and I don’t do rushed well at all. Then I stayed with my cousin one week while my parents were out of town and I was exposed to an entirely new way of getting up in the morning. JUST GET UP EARLIER! It’s so simple. And there’s no need to rush! Islam means “Peace” and there is nothing in the world more liberating and peaceful than the freedom from time restraints. The devil has everybody rushing because their time is up. But we will live forever, so there is no need to hurry for anything! We don’t even celebrate birthdays. What for? Are you planning on checking out sometime soon? What are you celebrating for? It’s so silly. The devil celebrates every year he lives because he knows he is going to be destroyed any day now. But why do you celebrate a wedding anniversary if you are going to be married for the rest of your life? :/

*Pray before leaving. This is the prayer I recite everytime I leave the house:
“Oh Allah! We Beseech Thy Help And Ask Thy Protection.
We Believe In Thee And Trust In Thee.

We Worship Thee In The BEST Manner
And We Thank Thee.
We Are Not Ungrateful To Thee
And We Cast Off And Forsake Him Who Disobeys Thee.
Oh Allah! Thee Do We Serve
And To Thee Do We Pray And Make Obeisance.
To Thee Do We Flee And We Are QUICK!
We Hope For Thy Mercy
And We Fear Thy Chastisement.
For Surely Thy Chastisement Overtakes The Unbelievers.

*Ensure that you give yourself ample time to reach your destination, so that you won’t be in a rush while driving. There are too many reckless drivers out there already. Make sure you are not one of them. You want to be cautious and alert while driving and even if taking public transportation. Be extremely aware of your surroundings – the people and activities going on around you. I don’t drive over forty miles an hour. No, I don’t take the freeway either. I like to drive down residential streets and take in the beauty around me, which I may never have noticed before. I like looking at the houses. I got that from my father (An Architect. You always knew which house he had designed, because it was the BEST and FINEST house on the block. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my father. He wouldn’t even have to point it out.) But, that’s just me. Give yourself time for delays. You never know what you may run into (no pun intended) on your way to your destination. Try to arrive at least ten minutes before you are scheduled to be there. Then you KNOW you won’t be late, you won’t be pressed to find parking, you won’t appear disheveled when you make your entrance and you won’t have to make any excuses.*

*When you return home, put away shoes, jacket, purse, hats and keys immediately upon entering your house. That way they won’t be taunting you later. Just do it.*

*When preparing meals, wash used dishes and clean up as you go. That way you won’t have a dirty kitchen in the back of your mind while you’re trying to enjoy your meal. As an added benefit, upon completion of your meal, you will have the minimum amount of cleaning up to do.*

*ONLY eat at the table.*

*Schedule chore times. i.e. vacuum every morning and evening, have your son get into the habit of taking out the trash immediately after dinner, clean the toilet everytime you use it, clean the bathroom mirror after you do your grooming, clean the entire bathroom every night after your bath, dust every morning after you get dressed, prepare meals at the same time every day, &c.*

*Consider Ironing/Pressing clothes as the last step of laundering. In other words, don’t just hang your clothes. You are not finished until after they have been pressed.*

These are just some things I thought of. If you have any you would like to add, please leave a comment! Help your Sisters attain perfection with suggestions. Our Beloved Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him) taught us that, “We Must Have Regularity In Everything We Do.” This is for a reason. It makes your house run smoothly and peacefully, when everyone knows what to expect and what is expected of them.

I’ll never forget, one day, the manager was doing some work on our apartment, so I was taking a break from our schedule but after a while, my son asked the manager what time it was. He told him 4:00. So, then here comes my seven-year-old son, “Mom, it’s four o’clock, shouldn’t you be fixing dinner?” LOL

An Excellent Display of Properly Civilized Behaviour

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Properly Civilized Black Sisters! (And Brothers! 😉 )

     As I was searching YT for a video of a Black woman teaching proper etiquette for the Dinner table, I came across this remarkably enlightening video from the sixties. History rewards research. Oh, how I long for the days when EVERYBODY was refined and cultured, respectful and courteous. This raunchy, plebeian world is not suitable for The Gods of the Universe (Black Nation) at all.

So, when I saw this video, reminiscent of a long forgotten time, I automatically clicked on it. However, I skipped past the beginning. The devil was so young – much too young to be courting. I couldn’t stomach watching him go through the process of asking an equally young girl devil out on a date. Even though, back in the early sixties, everything was much simpler in that ALL young women were still trained and brought up to be housewives and ALL young men inherently assumed their innate protector/provider responsibilities. Therefore, there was no confusion when it came to courting and marriage. It is overtly obvious from the very beginning of this video, (the young man is at work and the young woman is in the home) but so natural that it is also obvious that this is normal everyday expected behaviour.

These days, everything is completely out of order, in that we have deviated from our natural roles, at least have the common folk. The rich white devils however, still retain the level of civility and proper male/female character traits evidenced by the devils in this video. Their women still WANT to be housewives. They still see the importance of staying at home to rear the children and keep house. With alacrity, they allow their husbands to be MEN and go out and make a living to provide for and protect his family which is his NATURE.

The young devil man instinctively cared for and protected the young woman, who in this video was not even his wife, nor even a girlfriend. She was just a member of the female gender and he was a male. They both submitted to the natures in which they were made and these small gestures which came naturally and effortlessly, were so impressive and so unheard of nowadays, that it took me awhile to process what I had witnessed. But it makes so much sense that I feel foolish even having to explain. And this is the NATURAL BEHAVIOUR of men and women, but the ONLY place you will witness this type of behaviour among Black people is within The Nation of Islam.

Believe me when I tell you, Sisters, letting a Brother open doors for you takes some getting used to. We have been so conditioned to being “independent” and trying to be men (competing with them) that we don’t know how to act like the Queens that we are. We foolishly think, “I can open my own door! I don’t need anybody to open a door for me! pfffff!” And we throw open the door and get in the car, leaving the Brother standing there feeling useless.

Sisters, when a Brother is willing to be chivalrous and treat you with respect and honor, LET HIM! You deserve it. And they enjoy it! They like when you show appreciation for their courtesy. It makes them feel strong and powerful and men love to feel strong and powerful. 😉 That’s just how they are. We should relish our little power to make them feel powerful. They are KINGS and we are QUEENS. We each have our roles to fulfill. You wouldn’t see Queen Elizabeth opening her own door. WE HAVE TO LET OUR MEN BE MEN, Sisters. We were CREATED TO SUBMIT to them so they can protect us properly. It is our nature. They were created physically AND MENTALLY superior to us for a reason.

If your husband does not do these things for you, Sister, shower him with affection and tell him how strong and thoughtful it would be for him to do that type of thing for you. We must raise our standards. And the Brothers will respond accordingly. That is, if they want us. 😉 We will live much happier lives and much more peaceful lives when we accept this fact and be ourselves.

But the mentally dead walk around blind, deaf and dumb like savages, in jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes and baseball caps; Black women in tight-fitting, revealing dresses above their knees with bleached blonde hair, trying to be what they think civilized white people look like from what they see on T.V. and in magazines. You will not find civilized, cultured, high-society members of the upper class on T.V., movies, magazines or anywhere in the entertainment industry, not even in politics. Members of the upper class finance entertainers and politicians, in order to enrich their own coffers. While the blind, deaf and dumb pay their hard-earned money to be entertained and ignorantly think they have a voice in politics by voting.

Cultured people are usually MUCH wealthier than people in the entertainment industry and civil service. Which is why money and fame does not equal cultured. Many people are rich and uncivilized and it is possible to be poor and cultured, however, neither condition lasts for very long. How many once-successful entertainers have died dirt poor?

Historically, cultured has ensured money and success. However, in this day and time that we are living, we are witnessing the END of the devil’s (Caucasian) rule and he is rapidly losing both his money and his wealth, also his prestige among the nations of the earth.

It is now time for the Black Nation to regain our position as the rulers of the Earth with the so-called American Negroes on top. You, Beloved Black Sisters and Brothers, have every opportunity to attain success and wealth with knowledge of your self and kind and by being yourself (A Righteous Muslim). Your inherent natural aggregate constitution guarantees success. However, if one has no knowledge of self, we cannot possibly be ourselves! So we take little or no care in our appearance and may go out in the public looking other-than-ourselves, usually like a slob, evidencing to the world, our sloppy thoughts. Consequently, our sloppy thoughts will determine our words and actions. Our appearance, thoughts, words and actions are what make up who we are. If all of these are sloppy, what will we attract? :/ Equally sloppy people and sloppy surroundings.

We must change our thinking in order to improve our social standing. I’ve heard some people say that they changed their appearance before changing their thoughts. But I don’t buy that because something had to change in their thinking to make them want to change their appearance. The brain is the boss. A change in your thinking will result in a change in every aspect of life. Your Actions Will Change. You will start questioning the reason and purpose for everything you do and also the way that things that affect you. Even a slight change in thinking, (conviction will come later) results in viewing yourself with greater respect and higher regard.

Naturally, your new self-perception will be reflected in the way you represent yourself to the world – as someone worthy of respect and admiration. You will smoothly begin to take an increased interest in your appearance as well as your health, thus increasing your appeal to the people around you.

Your appeal will force a change in the language in which you choose to address your admirers who have higher expectations from someone who appears so refined. Foul, vile language does not become civilized people. You will never hear such filth from highly cultured and refined individuals. Profane language is a characteristic of a base, savage, illiterate person. The way we communicate our thoughts to the world through language (word choice) is a clear indication of our level of intelligence. We must demonstrate the greatest degree of intelligence at all times. 

The acquisition of knowledge is paramount for the Black Nation. We Must Never Stop Learning. When we have exhausted the knowledge and wisdom of the planet Earth, then we can feel justified in ceasing. But by then we will be at least 900 years old, satiated with the knowledge of everything that is to come and not particularly inclined to see it come to pass.

The Blackman of America is a direct descendant of, and thus, the CREATOR of the Universe. He does not know this and of course, his slave-master will never tell him. He (the slave-master) was the person who killed him of this knowledge! As such, the Blackman has been forced to feign increased ignorance for a number of reasons during his entire stay in this Western Hemisphere, primarily to detract the devil’s attention from him and to minimize his responsibility to do the devil’s service.

This mentality was and is reinforced in the school system where the young Black God’s lack of interest in white supremacist curriculum has been deliberately misdiagnosed as stupidity. So now, he has convinced his own self that he is stupid. I have, on several occasions, witnessed adult Black men announce repeatedly, and with much conviction, that they were “stupid.” To my gnathonic ears, coupled with my unwavering love for and devotion to the Blackman, it was as if someone had scratched a chalkboard. The heavens may almost be rent thereat, and the earth cleave asunder, and the mountains fall down in pieces, that The God of The Universe is now calling himself “stupid.” 😥

We MUST change our way of thinking if we ever expect to be accepted by the civilized nations of the universe.

I desperately yearn for this type of cultured, refined and civilized human interaction to the point where I almost won’t venture out into the public for the surety of disappointment. I don’t eat out as a rule. But I could probably be persuaded to dine at a restaurant such as the one staged in this video, as long as the poison, filthy swine is not on the menu and it is Black owned.

If I may add, the young man should have asked the girl’s father if it was okay for him to take her out and the video should have shown the father’s resultant interrogation of the young man concerning his intentions for his daughter.

I love how the woman doesn’t say anything during the ordering process. The man handles EVERYTHING and all we have to do is sit there and look pretty. Allah is so Merciful; Infinitely WISE.



Chapter 19

First Love Yourself

     One of the greatest handicaps among the so-called Negroes is that there is no love for self, nor love for his or her own kind. This not having love for self is the root cause of hate (dislike), disunity, disagreement, quarreling, betraying, stool pigeons and fighting and killing one another. How can you be loved, if you have not love for self? And your own nation and dislike being a member of your own, then what nation will trust your love and membership.

     You say of yourself, “I love everybody.” This cannot be true. Love for self comes first. The Bible, the book that you claim to believe says, “Love the brotherhood” (I Peter 2:17). “Love one another” (John 15:17). Love of self comes first. The one who loves everybody is the one who does not love anyone. This is the false teaching of the Christians for the Christians war against Christians. They have the Bible so twisted by adding in and taking out of the truth that it takes only God or one whom God has given the knowledge of the Book to understand it.

     The Bible puts more stress upon the “love for the thy neighbor” than the “love for the brother.” When asked “Who is my neighbor?” The answer was contrary and incorrect. Jesus’ answer was that of two men who were on a journey. They were not from the same place. One was from Jerusalem, the other one was a Samaritan. The Samaritan came to where the man from Jerusalem lay wounded by the robbers who had stripped him of his possessions. The Samaritan showed sympathy for the fellow traveler. (He was not a neighbor in the sense of the word. A neighbor can be an enemy. ) Many enemies live in the same neighborhood of a good neighbor. But, the answer that Jesus gave was a futile one which could be classified as a parable of the so-called Negroes and their slave-masters.

     The so-called Negroes fell into the hands of the slave-masters, who have robbed, spoiled, wounded and killed them. The Good Samaritan here would be the Mahdi (Allah) – God in Person, as He is often referred to by the Christians as the “the second coming of Jesus, or the Son of Man to judge man.” This one will befriend the poor (the so-called Negroes) and heal their wounds by pouring into their heads knowledge of self and others and free them of the yoke of slavery and kill the slave- masters, as Jehovah did in the case of Pharaoh and his people to free Israel from bondage and the false religion and gods of Pharaoh.

     There are many other proofs in the Bible which agree with the above answer.

     Love yourself and your kind. Let us refrain from doing evil to each other, and let us love each other as brothers, as we are the same flesh and blood. In this way, you and I will not have any trouble in uniting. It is a fool who does not love himself and his people. Your black skin is the best, and never try changing its color. Stay away from intermixing with your slave-master’s children. Love yourself and your kind.






     Eat to live and not to die. The Bible teaches us that God, in the end of the world when He comes, will prolong the people’s lives because they have been eating the proper foods, both spiritually and physically. We have to accept it-that is, if we love life and not death.

LIVING LESS than 100 years is a very short life. People in this world admire one who lives to see 90 years (which is a very short life), because of the way they live, eat and drink the wrong foods and drinks. They are surprised to see a person live over 70 years.

Now they want drugs to give you life.  Drugs cannot prolong our lives if we are going to eat and drink the wrong food and drink; and drink polluted water. The very water we drink is polluted from filth. We make the water filthy with our own refuse and then turn around calling ourselves cleaning the water to make it fit to drink.

THIS IS NOT because the government is too poor to try and see that its citizens have pure water to drink. It is not because the government is too poor that we have to eat the poor and poison foods. They deliberately cause this drink and food to be impure. Just read what they say about the impure water that we drink out of Lake Michigan and other rivers.

The government permits the deliberate making of alcoholic drinks which it knows are not good for a person who has no limitation on how much of it he drinks. And it deliberately turns out millions and millions of dollars worth of hogs to put on the market, knowing that the hog is poison and was not made for human consumption. They do that to oppose the right foods – the pure foods – that God has given them in abundance.

ANYTIME WE break the law of nature, we are doing harm to ourselves.

The government condemns smoking, but still permits tobacco to be sold to the public. All of this is due to commercializing on that which produces a short life.

Part of the population of the country is being addicted to drugs for the purpose of experimenting with drugs, instead of lengthening the life by what we eat and drink.

If we know the best food and the best drink, we should try to get them for ourselves and not charge the government with our own foolish acts, just because the government will not stop the sale of such detrimental food and drink.

THE GOVERNMENT could not sell one drop of whiskey unless we buy it. The foolish buyer is the one to be charged.

We have fire, but if we do not use it rightly, it is because of our own foolishness. If you know better, then do better for self.







      Many of my followers write and tell me of the benefit they are receiving from eating one meal a day or one meal every other day. This will produce good results and lengthen our lives. But children should not be forced to fast or to eat once a day or once every other day.

Children and babies should eat at least twice a day. If you are now eating three meals a day and you would like to eat one meal every other day, you should not – all of a sudden – change from three meals a day, every day, to one meal every other day.

FIRST DROP to two meals a day, then one meal a day, and then one meal every other day. It is better to do it this way so that you will not make yourself sick. And if you eat every other day, do not begin your meal with heavy food.