بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Beautiful and Beloved Black Bebies!!!

So, you know I can’t stay put.

I figured I would have to use the bathroom eventually,

So, it was impractical to think I could stay in THE HONEYCOMB HIDEOUT


So, I’m at the Library

Charged my stuff

And came to the patio to eat


This Brother I had seen talking to himself

While I was riding by with Lulu

Suddenly appears before me.

Razzaq was like “Don’t talk to him. He’s Crazy and is going to try and hustle you.

But I know he just said that to let me know I should be cautious in dealing with him.

So, I turned down my music and asked the Brother what was up?

He asked about my laptop

How much was it?

Where did I get it?

How do you get to Walmart?

I answered him cordially.

Then he asked me did I need anything?

(That should have raised a red flag because that’s the same thing the Voodou Brother asked me but that didn’t dawn on me until he was long gone.)

And if I was homeless?

Did I want him to get me a hotel?

Now this Brother had on shoes that were hanging together by a string and looked like he needed a hotel himself.

So, at first I was like, Nah, I’m cool.

Then I was like, what the hell?

And I asked him if he had money?

He said he was getting some.

So, I was like, Then yeah, I need a hotel. I’ma need $65

So, he said he would be back.

Now, I’m hoping he don’t go out and rob nobody

But I am not going to refuse it if he comes through.

I don’t know why I’m on a Nate D-O-Double G kick today.

This is the second video I’ve posted of him


Let me Google him



I posted Oh No yesterday, I think!

Okay, let me see


Okay, I get it.

Nate was THE hook singer for every successful Hip-Hop track of the nineties




Nate D-O-doubleG in NOLA

Oh My God!!!! 2

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Beautiful and Beloved Black Bebies!!!

So, I had a pretty good night.

I feel real comfortable here.

Almost TOO comfortable.

So comfortable I almost got caught.

Security came right to my front door


He was too fat to fit through the hole you have to go through

So, he just said “Hello?!?!

Like I was really about to answer :/

But I moved to a more secure spot

Just in case he went and got a skinnier guard.

But he didn’t


I spent a nice quiet night

Warm and Cozy

In Downtown New Orleans

It was forecasted to rain heavy last night


I made sure I got in early


I’m sure it’s still raining


I’m prolly

Just gonna kick it here

All Day

And Night.

One More Day

Til I get My Check

RIP Nate #lbc

Turnt down on a Tuesday

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful Black Bebies

So, I’ve been procrastinating about writing this blog long enough.

I just didn’t have anything to write about and when I write it gives the enemy clues to my whereabouts so they can trail me.

But Allah is Sufficient.

I got to Facebook and help some Brothers who are mistakenly following leaders other than The Honourable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him).

But you know, now that I’m writing, I feel one thousand per cent better.

Razzaq was telling me to write all morning.

But, like I said, I didn’t have anything to write about.

It feels so good to be out in The New Orleans weather.

It rained last night and I didn’t even know.

Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are due forever, keeps me sheltered without me even being aware. Al Hamdulillah!

So cheah.

It’s the end of the month and I’m just trying to make it until I get my check on Friday without being caught.

I mean, jail would mean shelter and three meals, but they make me take off my headpiece. Both jail and the hospital.

That’s the only reason why I don’t want to go.

That and I probably would have to buy another laptop and iphone.

Police steal.

I never get my stuff back.

They stole two hundred dollars from me the first time I got arrested.

I had a tablet TWICE that I never saw again.

They steal in the hospital too.

I had twenty dollars in my purse the last time I went in, but when I got out, no duckets.

So, I’m just going to try and persevere.

I had a loaf of bread, some cream cheese and capers that I hid yesterday because I didn’t want to carry it around with me and this morning when I went to go get it (I really wanted to eat too) it was gone.

But Allah is Razzaq.

I survived three months here last year with nothing.

I was just about to say, It’s just BORING and then I look out the window and see white puffs racing across the sky. I’ve never seen clouds travel as quickly as they do in New Orleans. It’s amazing.

New Orleans is so romantic.

Especially at night.

But I heard somebody got killed on Bourbon Street this weekend. And nine people were injured in a shootout.

They say Bayou Classic is one of the most dangerous times in New Orleans.

Apparently some Brothers who had beef ran into each other but neither one of them got injured.

I rode by and saw how lit it was. I mean they had streets blocked off so cars couldn’t go down them and there were Black folks er’wherr, and I love that, but something kept me from going in. Al Hamdulillah!

I guess I’ll buy another loaf of bread and try and keep it this time.

The Messenger (May the peace and the blessings of Allah forever be upon him) taught us that bread and milk are our best foods. Or bean soup and bread. So, I’ll get some more cream cheese and that can be my “milk” LOL

It’s just SO peaceful where I am right now and peace is HARD to come by in this wicked world, so I’m hesitant to leave.

Maybe when my battery runs out…

It’s so HOT today.

This weather is bananas.

But I’d rather be hot than cold.

I was thinking about telling Keyvin about one of my HONEYCOMB HIDEOUTS that I hate. But I would hate to have to go there one day and have to try and kick him out. So, sorry Key, that would not be a good look. Take the road less traveled and find your own spots.


 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Another New Orleanian ^^^^ Mr. Domino ❤ ❤ ❤ )

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Beautiful Black Bebies!!!

Compared to the weekend I had, today was very boring.

I got up, typed my blog, then decided to wash my cloak (which is filthy due to me sleeping on it in less than habitable places) but my laundry pod thingies were locked in the masjid along with my shampoo, Ivory Aloe and white washcloth among other things.

So, since my funds are kinda low, I decided to go pick up the pods instead of buying more.

I get there and, of course, it’s locked.

But that’s never stopped me.

I hopped the gate and found Brother Muhammad doing groundswork.

He’s cool. I think he’s like one of the Believers who just went along with the Sunni Hypocrites to stay alive. So, we get along real good.

He didn’t trip about me hopping the fence and I got to watch him do “man work.”

That’s my favorite pasttime. 😉

I just love watching Blackmen work!

They could be cooking, doing construction, yardwork, carpentry, electrical work, playing music, performing surgery, teaching a class or anything manual. I don’t think sitting at a desk, pushing papers or typing on a keyboard would be as interesting. Then again, if it’s the right Brother……. 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

So, this car pulls up and it’s the Brother who always comes for Zhuhr and sits in the car until the Muezzin unlocks the door.

So, me and Mr. Muhammad are not really paying him any attention but his presence is felt.

So, Razzaq tells me that he has the key.

And after another Brother shows up and leaves, he gets out of the car and unlocks the door!

I was like, Mm, mm, mm. SMH

This nigga is probably the one who kicked me out.

Sitting there like he’s nobody.

But you can’t fool a Muslim nowadays.

So, I go around to the back door, so I won’t have to hop the fence again and Mr. Muhammad had just come out, so I go get my stuff and leave.

I go around the corner and these Brothers were working on the street and you know very well, I like watching Brothers hard at work. So, I stopped and we watched each other.

Then I saw the Sister who told me about the vacant houses in the neighborhood. She said she has THREE houses. I told her I just need one. And that I had tried to get in one of the houses she told me about but I really don’t like hopping fences. I’m trying to be a LADY and chill on hopping fences and climbing in and out of windows and whatnot. Sometimes it’s such a hassle, waiting for somebody to open the door for me. :/ But I’m a QUEEN in training, so I gotta leave the little girl stuff to the little girls. Even though that’s more little boy stuff LOL

So, she tells me that that gate is unlocked. And I was like What? I don’t remember there even being a gate. But she was walking in that direction, so I reluctantly left the men and followed her. Shelter is important. 

So, she tells me that the owner next door to the house is her Brother-in-Law and I could just tell him I’m homeless, so don’t call the Po-Pos on me.

But I hate being dependent on anyone other than my Razzaq, so I didn’t say anything.

I feel like they’re trying to trap me.

The house was right next door to the little Brother I spoke to for two hours the other day and he was outside when we rolled up but he went in after they spoke like he didn’t want to have anything to do with me. At least not helping me. Even though that was how we met. :/ He asked if I needed any help. :/

I feel like if I ask them not to say anything they’re going to feel like I owe them and I ain’t the one.

Not to mention, that little Brother was talking about Voodou a bit much for my taste and Idk, I could climb through that open window (which happens to be the ONLY house I’ve ever seen in New Orleans that had an open window. All of the other windows, even in inhabited houses, are boarded up) and never come back out. Next thing you know, they’ll be using my skull for some type of Voodou ritual. :/ IJS


So, I went back to the Brothers working on the street and gave them my fliers.

Then, let me think….

Oh yeah, I remembered another little wash house. I’m not even gonna call it a laundromat. SMH

I don’t know why they don’t have more laundromats in New Orleans.

The only thing I can attribute it to is what I was talking about earlier, how everybody gets paid, so they probably all have washers and dryers.

When you finally find one, in the hood, they are the jankiest ramshackle broken-down machines and they cost so much!!!

In L.A., I used to get upset when they charged $1.50. Most are $1.25 to wash and .25 to dry. Yes, one quarter to dry.

Out here, you can pay $3.50 just to wash and another $3.50 to dry!

I used to do a whole weeks laundry in L.A. for $6.00.

In NOLA, I can barely do one load for that much.

And having only two changes of clothes, I have to do laundry EVERY DAY.

When I have my own place it’s no big deal because I can handwash and air dry.

But being homeless…

Try finding a sink where they don’t trip….

Al Hamdulillah, I’ve been pretty lucky.

So, anyway, I try this new wash house, and it’s just as janky as the other one I found in the hood and there’s nobody there and no change machine.


There are outlets!

So, I just start charging my laptop.

This Mexican lady comes in and does a load and I ask about the units because it’s in an apartment complex.

She doesn’t like me at first, but I win her over with my wit and charm.

She tells me who manages the property but it’s some big corporation and I don’t like those, so after she leaves I remember there’s a phone number on a sign outside and called it. But, alas, it just redirected to the big corporation.

Razzaq’s way of telling me he wants me homeless.

So, I’m in there just chillin’, listening to my music and this Brother comes in asking could he look in the garbage for some empty bottles.

I was like, What? It’s not MY garbage! :/

But, he just wanted to talk to me.

We talked for a good hour, and I think he just wanted some blessings because he was a singer and I’m good friends with Allah and also really into music.

He also told me about his love life and I gave him some wisdom.

But, he is a diehard Christian, so I don’t know about him…

After my laptop and phone were fully charged, I shook.

Went and got something to eat. Ate and came to the library where I am now and they’re about to close.

So, I guess I’ma sneak in the spot again… *sigh*