Reprinted from the March 17, 1967 edition of MUHAMMAD SPEAKS NEWSPAPER


The white theologians, or scripture scientists, have so fixed the Bible in their way that the truth is hard to understand — though the truth is here in the Bible . . .

GOD HAS raised me in the midst of you to interpret for you. I do my best to give you the truth without making any changes. I have no knowledge of anything I am teaching — only what Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, has given me. I want you to take note of the prophecy of the birth of the last one, God Himself. They used to preach that God came in flesh and in the blood. But they do not preach that much now. The Bible says here in Matthew, first chapter, the 21st verse: “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shall call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins,” We want you to listen to it carefully and do not misunderstand it. If Jesus was to save his people from sin 2,000 years ago, where are they?

I WANT YOU to remember these things. These are the scriptures you boast are accurate. And if you know that it is truth, then you have not understood it; you are misrepresenting it. I want you to listen to something else. If he came and saved the Jews from their sins, we cannot find them. They are not here today. And if it is meant the total race of white people, why are they expecting Judgment? If they said that he was sent to the house of Israel seeking to save the lost sheep of the House of Israel, some of us misunderstand it. They think that is referring to the whole race of white people of Israel. They misunderstand it. They fail to catch the trick there of the theologian.

SAVE THE LOST sheep of the House of Israel. He did not say that Israel was sheep. He said the sheep of the House of Israel. If he had meant Israel being the house of sheep, he would have said to save the sheep of Israel . . . we must look closely into the words and understand what is meant today. If he is a sheep of the house, it means another people who are in the House of Israel, or the race of Israel. They are not the same,but quite different. Therefore, to cover up the aboriginal members of our people here in the West, they symbolize you as sheep. You are not able, until today, to understand that the sheep is you in another nation, in a house where you do not belong. The average clergyman preaches as one who needs to be brought back to the church. Christianity. I want you to change your text, brother. It is not a sheep that is out of the church. It is a sheep that needs to come out of a church. . .

YOU WORSHIP everything that white people worship . . .You now always reject those trying to say anything good about you —- it is not what they have taught you. There are white people in America and abroad who have great respect for Islam, but they are not supposed to teach you Islam. This is against their nature and the oath they have among themselves never to wake up the Negro. I want you to remember the name Israel. Don’t think Israel is a good name. Israel is not a good name. Israel is an evil name. I will make it clear to you. According to your Bible. The Bible said that Jacob was named Israel after he had conquered the angel. The Bible said that he wrestled with the angel all night. Understand what is meant. If this man was wrestling with the angel of God, trying to force the angel to do something the angel did not come to do, he is an enemy of the angel. It says the angel pleaded to Jacob to let him go. Jacob said, “No, no, no ! I cannot let you go until you bless me.”

THE BOOK SAYS he wrestled all night long — and as the day began to break, the angel said “Let me go.” Jacob “No no! Bless me before you go.” He is a enemy. According to history, white people have been at war ever since they had civilization. They never have been able to get along in peace with themselves. It is time. If you do not know the truth today—-good bye. There are some people who are ashamed and fear to accept the truth lest they lose friendship with the enemy of the truth. Whether you accept or reject, you do not have any friendship, because by nature he is against you. By nature, he opposes you if you try to take him to heaven. That is why 6000 years ago, they had to throw him out. And to have peace today, they will have to throw him out of the earth.

THE WORLD is at war now. Who started it ? . . . It was not Islam. It has to be Christianity. Ever since 1942, the world has been restless, with one picking up arms after another—-to bring them to today, the final ending of the war. To do what, Muhammad? To put an end to war making; putting an end to those who delight themselves in making war; to stop them once and forever. . . The people was at peace in the islands of the Pacific and in the mainland of the Far East. They were at peace until the Christians went in with their Bibles and bottles of whiskey—–and with their Marines, and with gunboats to throw shells on the people of the mainland and Islands to force them into subjection. The time is at hand, and I want you to know the truth. God did not raise me up in your midst to bear witness to other than the truth–but to give you the truth that will bring to you salvation for self; to join you onto the nation of righteousness; give you the kingdom of the nations; make you ruler of the people of earth. . . Negro is a slang name given to us by those who love to make us blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self. That word does not mean civilization. He is not of this nor of that. He is like a piece of iron—he is dead and lifeless.


Are you a Negro?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




Reprinted from the FEBRUARY 21, 1969 edition of MUHAMMAD SPEAKS NEWSPAPER

WE ARE NOT NEGROES, That is, those of us who have awakened into the knowledge of self.

WE ARE BLACK ORIGINAL PEOPLE. THERE IS NO RACE OR NATION which has been called from their BEGINNING. . .NEGROES. This is a slang that the slave-master and his children have given to the American Black Slave after they had been successful in depriving our fathers of the knowledge of self. They made us not a member of the societies of the earth nor of him, because of the lack of knowledge of self and others.

THIS MADE US A SPIRITUALLY BLIND, DEAF AND DUMB PEOPLE. It is PITIFUL even to write it. They used our fathers whom the slave-masters had made helpless by the robbery of the knowledge of ourselves.

ALLAH (GOD), WHO CAME IN THE PERSON OF MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD, To WHOM Praises Are Due Forever, Said to me, that there cannot be a worse robbery than to rob a man of the knowledge of self. This is why it is associated with physical blindness. It is awful, even for one to go and rob a man of his eyes with which he sees the way in going: going forth and coming in. The blind man depends on others to lead him to get around among the people. He cannot see. His eyes have been put out. PITIFUL. AFTER THE WHITE SLAVE-MASTERS put our fathers in this condition, robbed of the knowledge of self, they called them Negroes, meaning something that is mentally dead and in neutral, and cannot go of itself, in such condition.

A NEGRO, BEING MENTALLY DEAD, is not a part of civilization. He is subject to be taken and put into service to anyone who desires him.

IF YOU DO NOT LEAD HIM TO THE WORK, tell him what to do and how to do it, he will stand, sit or lay down and work not. He becomes a servant in the hands of civilization.

HIS MENTAL BLINDNESS is compared with PHYSICAL BLINDNESS. A person who is physically blind has to be lead and guided everywhere he goes or he feels his way with a walking cane, or is led by one who sees where he is going. So it is with the mentally dead Black Man of America.

NEGRO . . . He prides himself in whatever slang names and service made of him by his now mocking slave-master. He does not know his own name. He is proud of being called by a name of his slave-master or whatever the slave-master calls him; he will answer to it. They feel proud to answer to meaning-less and disgraceful names and nicknames that the white man calls him.

IF YOU TRY TO MAKE HIM SEE that he is disgracing himself by answering to nick-names given to him by his master, he will dismiss you and say; “What is in a name? A name does not mean anything.” This is silliness. He makes himself meaningless. Regardless to what he is called he means nothing after all.

THIS IS OUR POOR PEOPLE. BLACK EDUCATORS, Black business men and Black ministers refuse to accept the Honorable and Independent Names of God that would give them respect. He refuses because he loves and worships his master’s name which keeps him a slave to his master.

THE WHITE SLAVE-MASTERS AND THEIR CHILDREN call them Negroes or Nigger after having neutralized them so they are unable to join and become a member of the civilized society of the Nations.

HE CALLS HIMSELF A NEGRO. Let us see what this Negro (nigger) actually means. In log mills there is a large piece of iron that is powered by steam, that turns the logs for sawing boards from it, what we call, the sawyer. The piece of iron is called the ‘nigger’. The sawyer makes the piece of iron (nigger) to turn the log in what-ever way he wants it to be turned. I have worked in saw mills when I was a young man.

THIS PIECE OF IRON (nigger) which is used to turn the heavy log, is neutral. It cannot move of itself.

THE BLACK MAN, so-called Negro, uneducated and deprived of the knowledge of self, was given this name by the white man, meaning that “he is now a neutral man. He is not one of us nor is he able to call himself one of the members of his own people, for he has lost the knowledge of both and he now awaits someone to put him into action toward the “knowledge of self.”


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



Actual excerpt taken from radio station W.C.N.B. in Detroit, 1933. Religion in Brief. –Guest speakers tonight include Mr. Wallace Fard (Allah, God in Person, however, He Had Not Revealed His True Self at the time of this interview) and world-renowned mathematician and scientist, Mr. Albert Einstein.

(Announcer, Mr. Brandon): Gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to have you two here tonight as guests on Religion in Brief. It serves us here at station W.C.N.B., as well as the public, as a great opportunity to get a chance to probe in activities and lifestyles, philosophies and religious outlooks of you two gentlemen who are contributing much energy to certain sections of our nation – Mr. Einstein, to our scientific advancement in the Principles of Relativity and Mr. Fard to the minority of our nation with what I’ve heard you say on many occasions in the past “Knowledge of Self”. Mr. Einstein, could you give our listeners a brief run down on yourself?

(MR. EINSTEIN): Yes, I’d be glad to. First, I’d like to say thank you Mr. Brandon for inviting me on your show tonight. I feel comfortable and it is a pleasure to be here. At this stage of my work, I am involved in certain experiments, which cover the scope of “Atomic enlightenment” as well as developments for this country in case of nuclear warfare. Second, Mr. Brandon, they refer me as being a scientist, opening up new channels to the principles of relativity. Now I say, my work includes the science of matter and energy, and of the interaction between the two. Thus, I would rather be known to the world as a theoretical physicist in the mathematical view of relativity.

(Mr. Brandon): Very interesting. Mr. Fard, could you give the listeners a brief run down on yourself?

(W.F. MUHAMMAD): Salaam-Alaikum. For you, Mr. Brandon, Mr. Einstein and the listeners elsewhere and abroad. My Attribute is Fard Muhammad Ibn Alfonso. I extend my thanks first to Allah, God, for enabling Me to be here tonight. Your offer, Mr. Brandon, is greatly appreciated by Me, may Allah bless you.

A little about Myself: I am SON OF MAN, as it is written; “Seeking to Save that which was Lost, and Restore again that which has gone astray.”

(MR. BRANDON): Thank you gentlemen. We’ll be right back in 60 seconds.

(MR. BRANDON): We’re back at station W.C.N.B. 1440 on your dial. Religion in Brief. Tonight our guests are Mr. Albert Einstein and Mr. Wallace, excuse me, Mr. Fard Muhammad. Mr. Muhammad what would you say your complete theory of religion and Islam is?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): For years now people have been asking Me questions about My theory of Religion, Truth, Islam, Allah, etc., etc… – People who have attended My lectures throughout Illinois, Michigan and some in L.A.

But you see, Mr. Brandon, 95% of the population have made Religion and Truth something permanent, and is religion and Truth permanent? If it is, then it is continuous, and what is continuous is not Truth.

That is the Beauty of Truth. It must be discovered from moment to moment, not remembered. A remembered truth is a dead thing. Truth must be discovered from moment, because it is Living. It is Never the same; yet each time you discover it, it is the same.

What is important is not to make a Theory of Truth – not to say Truth is permanent in us and all the rest [falsehood] is an invention of the old [world], who are frightened of both life and death. It is the Skunk Race [Devil Caucasians], who are decaying, and their philosophies have no validity.

The Fact is that Truth is Life, and has no permanency [no one lives forever]. It cannot be taken for granted that you know Life. Your amusement and your thinking process – that dull, repetitive process, is Not Life, Nor Truth, Neither Religion.

(MR. BRANDON): Mr. Muhammad, I’m sure me, as well as our listeners, have a lot of questions concerning that last statement you made. So let me begin with this: You said Truth is not permanent, nor is it continuous. Then how can it be infinite? If it does not possess those two qualities?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Life is something to be discovered. You cannot discover it if you have not lost it.

If you put aside the things that you have found, do an experiment with what I am saying. Put aside your philosophies, your religion, your customs, you racial taboos, and all the rest of it – for they are not life.

If you are caught in those things you will never discover life. And, the function of education – Knowledge – surely, is to help you discover life all the time.

Now permanent implies continuing in the same state, which is duration, and duration is the time during which something exists. Now once we…

(MR. EINSTEIN): Excuse me, Mr. Muhammad, may I cut you off for a second?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Sure, speak.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Before we move into a different topic, please let me ask you this: If certain individuals stored their religions, philosophies and spiritualism for another’s beliefs, because they might not feel sound, is that not a sin to those of a higher nature?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Those individuals who adopt theosophy, spiritualism, or hypnotism, may possess natures above some others who eschew their false beliefs, therefore, my contest is not with the individual, but with the false system. The Blackman here in the so-called wilderness, loves those people of stature. This is why I shall continue to labor and endure the strong currents of spirituality, the manifestations of which are health, purity, and self-immulation, must deepen human experience; until the beliefs of material existence are seen to be bold impositions; and sin, as well as disease, and death, give everlasting place to the scientific demonstration of Truth in mathematics, and to God, the Perfect Man, Allah.

(MR. BRANDON): We are told that the attainment of Wisdom and Power can only be acquired through study and knowledge.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Of ourselves…….

(MR. BRANDON): We have seen also that the same laws govern the whole Universe, and that if man can understand some of the laws governing, as Mr. Muhammad said  Himself, the tiniest atom, he will have a clue to those which govern the solar system to which they belong; but it would be very difficult to believe that our sun was part of an atom in the cell of a solid body.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Some scientists now claim that the outer-shell is denser than the planets that swing through it. So you see, we must reserve ideas about solidity until we are a little more informed.

(MR. BRANDON): The point that I am trying to make is that through visualizing our vast giant solar system, we can better understand the intimate relation in which the stars stand to each other.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Don’t worry Mr. Brandon. The astrologers make careful calculations of the chemical and spiritual influences set up be the continual changing of the relative positions of the planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) which is man. So let us resolve our arguments concerning that study please.

(MR. BRANDON): Mr. Einstein, there’s a word that you are an atheist. Let me ask you this: Do you believe in God?

(MR. EINSTEIN): I believe in Spinoza’s god?

(MR. BRANDON): You did say Spinoza’s God?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Yes he did, S.P.I.N.O.Z.A., but you see Mr. Einstein, and Mr. Brandon, Spinoza was a mere mortal, who was a philosopher in the 17th century. His full name was Baruch De Spinoza. he was a Dutch-Jewish philosopher who died at the age of 45 (1632-1677). His concept was that the Universe is formed of one substance, which is God, and the reality of mind and matter are the attributes, and that beings such as us are only changing shape in our composition. The concept (Spinozaism) is meritless. The whole theory collapses under its own weight of inaccuracy.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Excuse me Mr. Muhammad, but I am very…what you call cabalistic. I rely not on external experimentation, but on intellect, logic, and intuition. The logic of theory must stem from an inner coherence, not because external evidence makes it most logical over other theories.

(MR. BRANDON): Excuses me gentlemen, let me interrupt you two for a second. Mr. Einstein sir, tell me a little of Spinoza.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Though I cannot here expound the philosophy of Spinoza; I can speak briefly on its aspects: Spinoza attempted to lay the foundation for a new free society, ruled by law, yet also in accord with divine nature. On the one hand, Spinoza presented religion as a product of imagination; leading to piety. On the other hand, Spinoza held that reason and intuition led a man to a union with the source of all things, which is called the intellectual love of God. God, he said, is nature. God is whatever truly lives. In knowing Him we love Him and it is this knowledge of Him which makes man’s mind immortal.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): In those days, Mr. Einstein, that was a dangerous doctrine of immortality; and laid Spinoza open to misunderstanding and invectiveness.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Yet God Himself was ever present in all Spinoza’s writings; so much so, that one commentator did aptly called him a God intoxicated man.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Your philosophy is just heritage. You are merely an abstraction of Spinoza, and indefinable expression of a creed, not universal reasoning and intuition as you state, and not a unity factor when understood completely. It is the illumination of the spiritual understanding which demonstrates the capacity of the soul, not of material senses, such revelation whatever constitutes and perpetuates harmony, enabling one to do good, but not evil (thus there is no unity in this intuition) you will…well, not you two, reach the perfect science of self when you are able to read the human mind. After this manner and discover the error you would destroy.

(MR. BRANDON): Mr. Muhammad, acquaintance with this science, as you say, will enable one to commune more largely with this spiritual understanding?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): I say it is a science, because it is! One second I referred to spirit as mind. and not like you two took it. To understand that mind is infinite, not bound by corporeality; not dependent on the ear and eye for sound or sight, nor upon the muscles and bones for locomotion, is a step forward. The mind science by which we discern man’s nature and existence. This true conception of the Blackman being God destroys the belief of spiritualism and Spinozaism at is very inception, for without the concession of immaterial personalities called spirits, Spiritualism has no more basis upon which to hold. Take the little Black Child for instance…….

(MR. BRANDON): Excuse me Mr. Muhammad, we must take a break at this time. We’ll be back in sixty seconds.

(MR. BRANDON): We’re back and this is Religion in Brief. My name is Keith Brandon your host and tonight we are talking with Mr. Fard Muhammad, and Mr. Albert Einstein. Mr. Muhammad, while we were taking that break you commented about certain expressions of the child, or little children, so to speak, and their….

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Excuse me sir, I said the little Black Child.

(MR. BRANDON): Oh, I’m sorry. The little Black Child, and their awareness process which leads up to adulthood.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Excuse me Mr. Brandon, one second Mr. Muhammad, sir, what is the difference between awareness and sensitivity.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): I wonder if there is any difference. You know, when you ask a question, what is important is to find out for yourself the truth of the matter and not merely accept what someone else says. So let us find out together what it is to be aware. When you observe your reactions to what people say to you and how your mind is always evaluating, judging, comparing, and condensing. This is all part of awareness, which begins on the surface and then goes deeper and deeper, but for most of you, awareness stops at a certain point. But unalike the Blackman, who is surely without doubt the True God of the Universe, Whose proper name is Allah, has no point of end to their awareness. For their brain capacity is 7-1/2 ounces of pure……

(MR. BRANDON): Did you say their brain capacity is 7-1/2 ounces?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Yes, 7-1/2 ounces. The seven is ‘urim’, which is Light, the illumination of science, the only fit preparation for admission to the PRESENCE AND POWER OF THE MOST HIGH. The 1/2 is ‘Thummin’ (check your Bible–Exodus and Ezra) which is Extraordinary Perfection, which does not sleep; only alertness; and if you go into it still more deeply, you will find that there is no division between the person who is aware and the object of which he is aware. Now what does it mean to be sensitive? To be cognizant of color and form; to be considerate, good manners, listen attentively, without being bored, to everything that is said. So is there much difference between sensitivity and awareness? I don’t think so.

(MR. BRANDON): In dealing with facts that contradict some of the things you say, would you still say that the Colored man, the American Negro is truly God?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): The Colored man is your kind, *(pointing to Mr. Einstein), and the only contradiction I’ve heard in the last seconds was ‘American Negro’. Now the broadest facts array the most false lies against themselves; for they bring error from undercover. It requires courage to offer truth, courage such as my Brother, Jesus had. You see the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream; until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion.

(MR. EINSTEIN): You mentioned Jesus as your Brother, to my knowledge Jesus was a Jew. And if you view the Jesus’ achievement through materialistic eyes: seeing only an insignificant minority in possession of a little land and a few battalions; this will seem improbable. It will not seem improbable if a man discards the blinkers of prejudice and views the World not as a ‘thing’ but as an ‘Idea’! Then we may see that two-thirds of the civilized world is already governed by the ideas of the Jews. The ideas of Moses, Jesus, Paul, Spinoza, Marx, Frued. Will the World in the next two thousands years embrace the morality of the Torah, the social justice of the Prophets, the ethics of the Jewish Patriarchs? If so, then in the words of Isaiah; ‘There will be Peace! Peace to him that is far off, and Peace to him that is near’.

(MR. BRANDON): Yes Mr. Muhammad, what Mr. Einstein says I can understand. If Islam is your religion, how can it claim Jesus as one of its chief Prophets when Jesus was a Christian?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): I do not blame Mr. Einstein for his misled knowledge. For I am aware of the origin of this knowledge. Jesus was neither Christian nor Islamic. Christianity was not yet born when Jesus walked the earth, and Islam was not yet named by our Prophet at that time. Jesus taught Love, Freedom of error, Justice in terms of Equality. This making him the Messiah the people were talking about. This was then the political atmosphere into which he stepped, when he had chosen to reveal publicly that he was the Messiah. His destination was the Temple. His aim was to reform some of its practices. Not to destroy them, but reform them; for the Skunk Race still had another 1,914 years left to rule in their ghettos and their darkness.

(MR. EINSTEIN): But the darkness was Light enough! If the Christians looked with derision upon the ridiculous ghetto Jews: The Jews looked with contempt upon those who jeered at them, namely Jesus! As a group they were still the most learned men in the East, Europe, excuse me….They were the only ethnic group in Europe having Universal Education. Into the ghetto they took with them their 3,500 years of cultural heritage, their Talmud, Old Testament, which illuminated their bleak physical existence with intellectual and religious comfort; and the veil of the Jewish women were a sign of the spiritual compensation given by their laws.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): I beg you pardon, Mr. Einstein, but I SPEAK THE TRUTH OF THE ORIGINAL MAN BEING GOD, hear Me when I say what is right! A veil sir, is a cover, it is a concealment, hiding hypocrisy! The Jewish women wore veils over their faces in token reverence and submission and in accordance with Pharisaic notions of the Judaic religion consisting mostly of rites and ceremonies. The motives and affections of a man were of little value; if he only appeared unto men to fast. The Great Nazarene, AS MEEK AS HE WAS MIGHTY, rebuked the hypocrite who offered long petitions for blessing upon material methods; but cloaked the crime latent in thought, which was ready to spring into action and hypocrisy. Allah’s Anointed One, Jesus. THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS WAS THE CULMINATING SIN OF PHARISAISM. IT RENT THE VEIL OF THE TEMPLE. IT REVEALED THE FALSE FOUNDATION AND SUPERSTRUCTURE OF THE SUPERFICIAL RELIGION. TORE FROM BIGOTRY AND SUPERSTITION THEIR COVERING AND OPENED THE SEPULCHRE WITH DIVINE SCIENCE OF ALLAH.

(MR. BRANDON): Well that concludes our broadcast for today, and I would like to thank both Mr. Einstein, and Mr. Muhammad for joining us here tonight.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Before we go Mr. Brandon, do I have a second?

(MR. BRANDON): Yes, a second.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Ah, Mr. Muhammad, do you speak Arabic? Would you know how to say my name in Arabic, Mr. Muhammad?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Yes, in Arabic you would say Yacub!

(MR. BRANDON): Thank you folks for listening to Religion in Brief on station W.C.N.B. I’m your host, Keith Brandon, and we’ll be back two Sunday’s from today. Until then, may the Lord bless you. Good Night.


بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

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OCTOBER 27, 1967



The Black man of America must be warned constantly that he is the target of the slavemaster to deceive, after the truth has now come to the black man – not only in America, but all over the earth.

The White race has deceived us for the past 4,000 years – since it has been up from Moses. The God of our Nation (Black Nation), the just and righteous God (Allah) is now laying the foundation for His future world out of His choice of people, the lost and found members of the black people, nicknamed Negro, with freedom, justice and equality.

Justice is the foundation of His government, often referred to in the New Testament as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Of course, all of the kingdoms of man have been on the earth and nowhere else. The history of our Nation since the white race came is that our people’s minds and thoughts have been changed away from living under the law and rule of a government of righteousness.

So, brother, do not be deceived into thinking you are smarter in this knowledge than they are. They already are awake. They never wanted you to know it because the truth puts them in a very bad position and in a position of disrespect and dishonor by God and the Nations of Righteousness.

They know that they have been your foster father and have reared you into that which is other than the truth and other than the life which you should be living. They are angry with the God of Righteousness and Truth.

They seek to take revenge on you because God has manifest them in their true selves and nature in which they were made – to deceive the world of the black man. This was the only way to rule the black people.

You must remember, my brother, though truth has come to you, the white man is wiser to the knowledge of good and evil – you are not equally as wise as he. He will deceive you in the knowledge of evil and good. He will make you mistake one for the other, as he is doing now.

You are deceived and think what he is leading you to is right – and what God and His Messenger are calling you to is wrong. He wants you to think that the temporary life he invites you to accept is permanent and better than what Allah and His messenger are offering you. All of the fantastic sport and play, filth and indecency are designed to take the so-called Negroes by the thousands to their doom.

Therefore, knowing you to be the object, I must warn you – as the Bible warns us all – against underestimating this knowledge of the evil doer, in these words: “be wise as a serpent and humble as a dove.”

Know that he knows and how he would like to practice this on you and me. However, do not show aggressive action towards him, but show the acts of a righteously wise person without any aggressive acts at all. Just refuse to accept evil for good and good for evil.

Be Wise to the knowledge of evil and wise to the knowledge of righteousness, and practice that which is good, because evil, sport and play are short lived (Bible and Holy Qur-an). Good is forever, but not evil. There is an end to evil, but there is not end to good.

God (Allah) has made it clear that you are a member of the family of righteousness, so after knowledge, we can take the way to our God of righteousness or we can take our way to hell with the devil.

We Must remember that God (Allah) does not beg people to do righteousness, but He puts two ways clearly before us and it is up to us to accept the way we want to travel.

The offer of positions in high office to our people is nothing but an attempt to deceive them into thinking these offers are forever. Some of our people in politics even hope that some day they will be the President of the United States of America – yet they have not asked for one square foot of the country to rule. This is really a foolish way of thinking.

Why Would the white man want you and me as his President in America as he is capable of producing – out of his own race – men qualified and capable to be their President in the country they call their own? There is not one state here that belongs to Negroes. They all belong to the white people.

Get such ignorant dreams out of your head.  If they wanted you to be their President, it would be only them under a black skin continuing to rule, as is the case of many of our politicians today. Though he may be black, under his skin he loves whatever the white man says.

The Silly idea of wanting to be the wife or husband of the enemy is sure to get you to hell with the enemy. He knows that you are blind and that you always have loved to intermarry and intermix with their blood.

So he swings the doors of opportunity wide open for you to walk into the trap.

Remember these words and keep this article. Cut it out of the newspaper and keep it with you so that your mind may reflect on your future and not over a temporary chance.

We Need some of this earth that we can call our own.


Elijah Muhammad

Messenger of Allah