Reprinted from the March 17, 1967 edition of MUHAMMAD SPEAKS NEWSPAPER


The white theologians, or scripture scientists, have so fixed the Bible in their way that the truth is hard to understand — though the truth is here in the Bible . . .

GOD HAS raised me in the midst of you to interpret for you. I do my best to give you the truth without making any changes. I have no knowledge of anything I am teaching — only what Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, has given me. I want you to take note of the prophecy of the birth of the last one, God Himself. They used to preach that God came in flesh and in the blood. But they do not preach that much now. The Bible says here in Matthew, first chapter, the 21st verse: “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shall call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins,” We want you to listen to it carefully and do not misunderstand it. If Jesus was to save his people from sin 2,000 years ago, where are they?

I WANT YOU to remember these things. These are the scriptures you boast are accurate. And if you know that it is truth, then you have not understood it; you are misrepresenting it. I want you to listen to something else. If he came and saved the Jews from their sins, we cannot find them. They are not here today. And if it is meant the total race of white people, why are they expecting Judgment? If they said that he was sent to the house of Israel seeking to save the lost sheep of the House of Israel, some of us misunderstand it. They think that is referring to the whole race of white people of Israel. They misunderstand it. They fail to catch the trick there of the theologian.

SAVE THE LOST sheep of the House of Israel. He did not say that Israel was sheep. He said the sheep of the House of Israel. If he had meant Israel being the house of sheep, he would have said to save the sheep of Israel . . . we must look closely into the words and understand what is meant today. If he is a sheep of the house, it means another people who are in the House of Israel, or the race of Israel. They are not the same,but quite different. Therefore, to cover up the aboriginal members of our people here in the West, they symbolize you as sheep. You are not able, until today, to understand that the sheep is you in another nation, in a house where you do not belong. The average clergyman preaches as one who needs to be brought back to the church. Christianity. I want you to change your text, brother. It is not a sheep that is out of the church. It is a sheep that needs to come out of a church. . .

YOU WORSHIP everything that white people worship . . .You now always reject those trying to say anything good about you —- it is not what they have taught you. There are white people in America and abroad who have great respect for Islam, but they are not supposed to teach you Islam. This is against their nature and the oath they have among themselves never to wake up the Negro. I want you to remember the name Israel. Don’t think Israel is a good name. Israel is not a good name. Israel is an evil name. I will make it clear to you. According to your Bible. The Bible said that Jacob was named Israel after he had conquered the angel. The Bible said that he wrestled with the angel all night. Understand what is meant. If this man was wrestling with the angel of God, trying to force the angel to do something the angel did not come to do, he is an enemy of the angel. It says the angel pleaded to Jacob to let him go. Jacob said, “No, no, no ! I cannot let you go until you bless me.”

THE BOOK SAYS he wrestled all night long — and as the day began to break, the angel said “Let me go.” Jacob “No no! Bless me before you go.” He is a enemy. According to history, white people have been at war ever since they had civilization. They never have been able to get along in peace with themselves. It is time. If you do not know the truth today—-good bye. There are some people who are ashamed and fear to accept the truth lest they lose friendship with the enemy of the truth. Whether you accept or reject, you do not have any friendship, because by nature he is against you. By nature, he opposes you if you try to take him to heaven. That is why 6000 years ago, they had to throw him out. And to have peace today, they will have to throw him out of the earth.

THE WORLD is at war now. Who started it ? . . . It was not Islam. It has to be Christianity. Ever since 1942, the world has been restless, with one picking up arms after another—-to bring them to today, the final ending of the war. To do what, Muhammad? To put an end to war making; putting an end to those who delight themselves in making war; to stop them once and forever. . . The people was at peace in the islands of the Pacific and in the mainland of the Far East. They were at peace until the Christians went in with their Bibles and bottles of whiskey—–and with their Marines, and with gunboats to throw shells on the people of the mainland and Islands to force them into subjection. The time is at hand, and I want you to know the truth. God did not raise me up in your midst to bear witness to other than the truth–but to give you the truth that will bring to you salvation for self; to join you onto the nation of righteousness; give you the kingdom of the nations; make you ruler of the people of earth. . . Negro is a slang name given to us by those who love to make us blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self. That word does not mean civilization. He is not of this nor of that. He is like a piece of iron—he is dead and lifeless.



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