Chapter 21


Many of my people, the so-called Negroes, say we should help the nations of Africa which are awakening. This has been said as if we owned America. We are so foolish! What part of America do you have that you can offer toward helping Africa? Who is independent, the nations of Africa or we? The best act would be to request the independent governments of Africa and Asia to help us. We are the ones who need help. We have little or nothing to offer as help to others. We should begin to help at home first.

We are 20 million strong. Many of the nations today that have their independence, and those who are getting their independence, are much smaller in number than my people in America. We are dependent on the slave-master. We do not have 2 feet of earth for our nation of people. You and I, here in America, are licking the boots of the slave-master, begging him for the right of independent people. Yes, we are licking his boots. “Sir, let me shine your shoes?” You have been doing that for approximately 400 hundred years. Today, if one rises up in your midst and says, “We should not lick the slave-master’s boots, we should lick our own boots,” you would say, “He should be killed! He should be killed because he is teaching us to hate.” My people, you are in a dangerous position. Get that fear out of you and stand up for your people! Who are you not to die for your people? Who am I not to die for my people! If I am shot down or cut down today, who is little Elijah Muhammad to 20 million of you! If a million of us throw ourselves in the fire for the benefit of the 20 million, the loss would be small compared to the great gain our people will make as a result of that sacrifice. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims gave their lives in Pakistan to get their nation’s independence. They were successful. The black men in Africa are fighting and dying today in unity for their independence.

We sit here like pampered babies. We cannot even stand on the floor, not to mention taking a chance of crawling out of the door. We are too careful of shedding blood for ourselves. We are willing to shed all of it for the benefit of others. I am not trying to get you to fight. That is not even necessary; our unity will win the battle! Not one of us will have to raise a sword. Not one gun would we need to fire. The great cannon that will be fired is our unity. Our unity is the best. Why are you afraid to unite? Why are you afraid to accept Allah and Islam?

It is only because the slave-master did not teach you of this! We must unite to ourselves as a nation of people.

Separation of the so-called Negroes from their slave-masters’ children is a MUST. It is the only solution to our problem.

You must know that this is the time of our separation and the judgement of this world (the Caucasian), which you and I have known. Therefore, Allah has said to me that the time is ripe for you and me to accept our own, the whole planet earth. Are you waiting for the Divine Destruction? Come! Let us reason together. First, in order for us to reason, you must have a thorough knowledge of self. Who is going to teach you that knowledge of self? Who are you waiting for to teach you the knowledge of self? Surely, not your slave-master, who blinded you to that knowledge of self. The slave-master will not teach you the knowledge of self, as there would not be a master-slave relationship any longer.





Message to the Blackman



Since learning of the prayer service of Islam — the religion of entire submission to the will of Allah — we see him now not only trying to keep his internal parts clean, but the external parts too. He washes his face, his hands, and all the exposed parts of his body before going to prayer. Never before has he done such under the cross (Christianity): prostrating himself with his shoes off and his forehead kissing the rug or the bare earth in praises and humble submission to the will of Allah (God).

He says again in the above prayer that he is thankful to Allah. He thanks Allah for the knowledge of words to say, to know Him to be the true God, to believe in and worship Him alone and not to set up a rival to Him.

No more is he ungrateful to God as he declares in the following words:  “We are not ungrateful to Thee.” He no longer befriends an enemy of Allah. While under the cross (Christianity) he befriended the enemies of God, thinking he was getting the favor or friendship of God by loving and befriending every creature whether of the righteous or the devils. In reading the above prayer, we find him forsaking the casting off the ones who do not obey Allah.

He is now in accord with the teachings of the Qur-an, the Holy Book of Allah, and in accord with the teaching of Jesus and the Prophets. We will not find any Believers in Allah (God) who will befriend and show friendship to the enemies and disbelievers of Allah, though they be their near of kin, says the Holy Qur-an. And the Qur-an (60:4) gives us an example in Abraham, who forsook his father and declared that enmity and hatred had appeared between them until he believed in Allah alone.

The Bible again puts it in Jesus’ words (Luke 14:26) as he says to the disciples that they must even hate their mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers or they could not be his followers. But here today in America, as you may know, the Christians teach that we should love everybody. This is just the deceitful way of the devils to get love and honor from the people of God under their religion (Christianity) that they organized in order to oppose the true religion of Allah, Islam.

He now further says and acknowledges that he prays to Allah alone and make obeisance as it reads in the words of the prayer as follows:   “O Allah, Thee do we serve and to Thee do we pray and make obeisance.”

He seeks refuge in no other God but Allah and he declares this in the following words of the prayer:  “To Thee do we flee and we are quick.”   He now hastens himself for refuge in a living God. A God that exists, a God he can depend upon for help, a God who knows and understands all of his life’s trouble and woes.

He is not perfect; therefore, he hopes for mercy from the true God in the words of the prayer as follows:  “We hope for Thy mercy. And fear Thy chastisement.”   He has learned of the suffering and chastisement of Allah upon those who disbelieve in Him.

He is no longer an unbeliever, for he has surely turned himself, being upright, to Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth.


How to get oily grease stains out of your clothes

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Asiatic Black Sisters,

I made three new garments for Spring, but my favorite, by far, was my ORANGE one. Orange is my color this year and I couldn’t wait to wear my orange garment to Leimert.

Sunday came and I got dressed and, you know I make my own deodorant out of cocoa butter, and shea butter, so I usually put it on after I put on my tunic because I don’t want to get it on my clothes. But when I was putting in on, some of it fell off my finger and got on my clothes. This was the first time I was wearing it and I messed it up.

The stain was right in the front and was clearly visible. There was no way I could wear it. I took it off and washed it, but when it dried, the stain was still there.

I googled how to get oil stains out of clothes. I saw “baking soda.” So, I tried that to no avail. I could not get it out. So, I had decided to just buy some more material and make another one.

But before I made my trip to DTLA, I was conversing with a Sister on the bus and we were talking and I mentioned how I had this oil stain that I couldn’t get out. She recommended I use BABY POWDER. I didn’t have anything to lose.

So, this morning, when I did my laundry, I put some Baby Powder and a little water on the stain, and a little detergent, let it sit about fifteen minutes and then washed it.

Lo And Behold! When it dried the stain was completely gone. Talking to my people is the best thing I could ever do. It really pays to converse and get to know the people around you.

Yesterday, I met a Sister on the bus and we exchanged numbers. Then when I got off the bus, I had left my wallet. Because I had been talking to her, she was able to call me and return it to me.

Don’t be afraid to speak to your Brothers and especially, your Sisters, Sisters. We have to show love to each other and we can’t do that by being distant. Just say



“A little unity won’t do us no harm.”



under the guidance of

Mr. Elijah Muhammad

Messenger of Allah
to the Lost-found Nation of Islam

in North America

for the use of members
throughout the United States of America


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent,
the Merciful
As-Salaamu ‘ Alaikum


     Here, my beloved people who Believe, is the Book of Muslim Daily Prayers I had promised some time ago to make available to you.

Allah, your God and mine, says in the Holy Qur’an Sharrieff (29:45): “Surely prayer keeps (one) away from indecency and evil; and certainly the remembrance of Allah is the greatest (force that restrains evil.)”

The knowledge and practice of these prayers will earn you great reward with Allah and bring about great spiritual advancement in you.


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     These prayers, of course, are only a part of your duties as Muslims and as Believers in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad. Keep up your prayers, but be mindful of your duties as well. Be completely RIGHTEOUS.

     At present it is sufficient that you learn these prayers as we have printed them here. Some day in the near future, however, you will learn them in your own language and that of your Righteous foreparents – Arabic.

     May Allah bless you and keep you on the Right Path.



Muslims’ Oft-Repeated Prayer

Al Fatiha

The “Fatiha” Printed in Arabic


     The Muslim’s oft-repeated prayer is the Fatiha.

     The Fatiha (“Opening”) is the first Chapter of the Holy Qur’an and constitutes the Muslim’s prayer for guidance.

It is indeed the sublimest of all prayers in any religion. It speaks of Allah’s four chief attributes – providence, beneficence, mercy and requital – and exhorts the believers in Him to seek constantly his guidance and blessings.

*   *   *   *

The Fatiha reads thus:

“In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. All Praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; the Beneficent, the Merciful; Master of the Day of Requital. Thee do we serve, and Thee do we beseech for help.


Guide us on the Right Path – the path of those upon whom Thou has bestowed favors, not of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray.


Object of Muslim’s Prayer

The object of Muslim’s prayer is the purification of heart, which is necessary for spiritual advancement.

Benefit of prayer

Allah promises many blessings to you if you turn to Him in prayer. Nations are no doubt destroyed when they indulge in evil inordinately, and they prosper only so long as their good qualities preponderate. 



Daily Prayers

The Muslims’ daily prayers are five in number. These are:

1. THE DAWN or EARLY MORNING prayer (known in Arabic as Fajr ), which is performed at daybreak and before sunrise.

2. THE EARLY AFTERNOON prayer (known in Arabic as Zuhr), which is performed shortly after the noon hour.

3. THE LATE AFTERNOON prayer (known in Arabic as ‘Asr), which is performed around four o’ clock in the afternoon, or close to two hours before sunset time.

4. THE SUNSET or EVENING prayer (known in Arabic as Maghrib), which is performed just after the sunset.


     5. THE LATE EVENING or NIGHTFALL prayer (known in Arabic as ‘Isha), which is performed nearly two hours after the sunset time or before retiring.

     It says in the Holy Qur’an Sharrieff (4:103), “Prayer indeed has been enjoined on the believers at fixed times.” In other words, it is essential that each prayer be performed at the appointed hour.

The exact time for each prayer will, of course, differ from coast to coast, especially when “Daylight Savings Time” is in force. To be sure of the precise hours, therefore, consult your Temple Minister.

Preparation for Prayers

     The Muslims’ daily prayers are not to be taken for ordinary rituals. You must perform your prayers with utmost sincerity and


seriousness, because they represent your Communion with your Maker, Almighty Allah.

     To prepare yourself for the wonderful experience known as Muslim’s prayer, and to bring yourself in the right spiritual mood, it is required that you perform an “Ablution,” which is done by:

Washing the hands to the wrists;
Rinsing the mouth three times;
Cleaning the inside of the nose with water three times;
Washing the face three times;
Washing the arms to the elbows three times (The right arm should be washed first);
Wiping over the head with wet hands;
Wiping the ears with wet fingers;
Wiping around the neck with wet hands: and


         Washing the feet (the right one first) to the ankles.
     In case you take a bath before you wish to perform any of the prayers, the “Ablution” as described above is not necessary.
On the other hand, in certain cases, which only your Minister (or, in the case of Sisters, their Teacher at the Temple) can best explain, mere “Ablution” isn’t sufficient and a complete bath is required before the prayer can be performed.

Significance of “Ablution”

     Each part of the Ablution requirement has some significance. For instance, the Muslim washes his hands to “get rid of any evil” they might have committed. This also signifies that the Muslim thus asks Allah to wash his hands in the Spirit of Forgiveness.


“Adhan,” or the Call to Prayer

     If you intend to perform your prayers in a congregation (group of three or more), a Call (adhan) should then be made to the faithful. This consists of the following: (Only one person makes the Call.)

Stand erect on the prayer rug or sheet, facing the Holy City of Mecca (East), with your hands upright touching the ears, and recite:

Allah is the Greatest (Four times)
I bear witness that there is none worshippable other than Allah (Twice)
I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger (Twice)
Come to Prayer (Twice)
Come to Success (Twice)
Allah is the Greatest (Twice)


   There is none worshippable but Allah (Once)

   The call to the Dawn prayer includes an additional line, which is uttered (twice) after the expression “Come to Success.” It says: Prayer is better (for you) than sleep.

Prayer to be Recited After Hearing “Adhan”

     “O Allah! The Lord of this perfect call, and of the prayer to be offered! Bestow on Muhammad the means, the greatness, and high dignity, and elevate him in the most exalted place which Thou has promised him. Verily Thou never breakest Thy promise.”


Obligatory and the Traditional Prayers

     Each prayer consists of two parts: one is obligatory (called in Arabic Fard), the other traditional (called in Arabic Sunnah); and each comprises a different number of “steps,” known as a rak’ahs.

The chart on the opposite page gives the necessary information pertaining to the specifications of each daily prayer.

Description of a “Step” (Rak’ah)

     A “step” (Rak’ah) consists of the standing, bending, rising, and prostrating positions. After every two “steps” (rak’ahs) there is a sitting position.


Obligatory and Traditional Prayers

Name of Prayer:     Obligatory part:
No. of “steps” (or rak’ahs)
   Traditional part:
No. of “steps” (or rak’ahs)
DAWN          2           2
EARLY AFTERNOON          4           4
LATE AFTERNOON          4           4
SUNSET          3           2
LATE EVENING          4           3

The Friday Congregational Prayer: A special Congregational Prayer, preceded by a Sermon, is held each Friday afternoon, replacing the regular EARLY AFTERNOON prayer for that day, wherever facilities for such are available or a mosque exists.


Procedure of Prayer

     After you have performed your “ablution,” step on your prayer rug (or a clean folded sheet or large-size towel) and stand erect, facing in the direction of the Holy City of Mecca (which is directly East from most points in the U.S.A.)

Then recite: “Surely I have turned myself being upright to Him Who originated the Heavens and the Earth and I am not from among the polytheists.”

Then say: ” I hereby resolve to perform two ( three, or four, whatever the case may be) ‘steps’ of the Obligatory (or Traditional) part of the (name of) Prayer.” This is followed by the raising of hands, accompanied by the utterance of the words “Allah is the Greatest,” after which you rest your hands, one over the other, upon your chest.


     Then recite the following:

“Glory and Praise to Thee, O Allah! And Blessed is Thy name, and Exalted is Thy majesty, and there is none worshippable but Thee.”

“I take refuge in Allah against the accursed Satan.”

“In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

“All Praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; the Beneficent, The Most Merciful; and Master of the Day of Requital. Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help. Guide us on the right path—the path of those upon whom Thou has bestowed favors, not of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray. Amen.”


     The next recitation comprises a chapter–any chapter–of the Holy Qur’an. Below is the translation of one, the 112th:

“Say that Allah is one. He is All-independent. He begetteth not, nor was He begotten. And there is none comparable unto Him.”

Following this, utter once again “Allah is the Greatest.” Then go into the bending position,

Sajdah Sajdah2

and say three times “Glory to my Lord, the Great.” Then arise, saying “Surely Allah answers him who praises Him. Our Lord! Thine is the praise.”

Now again say “Allah is the Greatest,” after which comes the prostration.


While in this position, say three times “Glory to my Lord, the Most High.” Then arise,


saying “Allah is the Greatest,” and repeat the prostration. This completes one “step” (rak’ah.)


     The second and all subsequent “steps” (rak’ahs) are performed by repeating this procedure, except that after every two “steps” (rak’ahs) there is a additional position (sitting) to be observed. The following recitation for this position is as follows:


     “Greetings are for Allah, as also prayers and good deeds. Peace be upon you, O Messenger, and the mercy of Allah. Peace be upon us and the righteous servants of Allah. I bear witness that there is none worshippable but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger. O Allah! Bless Muhammad and his followers, as Thou blessed Abraham and his followers. And grant Thy favors to Muhammad and his followers, as Thou granted favors to Abraham and his followers. In the Worlds, indeed, only Thou are Praiseworthy and Magnified.”


the Kaaba

The Holy Ka’ba at Mecca

     “O Allah! Help me to be steadfast in prayer and also my children. O our Lord! Accept my prayer. O my nourisher, forgive me and forgive my parents and all the Believers when their judgement is held.”

The prayer ends by turning the head, first to right and then to the left, and saying “Peace and mercy of Allah unto you!”


Limitation and Exceptions

     There are certain circumstances and conditions under which a prayer is unacceptable to Allah. For information about these please consult your Minister (or the Sisters’ Teacher).

Looking around, moving or talking during the prayer is strictly forbidden. Even slight movement of the hands is not tolerated except when such motion is absolutely necessary.

Muslim women need not perform any of the prayers when in menstruation or while in child-bed.

The clothes worn when praying must be clean in every sense of the word.


Holy Quran on Prayer

     “So bear patiently what they say, and celebrate the praise of the Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting, and glorify (Him) during the hours of the night and parts of the day, that thou mayest be well pleased.” (THE HOLY QURAN, 20:30)

     “Keep up prayer from the declining of the sun till the darkness of the night, and the recital of the Quran. Surely the recital of the Quran at dawn is witnessed.” (THE HOLY QURAN, 17:78)

     “Say: Call on Allah or call on the Beneficent. By whatever name you call on Him, He has the best names. And utter not thy prayer loudly nor be silent in it, and seek a way between these.”
(HOLY QUR’AN, 17:116)


A Comment

     “Recite that which has been revealed to thee of the book and keep up prayer. Surely prayer keeps (one) away from indecency and evil; and certainly the remembrance of Allah is the greatest (force). And Allah knows what you do.” (THE HOLY QUR’AN, 29:45)

“The verse quoted above invites the followers of all religions to accept the Holy Qur’an on account of its purifying effect upon life, as the previous scriptures had ceased to effect deliverance from the bondage of sin, which is the real object of the revelation. The verse also lays down the right principle for getting rid of the bondage of sin in the words the remembrance of Allah is the greatest, i.e., the most powerful and effective restraint upon sin. It is a living belief in the Divine


power, knowledge and goodness that restrains man from walking in the ways of His displeasure. A sure and certain knowledge that every evil action leads to an evil consequence, that there is a Supreme Being, Who knows what is hid from human eyes and Whose moral law is effective where the moral force of society fails, and that He is the source of all goodness and it is through goodness that man can have communion with Him, are the only effective restraints upon evil.”

Maulana Muhammad Ali, in his “Translation of the Holy Qur’an”




How to Eat to Live, Book Two


Long Intervals Between Eating is Better


The great trouble the people have trying to keep in good health is the enemy who is poisoning food and drinks.

HOW CAN people enjoy good health while eating poison deliberately prepared and put into their food and drinks to shorten their lives?

It is very hard to find anything like pure food and drinks which you can eat and drink without feeling that they are going to make you sick or kill you.

TAKING long intervals between eating meals makes it better for you, because long intervals between meals and drinks give the poison in the body time to weaken before a new addition of poisonous food and drinks.

They do not mind hiding their intention to use poison, for they know that it will have an effect upon your body and your enjoyment of good health.

YOU could not imagine a more wicked thing to do than for someone to take a good food for innocent people — from the cradle to old age — and poison it so that the eater and the drinker cannot enjoy good health and will be at the hospital doorstep where they will be denied immediate service (especially so-called Negroes).

I have for years, advised you on the South Side here in Chicago to let us unite and build a hospital large enough to take care of our sick, because they surely will be sick, as long as they live in a world that specializes on how to make one sick (sometimes just for commercial purposes, so doctors can make more money and so undertakers can make more money).

MORE white and Black scientists agree that America is a very poisonous place to live today. The poisoning of food and drinks is done deliberately and there is no help coming from the government to stop such demonic, evil freedom to maim and destroy life.

Our only hope for survival is in Allah, Who has power over the evil plans of the devil.




Message to the Blackman




“Announce to the hypocrites that they shall have a painful chastisement.
“Allah will gather together the hypocrites and the unbelievers all in hell.
“Surely the hypocrites strive to deceive Allah, and He shall requite their deceit to them.
“Surely the hypocrites are in the lowest stage of the fire and you shall not find a helper for them except those who repent and amend and hold fast to Allah and are sincere in the obedience to Allah. These are with believers and Allah will grant the believers a mighty reward”
(Holy Qur-an 4:140, 142, 145 and 138)

  The Holy Qur-an has the same announcement for all disbelievers and hypocrites of the Messenger. It is also the same given to Noah and his followers. It is the same given to all disbelieving foes and hypocrites. The hypocrites around Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were given the same warnings. And, they (the hypocrites) are prophesied in the Holy Qur-an (which is a very true book), to be the same type of hypocrites and to be saying the same words to the last Apostle and his true followers today as they did to the former prophets and their followers.

My followers here in America — and the hypocrites among them — are now being manifested to be the same as all others in the past. The hypocrites utter the same words, make mockery of the Messenger and his followers, and plan to do harm to us just as the hypocrites of the past did all other Messengers and their followers.

The Holy Qur-an says to the last Apostle:   “All Apostles before you were mocked and called liars, but Allah reminds the last Apostle to think of His disapproval of other hypocrites and disbelievers.”

He destroyed them and some of the hypocrites returned after they had tasted of the chastisement. We have, today, such a perfect fulfillment of the prophecy of the Qur-an in the recent outbreak of hypocrisy among my followers. The chief hypocrite of them all — and the worst of them all — has never stopped in his attempt to do harm to my mission.

The Holy Qur-an teaches: they will fight you with their tongues and even with their hands. So their tongues were not sufficient; they wanted quick action. So, the chief hypocrite resorted to arming his followers, as well as himself, with .30 caliber weapons. Knowing that my followers and I had not resorted to such weapons, they intended to spring a surprise attack by mowing us down. What happened? He and his ignorant followers had forgotten that God was with me and my followers. They did not know they could not stop us with weapons. The hypocrites always will be the losers.

This chief hypocrite took a group with him to build a  “Mosque in opposition” to me and filled it with all types of wickedness and disbelievers like himself. He wished the praise of the people and not of God. He has said everything imaginable against me, which likely will hurt him and those who follow him more than he thinks. He wants the world to recognize him as a qualified leader. He should seek the recognition of Allah. Allah is the One who makes a leader for his people.

This chief hypocrite is not with Allah; if he were with Allah, he would be with me. Since he is not with Allah, he cannot claim guidance from Allah. He has admitted that he cannot trust a religion and cannot trust a God who teaches when to act. He wants to act when he is ready to act, rather than depend upon a God who will act in His own good time.

He does not wait on a God like that. Many other such fools passed away in great dishonor and shame long before this chief hypocrite. No weapons (as it is written) formed against me will prosper as long as Allah is with me and I am with Allah, because the twain will never break. We always shall be together against the enemy and together for the believers. Some of the hypocrites have come to know all of these things, but they must be punished.

A hypocrite is one who first says he believes in Islam and then disbelieves and seeks to oppose the Messenger and those who believe in him and his God. Their punishment — says the Holy Qur-an in several places — is grief, regret, shame and disgrace. I will never forget this hypocrite’s hateful acts against me.

If he is the last of the 22 million, I shall remind him of his evil and wicked acts done to me in return for the good that I did for him. He could not have risen up against me if I had not given him so much knowledge of Allah and His religion. When I made him a leader and a teacher among the people, he felt proud. He now thinks that he should be elected top man, but I am sure that he will be appointed the lowest man.

He went, first, on the side of the Muslims, and then on the side of the devils, and again on the side of the Muslims and against the devils. He is — as the Holy Qur-an says — neither this nor that. His greatest desire is for someone to declare him as their leader. He is insane for leadership and disgraces himself for that office. As I have repeatedly taught — and the scholars and scientists will agree with me — the so-called Negro must have divine leadership today. The leader must be divinely appointed, not self-made or made by the people. This is universally known; I am that man, divinely appointed by Allah.

According to the Bible and Holy Qur-an, punishment is sure to overtake hypocrites and those who seek to oppose Allah and His Apostle. I quote here a verse from the Holy Qur-an.

“Do they not know that whoever acts in opposition
to Allah and His Apostle, he shall surely have the
fire of hell to abide in it, that is the grievous
(Holy Qur-an 9:63).

That is the hell that the hypocrites and disbelievers will suffer, and it begins with their feeling of fear and excitement — fear that someone is going to do harm to them (as they plan to harm those they oppose). There is no fear for a true believer, nor shall he grieve. This grief of the hypocrites, according to the Holy Qur-an, prostrates them and makes them wish that they were dead. They even wish for someone to kill them.

But Allah, the Holy Qur-an says, will not permit anyone to kill them, because death would take them out of their chastisement and grief. They will not bow in submission to the Will of Allah and Obedience in following His Messenger, and after a year or so under this condition, they are classified with the devil, to be destroyed in hell-fire — the final end to both.

The Bible’s last book, under the title of the Revelation of John, prophesies a grief falling upon the followers (the so-called American Negro) of the symbolic beast (the white man) who are in the beast’s names and who worship and believe in the white man’s religion, called Christianity. They worship the white man as though he were God above the Supreme God of heaven and earth. They also worship the white man’s leader of the Christian religion, the Pope in Rome. This is mentioned in Revelation 14:4.

The grief of the hypocrites is such that even the victim is not able to say his prayers. In the first place, God has closed the door and does not hear the prayers of the hypocrites when He sends chastisement upon them. This is in store for my hypocrites and shall befall them at any time — just as it did the hypocrites of 1935. We actually witnessed this type of chastisement that fell upon those hypocrites in 1935. One of the hypocrites then was my own brother, and another was a minister by the name of Augustus Muhammad, my top assistant at that time in the Chicago Mosque No. 2. They felt proud after they had acquired a little wisdom and thought that they were more powerful than the teacher.

I have been told directly by some of the hypocrites that they think it is time for a change and that a younger man should take my place. And they even go so far as to designate a person whom they think should take my place.

I look at them and say within myself,   “What a fool you are! How can you appoint someone to take my place when I did not appoint myself? God, Almighty appointed me. You are foolish to play with God’s mission and His messenger to the mentally dead nation. You take it lightly that you can vote out, put down or shoot down God’s Messenger and set up another of your choice. What will you do with the next group of hypocrites who may not like the man of your choice? They may shoot both you and your man down and take over.”

Let the hypocrites be aware that there is a great chastisement in store for them — and their aims, purposes and wishes will never materialize. The Holy Qur-an teaches that their grief will be so severe that it will prostrate them and they will be unable even to blink their eyes — and that which they feared will come to pass. What they actually feared is:

Exposure as the losers who had lied.
Punishment for wishing their grief upon
the Messenger and those with him.
Victory of the Messenger over them.

They shall suffer the loss of true friendship, and they are not helped. They go to the devil for friendship, and he turns them down because he knows that they will not be able to help him against Allah and the Apostle, because Allah and His Apostle are considered submerged into one.

The Apostle is considered one in Allah and Allah is one in the Apostle. So, when you look at one, you see both; when you hear one speak, you hear both, because they both are as one in their agreement for the right and against the disbeliever. Therefore, Allah brings this to pass. As it was in Noah’s day, so shall it be in the day of the last Apostle, whom God raises from the mentally dead Negroes in North America.

If you haven’t figured it out, he’s referring to Malcolm X.



The Man Who Inspired the Man Who Inspired Everybody Else

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful Sisters!!!

For some reason I am only able to post one video. I would like to post another one, but it is on YT if you care to look it up. It is an episode of an old Black T.V. show called “Soul” with Stevie Wonder performing. Click “Stevie Wonder. Live. NYC. 1972.” And it should come up. Stevie is interviewed and the Brother asked him who were his musical influences. Brother Stevie answered with a name I had never heard of – JESSE BELVIN.

I was immediately intrigued, because every musical artist that I like has always named Brother Stevie as their influence, so when Stevie named Jesse Belvin, someone completely unfamiliar to me, as his musical influence I had to find out who he was!

Well, come to find out, the Brother was extremely talented and was even positioned to rival the Great Nat King Cole. However, his life was cut short due to the vicious racism we live among here in the Wilderness of North America.

Brother Jesse had the unfortunate luck of performing at the First Integrated Concert in Little Rock, Arkansas. Prior to the performance and during the performance, white devils threatened and taunted him with murderous intentions. Well, they lived up to their promises because as Brother Jesse and his wife (who was also his manager and writer of his hit song, “Guess Who?”) were leaving Little Rock, they had a fatal car accident. It was discovered that the rear tires had been tampered with and blew out causing the accident.

If you look him up on Wikipedia, they leave out that critical piece of evidence and seem to go out of their way to make it appear as if it was just an accident. But we know better.


Brother Jesse was very handsome, had a dynamic stage presence and was extremely talented. I understand completely why he had such an influence on Brother Stevie. The incidents surrounding his death also probably had an impact on Brother Stevie, who has always been very political. He is the ONLY person I’ve ever heard even mention his name. Even though Brother Jesse, wrote the hit song, “Earth Angel,” which everybody’s heard of.

In my humble opinion, I think people are afraid to talk about him. You can sense the tension in the room when Stevie mentioned him. But I think Brother Stevie has always liked to make people feel “uncomfortable.” Shake them up out of that comfort zone and think. I met him in Leimert once and he asked me my name. I told him and then he asked me my last name. Even before I joined the Nation, I knew to feel ashamed of carrying my slavemaster’s name. And leave it to Brother Stevie Wonder to bring that shame out. Being able to make people think and recognize what is really important is a noble characteristic, which Brother Stevie has mastered remarkably.

So, when Brother Stevie mentioned Brother Jesse’s name, it immediately caused a reaction. And here we are, 40 years after this interview, and just the mention of Brother Jesse Belvin’s name is still making waves. I mean why else would Brother Jesse be excluded from musical discussions of that time period? We know about everybody else, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Otis Redding, etc.

This man was popular! Ask anyone over 65 if they’ve ever heard of him. His song “Guess Who?” was nominated for a Grammy. But have you ever heard of him?

Conspiracy. Cover up. Christian America.