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If God destroyed ancient Babylon for the mockery made of the sacred vessels taken from the Temple in Jerusalem, what do you think Allah would do for America’s mockery of the Sacred Vessels (the so-called Negroes) that SHE (America) took from their native land and people and filled with wine and whisky?


The origin of our kinky hair came from one of our dissatisfied scientists, fifty thousand years ago, who wanted to make all of us tough and hard in order to endure the life of the jungles of East Asia (Africa) and to overcome the beasts there. But he failed to get the others to agree with him. He took his family and moved into the jungle to prove to us that we could live there and conquer the wild beasts and we have.


It’s a disgrace what the so-called Negroes believe today.

They believe, or are made to believe, that every religion other than Christianity is false and idol worship. In reality, it is the Christians who worship idol gods. Just take a look at the interior of their churches, or see their literature. They have statues of wood and metal and imaginary pictures of God, angels, prophets and their disciples. The Christians bow before these and revere the statues and pictures as if they could speak.

These statues and pictures, O my people, are NOT of God, His angels, prophets and disciples of Jesus. Those who worship them, therefore, worship nothing but falsehood and are ignorant enough to love it.


More than anyone else and those who worship his image, the so-called Negroes are guilty of loving the white race and all that that race goes for.

They (the so-called Negroes) hang the pictures of white people on the walls of their homes and one can find these (pictures) also on their mantle shelves, dressers and tables. Some even carry them (the white people’s pictures) on their person.

They (the so-called Negroes) go to church and bow down to the statues under the names of Jesus and Mary and some under the name of Jesus’ disciples, which, again, are only the images of the white race, their arch deceiver.

My people (the so-called Negroes) even worship the white man’s names, which will not exist among the people of the NEW world, for they are not the names of God.

They (the so-called Negroes) would greatly benefit themselves if they would seek their places in that which Allah (God) is making NEW by giving back to the great deceiver (the devil) his religion (Christianity), churches and names, and accept the religion of their righteous Nation (Islam) and a name of their God (Allah).


Ninety-eight per cent of the so-called Negroes are at the present time in doubt about Islam being their true religion. The other two per cent are with me – but they all will be with me as soon as they see and feel a little of the chastisement from Allah.


Why should you doubt Islam when you know and have every proof that it is the Truth? Can you not put aside the fear that Christianity has put in your hearts?

Accept Islam, my people, and, by the Will of Allah, you’ll be afraid no more, nor shall you grieve today.


My poor people who have turned to their own God (Allah) and religion (Islam) are constantly being tracked down and watched – as though they were about to stickup a bank. This is done to try to put fear in them – so that they might stay away from their God (Allah), His true religion (Islam), and their Salvation and Defense.

“They (the devils) watch the steps of the righteous (the so-called Negroes), and seek to slay them.” (Psalms 37:32) The so-called Negroes live under the very shadow of death in America. There is no justice for them in the courts of their slavemasters. Why, then, shouldn’t America be chastised for her evils done to the so-called Negroes?


You may not believe this today, but it will come to pass that even your enemy will one day bow down to you and show you the greatest respect.

Nothing but Islam will make you a dignified and respectable people, so join on to your own kind and accept Islam, the religion of Allah, which will put you on top of the world before you know it!


The white people sometimes say, “If the Africans of America had self-respect and ability they would go to Ghana and help build a great African Nation.”

But not with their (the devils’) schooling!

If, however, the whites would stop interfering with those who are trying to qualify themselves for a return to their Native People and Country, within a few years they all would leave them (the devils) and their evil doings.


Allah has taught us that we the so-called Negroes are the original people of the earth who have no birth record.


We, the so-called Negroes are mentioned in the New Testament under several names and parables.

I will name two: the parable of the Lost Sheep and the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:1-11), of which we could not be described better under or in a parable.

Before the coming of Allah (God) we, being blind, deaf and dumb, had mistaken the true meanings of these parables to be referring to the Jews. Now, thanks to Almighty Allah, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad (to whom be praised forever), Who Has opened my blinded eyes, loosened the knot in my tongue, and has made us to understand that these Bible parables are referring to us, the so-called Negroes (and our slavemasters).

The answer (Luke 15:4-6) to the charges made by the proud and unholy Pharisees against Him (God in Person) for eating with His lost-found people whom the Pharisees and their people had made sinners can’t be better. It defends Him and His people (lost and found sheep). He proved their wickedness and hatred for His love for His people who were lost and He had found them. They (the Pharisees) had more love for a lost and found animal of theirs than they did for the lost and found people of Allah (God).


Actual Facts


The total Area of the Land and Water of the planet Earth is 196,940,000 square miles.

The Circumference of the planet Earth is 24,896 miles.

The Diameter of the Earth is 7,926 miles.

The area of the Land is 57,255,000 square miles.

The area of the Water is 139,685,000 square miles.

The Pacific Ocean covers 68,634,000 square miles,

The Atlantic Ocean covers 41,321,000 square miles.

The Indian Ocean covers 29,430,000 square miles.

The Lakes and Rivers cover 1,000,000 square miles.

The Hills and Mountains cover 14,000,000 square miles.

The Islands are 1,910,000 square miles.

The Deserts are 4,861,000 square miles.

Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high.

The Producing Land is 29,000,000 square miles.

The Earth weighs six sextillion tons – (a unit followed by 21 ciphers).

The Earth is 93,000,000 miles from the Sun.

The Earth travels at the rate of 1,037 1/3 miles per hour.

Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second.

Sound ravels at the rate of 1,120 feet per second.

The diameter of the Sun is 853,000 miles.


(Rules of Islam)


The following questions must be answered one hundred per cent before submittance of Student to said, Lesson No,1.

1. Who is the Original man?
The Original man is the Asiatic Black man; the Maker; the Owner; the Cream of the planet Earth – God of the Universe.

2. Who is the Colored man?
The Colored man is the Caucasian (white man). Or, Yacub’s grafted Devil – the Skunk of the planet Earth.

3. What is the population of the Original Nation in the wilderness of North America, and all over the planet Earth?
The population of the Original nation in the wilderness of North America is 17,000,000. With the 2,000,000 Indians makes it – 19,000,000. All over the planet Earth is 4,400,000,000.

4. What is the population of the Colored people in the wilderness of North America, and all over the planet earth?
The population of the Colored people in the wilderness of North America is 103,000,000. All over the planet Earth is 400,000,000.

5. What is the area in square miles of the planet earth? How much is the land?  How much is the water?
The square mileage of the Earth is 196,940,000 square miles. The land is 57,255,000 square miles. The water is 139,685,000 square miles.

6. What are the exact square miles of useful land that is used every day by the total population of the planet Earth?
The useful land that is used every day by the total population of the planet Earth is 29,000,000 square miles.

7. How much of the useful land is used by the Original man?
The Original man uses 23,000,000 square miles.

8. How much of the useful land is used by the colored man?
The colored man uses 6,000,000 square miles.

9. What is the birth record of the said, Nation of Islam?
The said, Nation of Islam, has no birth record. It has no beginning nor ending.

10. What is the birth record of said, others than Islam?
Buddhism is 35,000 years old. Christianity is 551 years old.


بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

Restrictive Laws of Islam

This means all believers must strictly obey these laws.  Mere belief counts for nothing unless carried into practice.

1. Obey Allah, His Apostle and believe the Message He has sent to you and me by His Messenger.

2. Obedience to the Apostle is obedience to Allah, as the Messenger is the bearer of Allah’s Message. Respect to the Messenger is respect to Allah.

3. Worship no God but Allah. The one the Messenger represents to us.

4. Fear no one but Allah.

5. Obey those in authority among you and obey non-believers in authority over you as long as it does not conflict with your religion.

6. It is forbidden to commit fornication or adultery.

7. It is forbidden to commit indecent acts on another (sodomy).

8. It is forbidden to eat the pig or its by-products.

9. Honor Allah and respect His Messenger, who is the bearer of His Message to you and me.

10. Insubordination is forbidden.

11. Slack talk and gossip is forbidden.

12. Do not associate with those in bad standing or out of the mosque.

13. It is your duty to report all slackness, weakness and wrongdoing.

14. Do not deal with the hypocrites or show sympathy towards them.

15. No gambling of any kind (numbers, dice, cards, games of chance)

16. No smoking of any kind (reefers or cigarettes, cigar or pipe).

17. No dope (heroin, cocaine or any other).

18. No drinking (wine, whiskey, beer, ale, alcohol, or other intoxicants).

19. We must be clean at all times (mind and body) at home and abroad.

20. No lying (speak the truth regardless of circumstances).

21. No stealing, be kind and do good to all.

22. Do not commit acts of violence on ourselves or others.

23. Keep up prayer, do unto others as you want done unto you.

24. Spend of what Allah has given you in the cause of Islam.

25. Love your brother believer as yourself; kill no one whom Allah has not ordered to be killed.

26. Do not feel, rub or pat sisters, do not stare at sisters or watch the movements of their bodies: do not lust.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Sisters,

This song was banned from the radio. I say it enough to make you nauseous. BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. The white-dominated media, next to Christianity, is the primary cause of our self-hate. There is NOTHING of good on the television, radio, magazines, newspapers, books, movies, billboards and anything else I missed, for the Asiatic Black Nation in the Wilderness of North America or anywhere else on the Earth.

This song was our way of voicing our protest over the murderous actions of the Ku Klux Klan towards our own people and the devils BANNED it as if WE were the ones committing murder!

It’s just like if a white person attacks a Black person every thing is cool until the Black person starts fighting back. Then they send out the National Guard to arrest the BLACK PERSON!

The white race is a race of devils. All Praise is Due To Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, for The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). You will believe Us one of these days.

Universal made this cartoon.

Believe me now?



Chapter 18

Original Man

Know Thyself

     It is knowledge of self that the so-called Negroes lack which keeps them from enjoying freedom, justice and equality. This belongs to them divinely as much as it does to other nations of the earth.

     It is Allah’s (God’s) will and purpose that we shall know ourselves. Therefore He came Himself to teach us the knowledge of self. Who is better knowing of who we are than God, Himself? He has declared that we are descendants of the Asiatic Black Nation and the Tribe of Shabazz.

     You might ask, who is this Tribe of Shabazz? Originally, they were the tribe that came with the earth (or this part) 66 trillion years ago when a great explosion on our planet divided it into two parts. One we call earth and the other moon.

     This was done by one of our scientists, God, who wanted the people to speak one language, one dialect for all, but was unable to bring this about. He decided to kill us by destroying our planet, but still he failed. We were lucky to be on this part, earth, which did not lose its water in the mighty blasting away of the part called moon.

     We, the Tribe of Shabazz, says Allah (God), were the first to discover the best part of our planet to live on. The rich Nile Valley of Egypt and the present seat of the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia.

     The origin of our kinky hair, says Allah, came from one of our dissatisfied scientists, 50,000 years ago, who wanted to make all of us tough and hard in order to endure the life of the jungles of East Asia (Africa) and to overcome the beasts there. But he failed to get the others to agree with him.

     He took his family and moved into the jungle to prove to us that we could live there and conquer the wild beasts, and we have. So, being the first and the smartest scientist on the deportation of our moon and the one who suffered most of all, Allah (God) has decided to place us on the top with a thorough knowledge of self and His guidance.

     We are the mighty, the wise, the best, but do not know it. Being without the knowledge, we disgrace ourselves, subjecting ourselves to suffering and shame. We could not get the knowledge of self until the coming of Allah. To know thyself is to know all men, as from us came all and to us all will return.

     I must keep warning you that you should be give up the white race’s names and religion in order to gain success. Their days of success are over. Their rule will last only as long as you remain asleep to the knowledge of self.

     Awake and know that Allah has revealed the truth. Stop believing in something coming to you after you are physically dead. That is untrue, and no one can show any proof of such belief.

     Again, know that Jesus was only a prophet and cannot hear you pray any more than Moses or any other dead prophet. Know too, that this white race was created to be the enemy of black mankind for 6,000 years, which makes their number to be six. That is not your number or mine. We do not have a number, because we have no birth record. Do not let anyone fool you. This is the separation and the War of Armageddon.