Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings on OUR SAVIOUR


“It just came to me like this; that this is the Son of Man that the Bible said, or prophesied, would come in the Last Days…

“When I first heard of Islam it was in Detroit Michigan, back in the early fall of 1931, and I heard that there was a man teaching Islam by the name of Mr. Wallace Fard. Well at that time, mostly, He used the initial Mr. W.D. Fard. That was in Detroit Michigan. And when I heard what was said, I wanted to meet Him. I finally met Him, and when I met Him, I looked at Him, and it just came to me like this; that this is the Son of Man that the Bible said, or prophesied, would come in the Last Days of the world. I couldn’t get that out of me. I shook hands with Him, and I said to Him, “You are the One that the Bible prophesies that would come at the end of the world under the name Son of Man and under The Second Coming of Jesus.

“He looked at me a little stern, and then He smiled, and He put His head down beside my head, then whispered in my ear and said these words, He said, ‘Yes, I am the One, but who knows that but yourself, and be quiet.’ He patted His hand on my shoulder, give me a kind of a little shove a way around him. There were more present and He started talking to some of them.

“About a month later, He told my wife to tell me to go ahead and start teaching out there in, what was then a little part, but now, I would say, a very large part of Hamtramck Michigan, outside of Detroit. Hamtramck is near Detroit, and I was living in Hamtramck at that time. So, He says to my wife, ‘You tell him that he can go ahead’, because I had wrote Him, and He received my letter and I was telling Him what I could not tell Him in the public. And then He said to me: ‘You go ahead and start teaching, and I will back you up.’

“I started teaching that He was the answer to the prophecy of the coming of Jesus two thousand years after Jesus’ birth, and that this is the Man, at that time. So, I did begin teaching that the Son of Man or the Second Coming of Jesus was present. This was He now, here among us.

“He didn’t allow me to go too far with that kind of teaching while He was present. He told me, ‘You can do that after I am gone.’ He said, ‘Don’t talk too much about Me now.’ He said, ‘Give them a little milk.’

“That’s the way He talked all the time; He never would just say anything hardly direct. He would give it to you in a way that you would have to learn just exactly what He meant by what He said. And so, He said, ‘You cannot give babies meat.’ I understood what He was referring to. And so He said, ‘Give the little baby milk.’ He said, ‘When I am gone,’ He said, ‘then you can say whatever you want to about Me.’

“Well, I was not too much learned into scripture at that time, and I had not studied too much, but I had, from a child up, wanted to learn the scripture, because my father was a preacher, and I always, from a child up, wanted to help him or take his place one day as a preacher.

“I was always studying the Bible. I had read much about the coming of the judgement and the coming of God and Jesus returning to resurrect the dead and all like that. I had studied much of that. All of His talk and teachings corresponded with what I had learned of the scripture; therefore, I had become one of His, I should say, convert one hundred percent.

“On His leave of us, He began to tell me what I may expect, what will come to pass, and what I should do to try and make my people qualified, rather to reform them and make them acceptable by the Islamic people. He told me to teach them that they must change completely in the way of righteousness, and that they would have to forego the names that they were in and that He would give them all a name Himself. There was much He said, much He said to me.

“He used to teach me night and day. We used to sit sometime from early part of the night until sunrise and after sunrise. He would teach all night long for about two years or more. He was with us three years and a little better and I was constantly around Him and He was constantly teaching me of things of Islam, and what is to come and what was before. This is the way that we began.

“He first gave me a name at that time of Karriem. He called me Elijah Karriem. Later, about a year before He left us, He gave me the name Muhammad. He changed my name. He said, ‘I will give you a better name than Karriem,’ He said, ‘You take Muhammad, My name.’ And so that was about it, and He named all of my family Muhammad.





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(The Honorable Elijah Muhammad)


Nimrod married his mother Ester when Moses (Musa) was sent to the devils 4,000 years ago. This meant the end of the Blackman’s power to keep them in their boundaries of Europe. This brought them out of the caves putting them on the road to the conquest of Asia, (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow man).

Nimrod killed his father and began sleeping with his mother, Ester, known today as the holiday called Easter.

She had children by her son Nimrod, making Nimrod his own father and son, which was the beginning of the lie that God and son are one and the same. It’s true that this made Nimrod, his own father but the father and the son could never be identical. This is also where the lie originated of the “Immaculate Conception” woman giving birth without the agency of man.

Nimrod and his mother were worshipped by the people, and knowing that if they found out that she was bearing her son’s children they would not respect her, she lied telling the people that the spirit was visiting her, giving her babies. The people, being paganish, believed those lies thus establishing a holiday called Easter commemorating her birthday. They used the sign of the rabbit, which is an over-sexed animal; and eggs representing the first stage of the “embryo” chicken, which is capable of laying eggs without a male, was also used.

Nimrod would go into Asia robbing the brothers of their wealth. Using his unalike attracting power, he was able to steal and divide the brothers. The cross originated as a symbol meaning death and dividing the four brothers, so that Nimrod could rule. The cross is used in most European nations today in their flag in the same form.

Christmas being Nimrod’s birthday has all the signs; the evergreen meaning everlasting life for the Caucasian; the ornaments signifies all the riches and pretty things that the Blackman has. The star on the top of the tree, meaning the devils brain as being powerful enough to keep the Blackman divided, or in the cross.

Santa Claus is the symbol of Nimrod bringing gifts back to Europe from Asia. A pagan religion was adopted by the Jews in Judaism. They didn’t want the Blackman’s religion, Islam, nor would they accept the Yellowman’s religion, Buddhism, the whiteman had to invent himself a religion that would fit his nature, for his being evil, his religion had to be flexible enough to allow him to practice his evil and worship statues, drink blood (wine), eat (body flesh), etc.

They applied the teachings of Moses (Islam) to paganism, thus Judaism began. Judaism kept the Jews a united people. The other devils used parts of Judaism, paganism and combined all those teachings together, thus began Catholicism, out of Catholicism they invented Christianity 551 years ago. We wouldn’t expect a whiteman to accept a Black, Brown, Red and Yellowman’s religion. They hate everything Black… That stands for Black.

Christmas was set up as a memorial to Nimrod. The Christmas tree is an “Evergree tree”, this means that it is green or has life, all year round and does not die out like other trees.

1. Evergreen tree is used at Christmas as a symbol to represent everlasting life for the white race.

2. It sits in a box held in place by a cross which represents the division of the four brothers; Black, Brown, Red and Yellow, which support the white race.

3. The trinkets and ornaments represents the riches, wealth and knowledge of the Blackman which was stolen by Nimrod and brought back to the white race in Europe.

4. The star on top of the tree represents the superior brain power of the white race to remain on top.

5. Santa Claus represents Nimrod bringing the riches of the Blackman back to Europe. (They do not explain where Santa Claus gets the presents from do they).

Note: Santa Claus robbing Black people at Christmas is similar to Nimrod’s work

Note: This also is included at the end of Nimrod’s history: Judaism is a mixture of Moses’ teachings, Islam, and paganism to make it more flexible.

December 25th is the birthday of Nimrod. Nimrod is mentioned in the Bible (Old Testament) as a mighty, mighty hunter in opposition to God. This is because he turned against the teachings of Moses. Nimrod was a white man who was born 300 years before Christ. He took the teachings of Moses and used them as a game to set up the early pagan Empires such as Greece and Rome. According to the Bible, he is the son of Cush. He went among the pagan white people of Europe who rejected the teachings of Moses and used the knowledge to become ruler of the people.

Nimrod killed his father and married his mother whose name was Ester. Today called Easter…When Nimrod’s wife (mother) had her first child he feared that the people would lose respect for him if they knew he was making babies through his own mother (it was a secret that they were married) therefore, to fool the people, Nimrod told the people that the Holy Ghost had impregnated his mother. This was the beginning of the great lie told about the birth of Jesus. The lie that a woman can have a baby without the agency of the male sperm. This lie began 300 years before Jesus was born.

Easter is Ester’s birthday. The rabbit is used because he is an oversexed animal (but a rabbit does not lay eggs). There is more to this but I will not include it now. Just like Alexander the Great, Nimrod went among the original people to divide and rob them of their wealth.

To rob the original has always been the work of the white race.

Nimrod would bring the wealth back to his own people in Europe. For this they loved him as a ruler. This is what all the white explorers and conquerors have done; from John Hawkins to the Peace Corps.







How to Eat to Live, Book Two



Eat one meal a day of good food that Allah (God) prescribes for us.

Strict Orthodox Jews follow the law that Allah gave to Moses on what food to eat and those strict Jews will not eat the prohibited foods that Allah made prohibited. So, their food is good for you, Allah teaches us in the Holy Qur-an. And, the strict Muslim food is good for the Jew.

TOUCH NOT that which Allah has forbidden to be touched. There are many tricks that the devil is playing on the total population in our foods and drinks so we have to be on our guard when we go to the market to purchase our food.

There are some people who love to eat poison foods and drinks and they write me trying to defend themselves in eating other than good foods. One writer asked me a question on the eating of hog for cure. Sometime ago, I wrote that the white race is saying if you cook it (the hog) thoroughly done, you are destroying this pork worm in it. But, I also remind you that the very flesh is Divinely prohibited and that you should not even touch the flesh – not to think of eating it.

Regardless to how long you cook it, you still should not eat it.


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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim



Chapter 5


“Take heed to yourselves that your hearts be not deceived and you turn aside, and serve other gods; worship them.” (Deut. 11:16)

The American so-called Negroes are gravely deceived by their slave-masters’ teaching of God and the true religion of God. They do not know that they are deceived and do earnestly believe that they are taught right regardless of how evil the white race may be. Not knowing “self” or anyone else, they are a prey in the hands of the white race, the world’s archdeceivers (the real devils in person). You are made to believe that you worship the true God, but you do not! God is unknown to you in that which the white race teaches you (a mystery God).

The great archdeceivers (the white race) were taught by their father, Yakub, 6,000 years ago, how to teach that God is a spirit (spook) and not a man.  In the grafting of his people, (the white race), Mr. Yakub taught his people to contend with us over the reality of God by asking us of the whereabouts of that first One (God) who created the heavens and the earth, and that, Yakub said, we cannot do. Well, we all know that there was a God in the beginning that created all these things and do know that He does not exist today. But we know again that from that God the person of God continued until today in His people, and today a Supreme One (God) has appeared among us with the same infinite wisdom to bring about a complete change.

This is He whom I preach and teach you to believe and obey. The devil calls Him a Mystery God but yet claims that He begot a son by Mary. They call on you and me to take this son of  Mary for a God, who was a man before and after his death. Yet they deny the coming of God to be a man. If Jesus were a Son of God, what about Moses and the other prophets? Were they not His Sons since they were His prophets?

The belief in a God other than man (a spirit) Allah has taught me goes back into the millions of years – long before Yakub (the father of the devils) – because the knowledge of God was kept as a secret from the public. This is the first time that it has ever been revealed, and we, the poor rejected and despised people, are blessed to be the first of all the people of earth to receive this secret knowledge of God. If this people (the white race) would teach you truth which has been revealed to me, they would be hastening their own doom – for they were not created to teach us the truth but rather to teach us falsehood (just contrary to the truth).

It stands true that they are enemies of the truth by their ever warring against the truth. They know that Islam is the truth; they know that the history of them that God has revealed to me is the truth but do not like for you to know such truth of them. Therefore, they seek every means to oppose this teaching. They try everyone of you that say that you believe it and are my followers. They are watching you and me, seeking a chance to do us harm. They are so upset and afraid that they visit you at your homes to question you of your sincerity of Islam.

As David said in his Psalms (37:32): “The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him.” Also, Psalms (37:30): “The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.”  And in another place (Psa. 94:16): “Who will rise up for me against the workers of iniquity?”  I have answered Him and said, “Here I am, take me.” For the evil done against my people (the so-called Negroes) I will not keep silent until He executes judgment and defends my cause. Fear not my life, for He is well able to defend it. Know that God is a man and not a spook!



Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim




Know Truth About Flesh of the Swine

I told you how Allah taught me the birth of the swine, and for the purpose for making this animal only was for the whites. Because of their being a grafted race, they were made weaker, physically, through the man from whom they came (the Black man). Since the body of the grafted is weaker than the original body, it would be easier for them to attract germs than the original man. You should not argue with me about this because all of the diseases that trouble us today – from social disease to cancer – came from the white race, one way or another.

Do not tell me about four or five hundred years or one thousand years; I am referring to this people’s entire historical scope. They have had 6,000 years to mix and poison our people. Some of you are foolish enough to accept all the blame. But God clears you of it. This refers to those who love the devils so well they would like to dispute God about them. I am teaching, only, you the truth – take it or leave it.

They are too wise to dispute the truth. Read the story in the Bible where Jesus met a man who was possessed of evil spirits. When the evil spirits recognized Jesus to be from God – knowing they would have no chance to contend with him over their presence in the man where they did not belong – they pleaded with Jesus to let them go into the swine, and Jesus agreed. The man who was possessed of evil spirits was none other than the American so-called Negroes. The evil spirits in them are from the white race, making them eat the divinely-prohibited flesh of the swine. The devils were allowed to go into the swine. They ran down a steep place into a lake or sea and perished.

Here the picture changes; the meaning changes a bit. The hog was made for the white race for medical purposes – not even for them to eat it – but they could eat it if they wanted to, since they were created to be destroyed. They use this hog in much of their medical preparation, even to the German 606 (606 poison germs).

Allah taught me that one of these germs came from the swine. However, the white man will advise you to eat it. He would have you think the swine is cleaner now than he was in Jesus’ time, but wouldn’t God know – 4,000 years from Moses – if this swine would be clear of poison? You admit God is a Fore-knower.

The whole story was twisted around. They want you to think God did not know about this process of the devils leaving the man and entering the swine until after it happened. Actually, God knew it was going to happen before it took place. Using deceit, they have succeeded in getting you to eat the swine as food, though it was made to produce a poisonous germ for medical purposes in curing the diseases of the white race.

This is how he makes you to break all of the commandments of God. Because he is God’s enemy and yours and mine, he has you breaking the divine law. We did this because we saw him doing it and at that time had no teacher of our own. These are the tricks of your hidden enemies and their own concocted religion called Christianity, which is deceiving and leading you to your doom with them.

I am your brother, and Allah has revealed to me the truth for your salvation. Jesus also prophesied that the truth would free you – that is, if you accept the truth. The thing you must understand in this parable of Jesus is that, actually, the visible swine could not have gone crazy and choked in the sea or lake, because of the spirit of the devil was sent in them in the meaning that Jesus wants you to understand. The swine that was choked to death in the sea after the spirit of the devil was taken out of the man, the believers among the so-called American Negroes, and the swine that ran into the lake and perished, is the disbelievers among the so-called Negroes who refuse to accept the truth. They will be cast alive in a lake of fire with the devils.

As you have in the Bible, Lucifer’s (Yakub) fall also represents the fall of his race. The lake or sea in which they choked and perished, is the same lake mentioned in the Revelations of John – that all that had the mark of the beast, the representatives of the beast and the false prophets (priests and preachers of Christianity) are referred to as being cast alive in a lake of fire.

I hope you understand. What I am trying to get over is that you who reject Allah and His true religion – entire submission to His will as the Arabs call it, Islam – will perish in the lake of fire with this race of adversaries of Allah and His true religion, to which they refuse to submit. They now are trying to woo you into sharing hell-fire with them, though they know that you have a chance to go to heaven while they do not.

I cannot force you to halt your down-hill plunge with them into the lake of fire. I only have been missioned to warn you in the simplest language. I cannot force you to go to hell or heaven.

Your sweethearting and wanting to marry them is like a frog trying to court a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake gives the frog freedom to do so because he intends to swallow the frog. Taking the death dealing pill and the knife to destroy your future generations are examples. Socializing with them is no sign of justice, but a sign that they have deceived you into going to hell with them. Take it leave it.


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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim





Who is able to make war with him? (Rev. 13:4)

dreadful and terrible (Dan. 7:7)

God and His Prophets could not have given the white race a better name (serpent) according to the characteristics of that race. The serpent of Genesis 3:1 was none other than the devil (white race). He deceived Adam and his wife, causing them to disobey Allah (God), which was the plan of the serpent (devil), according to the history of the devils. Their greatest desire is to make the righteous disobey the law of righteousness.

They are referred to by this name serpent in the Holy Qur-an (37:65) translated by Maulvi Muhammad Ali: “To a tree that grows in the bottom of hell, its produce is as the heads of serpents which the disbelievers shall eat from.” In his footnote (2112), he says:  “That the Arabs apply the name Shaitan to a sort of serpent having a mane, ugly or foul in the head and face.” In Mr. Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Holy Qur-an in English, the same chapter and verse (37:65), it reads: “The shoots of its fruit stalks are like the heads of devils.”

The Bible’s forbidden tree (Gen. 2:17) was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This also tells us that the tree was a person, for trees know nothing! This tree of knowledge was forbidden to Adam and Eve. The only one whom this tree could be is the devil. After deceiving Adam and his wife, he has been called a serpent due to his keen knowledge of tricks and his acts of shrewdness; he made his acquaintance with Adam and his wife in the absence of God. Since this is the nature of a liar, he can best lie to the people when truth is absent.

We know that there was never a time when an actual serpent (or snake) could talk and deceive people in the knowledge of God’s law. This same serpent is mentioned in Revelation 12:9 as a deceiver. There (12:9) it is made clear to us that the serpent is “the dragon, devil and satan which deceiveth the whole world.”  In Gen. (3:1) he appeared in the Garden of Paradise before the woman and deceived her. (Rev. 12:4) He stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered to devour her child as soon as it is born.

The serpent, the devil, dragon, satan, seems to have been seeking the weaker part of man (the woman) to bring to naught the man – the Divine Man. It is his first and last trick to deceive the people of God through the woman or with the woman. He is using his woman to tempt the black man by parading her half-nude before his eyes and with public love-making, indecent kissing and dancing over radio and television screens and throughout their public papers and magazines. He is flooding the world with propaganda against God and His true religion, Islam. He stands before the so-called Negro woman to deceive her by feigning love and love-making with her, give the so-called Negro woman preference over her husband or brother in hiring.

In some cities, the Negro woman receives a much higher salary than the so-called Negro man. The devil takes the so-called Negro woman and puts his hands and arms around her body. She may be married or single, it makes no difference. Whenever he can he is making eyes at her. This is an outright destruction of the moral principles of the black man.

In some cities, we convert five to one woman. The so-called Negroes should unite and put a stop to the destruction of their women by the serpent. The woman in (Rev. 12:4) actually refers to the last Apostle of God, and her child refers to his followers, or the entire Negro race as they are called, who are now ready to be delivered (go to their own).


Strawberry Coffee Cake

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Black Sisters!

I found this recipe and tried it and my son absolutely LOVED it. He asked if I could make it every day. 🙂 The original recipe called for Pineapples and only half the amount I used. But my son likes strawberries, so I substituted strawberries for the pineapple and increased the amount. Any kind of fruit will probably work. By the way, this is not a picture of this recipe, but it looks something like this. I used whole-wheat flour, so it comes out somewhat darker. But you get the idea.

Next time, I’m not going to use the cornstarch either. I think it is just supposed to thicken up the filling, but I don’t think it needs it. I’ll update next time. Also, it won’t have the crumbly things like on most coffee cakes. But, you won’t miss it. 🙂


*You can read How To Eat To Live, Book Two in its entirety by clicking here.*




1 cup homemade butter (freshly-made or softened)
1 cup honey
4 eggs
1 t vanilla extract
2 1/4 cups whole-wheat flour
1 t baking powder
1/2 t baking soda

2 lbs. strawberries
1+ cup honey
3 T corn starch

Filling:  Wash and remove stems from strawberries. Blend in a blender.  Transfer to medium sized bowl. Add honey and cornstarch. Heat until bubbly.

Cake: Preheat oven to 350°. Beat together butter, honey and eggs. Add vanilla. In a separate bowl, sift together dry ingredients, then slowly add to the creamed mixture of butter, honey, eggs and vanilla. Mix thoroughly.
Pour 3/4 of the mixture into a buttered 9″x13″ pan. Spread filling mixture on top of this, then pour the remaining cake batter on top.
Bake at 350° for 30-45 minutes or until batter is solid. Cool.