Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings on OUR SAVIOUR


“It just came to me like this; that this is the Son of Man that the Bible said, or prophesied, would come in the Last Days…

“When I first heard of Islam it was in Detroit Michigan, back in the early fall of 1931, and I heard that there was a man teaching Islam by the name of Mr. Wallace Fard. Well at that time, mostly, He used the initial Mr. W.D. Fard. That was in Detroit Michigan. And when I heard what was said, I wanted to meet Him. I finally met Him, and when I met Him, I looked at Him, and it just came to me like this; that this is the Son of Man that the Bible said, or prophesied, would come in the Last Days of the world. I couldn’t get that out of me. I shook hands with Him, and I said to Him, “You are the One that the Bible prophesies that would come at the end of the world under the name Son of Man and under The Second Coming of Jesus.

“He looked at me a little stern, and then He smiled, and He put His head down beside my head, then whispered in my ear and said these words, He said, ‘Yes, I am the One, but who knows that but yourself, and be quiet.’ He patted His hand on my shoulder, give me a kind of a little shove a way around him. There were more present and He started talking to some of them.

“About a month later, He told my wife to tell me to go ahead and start teaching out there in, what was then a little part, but now, I would say, a very large part of Hamtramck Michigan, outside of Detroit. Hamtramck is near Detroit, and I was living in Hamtramck at that time. So, He says to my wife, ‘You tell him that he can go ahead’, because I had wrote Him, and He received my letter and I was telling Him what I could not tell Him in the public. And then He said to me: ‘You go ahead and start teaching, and I will back you up.’

“I started teaching that He was the answer to the prophecy of the coming of Jesus two thousand years after Jesus’ birth, and that this is the Man, at that time. So, I did begin teaching that the Son of Man or the Second Coming of Jesus was present. This was He now, here among us.

“He didn’t allow me to go too far with that kind of teaching while He was present. He told me, ‘You can do that after I am gone.’ He said, ‘Don’t talk too much about Me now.’ He said, ‘Give them a little milk.’

“That’s the way He talked all the time; He never would just say anything hardly direct. He would give it to you in a way that you would have to learn just exactly what He meant by what He said. And so, He said, ‘You cannot give babies meat.’ I understood what He was referring to. And so He said, ‘Give the little baby milk.’ He said, ‘When I am gone,’ He said, ‘then you can say whatever you want to about Me.’

“Well, I was not too much learned into scripture at that time, and I had not studied too much, but I had, from a child up, wanted to learn the scripture, because my father was a preacher, and I always, from a child up, wanted to help him or take his place one day as a preacher.

“I was always studying the Bible. I had read much about the coming of the judgement and the coming of God and Jesus returning to resurrect the dead and all like that. I had studied much of that. All of His talk and teachings corresponded with what I had learned of the scripture; therefore, I had become one of His, I should say, convert one hundred percent.

“On His leave of us, He began to tell me what I may expect, what will come to pass, and what I should do to try and make my people qualified, rather to reform them and make them acceptable by the Islamic people. He told me to teach them that they must change completely in the way of righteousness, and that they would have to forego the names that they were in and that He would give them all a name Himself. There was much He said, much He said to me.

“He used to teach me night and day. We used to sit sometime from early part of the night until sunrise and after sunrise. He would teach all night long for about two years or more. He was with us three years and a little better and I was constantly around Him and He was constantly teaching me of things of Islam, and what is to come and what was before. This is the way that we began.

“He first gave me a name at that time of Karriem. He called me Elijah Karriem. Later, about a year before He left us, He gave me the name Muhammad. He changed my name. He said, ‘I will give you a better name than Karriem,’ He said, ‘You take Muhammad, My name.’ And so that was about it, and He named all of my family Muhammad.

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