Why Black Man Should Be Called By The Names Of God




Why Black Man Should Be Called By the Names of God

The Black man from the root beginning is from a Black Father. Therefore, he should go in the Name of his Black Father.

As I have said, as long as the so-called American Negro is blind to the knowledge of self, he does not know by what name he should be called. You could call him anything and he would answer to it, for he does not know his True Name.

The white man calls the so-called American Negro by many nick-names. The so-called American Negro then re-nicknames himself the nick-names of the white man, although he does not even know what they mean.

The Black man (so-called American Negro) is a member of the family and a direct descendant of the Creator Who made the Heavens and the Earth. Therefore, the son should be called by the Name of his Father and not called by the name of an alien. The white race is an alien people to the Black Man.

So many times you have heard that God has ninety-nine (99) Names or Attributes (That Which is Attributed to God). The 100th Name or Attribute of God is the Name, Allah, Which Represents that He is All in All, of every Good name. His Name Begins with the Name Creator and Ends with The First and The Last, The Eternal. Many of His Attributes refer to such names as Power, Force, The Mighty, The Wise, The Most Merciful, The Maker, The Fashioner, The Best Knower, The All-Hearing One, The All-Seeing One.

The Holy Qur’an says that He has the Best Names the Most Beautiful Names. So many of these Names that we should have are pertaining to Our Father.

His Name of Praise and of “worthy of Praise” are just a few of the Great Names Which Belong to God, and He Wants to Give Them to us. The Bible teaches us that He Will Give His Names to those who believe in Him. According to the Bible, Rev. 7:3, the Judgment cannot take place until those Who Believe in Him are Given His Name (sealed in their forehead).

Will you turn down a Great Name which will Live Forever, Bible Is. 56:5, in exchange for the nick-names of your very enemies? They have no meaning as to a human being, such as Mr. Fish. We are human beings and should not be called Mr. Fish. They name you Mr. Hog. You are not a Hog. They call you Mr. Bird. We should not be called bird. We are not winged fowl. They are names which are worthless to human beings.

The only white people who are allowed to use One of the Names of Allah (God) is one who has accepted Islam. These Names are given to them because of their faith in the religion of Allah (God). However, this does not mean that by nature these Names belong to them.

It is only you, Black Brother, that by nature should be called by the Names of your God and Father, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

This is what Allah has taught me. Believe it or let it alone!


The World



Our Saviour Has Arrived


The World

The World (under the rule of the white race) that we have been living in had a duration of time of 6,000 years. We have been living in The World for the duration of her time, and now her time is up, and she (The World) is conscious to the fact that God Will Rule the people in a government of Righteousness.

The Old World (of the white race) that is now going out cannot rule the people in righteousness because nature did not give them any righteousness!

Therefore, the two (the righteous and the unrighteous) disagree with each other and they cannot live in peace with each other.

Therefore, the two must be divided, and the followers of each can go along with their own leader. The righteous will follow their own leader and the wicked will follow their own leader.

This is symbolized in the Bible under the symbols of “the Sheep and the goats.” If you study the nature of these two animals, you will find that there is a great difference between them.

One Animal (the sheep) is trustworthy; and the other animal (the goat) is untrustworthy. By nature the Black People are good, but the Black Man is like a sheep – if the wrong people, the evil people, teach and guide him, he will become like his evil guide.

But as soon as you take the Black Man away from the evil guide and put him under his own good guide, he will go to his own good guide and he will follow him because, by nature, the Black Man loves good.

This is why the Bible prophesies of a great separation (of the people) coming about before the end of The World of the wicked who love to take people and mix them up and make them to believe in other than right.

As you may have learned, if there is any good Black Man in America, and if his goodness is such that he refuses to teach people to follow the guide who is no good – then the no-good man becomes a hater of that good person and seeks the death of the good person.

The no-good man speaks evil of that good man just because the good man makes manifest the no-good man. Being no-good he does not want to be made manifest to The World because the no-good man seeks to keep The World under his no-good guidance.

The Doom of The World (of the white man) and the Time when his doom will come (now is the time of his doom) but those whom he has made blind, deaf, and dumb do not know who he is nor the time that he is to be taken away.

So, therefore, The World (of the white race) is filled with confusion and they do not know what to do themselves. They have confused the Black Man to the extent that the Black Man does not know now whether he should go for himself or remain seeking guidance from the devil.

But Allah (God) Will Not Let any of us be blind, today, to the truth. This is why He Came Himself; to be sure there will not be any mistake made. Allah (God) Makes For Himself A Messenger.

Then Allah (God) Guides the Messenger Himself. He does Not Leave the Messenger to do all of the Guiding. Then Allah (God) Sends Angels to see that His Guidance is carried out like He Taught the Messenger to do.

Great World of confusion – fighting is raging all over this World of those who love fighting. The proper thing that we Black Folks should do, today, is to unite together behind the Divine One whom God Approves — the One whose work is seen — the one whose work is made manifest to the eye of The Whole Entire World.

This is He Who Wrote This Book!

Hurry, Black Man, And Get Out Of The Name Of The White Man Before It Is Too Late! ! !



Our Saviour Has Arrived


Chapter 4

The Hidden Truth

Hiding the truth is a very serious thing to do. It causes harm and disappointment and causes one to be misled. It causes loss of property and life. It causes loss of friendship, beloved ones and loss of confidence and trust. In court, it causes heavy penalties and someone’s being sent to prison or to death for that of which they are innocent. The greatest and gravest of all is the slavemasters’ hiding of the truth that will exalt and save his slave. This is that great truth that white America is hiding from her once slaves (the Black man and woman).

The white people know of and see the Salvation of their slaves that is now present. They are doing everything they possibly can to deceive the Black man and woman into thinking that they (white people) hold out greater and better promises for a future to the Black Man and woman in America than Allah (God). This will deceive many of our people. Read the 7th Surah (Chapter) of the Holy Qur’an where the devil is made to confess his deceiving of the people in these words: “Allah promised you the promise of truth. I promised you, but failed to fulfill.”

As you know, the Revelation of the Bible under the title of John, teaches us that the old dragon beast (referring to the white civilization) deceived the whole world, and they have done just that. Allah has taught me they deceived 90 per cent of the total population of the planet earth.  The only way the white race can survive and rule is by making false appear as truth and truth to appear as false. The white race was made by nature without the truth. Jesus said (Bible John 8:44) that there was no truth in them, for their father was a liar and a murderer. Therefore his children (white race) cannot be otherwise. We should know the truth of the seriousness of the time that we are now living in.

The truth will save our lives if we believe it. America is at war with the darker people (Brown, Yellow, and every race regardless of color) today, but she refuses to tell you the truth of this war that is now taking many lives. This is hiding the truth. What is she trying to get peace for? If these people’s losses are as great as the radio and other news media state, the enemy would be on his knees begging for peace. It seems as if it is now vice versa. This is hiding the truth. Allah has said to me that America will not admit the truth of her losses until we see it on our heels.

The Black Man of America never has put any confidence in anyone but his white slavemaster. Regardless of how ill – treated the Black Man may be, he still has hopes of his master telling him the truth. The real truth is that America is under Divine Judgment to destroy her for the evils done to Allah’s people (the Black Man in America). Hiding the truth takes away confidence, trust and love.



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



Actual excerpt taken from radio station W.C.N.B. in Detroit, 1933. Religion in Brief. –Guest speakers tonight include Mr. Wallace Fard (Allah, God in Person, however, He Had Not Revealed His True Self at the time of this interview) and world-renowned mathematician and scientist, Mr. Albert Einstein.

(Announcer, Mr. Brandon): Gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to have you two here tonight as guests on Religion in Brief. It serves us here at station W.C.N.B., as well as the public, as a great opportunity to get a chance to probe in activities and lifestyles, philosophies and religious outlooks of you two gentlemen who are contributing much energy to certain sections of our nation – Mr. Einstein, to our scientific advancement in the Principles of Relativity and Mr. Fard to the minority of our nation with what I’ve heard you say on many occasions in the past “Knowledge of Self”. Mr. Einstein, could you give our listeners a brief run down on yourself?

(MR. EINSTEIN): Yes, I’d be glad to. First, I’d like to say thank you Mr. Brandon for inviting me on your show tonight. I feel comfortable and it is a pleasure to be here. At this stage of my work, I am involved in certain experiments, which cover the scope of “Atomic enlightenment” as well as developments for this country in case of nuclear warfare. Second, Mr. Brandon, they refer me as being a scientist, opening up new channels to the principles of relativity. Now I say, my work includes the science of matter and energy, and of the interaction between the two. Thus, I would rather be known to the world as a theoretical physicist in the mathematical view of relativity.

(Mr. Brandon): Very interesting. Mr. Fard, could you give the listeners a brief run down on yourself?

(W.F. MUHAMMAD): Salaam-Alaikum. For you, Mr. Brandon, Mr. Einstein and the listeners elsewhere and abroad. My Attribute is Fard Muhammad Ibn Alfonso. I extend my thanks first to Allah, God, for enabling Me to be here tonight. Your offer, Mr. Brandon, is greatly appreciated by Me, may Allah bless you.

A little about Myself: I am SON OF MAN, as it is written; “Seeking to Save that which was Lost, and Restore again that which has gone astray.”

(MR. BRANDON): Thank you gentlemen. We’ll be right back in 60 seconds.

(MR. BRANDON): We’re back at station W.C.N.B. 1440 on your dial. Religion in Brief. Tonight our guests are Mr. Albert Einstein and Mr. Wallace, excuse me, Mr. Fard Muhammad. Mr. Muhammad what would you say your complete theory of religion and Islam is?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): For years now people have been asking Me questions about My theory of Religion, Truth, Islam, Allah, etc., etc… – People who have attended My lectures throughout Illinois, Michigan and some in L.A.

But you see, Mr. Brandon, 95% of the population have made Religion and Truth something permanent, and is religion and Truth permanent? If it is, then it is continuous, and what is continuous is not Truth.

That is the Beauty of Truth. It must be discovered from moment to moment, not remembered. A remembered truth is a dead thing. Truth must be discovered from moment, because it is Living. It is Never the same; yet each time you discover it, it is the same.

What is important is not to make a Theory of Truth – not to say Truth is permanent in us and all the rest [falsehood] is an invention of the old [world], who are frightened of both life and death. It is the Skunk Race [Devil Caucasians], who are decaying, and their philosophies have no validity.

The Fact is that Truth is Life, and has no permanency [no one lives forever]. It cannot be taken for granted that you know Life. Your amusement and your thinking process – that dull, repetitive process, is Not Life, Nor Truth, Neither Religion.

(MR. BRANDON): Mr. Muhammad, I’m sure me, as well as our listeners, have a lot of questions concerning that last statement you made. So let me begin with this: You said Truth is not permanent, nor is it continuous. Then how can it be infinite? If it does not possess those two qualities?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Life is something to be discovered. You cannot discover it if you have not lost it.

If you put aside the things that you have found, do an experiment with what I am saying. Put aside your philosophies, your religion, your customs, you racial taboos, and all the rest of it – for they are not life.

If you are caught in those things you will never discover life. And, the function of education – Knowledge – surely, is to help you discover life all the time.

Now permanent implies continuing in the same state, which is duration, and duration is the time during which something exists. Now once we…

(MR. EINSTEIN): Excuse me, Mr. Muhammad, may I cut you off for a second?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Sure, speak.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Before we move into a different topic, please let me ask you this: If certain individuals stored their religions, philosophies and spiritualism for another’s beliefs, because they might not feel sound, is that not a sin to those of a higher nature?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Those individuals who adopt theosophy, spiritualism, or hypnotism, may possess natures above some others who eschew their false beliefs, therefore, my contest is not with the individual, but with the false system. The Blackman here in the so-called wilderness, loves those people of stature. This is why I shall continue to labor and endure the strong currents of spirituality, the manifestations of which are health, purity, and self-immulation, must deepen human experience; until the beliefs of material existence are seen to be bold impositions; and sin, as well as disease, and death, give everlasting place to the scientific demonstration of Truth in mathematics, and to God, the Perfect Man, Allah.

(MR. BRANDON): We are told that the attainment of Wisdom and Power can only be acquired through study and knowledge.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Of ourselves…….

(MR. BRANDON): We have seen also that the same laws govern the whole Universe, and that if man can understand some of the laws governing, as Mr. Muhammad said  Himself, the tiniest atom, he will have a clue to those which govern the solar system to which they belong; but it would be very difficult to believe that our sun was part of an atom in the cell of a solid body.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Some scientists now claim that the outer-shell is denser than the planets that swing through it. So you see, we must reserve ideas about solidity until we are a little more informed.

(MR. BRANDON): The point that I am trying to make is that through visualizing our vast giant solar system, we can better understand the intimate relation in which the stars stand to each other.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Don’t worry Mr. Brandon. The astrologers make careful calculations of the chemical and spiritual influences set up be the continual changing of the relative positions of the planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) which is man. So let us resolve our arguments concerning that study please.

(MR. BRANDON): Mr. Einstein, there’s a word that you are an atheist. Let me ask you this: Do you believe in God?

(MR. EINSTEIN): I believe in Spinoza’s god?

(MR. BRANDON): You did say Spinoza’s God?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Yes he did, S.P.I.N.O.Z.A., but you see Mr. Einstein, and Mr. Brandon, Spinoza was a mere mortal, who was a philosopher in the 17th century. His full name was Baruch De Spinoza. he was a Dutch-Jewish philosopher who died at the age of 45 (1632-1677). His concept was that the Universe is formed of one substance, which is God, and the reality of mind and matter are the attributes, and that beings such as us are only changing shape in our composition. The concept (Spinozaism) is meritless. The whole theory collapses under its own weight of inaccuracy.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Excuse me Mr. Muhammad, but I am very…what you call cabalistic. I rely not on external experimentation, but on intellect, logic, and intuition. The logic of theory must stem from an inner coherence, not because external evidence makes it most logical over other theories.

(MR. BRANDON): Excuses me gentlemen, let me interrupt you two for a second. Mr. Einstein sir, tell me a little of Spinoza.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Though I cannot here expound the philosophy of Spinoza; I can speak briefly on its aspects: Spinoza attempted to lay the foundation for a new free society, ruled by law, yet also in accord with divine nature. On the one hand, Spinoza presented religion as a product of imagination; leading to piety. On the other hand, Spinoza held that reason and intuition led a man to a union with the source of all things, which is called the intellectual love of God. God, he said, is nature. God is whatever truly lives. In knowing Him we love Him and it is this knowledge of Him which makes man’s mind immortal.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): In those days, Mr. Einstein, that was a dangerous doctrine of immortality; and laid Spinoza open to misunderstanding and invectiveness.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Yet God Himself was ever present in all Spinoza’s writings; so much so, that one commentator did aptly called him a God intoxicated man.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Your philosophy is just heritage. You are merely an abstraction of Spinoza, and indefinable expression of a creed, not universal reasoning and intuition as you state, and not a unity factor when understood completely. It is the illumination of the spiritual understanding which demonstrates the capacity of the soul, not of material senses, such revelation whatever constitutes and perpetuates harmony, enabling one to do good, but not evil (thus there is no unity in this intuition) you will…well, not you two, reach the perfect science of self when you are able to read the human mind. After this manner and discover the error you would destroy.

(MR. BRANDON): Mr. Muhammad, acquaintance with this science, as you say, will enable one to commune more largely with this spiritual understanding?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): I say it is a science, because it is! One second I referred to spirit as mind. and not like you two took it. To understand that mind is infinite, not bound by corporeality; not dependent on the ear and eye for sound or sight, nor upon the muscles and bones for locomotion, is a step forward. The mind science by which we discern man’s nature and existence. This true conception of the Blackman being God destroys the belief of spiritualism and Spinozaism at is very inception, for without the concession of immaterial personalities called spirits, Spiritualism has no more basis upon which to hold. Take the little Black Child for instance…….

(MR. BRANDON): Excuse me Mr. Muhammad, we must take a break at this time. We’ll be back in sixty seconds.

(MR. BRANDON): We’re back and this is Religion in Brief. My name is Keith Brandon your host and tonight we are talking with Mr. Fard Muhammad, and Mr. Albert Einstein. Mr. Muhammad, while we were taking that break you commented about certain expressions of the child, or little children, so to speak, and their….

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Excuse me sir, I said the little Black Child.

(MR. BRANDON): Oh, I’m sorry. The little Black Child, and their awareness process which leads up to adulthood.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Excuse me Mr. Brandon, one second Mr. Muhammad, sir, what is the difference between awareness and sensitivity.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): I wonder if there is any difference. You know, when you ask a question, what is important is to find out for yourself the truth of the matter and not merely accept what someone else says. So let us find out together what it is to be aware. When you observe your reactions to what people say to you and how your mind is always evaluating, judging, comparing, and condensing. This is all part of awareness, which begins on the surface and then goes deeper and deeper, but for most of you, awareness stops at a certain point. But unalike the Blackman, who is surely without doubt the True God of the Universe, Whose proper name is Allah, has no point of end to their awareness. For their brain capacity is 7-1/2 ounces of pure……

(MR. BRANDON): Did you say their brain capacity is 7-1/2 ounces?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Yes, 7-1/2 ounces. The seven is ‘urim’, which is Light, the illumination of science, the only fit preparation for admission to the PRESENCE AND POWER OF THE MOST HIGH. The 1/2 is ‘Thummin’ (check your Bible–Exodus and Ezra) which is Extraordinary Perfection, which does not sleep; only alertness; and if you go into it still more deeply, you will find that there is no division between the person who is aware and the object of which he is aware. Now what does it mean to be sensitive? To be cognizant of color and form; to be considerate, good manners, listen attentively, without being bored, to everything that is said. So is there much difference between sensitivity and awareness? I don’t think so.

(MR. BRANDON): In dealing with facts that contradict some of the things you say, would you still say that the Colored man, the American Negro is truly God?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): The Colored man is your kind, *(pointing to Mr. Einstein), and the only contradiction I’ve heard in the last seconds was ‘American Negro’. Now the broadest facts array the most false lies against themselves; for they bring error from undercover. It requires courage to offer truth, courage such as my Brother, Jesus had. You see the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream; until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion.

(MR. EINSTEIN): You mentioned Jesus as your Brother, to my knowledge Jesus was a Jew. And if you view the Jesus’ achievement through materialistic eyes: seeing only an insignificant minority in possession of a little land and a few battalions; this will seem improbable. It will not seem improbable if a man discards the blinkers of prejudice and views the World not as a ‘thing’ but as an ‘Idea’! Then we may see that two-thirds of the civilized world is already governed by the ideas of the Jews. The ideas of Moses, Jesus, Paul, Spinoza, Marx, Frued. Will the World in the next two thousands years embrace the morality of the Torah, the social justice of the Prophets, the ethics of the Jewish Patriarchs? If so, then in the words of Isaiah; ‘There will be Peace! Peace to him that is far off, and Peace to him that is near’.

(MR. BRANDON): Yes Mr. Muhammad, what Mr. Einstein says I can understand. If Islam is your religion, how can it claim Jesus as one of its chief Prophets when Jesus was a Christian?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): I do not blame Mr. Einstein for his misled knowledge. For I am aware of the origin of this knowledge. Jesus was neither Christian nor Islamic. Christianity was not yet born when Jesus walked the earth, and Islam was not yet named by our Prophet at that time. Jesus taught Love, Freedom of error, Justice in terms of Equality. This making him the Messiah the people were talking about. This was then the political atmosphere into which he stepped, when he had chosen to reveal publicly that he was the Messiah. His destination was the Temple. His aim was to reform some of its practices. Not to destroy them, but reform them; for the Skunk Race still had another 1,914 years left to rule in their ghettos and their darkness.

(MR. EINSTEIN): But the darkness was Light enough! If the Christians looked with derision upon the ridiculous ghetto Jews: The Jews looked with contempt upon those who jeered at them, namely Jesus! As a group they were still the most learned men in the East, Europe, excuse me….They were the only ethnic group in Europe having Universal Education. Into the ghetto they took with them their 3,500 years of cultural heritage, their Talmud, Old Testament, which illuminated their bleak physical existence with intellectual and religious comfort; and the veil of the Jewish women were a sign of the spiritual compensation given by their laws.

(MR. MUHAMMAD): I beg you pardon, Mr. Einstein, but I SPEAK THE TRUTH OF THE ORIGINAL MAN BEING GOD, hear Me when I say what is right! A veil sir, is a cover, it is a concealment, hiding hypocrisy! The Jewish women wore veils over their faces in token reverence and submission and in accordance with Pharisaic notions of the Judaic religion consisting mostly of rites and ceremonies. The motives and affections of a man were of little value; if he only appeared unto men to fast. The Great Nazarene, AS MEEK AS HE WAS MIGHTY, rebuked the hypocrite who offered long petitions for blessing upon material methods; but cloaked the crime latent in thought, which was ready to spring into action and hypocrisy. Allah’s Anointed One, Jesus. THE MARTYRDOM OF JESUS WAS THE CULMINATING SIN OF PHARISAISM. IT RENT THE VEIL OF THE TEMPLE. IT REVEALED THE FALSE FOUNDATION AND SUPERSTRUCTURE OF THE SUPERFICIAL RELIGION. TORE FROM BIGOTRY AND SUPERSTITION THEIR COVERING AND OPENED THE SEPULCHRE WITH DIVINE SCIENCE OF ALLAH.

(MR. BRANDON): Well that concludes our broadcast for today, and I would like to thank both Mr. Einstein, and Mr. Muhammad for joining us here tonight.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Before we go Mr. Brandon, do I have a second?

(MR. BRANDON): Yes, a second.

(MR. EINSTEIN): Ah, Mr. Muhammad, do you speak Arabic? Would you know how to say my name in Arabic, Mr. Muhammad?

(MR. MUHAMMAD): Yes, in Arabic you would say Yacub!

(MR. BRANDON): Thank you folks for listening to Religion in Brief on station W.C.N.B. I’m your host, Keith Brandon, and we’ll be back two Sunday’s from today. Until then, may the Lord bless you. Good Night.



Allah, God, The Supreme Being:

“The knowledge of God has been kept a secret by twelve men on our planet for many thousands of years. The twelve pass their knowledge on from son to son, but the number possessing this knowledge is never more than twelve; and they are not to ever reveal it.

The wisest of scientists have worked, studied, and searched all their life long for the actual knowledge of God and have failed to obtain it. Finally, they formed their own opinions of God.

Many claim that there is no such one (God) and that the Creation of the Universe came by chance. Man’s creation, they say, took place from some lower form of animal life of the sea. But they are never able to prove such theories. There, the people formed their own ideas of God, for they had no true knowledge of God.

How can we know God if He kept Himself from our having a true knowledge of Him? Just what was the purpose of this secret knowledge of God?

We just could not know God unless God made Himself known to us, and there was a set time for Him to make Himself known. Why was there a set time? It was done to keep from interfering with the rule of the devils who also had a set time. The devil is the God of the wicked (the Caucasian race) whose world must be destroyed to allow the World of Righteousness as its ruler. For He has not ruled universally for over six thousand years. Therefore, we have been without the true knowledge of God.

The Bible’s prophets make a prophesy of His coming and not of His presence and only of the spirit of God, not as a person. Therefore, the people worship the spirit (joy and gladness) of God as being the real person of God. They do not believe in the reality of God; only in spirits, wood, stone, iron, gold, silver, Sun, Moon, and Stars. Some even worship beasts, animals, and fowl, snakes, fire, and water as God. This nonsense is to be broken up in these days by the presence of the real God in person.

I am with Allah to convince the world that He is God in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and that idols are things, not persons. According to the Bible and Holy Qur’an, God is referred to by the pronoun “He,” never as “She” – always in the masculine term.

All these scriptures show that He sees, hears, feels, tastes, smells, talks our language, walks, stands, sits, eats, and drinks. Therefore, God must be a human being. He must be a human being, a man since we all refer to Him as being our Father.

Everyone looks forward to seeing the coming of God but who has prepared to meet Him on His coming? What do we expect to see, a spirit? Well we just cannot see spirits. We can only feel the spirit. Will we see a man? The world does not believe that God is a man. What are we to see for God if He is not a man? Let us check on the Bible and Holy Qur’an and see whether or not we should see a spirit or see a man for God.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) “All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds” (Holy Qur’an 1:1).

The above is said by representatives of God and not directly from the mouth of God although the words are true. The whole of the book called Genesis of the Bible is said to be Moses’ Book and what Moses’ said of the history of God’s creation; and of Adam, Seth, Enos, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Abraham, Lot and Melchizedek.

Now God has not addressed Himself to us in Genesis, the opening of the Bible; it is His Prophet, Moses. The Holy Qur’an’s opening chapter is a prayer said by the Prophet Muhammad and all Muslims.

Here God is represented as being the One due all praise; for He is the “Lord of all the worlds” while Moses says that He is the “Creator of heaven and earth.” But the prophet did not say who was God’s creator. Nor does the Holy Qur’an tell us.

The Bible reads that He is the “first and the last,” so does the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an, in referring to God, uses the pronoun “we” far more than the pronoun “I”. The “I” is used in the opening of the second chapter; “I am Allah, the Best Knower.” (2:1)

He addresses Himself to us as being the “Best Knower”; but what we know is; who is this “I am”? And who is this “we”? Is it a man, or the spirit of man, or a spirit without man, or any living creature of the heavens and earth?

The Bible says, “Enoch walked with God (Genesis 5:24). “God talked with Noah” (6:13) and to most of the prophets. Can He be a man or other than a man? God said that, “His spirit shall not always strive with man for that he also is flesh: (Genesis 6:3)

We have a great subject before us to open up to the world. So have patience and, by the help of Allah, I shall prove to you that God is man.

The Nations of the Earth expect the coming of a God Who will overcome and destroy all idol gods and set Himself up as the Supreme God over all; for all nations have made their own gods according to the Bible (Kings 17:19).

Many people have been saying for a long time that God is already with us. Most of the people believe God to be a “spirit”. If He is only a spirit, it is not necessary for us to ever see Him; only to feel Him, for a spirit cannot be seen. And this has been the only God that we have had in the past.

Let us search the Bible and see if it teaches us to believe in the coming of God to be a spirit and not a man. The Bible teaches us of the spirit of God in many places; but only once do I find where it mentions God as being only a spirit (John 4:24). And this came from a Prophet (Jesus) and not from the mouth of God.

If one reads the previous verse (John 4:23), he or she will find that even Jesus could not have believed God to be only a spirit in these words; “But the hour cometh and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeeth such to worship Him.”

Here it is made clear that the “hour cometh.” This “hour” cannot be referring to anything other than the doom or end of the devil’s wicked world of false worshippers who claim that they are true worshippers of the true God but are not. For the Father (God) seeketh true worshippers. So Jesus could have only been referring to the time of the presence of God, in Person.

The world of Satan, the devil, did not convert people to God according to the parable of the wicked husbands whom the Lord let His vineyard out to (Matthew 21:23;41). In the 42nd verse of the same chapter, Jesus makes another parable of the true worshippers under the “stone that the builders rejected”; that it became the “headstone.”

It is the so-called Negroes who have become rejected by the builders of governments (civilization) who are now destined to become the head in the new world (or government) under the Divine Supreme Being in person.

It is natural to say that God is the Spirit of Truth, of Life. It is natural to say such and such a one is a liar, but where there is no one to tell a lie, there is no liar.

So it is with truth or spirit of truth. If there is nothing to produce the spirit, there is no spirit; nor can we know the truth without someone to teach the truth. Where there is man, there is the spirit. Where there is no man, there is no spirit, for the spirit cannot produce itself.

We cannot expect to see that which cannot be seen. A spirit cannot be seen, only felt. It is like electricity. Electricity is a power produced by friction from a substance that has such power (electric) in it produced by the sun and moon upon the earth. It is not seen, but we know what makes it. So it is with God.

We know that God exists and is All Wise, All Powerful, and that this quickening power called spirit is from Him. But who is this God? A spirit cannot think, but thinking can produce spirit. So according to God’s own words, through His prophets, He must be a man. He is interested in man’s affairs according to the Bible (Genesis 1:27); “God made man in His own image and likeness, both male and female.”

If we believe in that alone, that God created man in His own image and likeness, that is sufficient for us to expect God to be nothing other than a man.

A father has pleasure in his son and in his son’s affairs because the son is a part of himself and his very image and likeness. There is no true scripture that teaches us that God is something other than a man. The Bible teaches us (Hosea 11:9); “For I am God and not man; the Holy One is in the midst of thee.”

Here the latter part of the verse makes it clear that God is a Holy One (man) and the man that he is not is an unholy one (man). This only means that the Holy God is not the wicked man’s God (the Caucasian race).

Ever since Adam, the Caucasian race has been referred to as the man-made man or race and mankind; the world has taken this to include all men. “No man hath seen God.” (I John 5:19) This is another confused teaching to the ignorant masses; for if no man hath seen God, then there is no God for you and me to look forward to seeing on the Judgement Day.

If such is true, how will we know Him since no one has ever see Him? But we do know Him and what He looks like. “We know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness” (I John 5:19).

The whole world of the white race is full of wickedness and this is the “world” referred to. We are not of this “world” (the white race or devils) nor is our God the God of this world of devil. Our God is One today, as we had only one God in the beginning. “In this day (this is the day) shall there be One Lord and His name One” (Zachariah 14:9). This refers to the time when the true God is made manifest. Before His manifestation, the people worship what they think or what they want to be their god. The devil’s teaching is a division of gods – three gods into one god. The Hindus have many gods.

The Muslims worship one God – Allah. “Say; He, Allah, is One God.” Yet 99% of the old world Muslims think that Allah is only a “Spirit” and is not a man. Then they too need to be taught today the reality of Allah.

Certainly He is One God, but not a “spirit”, for a spirit cannot be said to be “one God.” If god were only a spirit, we could not say that the spirit will come only after the rule of the devils, the wicked; for we have had the spirit all the while. A king that has no equal in power or no associate, that king will rule the world until a superior one is born.”



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Sisters (and Brothers 😉 )

I was so excited about this year’s Central Avenue Jazz Festival that I could hardly go to sleep the night before. All week I was preparing, getting my soup ready, bread baked, I even planned to sell my Honey Whole-Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies. The one thing I DIDN’T plan to sell, which Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, told me twice to make sure I didn’t forget, were the Messenger’s (Peace Be Upon Him) DVDs and CDs.

The day before, I bought a cute little bag to hold my cookies, and made a cute sign which I decorated with glitter. Patrice and Ndugu (the band I wanted to see) weren’t scheduled to perform until 4:10 or 4:30, I couldn’t and still don’t remember exactly, but festival shows are never on schedule, so I knew as long as I got there a little after four I would get there around the same time they came on. The important thing was staying on the path of Allah – Al Sirataal Mustaqeem – and it wouldn’t matter what time I got there, I would still be right on time.

I got up early to make my cookies and I don’t know what the problem was, but I didn’t get one to come out right. I ended up eating them and giving some to my neighbor and son. That was an omen right there of what was to come.

I left around 3:30, with my sign and my goodies and caught the bus to Central. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was probably too excited to think. I walk to Central all the time to go to the Post Office. But in my enthusiasm, I stood and waited for the bus. It only costs me a quarter, but still. I could have used that quarter to go somewhere else.

Anyway, we get to Central and the bus comes almost immediately. The Bus Driver was not very friendly, but I asked him what was the best stop to get off to go to the Jazz Festival since I knew the street would be blocked off. He said something I can’t remember because it didn’t help.

So, on the bus, I gave the Black People cards, and two wheelchairs got on the bus. It was crowded and I had my “ghetto cart” and my huge sign, but we made it do what it do. I talked to a Brother and a Sister, whom I thought were together, about the Teachings and we all got off at Vernon before the bus made its detour.

The Brother walked next to me and continued talking, but the Sister lagged behind. I asked the Brother and found out that they weren’t together and the Brother started asking personal questions, so I quickly told him if he had any questions about the teachings to give me a call and waited for the Sister while he continued on.

The Sister, I found out was an “undercover” Muslim and she expressed an interest in The Messenger’s (PBUH) DVDs. That was when I realized I had left them right by the front door. I felt like such a donkey for not taking Our Saviour seriously. We talked for quite a while, exchanged numbers and then parted ways.

I continued on to the Festival, walking in the middle of the street, trying to be as conspicuous as possible and sure enough, it wasn’t long before a Brother on the sidewalk flagged me down. We met half-way and he was inquiring about everything. I showed him the soup and the bread, but he wasn’t ready for that yet. Then he asked about the DVDs and yet again I felt like Shrek’s best friend.

I detest making excuses, but I didn’t want to remove the notice of the DVDs from my sign because I figured they could take my number and call me later, In sha Allah. So, I gave him a card and continued down the Avenue.

I passed an art vendor who had some paintings of some Jazz musicians on display, but didn’t stop. As I neared the stage, I didn’t hear any music, so I turned back around to go take a closer look at the art. She had an amazing painting of Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, affectionately known as “Bird.” And another bearing a resemblance to Miles, but not really. She was a young woman, interested in but not too knowledgeable about Jazz as of yet, so I told her whom her paintings immortalized and gave her a card. Then a Sister who lives around the corner from me walked up and co-signed on my blog. I felt like a BOSS. 😉

When I started heading toward the stage, I couldn’t decide which side I wanted to enter, so as always, I waited until I got a Word from Allah and He Told me to cross the street to the opposite side.


So, I crossed and I begin to hear some music, but I’m not thinking it’s Patrice so when some Sisters started eyeing my sign, I stopped to talk and give them cards and whatnot. I am really not paying any attention to the music as I walk toward the front of the stage, but when I reach it, I notice Patrice is at the piano and my heartbeat quickens. I think it’s so cool that they didn’t bother with an introduction. They just started playing. That show their love for the music right there. No egos.

I’m right in the very front of the stage on the right and she’s facing my direction. I’m so happy I obeyed Allah. Then, it occurred to me to see who was on the drums. I peeked around to the other side of the stage and I see a thin man who bore no resemblance to Ndugu Chancler. He noticed me peeking and started acting silly; putting on a show, and I mouthed, “You are not Ndugu Chancler,” like he was trying to fool us or something. I thought Ndugu couldn’t make it and he was a stand-in. But when he looked completely dejected at my lack of restraint masquerading as a joke, I knew I had put my foot in my mouth. I looked closer but still was sure it was someone else. I mean Ndugu Chancler was chubby, with a butterball body and a doughboy face. This man was long and lean! But as I continued to very openly stare, I realized, he had just lost a lot of weight and started to show a few signs of age.


Then this devil came and walked right in front of me. So, I was like “Hell, I’m her mother. If she can go in front of me, I can go up to the stage!” So, I left my ghetto cart, but took my sign right up to where Patrice was and took her picture and some video of her and Ndugu close up.


My assertiveness prompted others to do the same, and soon everybody who wanted a close up picture who was intrepid enough to come up and take one, got one.

When I realized Patrice was playing a solo, I thought that would be video gold. So, I went up to get a close shot and as soon as I got there, she wrapped. So, I stood right there and waited for the next one. But as soon as she got to her solo, my cameraphone suddenly stopped and said something like “Memory full.”  I thought, “Figures.” And went back to the curb, pun intended :/ .

Then I tried to video tape some more and my camera started working again, so I went closer to the stage so when Patrice’s solo came again, I would be ready. But as soon as she started her solo, my cameraphone turned off again! I thought, “This can’t be happening.” But it was, so I just watched. She is absolutely amazing.

I couldn’t believe it when I was talking to this Brother later and he said, he wanted her to do her R&B stuff! I was incredulous. I love her R&B music too, but Jazz displays her true skills of incredible musicianship and virtuosity. You can’t get that ANYWHERE ELSE BUT AT A JAZZ FESTIVAL. I felt so HONORED just to witness it!

So, then I asked a Brother near me, who was on the saxophone. He didn’t know. He (the saxophonist) looked like a Mexican/Hispanic but I didn’t want to believe that, so I thought maybe he’s just one of those high yellow Brothers. But after listening to him play, I knew he wasn’t. I can just tell. Black musicians make me feel their music all through my body. It just permeates through my skin to my bones. Other musicians feel like it’s lacking something. In France, they call it je ne sais quoi. We call it SOUL. And he didn’t have it.

He was Justo Almario, and I deliberately ignored him. It’s easy to get a point across tacitly. No one wants to say it, but I will. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself enough to ONLY want to be with people who look like you. Nobody else IN THE WORLD feels like they have to have people of other races in everything they do, but the American so-called Negroes.

Mexicans have all-Mexican stuff. Devils have all-devil stuff. Chinese and Korean people have all Chinese stuff and all-Korean people stuff. They have TOWNS right here in America, where there are nothing but Chinese people; Korean people. AND THEY ARE SELF-SUFFICIENT. We don’t have one square foot in this whole country that we can say is ours, as a group of people. It is a shame.

But I digress, the bass player was Reggie Hamilton. I had heard of him but never saw him play. He was pretty good. I couldn’t remember his name though after they said it twice.

So, I’m standing on the side and Patrice stands up to the mic and the paparazzi is going crazy. She said something like, “You know a lot of Jazz Standards actually come from musicals. This next number we’re going to play is from a musical – “My One And Only Love.”

I was floored. That is my favorite JAZZ love song of all time and I tried to stay put but I couldn’t hold back the tears. So, I walked over to an empty spot on the wall and turned my camera on again, just to get the audio. I thought about covering up the lens but I thought it would be cool to get some random shots. I was not paying ANY attention to what I was filming and had no idea I was taping this couple who looked like they were in love.

So, when I regained my composure, I walked back to where I could see the stage and when I sensed Sister Patrice’s solo coming up I ventured toward the stage. But as soon as I got near the piano, my camera abruptly turned off. By now, I had resigned myself to the fact that she and Allah were in cahoots to deter me from capturing any footage of her marvelous abilities. So, I just stood and watched in awe, filled with emotion at her choice and then rendition of my favorite song. I was so melancholy, I barely noticed when the song ended.

But, I was jolted out of my reverie, by the joyous opening of “Cantaloupe Island,” which always makes me happy. I need to learn how to play that. It always lifts my spirits and it is so impressive watching and listening to the pianist who can play such a complicated piece. It’s comparable to that song Schroeder from Charlie Brown plays on his tiny piano for me. And the next thing I know, I’m happy and smiling again. A crowd of dancers started to form in front of the stage so I moved back to my spot by the curb and took out my guiro. I felt like that was the instrument Patrice wanted me to play. So, even though I wanted to play my maracas, I played the guiro. After a while, I tried my tambourine, but it didn’t mix well. Then I tried the maracas and they didn’t either. So, the guiro it was. It was nice to practice even though nobody could hear it but me. They saw me. 😉

I thought it would be nice to give Sister Patrice a card, so after years of experience going to live shows, I knew that they would be coming out of the back and since I had to go that way anyway, I went that way. I passed a Brother who looked so familiar, I asked him from where did I know him. He didn’t know but I kept thinking, I didn’t want to miss Patrice, but Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, told me to keep talking. So I did as long as I could. And when I started walking again, he followed me.

We reached the back of the stage and I stopped to regroup and we were talking for a while. Then I see a swarm of people and cameras gather around a very short nucleus. I knew it had to be Sister Patrice, so I got out a card and went and handed it to her. She was very gracious and I got to tell her how much I enjoyed her performance and her music and that she is an inspiration to me. She said, “Thank-you” and looked very sincere and smiled genuinely. I turned and went back to my stuff and the Brother.

Sister and her entourage passed right by us, and she was so forbearing with all of the people who knew her from back in the day. It was very nice for them. I know they are proud of her success. I wanted to take a picture with her, but knew that my camera was trippin’. So, I didn’t even ask. And she continued greeting her obsequious sycophants. All while this is taking place right in front of me, I thought about my next door neighbor, who told me that Patrice Rushen used to like her husband.

After she told me this, I looked up her videos and “Forget Me Nots” bears witness to what my neighbor told me. So Allah, to Whom Praises are due forever, told me to “Ask her.” I did NOT want to ask her. So, I’m standing there with lead in my shoes and Allah Tells me again. And I still did not want to ask her such a personal question that might bring up old memories and pain that I did NOT want to be the one to dredge up for her.


So, very trepidatiously, I tapped her on her shoulder and said, “Sister, do you know a Brother, named Abdul?” Her face lit up. She said, “Abdul??!! “YES!!”

I felt terrible but didn’t know what else to say, so I just said, “Oh, Okay,” smiled and just walked off.

I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY and I don’t do awkward well.


She was obviously in love with this Brother and had dreamed of him leaving his wife for her, which never happened. I sent her this message on Facebook yesterday.

“In the Name of Allah

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Sister Patrice,

I pray Allah, these words reach you in the Best of Health and Happiness and Enjoying Abundant Blessings From Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever. I am thankful and happy that I am the same. Al Hamdulillah!

Dear Sister, I am the Muslim Sister who approached you after that magnificent performance you and Brother Ndugu Blessed us with yesterday. Please apologize to him for me for accusing him of not being himself. I felt like such an idiot after I realized he had just lost weight and gotten a little older since the last time I saw him. I hope he is just being more health conscious.

In any case Sister, if you are wondering how I know about Abdul, it’s because I live next door to the woman who married him.

Sister, I’m so sorry to inform you that He passed away in 2009.

If it’s any consolation, she’s been mentally ill since the eighties.

We used to be good friends. They were homeless for very many years and when I met her, in 2010, she was still homeless. I let her move in with me and my nine-year old son but she didn’t want to look for her own place. So, I made living conditions difficult for her and she moved out.

But, when the apartment next door became available, I told her about it so I am the reason why she is not still homeless, Sister. But then she started inviting all sorts of strange men over and spending the night with them. I tried to tell her that that was not respectful behaviour and then she really started acting crazy. She hates me now and is a miserable, lonely, psychopathic hermit. I really hope you get some satisfaction from that, Sister.

The bottom line is we’re all Sisters and even though she hates me, I love both of you. Sometimes, love can be such a complicated and sensitive issue. But the truth is, all of our histories were written 15,000 years ago, Sister. We are just living out what has already been predicted. The Best Thing We Can Do Is Submit To Allah’s (God’s) Will and Plan For Our Lives.

He Is The Best Planner And He Loves Us. The ONLY Way To Find True Peace and Happiness in Life Is Just To Submit To What Was Already Written. I Believe You Have Done That, My Dear Beloved Sister And I Pray Allah Continues To Bless You With Peace of Mind and Contentment.”

And I sent a video of my neighbor acting crazy.

I met up with the Brother again at the bus stop. He was MUCH older than I am. He said he graduated from Locke in 1969 and that he knew Patrice and Ndugu. Anyway, we talked and he told me that Sly Stone used to be a D.J. on some radio station up North and that his was the first integrated group.

I started telling him how he (Sly) was a SELLOUT. The Brother disputed with me saying he could make more money that way. I told him that that is the definition of a SELLOUT. I’m sorry, but that’s probably why Sly is in the condition he’s in now. Living in a trailer parked somewhere in Leimert.

Was it worth it, Sly?

So, when I got home, I was pretty much in shock. And my camera wouldn’t play any of the videos and wouldn’t let me see any of the pictures. I had to delete all of my picture and all but two videos just to get it to work! The two above, I just happened to send to Facebook right after I took them.

Sometimes, Allah won’t let me look at footage I have taken. That’s what happened the last time I videotaped my Honey-Stick. Somebody stole my camera before I had a chance to view the footage. My life…

Later on that night, I remembered something I had seen in this documentary about Charlie Parker. After he found out his daughter had died, he kept sending telegrams to his wife because he was in L.A., I think. Anyway, I thought it would be cool and piquant to send my Honey-Stick a telegram too. So, I Googled it and at first all I could find were singing telegrams and I didn’t want that. But eventually, I found a reputable telegram service. I wrote down the name and put it on the “back-burner.”

So, yesterday (Sunday, the Jazz Fest was Saturday. Now, it is Monday night/Tuesday morning) I’m still buggin’ out over everything that happened at the Jazz Festival and I’m starting to just accept that our lives parallel somewhat. So, I decide to go ahead and watch “Forget Me Nots” again. It has been a few years since I’ve seen it, I guess. And I wanted to watch it immediately after the Jazz Fest, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. You see how long it’s taken for me to write this blog!

finally, I sat down to watch it and the first thing I see is someone in a bellhop styled uniform ringing a doorbell with a telegram in her hand. I freaked out. This type of stuff happens almost every day to some degree in my life, but I’m still not used to it. That’s why everybody is scared of me. I gave up a long time ago trying to be normal though. Take me or leave me.

As I write this, “My One And Only Love” is playing on my Internet Radio station. It shocks me a little, but what can I do? But submit?

I think about my Honey-Stick and how he is in love with his enemy. But I know I will NEVER love anyone else. No matter what. I always thought about it from the perspective of if I gave up and married one of these men who would love to have me as their wife. I would always be wondering, “What if he changes his mind???” Marriage is sacred and when I get married, I’m going to do it the way Allah ordained (for life and for fidelity). So, marrying someone else is out of the question. I can’t marry anybody but him. And I had/have no problem with the possibility of loving him unrequitedly until I die.

But, after bearing witness to Sister Patrice’s life, I started seriously thinking about what if he dies? I’ve seen enough people die to know that life goes on regardless. Then and only then will I even contemplate marrying someone else. Our Nation will live forever, regardless. Just like Abdul, my Honey-Stick knows how I feel. And I’m always going to feel this way, but our situation is different in that his life is at stake.

So, before I can even express my love, I have to get him out of the line of fire and I mean REAL FIRE. America is going to be burned up and all I can do is show and prove. It’s up to Allah for him to accept it. And I know time is running out. I see the signs. If I go places and see more inter-racial couples than Black couples, I know it’s the end. And to be Truthful, I’m ready.

My daughter has rejected Islam. My son has rejected Islam and my one and only love is rejecting Islam. I’m going to continue to give him the Teachings as long as Allah Gives him time since I can’t marry any one else.  But it’s not easy.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Sisters,

This song was banned from the radio. I say it enough to make you nauseous. BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. The white-dominated media, next to Christianity, is the primary cause of our self-hate. There is NOTHING of good on the television, radio, magazines, newspapers, books, movies, billboards and anything else I missed, for the Asiatic Black Nation in the Wilderness of North America or anywhere else on the Earth.

This song was our way of voicing our protest over the murderous actions of the Ku Klux Klan towards our own people and the devils BANNED it as if WE were the ones committing murder!

It’s just like if a white person attacks a Black person every thing is cool until the Black person starts fighting back. Then they send out the National Guard to arrest the BLACK PERSON!

The white race is a race of devils. All Praise is Due To Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, for The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). You will believe Us one of these days.

Universal made this cartoon.

Believe me now?