Allah, God, The Supreme Being:

“The knowledge of God has been kept a secret by twelve men on our planet for many thousands of years. The twelve pass their knowledge on from son to son, but the number possessing this knowledge is never more than twelve; and they are not to ever reveal it.

The wisest of scientists have worked, studied, and searched all their life long for the actual knowledge of God and have failed to obtain it. Finally, they formed their own opinions of God.

Many claim that there is no such one (God) and that the Creation of the Universe came by chance. Man’s creation, they say, took place from some lower form of animal life of the sea. But they are never able to prove such theories. There, the people formed their own ideas of God, for they had no true knowledge of God.

How can we know God if He kept Himself from our having a true knowledge of Him? Just what was the purpose of this secret knowledge of God?

We just could not know God unless God made Himself known to us, and there was a set time for Him to make Himself known. Why was there a set time? It was done to keep from interfering with the rule of the devils who also had a set time. The devil is the God of the wicked (the Caucasian race) whose world must be destroyed to allow the World of Righteousness as its ruler. For He has not ruled universally for over six thousand years. Therefore, we have been without the true knowledge of God.

The Bible’s prophets make a prophesy of His coming and not of His presence and only of the spirit of God, not as a person. Therefore, the people worship the spirit (joy and gladness) of God as being the real person of God. They do not believe in the reality of God; only in spirits, wood, stone, iron, gold, silver, Sun, Moon, and Stars. Some even worship beasts, animals, and fowl, snakes, fire, and water as God. This nonsense is to be broken up in these days by the presence of the real God in person.

I am with Allah to convince the world that He is God in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and that idols are things, not persons. According to the Bible and Holy Qur’an, God is referred to by the pronoun “He,” never as “She” – always in the masculine term.

All these scriptures show that He sees, hears, feels, tastes, smells, talks our language, walks, stands, sits, eats, and drinks. Therefore, God must be a human being. He must be a human being, a man since we all refer to Him as being our Father.

Everyone looks forward to seeing the coming of God but who has prepared to meet Him on His coming? What do we expect to see, a spirit? Well we just cannot see spirits. We can only feel the spirit. Will we see a man? The world does not believe that God is a man. What are we to see for God if He is not a man? Let us check on the Bible and Holy Qur’an and see whether or not we should see a spirit or see a man for God.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) “All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds” (Holy Qur’an 1:1).

The above is said by representatives of God and not directly from the mouth of God although the words are true. The whole of the book called Genesis of the Bible is said to be Moses’ Book and what Moses’ said of the history of God’s creation; and of Adam, Seth, Enos, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Abraham, Lot and Melchizedek.

Now God has not addressed Himself to us in Genesis, the opening of the Bible; it is His Prophet, Moses. The Holy Qur’an’s opening chapter is a prayer said by the Prophet Muhammad and all Muslims.

Here God is represented as being the One due all praise; for He is the “Lord of all the worlds” while Moses says that He is the “Creator of heaven and earth.” But the prophet did not say who was God’s creator. Nor does the Holy Qur’an tell us.

The Bible reads that He is the “first and the last,” so does the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an, in referring to God, uses the pronoun “we” far more than the pronoun “I”. The “I” is used in the opening of the second chapter; “I am Allah, the Best Knower.” (2:1)

He addresses Himself to us as being the “Best Knower”; but what we know is; who is this “I am”? And who is this “we”? Is it a man, or the spirit of man, or a spirit without man, or any living creature of the heavens and earth?

The Bible says, “Enoch walked with God (Genesis 5:24). “God talked with Noah” (6:13) and to most of the prophets. Can He be a man or other than a man? God said that, “His spirit shall not always strive with man for that he also is flesh: (Genesis 6:3)

We have a great subject before us to open up to the world. So have patience and, by the help of Allah, I shall prove to you that God is man.

The Nations of the Earth expect the coming of a God Who will overcome and destroy all idol gods and set Himself up as the Supreme God over all; for all nations have made their own gods according to the Bible (Kings 17:19).

Many people have been saying for a long time that God is already with us. Most of the people believe God to be a “spirit”. If He is only a spirit, it is not necessary for us to ever see Him; only to feel Him, for a spirit cannot be seen. And this has been the only God that we have had in the past.

Let us search the Bible and see if it teaches us to believe in the coming of God to be a spirit and not a man. The Bible teaches us of the spirit of God in many places; but only once do I find where it mentions God as being only a spirit (John 4:24). And this came from a Prophet (Jesus) and not from the mouth of God.

If one reads the previous verse (John 4:23), he or she will find that even Jesus could not have believed God to be only a spirit in these words; “But the hour cometh and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeeth such to worship Him.”

Here it is made clear that the “hour cometh.” This “hour” cannot be referring to anything other than the doom or end of the devil’s wicked world of false worshippers who claim that they are true worshippers of the true God but are not. For the Father (God) seeketh true worshippers. So Jesus could have only been referring to the time of the presence of God, in Person.

The world of Satan, the devil, did not convert people to God according to the parable of the wicked husbands whom the Lord let His vineyard out to (Matthew 21:23;41). In the 42nd verse of the same chapter, Jesus makes another parable of the true worshippers under the “stone that the builders rejected”; that it became the “headstone.”

It is the so-called Negroes who have become rejected by the builders of governments (civilization) who are now destined to become the head in the new world (or government) under the Divine Supreme Being in person.

It is natural to say that God is the Spirit of Truth, of Life. It is natural to say such and such a one is a liar, but where there is no one to tell a lie, there is no liar.

So it is with truth or spirit of truth. If there is nothing to produce the spirit, there is no spirit; nor can we know the truth without someone to teach the truth. Where there is man, there is the spirit. Where there is no man, there is no spirit, for the spirit cannot produce itself.

We cannot expect to see that which cannot be seen. A spirit cannot be seen, only felt. It is like electricity. Electricity is a power produced by friction from a substance that has such power (electric) in it produced by the sun and moon upon the earth. It is not seen, but we know what makes it. So it is with God.

We know that God exists and is All Wise, All Powerful, and that this quickening power called spirit is from Him. But who is this God? A spirit cannot think, but thinking can produce spirit. So according to God’s own words, through His prophets, He must be a man. He is interested in man’s affairs according to the Bible (Genesis 1:27); “God made man in His own image and likeness, both male and female.”

If we believe in that alone, that God created man in His own image and likeness, that is sufficient for us to expect God to be nothing other than a man.

A father has pleasure in his son and in his son’s affairs because the son is a part of himself and his very image and likeness. There is no true scripture that teaches us that God is something other than a man. The Bible teaches us (Hosea 11:9); “For I am God and not man; the Holy One is in the midst of thee.”

Here the latter part of the verse makes it clear that God is a Holy One (man) and the man that he is not is an unholy one (man). This only means that the Holy God is not the wicked man’s God (the Caucasian race).

Ever since Adam, the Caucasian race has been referred to as the man-made man or race and mankind; the world has taken this to include all men. “No man hath seen God.” (I John 5:19) This is another confused teaching to the ignorant masses; for if no man hath seen God, then there is no God for you and me to look forward to seeing on the Judgement Day.

If such is true, how will we know Him since no one has ever see Him? But we do know Him and what He looks like. “We know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness” (I John 5:19).

The whole world of the white race is full of wickedness and this is the “world” referred to. We are not of this “world” (the white race or devils) nor is our God the God of this world of devil. Our God is One today, as we had only one God in the beginning. “In this day (this is the day) shall there be One Lord and His name One” (Zachariah 14:9). This refers to the time when the true God is made manifest. Before His manifestation, the people worship what they think or what they want to be their god. The devil’s teaching is a division of gods – three gods into one god. The Hindus have many gods.

The Muslims worship one God – Allah. “Say; He, Allah, is One God.” Yet 99% of the old world Muslims think that Allah is only a “Spirit” and is not a man. Then they too need to be taught today the reality of Allah.

Certainly He is One God, but not a “spirit”, for a spirit cannot be said to be “one God.” If god were only a spirit, we could not say that the spirit will come only after the rule of the devils, the wicked; for we have had the spirit all the while. A king that has no equal in power or no associate, that king will rule the world until a superior one is born.”


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