بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

masthead april 1971



OCTOBER 27, 1967



The Black man of America must be warned constantly that he is the target of the slavemaster to deceive, after the truth has now come to the black man – not only in America, but all over the earth.

The White race has deceived us for the past 4,000 years – since it has been up from Moses. The God of our Nation (Black Nation), the just and righteous God (Allah) is now laying the foundation for His future world out of His choice of people, the lost and found members of the black people, nicknamed Negro, with freedom, justice and equality.

Justice is the foundation of His government, often referred to in the New Testament as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Of course, all of the kingdoms of man have been on the earth and nowhere else. The history of our Nation since the white race came is that our people’s minds and thoughts have been changed away from living under the law and rule of a government of righteousness.

So, brother, do not be deceived into thinking you are smarter in this knowledge than they are. They already are awake. They never wanted you to know it because the truth puts them in a very bad position and in a position of disrespect and dishonor by God and the Nations of Righteousness.

They know that they have been your foster father and have reared you into that which is other than the truth and other than the life which you should be living. They are angry with the God of Righteousness and Truth.

They seek to take revenge on you because God has manifest them in their true selves and nature in which they were made – to deceive the world of the black man. This was the only way to rule the black people.

You must remember, my brother, though truth has come to you, the white man is wiser to the knowledge of good and evil – you are not equally as wise as he. He will deceive you in the knowledge of evil and good. He will make you mistake one for the other, as he is doing now.

You are deceived and think what he is leading you to is right – and what God and His Messenger are calling you to is wrong. He wants you to think that the temporary life he invites you to accept is permanent and better than what Allah and His messenger are offering you. All of the fantastic sport and play, filth and indecency are designed to take the so-called Negroes by the thousands to their doom.

Therefore, knowing you to be the object, I must warn you – as the Bible warns us all – against underestimating this knowledge of the evil doer, in these words: “be wise as a serpent and humble as a dove.”

Know that he knows and how he would like to practice this on you and me. However, do not show aggressive action towards him, but show the acts of a righteously wise person without any aggressive acts at all. Just refuse to accept evil for good and good for evil.

Be Wise to the knowledge of evil and wise to the knowledge of righteousness, and practice that which is good, because evil, sport and play are short lived (Bible and Holy Qur-an). Good is forever, but not evil. There is an end to evil, but there is not end to good.

God (Allah) has made it clear that you are a member of the family of righteousness, so after knowledge, we can take the way to our God of righteousness or we can take our way to hell with the devil.

We Must remember that God (Allah) does not beg people to do righteousness, but He puts two ways clearly before us and it is up to us to accept the way we want to travel.

The offer of positions in high office to our people is nothing but an attempt to deceive them into thinking these offers are forever. Some of our people in politics even hope that some day they will be the President of the United States of America – yet they have not asked for one square foot of the country to rule. This is really a foolish way of thinking.

Why Would the white man want you and me as his President in America as he is capable of producing – out of his own race – men qualified and capable to be their President in the country they call their own? There is not one state here that belongs to Negroes. They all belong to the white people.

Get such ignorant dreams out of your head.  If they wanted you to be their President, it would be only them under a black skin continuing to rule, as is the case of many of our politicians today. Though he may be black, under his skin he loves whatever the white man says.

The Silly idea of wanting to be the wife or husband of the enemy is sure to get you to hell with the enemy. He knows that you are blind and that you always have loved to intermarry and intermix with their blood.

So he swings the doors of opportunity wide open for you to walk into the trap.

Remember these words and keep this article. Cut it out of the newspaper and keep it with you so that your mind may reflect on your future and not over a temporary chance.

We Need some of this earth that we can call our own.


Elijah Muhammad

Messenger of Allah

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