بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم


noun \ˌpe-skə-ˈter-ē-ən\

Definition of PESCATARIAN :  one whose diet includes fish but no other meat


“FISH – we can eat fish. Fish is raised under a different atmosphere. Fish is from a different world of life. Fish is born and fish lives, in the water of life. Fish is good for us.”


“THE PEOPLE of MARS eat what their planet produces for them to eat, as the planet produced the people of Mars and it produces the food that they eat. I do not know what the planet produces, other than the people of Mars.

“IF I could fly to Mars, I do not know whether or not I could say, “Prepare, fish, lamb or chicken,” and have it prepared for me.”


“STAY AWAY FROM eating a lot of meats and do not eat too much fish that is weighing from 20 to 50 pounds. You should eat fish weighing a half pound to ten pounds. And, be sure not to eat the scavenger fish that lives off of filth. Do not eat a fish that sucks its food, but eat one that swallows its food whole. Do not eat fish that look like animals, with heads like animals, nor forefronts built like an animal. Do not eat such fish as eel, which should not really be referred to as a fish, but as a water snake. And, never eat slimy oysters, lobsters, crabs, clams, shrimps and snails.”


“I have received many questions in regard to meat, fish, and poultry that have not been mentioned. The main thing Allah, as well as the Holy Qur-an, reminds us of is that when it comes to meat and fish, Allah forbids us to eat the flesh of a swine and a fish weighing over 50 pounds (or even weighing 50 pounds).

“SOME PEOPLE will not even eat fish at all. There are many fish that we can eat; some even weighing as little as one or one and a half pounds.

“When eating fish, we should confine our fish – eating to those fish weighing between one and ten pounds. As I previously said on “HOW TO EAT TO LIVE,” do not eat the scavengers of the sea such as oysters, crabs, clams, snails, shrimps, eels, and catfish.

“The fish last mentioned (catfish) is a very filthy fish. He loves filth and is the pig of the water. Some people write in complaining about the fish that swim on their sides, but these fish can be eaten.”


“There are many varieties of sea flesh-fish as we call it-that we go to sea to capture for food. We should be careful not to eat every fish, because every fish is not good to eat. If a fish weighs 50 pounds, we should not eat it. God Almighty has taught me that it is too hard on your digestive system.”


“Allah threatens America with all kinds of plagues–not one kind, but many kinds. Allah withholds the rains from her wheat fields; sends terrific cold and snow upon her fertile bread basket areas; kills her cattle, livestock and fowls; and kills her fish that are inland in ponds and rivers, with droughts.”


“Eating any kind of flesh is not good for us, not even beef. No animal flesh can be said to be good for human consumption, not even fowls, and very few fish, not to think of the scavengers of the waters, such as crabs, shrimps and oysters.
“We must learn to eat vegetables and fruits and stay away from land flesh. It is a little difficult for us to suddenly stop eating beef, lamb, and chicken, but we must wean away from such flesh gradually.”


“IF YOU ARE a sugar diabetic, stay from sugar; for sugar will make you diabetic and you will never know that you have it until you indulge in too much sugar and starchy foods. Eat more protein foods. And eat more fish or that which water produces of life other than scavengers of the water. We have scavengers out there in the water and we have them on the land. Stay away from that kind of animal or life that lives on nothing but filth itself. And, do not be a slave to your eating desires. Be the master of what you should eat and do not allow the desire or hunger to be the master.”


“Eat one (1) meal a day and eat the proper food. Do not try to eat everything that is edible.

“Just get yourself some common food. Number one, a bag of navy beans. Cook them well -done so that you will not get the colic from eating half -done beans. Put a little seasoning in the beans, if you want to. If you want meat in them, do not put pig in them. Use beef lamb or chicken in the pot of beans. Do not use fish to season the pot of beans.”


“FISH is a better food, if you eat the better fish. The flesh of the fish comes out of another world. This makes it better for us in this world. Any animal or beast that is out here eating the same food that we eat, we should not eat him, because his flesh is too hard for our flesh to digest. All of our food in the way of meat should come from the sea, ocean, river or lakes, and not from four -footed animals that are walking around here and eating almost the same things that we are eating.”


 “If you stopped eating the poison hog, the devils probably would give it to you, because they want you to have that which is detrimental to your good health. There is plenty of beef, fish and chicken for you to eat. So, why fill your bodies with poisonous foods, which produces complaints throughout your life–and shortens it as well? Ask the medical scientists if you do not believe me.”



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