بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Bebies

I met a Sister today named Joi.

I love it when I tell Sisters my name is LOVE and they tell me their name is another virtue like Hope, Grace, Faith, Mercy or Joi/Joy.

We can’t help but hit it off.

Joi is a music producer and

Right now there’s not too much going on in my life.

Just going to the masjid everyday.

And listening to music.

Today I listened to Raheem DeVaughn.

I don’t know what it is about him.

I caught his show last year, around this time, and I thought I was just going to sit in the back of the House of Blues and just listen, but as soon as he opened his mouth, I came creeping out. LOL

First, yesterday I listened to Switch and I had only really heard three songs by them. “There’ll Never Be,” “I Call Your Name” and some other song I don’t like.

So, I really wasn’t expecting to like so many songs by them. I thought just those first two. But I enjoyed the entire “Greatest Hits” with the exception of two songs. I was really impressed.

Their music is like Jazz Fusion but with lyrics. And you know I love Jazz. Straight-ahead is my favorite, then Brass then fusion. But it really depends on my mood and I was in the mood for fusion, so, I was really diggin it.

Here is the link. You have to pay to listen to Tidal, but I just have the ten dollar membership. I had the twenty dollar one but I don’t really see a difference and the volume of music is phenomenal.

So, anyway, Raheem’s first song, “Guess Who Loves You More” is basically just a remake of “There’ll Never Be” but when I listened to the Greatest Hits, he had actually taken one of their songs and rewrote it using the same music.

I was like, “I Knew It!” LOL

I tried to listen to “Green” by Coultrain but they didn’t have it.

And, I seem to recall looking for another song that they didn’t have, but they have Prince’s entire catalogue, as I wrote yesterday, and it’s worth it just because of that.

I also listened to Jimi Hendrix, because the Brother, Frank McComb, was obviously influenced by his style of singing, and I dig Jimi, so I listened to some of his stuff and read his Wikipedia page. I intend to listen to some “Band of Gypsies” stuff, In Sha Allah.

I had heard of them, but didn’t know that was Jimi’s BLACK group. :/

All you ever hear about is the Jimi Hendrix Experience, wherein he was backed by two devils.

I am listening to Band of Gypsys and I am loving it. I just wish Jimi sang more!

They are so much mellow and fine than the Experience. More Soul and Funk. Less Rock.

But check it out! I was listening to his first album “Are You Experienced” and when the title track came on, I was like OMG! No they didn’t!

The Pharcyde sampled the very beginning of the song for “She Keeps on Passing Me By.” You can read about it and the other songs sampled for that Hip-Hop classic by clicking here. I love the track by Q.

I don’t really like that number by The Experience. I much more prefer this

And I LOVE this song by Bootsy. You can really hear Jimi’s influence on his singing too.

So, then I was going to listen to Darrien Brockington, but I only recalled him singing problematic love songs, but later I remembered another song he sang that was about love. Can’t remember it now, but maybe later.

I just went to YT, and I must have gotten him mixed up with somebody else (can’t think of who right now) but I was going through his music and his songs are not problematic. They’re pretty good.

So, then I was going to listen to Maxwell, but it didn’t seem like he used enough instruments in his music and left me wanting more.

Then I tried listening to D’Angelo, but it just wasn’t hitting.

So, then I just gave in and started listening to Raheem and that man, man!

He just makes me feel some kinda way.

I can listen to him all day, er’ day.

And he’s still putting out music.

I didn’t listen to Musiq Soulchild yet.


And of course, I still have my Mother’s Day Present on heavy rotation.

*Sorry about the profanity :/

But Brother Raheem has so many songs that relate to me and Zawji

I am sure he was really influenced by Prince, so search his catalogue with caution.
He can get pretty nasty too.

What do you think?

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