بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Yesterday, was Jummuah when the Muslims have their weekly gathering but we haven’t gotten to the point where The Nation meets on Jummuah nor has a place to meet for that matter. At least not in New Orleans. And I mean the Holy Nation of Islam not Fartakhan‘s nation of scientologists.

So, I’ve had enough of the Sunnis dickriding Prophet Muhammad of 1400 years ago (saw) and decided to sit it out. Besides, as I previously wrote, although I am extremely grateful for the establishment where I can be at peace and freshen up and study and whatnot, I refuse to willingly and knowingly go somewhere where I KNOW I’m going to be lied to by a group of people who know better.

So, me and Lulu went to another Library I had heard about but never visited.

It was near two schools so, when I saw that, I knew I was going to like it.

AND it is in a residential neighborhood.

I got there a little before they opened and I was parking Lulu when this big Christian came out smoking a cigarette. He just HAD to say something. But I didn’t let him dampen my positive spirit.

There was a little park next to the Library, so instead of going in and dealing with his hateration, I sat outside and used the WiFi.

The mosquitoes were tearing me up but I’d rather deal with them than a bunch of devils and Black Christians in love with the devils.

I just put Tea Tree Oil on the bites and it helped.

Or listen to some good music, then I don’t even feel the itching!

So, the library was kinda far and on my way there, I stopped to drink some milk and rest and why did I look up and see this?


Allah makes sure I don’t miss things.

I mean, of all the places I could have chosen to stop and rest, I choose a stoop right across the street from this??? 😀

If I hadn’t stopped, I would’ve missed it completely.

But Allah is The Best Knower.

This is the second time I’ve seen graffiti by, I’m sure, the same writer.img_20161112_101137

Then again, maybe not. The handwriting looks a bit different.

But when I came across this first one, there was someone painting over some other writing near it that wasn’t as controversial as this, so I know it’s gone now.

Allah Knows I have access to a wide audience so He and Zawji show me things. Some things I show you, some I don’t.

But this type of stuff, most people are not privy to. And They show them to me to show to you.

And, you have to take pictures of stuff like this because once they’re gone there’s no going back.

And the beautiful thing about cyberspace is that once you post it, it’s there indefinitely.

But I just thought it was interesting that I should see these TWO graffiti writings.

Everybody was walking past them all uncomfortable, but I love it!

Which is why I took the pictures!

Kodak moments, frfr!!

Why did I go inside the Library, right before I was getting ready to leave, to use the bathroom, and they made the women’s restroom for employees only and made the men’s restroom for both sexes???!!!!

That is the most filthy and disgusting thing America could ever have done.

They did the same thing at the 24-hour restaurant/laundromat. But they have one main restroom which just has the toilet. When I looked in one of the other men/women restrooms and saw that urinal staring me in the face I was horror-striken.

They actually expect WE, DECENT LADIES, to use a restroom with a URINAL right there!!!!!!

The nerve!

I couldn’t do it at the 24-hour laundromat/restaurant but that was the first time I was faced with something so disgraceful.

Then to see it at the Library, just drove the nail into my heart.

I cannot get over how wicked and evil America is.

So, after I left the library, I thought about going to hear some Jazz or picking up something to eat. But, my funds are really low, so I just went to Family Dollar and picked up some snacks, parked Lulu and on my way home ran into this particularly buff Brother, so I stopped to rap to him.

He was in love with Malcolm and I knew I was wasting my time with him, so I just made sure he had my website so he could read Message To The Blackman In America and pushed to the Princess Pavillion.

OMG! It was so cold last night! But I could hang because I’ve spent the night outside in Lancaster and I think I got frostbite that night. Because in the morning I went to 7-11 and spilled some fresh hot chocolate on my hand and didn’t even FEEL it!!!

But, it was cool because I got to wear my cloak again this morning.

M.G.T. uniforms are not complete without our capes and I had been meaning to make one for several years, but never did. So, this year, I decided to just buy one and I found a dope white fur cloak with a hood and fur around the exterior that when I wear it I look so good, someone said, I “slay” LOL

But, I love it because no one wears capes.

It’s actually a cloak. Like Harry Potter, so I’ve also got that esoteric thing jumping off. 😉

I have it on in the pic. above.

So, this morning, I cleared out the Princess Pavillion, because I had a feeling someone was coming by, and pushed to the Masjidun.

I stopped at this gas station that is run by Muslims and bought some milk and this Ooey Gooey Chocolate Cake that I’ve been seeing in different stores around town. I was hesitant to buy it because it looks like German Chocolate Cake and coconuts are not good for you.

But I read the ingredients and they were all natural so I bought it and OMG!

That cake was so good!!!! It filled me up too. I had to stop and come back and finish it later, but let me tell you why it was so good. First, they use cream cheese and that’s the BEST kind of cheese. It’s like a cheesecake/chocolate cake with a crisp crunchy top layer that melts in your mouth. My mouth is watering…

So, today is Saturday and all the Muslim children were here. I didn’t see them, but I’ve seen them before. They’re all from across the water.

There are NO Muslim so-called Negro children that come to the Masjid.

I think their parents are waking up to the Knowledge that the Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) are not sufficient for us in these last days and times, so they don’t bring them. Al Hamdulillah!

I love children, but I love So-Called Negro children the BEST.

They are the Future Rulers of the world, so I didn’t even look at the foreigners.

For some reason, I’ve been feeling like I’m suppos, no I know why. Both times I went to hear some Jazz, both bands played songs by Donny Hathaway, so I listened to him all day yesterday and was in my little secret spot just bawling for some reason. I guess he just makes me sad. I didn’t really feel anything, just crying and sad.

Then today, I listened to Prince.

I have TIDAL, so I can hear his entire catalogue and I listened to his first album “FOR YOU” and it blew me away. The opening track is so beautiful. I would post it, but you can’t listen to Tidal without paying. That’s why Prince gave them exclusive rights to his music. You know how he was about bootlegging. None of his music was on YouTube until he died.

But anyway, he played ALL 27 instruments on that first album and although the critics dissed him. I loved it.

I was listening to him all day, but he is so nasty, I can only take so much.

The music is incomparable.

He has this one song, “Baby” that if I didn’t know better, I would SWEAR was MAXWELL.

I can’t post his first album, but a while ago, I came across this video of his concert and I’ve been to tons of concerts, but this is, by far, the BEST one I’ve ever seen.


*I apologize for the half-naked women, but you know Prince… Just ignore them and enjoy the music*

*I’m also not that crazy about Sheila’s drum solo in the beginning but just bear with it until His Royal Badness comes out *

*The first song is a little racy but it gets better after that*

*He also curses a little bit towards the end*

*It is footage from a New Year’s Eve concert he gave on December 31, 1987 (almost thirty years ago!) and he charged $200 per ticket. Probably for some charity, knowing him. Miles wrote about it in his autobiography. He loved Prince and played for about five minutes at this show.*

*And you know how I love Jazz. Here is Prince at age 19*

What do you think?

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