Chief Hypocrite

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Sisters,

If you will notice, I didn’t begin this blog like I have begun every blog I’ve ever written (with “Bismillah”), that is because this particular blog is about a hypocrite – THE CHIEF HYPOCRITE – A Mr. Malcolm X.

Every Surah (Chapter) in the Holy Qur-an Begins With “Bismillah” (“In the Name of Allah”) EXCEPT Surah 9, the Surah entitled “The Hypocrites”. Thus, no “Bismillah” for this blog. Now, the blog

❤ ❤ ❤

Read  Message To The Blackman In America. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him) wrote about Malcolm on pages 261-263 in the section titled “HYPOCRITES, DISBELIEVERS AND OBEDIENCE.”

He wrote:

“We have, today, such a perfect fulfillment of the prophecy of the Qur-an in the recent outbreak of hypocrisy among my followers. The chief hypocrite of them all — and the worst of them all — has never stopped in his attempt to do harm to my mission.

“The Holy Qur-an teaches: they will fight you with their tongues and even with their hands. So their tongues were not sufficient; they wanted quick action. So, the chief hypocrite resorted to arming his followers, as well as himself, with .30 caliber weapons. Knowing that my followers and I had not resorted to such weapons, they intended to spring a surprise attack by mowing us down. What happened? He and his ignorant followers had forgotten that God was with me and my followers. They did not know they could not stop us with weapons. The hypocrites always will be the losers.

“This chief hypocrite took a group with him to build a  “Mosque in opposition” to me and filled it with all types of wickedness and disbelievers like himself. He wished the praise of the people and not of God. He has said everything imaginable against me, which likely will hurt him and those who follow him more than he thinks. He wants the world to recognize him as a qualified leader. He should seek the recognition of Allah. Allah is the One who makes a leader for his people.

“This chief hypocrite is not with Allah; if he were with Allah, he would be with me. Since he is not with Allah, he cannot claim guidance from Allah. He has admitted that he cannot trust a religion and cannot trust a God who teaches when to act. He wants to act when he is ready to act, rather than depend upon a God who will act in His own good time.

“He does not wait on a God like that. Many other such fools passed away in great dishonor and shame long before this chief hypocrite. No weapons (as it is written) formed against me will prosper as long as Allah is with me and I am with Allah, because the twain will never break. We always shall be together against the enemy and together for the believers. Some of the hypocrites have come to know all of these things, but they must be punished.

“A hypocrite is one who first says he believes in Islam and then disbelieves and seeks to oppose the Messenger and those who believe in him and his God. Their punishment — says the Holy Qur-an in several places — is grief, regret, shame and disgrace. I will never forget this hypocrite’s hateful acts against me.

“If he is the last of the 22 million, I shall remind him of his evil and wicked acts done to me in return for the good that I did for him. He could not have risen up against me if I had not given him so much knowledge of Allah and His religion. When I made him a leader and a teacher among the people, he felt proud. He now thinks that he should be elected top man, but I am sure that he will be appointed the lowest man.

“He went, first, on the side of the Muslims, and then on the side of the devils, and again on the side of the Muslims and against the devils. He is — as the Holy Qur-an says — neither this nor that. His greatest desire is for someone to declare him as their leader. He is insane for leadership and disgraces himself for that office. As I have repeatedly taught — and the scholars and scientists will agree with me — the so-called Negro must have divine leadership today. The leader must be divinely appointed, not self-made or made by the people. This is universally known; I am that man, divinely appointed by Allah.

“According to the Bible and Holy Qur-an, punishment is sure to overtake hypocrites and those who seek to oppose Allah and His Apostle. I quote here a verse from the Holy Qur-an.

“Do they not know that whoever acts in opposition
to Allah and His Apostle, he shall surely have the
fire of hell to abide in it, that is the grievous
 (Holy Qur-an 9:63).

“That is the hell that the hypocrites and disbelievers will suffer, and it begins with their feeling of fear and excitement — fear that someone is going to do harm to them (as they plan to harm those they oppose). There is no fear for a true believer, nor shall he grieve. This grief of the hypocrites, according to the Holy Qur-an, prostrates them and makes them wish that they were dead. They even wish for someone to kill them.

“But Allah, the Holy Qur-an says, will not permit anyone to kill them, because death would take them out of their chastisement and grief. They will not bow in submission to the Will of Allah and Obedience in following His Messenger, and after a year or so under this condition, they are classified with the devil, to be destroyed in hell-fire — the final end to both.”

He also wrote concerning Malcolm’s false accusations:

MUHAMMAD SPEAKS NEWSPAPER – September 11, 1964 (page 15)

“He [Malcolm X] even told Jerry Williams [talk show host] that the next time he went for a pilgrimage, he hoped to take (Jerry Williams) with him to Mecca. That night, he told Jerry Williams that he was doing everything he could and was trying to bring me into court and make me say that I was the father of Lucille and Evelyn’s children. “He went back to these girls who used to date him before he married his present wife, Betty. He had made several trips to Chicago and made many phone calls to Evelyn. He finally persuaded her to agree with him. He tried to get others on his side by calling them, but they refused to go into court for him – to disgrace me after I had worked for 33 years trying to bring the knowledge of Islam and of the God, Allah to the 22 million Black people here in America.”


Here is an excerpt from a lecture wherein Our Beloved Messenger (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him) speaks on the hatred of hypocrite Malcolm


Beloved Sisters, I am aware that most of you probably love Malcolm (or used to), I can relate. I too, used to love Malcolm, until I learned the TRUTH.

The American devil government, has been the chooser of our “leaders” for as long as we have been here held against our will, as their slaves. They control the media outlets, so they choose whom to give publicity and whom not to give publicity, which is why Malcolm is always revered instead of the man who taught Malcolm everything he knew of good.

Malcolm was NOTHING before he heard the Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings of Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) but a two-bit hustler. Once the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him) gave him the wisdom of the Gods, Malcolm got big-headed and wanted the leadership position that was Divinely given to his teacher, and all of the notoriety that came with it.

Our Beloved Messenger (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him) knew what was coming over Malcolm. So, when President Kennedy was assassinated, he knowingly told ALL of his representatives not to speak on it. Malcolm, as expected, could not resist the opportunity to voice HIS opinion on the topic, and after giving a speech, uncharacteristically, asked the audience if there were any questions.

Naturally, someone asked about the recent assassination, and Malcolm delivered his most famous and most detrimental line. As a result, The Nation of Islam had to make rapprochement with the government and people of America. I know my more militant Sisters and Brothers disagree with The Nation’s handling of Malcolm’s deviation. But Kennedy was the President of the most powerful nation in the world and respect must be given to the position, if not the person.

As punishment, Malcolm was to be silenced for three months (90 days) but apparently the sentence was too much for Mr. Little and he decided to leave the Nation and Allah (God) and go on his own. The rest is history.

For those of you who believe Malcolm “left” the Nation because of some indecency on the part of The Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) and he was truly disheartened, disgusted or whatever with his Teacher, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) AFTER ALL OF THE HORRIBLE THINGS HE SAID ABOUT THE HOLY APOSTLE OF ALLAH (you can research that yourself, I can’t…), he had enough temerity to get down on his hands and knees and crawl back begging as if the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was a fool….

Malcolm cursed his whole family because of his hypocrisy. He was murdered. His wife was murdered. And, his only grandson was murdered. Allah (God) brought an end to his name.

The Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) teaches on worshipping Malcolm in this lecture. He begins at 1:02:54

What do you think?

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