Message To The Blackman In America


What Is Un-American?

Part Two

The religion Islam is universally recognized as the true religion of God, even by many of the disbelievers and infidels and Hindus.

Over 3 million white Americans recognize it (in secret).

We want to know just what is characterized as un-American? What is characterized as TRUE American?

Is being Muslims and righteously trying to obey and observe all the Divine Laws of God (that even you the Christian preach, but do not obey) and trying to obey your civil laws what you call un-American?

You and the world know that we seek to do no evil to anyone. We carry no weapons of evil, we are trying to be respected and we respect you as the rulers of the land.

You printed my Twelve-Point program for my people on pages 132 and 133. Is there anything wrong with any of the words mentioned in it for my people? They are:

1. Separate ourselves from the slave-master. You had us segregated for 400 years and now say that we are free, is it being un-American to leave you or separate from you, a people who have enslaved and destroyed us as human beings? Have not you separated yourselves from us?

2. Is pooling our resources, education and qualifications for self-independence, as you and other nations have done and since you say we are free, what you call un- American?

3. Should we not stop forcing ourselves, our presence, on you in places of yours where you forbid us and tell us we are not wanted? Is this what you call un- American – keeping away from that of yours that you forbade us?

4. Making our own neighborhoods a decent place to live and seeking a place in your neighborhood just because yours looks better and cleaner; making wherever we live a nice and clean place to live and making a decent life among ourselves if you and yours can do it, so can we! Is this what you call un-American?

5. If we want to rid ourselves of the lust of wine and other intoxicating drinks and learn to love ourselves first BEFORE loving you or others, is this what you call un-American?

6. Uniting and creating for ourselves. Have you given us anything in the way of your past and present treatment of us that we can believe that it will not be “hell” on “hell”?

7. Is it un-American for us to build our own homes, and schools, hospitals and factories while we are suffering and being turned away from many of yours?

8. Is it un-American for us to want to keep our blood pure from being mixed with yours, our enemies?

9. Is it un-American for us to stop wasting our money in trying to buy your finest cars, clothes, shoes before being able to live in a nice home?

10. Is it un-American for us to spend our money among ourselves (what little we have to spend)?

11. Is it un-American for us to build up an economic system among ourselves?

12. Is it un-American for us to protect our women, as you and other nations protect women? Is it un-American for us to try to set up a clean respectful society among ourselves as other nations? And should we not, as well as you, set officers over our society who will see to it that the rules and laws are obeyed?

You know it is absolutely false to accuse us of violence or preparing for violence. Allah (God) forbids us to do such a thing. He is the One who will do our fighting for us against you, as Jehovah did for Moses and Israel; only Allah is a little more angry with you for the evils done to us than Jehovah was with Pharaoh, as Jehovah only wanted to set a sign for you of what you may expect today, and Israel was not the real people of Allah.

Your evil and false accusations of me and my followers are only to frighten already frightened so-called Negroes from coming to Allah, that they may inherit the earth. You frighten especially the proud so-called Negroes whom you have made like yourself, thinking that they might be of some help to us. But Allah is sufficient as a Helper.

You will not be able to help yourself pretty soon, let alone make poison-proud Negroes to help you against us.

We want to be ourselves, and we are going to have some of this earth that we can call our own, with the help of Allah, as He has promised us through the mouth of His prophets from Moses to Muhammad.

It is up to you to mistreat us, or treat us well. Do as you like; we will not follow you any more.

The United States of America calls all so-called Negroes who want to live as decent civilized men or women un-American. We want to live in peace. We are they who want to be treated like human beings. We are they who want freedom, justice and equality. We are they who want a moral reformation of our people as well as a spiritual reformation. We are they who love unity among the so-called Negroes. We are they who want to do for ourselves. We are they who want a home on this earth that we can call our own. We are they who want deliverance from the midst of our 400-year enemies who keep us subjected to the status of servants and subjected to every brutality and murder known to civilized men. We are they who seek to rid ourselves of such an inhuman race of devils and live to ourselves in peace from the fear of such human beasts attacking and killing us night and day – and they call us un-American!

What do you think?

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