بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Ma Bebies!

(I see you Mr. Henry 😉 )

So, yesterday, after writing, I had two hours to kill, so I decided to go to Subway and get some cookies just so they would let me sit in there.

But why, after I was just complaining about how dull Uptown is compared to Downtown, did I see ALL THESE BLACK PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!

At first I thought they might be having something because of the Saints’ game, but then I was like, Nah, there were just TOO MANY PEOPLE FOR A TAILGATE.

So, when I finally made it through the crowds to get to Subway, I asked this Sister what was up?

She said it was a Second Line – “The Ladybug Jumpers

I had heard of them and knew them to be pretty popular because of Mardi Gras.

So, Subway was packed with people trying to use the bathroom but, of course, you had to buy something to use the bathroom. Employees…. :/

So, I just set up at a circular table and found an outlet to charge my laptop and just enjoyed being around New Orleanians. They are so charismatic! I love just being in the vicinity. So, I was just chilling waiting for it to cool down a little. And as the last man was getting ready to leave I asked him if he wanted to buy me a sandwich. He gave me four dollars and I got a cheese pizza. It costs $5.00. Subway has the best pizza, if you can find one that offers it.

So, then I look out the door and I see movement among the crowd. The Sister had told me the Second Line was going to go down Washington (Hey Bay! 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤ ) and I saw floats and cars with people with highly decorated costumes and I felt like it was just another parade but with ALL BLACK PEOPLE and I appreciated that because you know how much I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE but I wanted to hear the BAND!!!

But they just had recorded music.

So, I went back inside and started eating.

Then I see a Sister go look out the door and when she opened it, I heard the music and I knew the band was coming!!!

That was the biggest brass band I had ever seen. They had TWO TUBAS!!!

I would have joined them but

A. I was still eating and had all my worldly belongings on me and didn’t know how far they were going

B. I didn’t want to walk back. It seemed so dismal just thinking about it. But I was to find out later, it is far from dismal.

C. I needed to stay in the area so I could get in the shelter

So, I was really enjoying the music and I saw that after the band there were pigs, so I knew they must be the end.

So, I ate and went back to the shelter.

I was grateful to have a place to stay to get out of the cold at night.

And just went in with the other women.

Of course, they didn’t like me and started talking about Jesus and whatnot like they always do.

When they finally let us in, we had to sit in this little patio and I was the last one in so I was looking for a seat by a Sister and do you know when I finally found one and sat down, she got up and moved!?!? I tell you, these Christians…. :/

So, the lady had told me earlier that the returning women can just go in, so I figured I would wait until they all went in before I tried to do my intake.

Do you know when the lady working there saw me, instantly all the beds were full.

I was thinking, how do you know?

But she kept saying they didn’t have any room and she had turned away three people already. Which I knew was a lie because I was the last one to go in. But she kept saying, I would have to come back tomorrow.

Now, I was thinking about how cold I have been these past few nights and I was not leaving that easily.

She told me after six they close the doors and if someone doesn’t show up I can have their bed tomorrow.

I was like “Why not today?” If I come after six I should be able to get their bed.

She said, it doesn’t work that way. :/

So, I asked for a blanket.

She said they didn’t give away blankets.

So, by then I knew she just didn’t want to let me in.

And I told her.

She lied again, of course.

I left feeling really down.

I mean, I can’t help being fabulous.

But some women are jealous and hate me because I’m beautiful. LOL ‘member that?  I used to think she was so ugly! frfr

But, what could I do?

I can’t be normal.

So, I just packed up all my fabulousness, sat for a minute and tried to plot my next move.

I was so sad I wanted to cry.

But I was not going to give her the satisfaction.

So, I remembered a place I slept in INSIDE last time I was here.

And as I was leaving I saw some clothes and things that someone had dumped on the entrance to the shelter. So I picked out a hot pink sweater to wear over my garment and an oversized cardigan that I thought I could use as a blanket. There were a pair of black knit cotton pants that I thought would be good for my legs but they had a big hole. Razzaq told me to just take them. But I left them.

Then left and rethought about it. I’ve learned to take advantage of certain things because you won’t have the opportunity again once it’s gone. So I went back and got them.

So, there were still a lot of people on the streets even though the Second Line was long gone.

In L.A., our thing is lowriders and Harley Davidson motorcycle clubs.

They have a few lowriders out here but they don’t have switches! :/

And the motorcycles are like dirt bikes and four-wheeled motorcycles. They ride through the streets doing wheelies and I saw this one Brother fall off! That was scary. But he was okay.

They have a lot of these too. At least more than I’ve ever seen anywhere.


In New Orleans, the devils really want us to stay slaves, so they pay us a lot of money. Everybody has a car and makes “good” money, so they can spend it on “fun” (drinks, cigarettes, clubbing, expensive clothes and jewelry, motorcycles, &c.) And I’m sure there are a few business owners but I’m afraid most of the people who Second-Line and party like they do out here work for devils – SLAVES. And use the partying as a way to forget that fact.


But with the help of Allah, I am going to make them see that we MUST DO SOMETHING FOR SELF for posterity’s sake and drinking and smoking are chains to death. I think because of the Great Flood (that wasn’t really a flood :/ ) a lot of New Orleanians are all about the NOW. They are just happy to be alive and are trying to get as much pleasure out of living RIGHT NOW!

So, they don’t care about the future – their progeny or even their own long life. Not all. But some.

I’ve had more people tell me, when I tell them to stop smoking and drinking, that “you’re gonna die anyway!” than I’ve heard anywhere I’ve been. Like they don’t care about prolonging their lives or living as long as possible. It’s sad.

But I saw all the people walking back and it was like a street party. Crenshaw ain’t got nothing on New Orleans Second Line street parties. They aren’t every Sunday but they are on Sunday. And when they have ’em, it’s like mager!

It was like everybody Black had come out just like last time.

But I didn’t find the main street where everybody was unless it was at this church. And I really hope not.

It was scary trying to maneuver through all that traffic and pedestrians but I finally made it.

I was much warmer than I’ve been at my other spots.

It did get a little cold around one but I just took the oversized cardigan I had been using for a pillow and wrapped up in it.

O! I forgot to tell you I saw Keyvin AGAIN! It was good to see a familiar face and he stopped and talked for a minute. Asked me if I wanted to get a hotel. I was like yeah. He said, Okay, on the first. I laughed out loud and was like “What about now?”

I had a spot but I don’t like trespassing.

He was trying to get me to take him to one of my spots.

You know I couldn’t do that.

But for some reason, probably because my father is an architect, I’m good at finding GOOD places in buildings that most people don’t know about. So, I can stowaway. But I know better than to tell anybody about them. That’s how I got caught last time.

I learned when me and Razzaq were in the fourth grade that once you compromise your position, it’s over. You get caught and there’s no going back!!! So, I’m EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS WHEN IT COMES TO MY HIDEOUTS.

I also got to take a “hoe bath” last night which I really needed since the Sunni Hypocrites kicked me out. I know another place I can take a shower but the water is cold. And I can’t take that. I’d rather be dirty than take a cold shower. So, I’m just going to take hoe baths until I get my check on Friday.

Three days is a long time to go without showering or changing clothes to me now.

Before I became a Muslim I could go seven days.

But, I don’t know. It’s only Monday….

So, I was looking for a picture or video of the Lady BUCK Jumpers and I found out that I turned down the street right before the one the Second Line went down. That’s why I couldn’t find the main street.

I’m kinda glad because I’m Muslim and MUCH MORE RESERVED THAN MOST PEOPLE and New Orleans is wilder than anywhere I’ve ever been. Including Vegas. Vegas is just nasty. But Rawlins is just about partying and drinking and smoking. And I like to party but I don’t drink nor smoke and really don’t care to be around it. And they know it.


I think I like music more than most people so they’re just going to have to deal with me.

And Razzaq put roots on me so I CAN’T leave. So there!!!

I had to post this again, since I’m in New Orleans and I love Raheem and he features New Orleans’ own “Trombone Shorty” on this track.

Stay here, Pretty Lady…

And I ain’t goin’ nowherr!!! Cain’t. Roots…. 😉

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