بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Sisters and Brothers!

New Orleans is outta control. They call it Raw-lins’ And I can bear witness, it gets pretty Raw out here.

Anyway, I left work on Friday. I can’t remember what I did.

Saturday, I made a garment – completely hand sewn, with material donated by The Hyatt Regency, courtesy of a Violet table cloth I happened to pass by.

Look, they built that hotel on my land. Everything in it is mine. They are the ones trespassing.

Anyway. Thanks for the iron, too.

I didn’t go anywhere all day. I’ve been like that out here. I go out on weekdays, but the past few weekends, I’ve stayed “home” all day. Both days. I just don’t feel like going anywhere. But weekdays I’m gone all day. I don’t know why. I just go by what Allah (God) Tells me to do. That’s why they can’t catch me. Unless I let them.

I’ve been eating so good. Zawji is such a good provider. I call him Razzaq, which is Allah’s (God) Attribute of Provider.

St. Somebody or other had their Homecoming Dance at the hotel. And I got so regretful and penitent remembering how my Zawji had begged me to go to his Homecoming, but my parents were so strict you would have thought they were Muslims.

I couldn’t go nowhere in High School. Not Homecoming, night dances, Ultra Wave, parties. NATHAN! They reluctantly let me go to Prom. No fanfare. Now, I wish they hadn’t. :/

Anyway, why did some little fast ass girl let this little Brother bring her right next to the HONEYCOMB HIDEOUT, AND THEY START JUKIN’!!!!!!!!! #nolaslang

You know me. I do not condone fornication under any circumstances. So, I started making ALL KINDA noise. So, they would know that they were not alone! Why did they keep going? :/

So, then I said something. TWICE!!! I forgot what I said now, but they KEPT GOING. Lil’ freaks.

So, then I was like, “Next time, make him get you a ROOM!

She must’ve felt cheap then, because they were gone in ten seconds.

Then later another couple came by – COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the first. They sounded like me and Zawji. We were married at birth. The Holy Qur-an calls it two parts of the same soul. Nafis in Arabic.

Anyway, it was obvious he respected his wife because he said, “Hello? Hello?” to make sure no one was there. I didn’t say nothing and just let them make love. It was cool too because there was other noise in the hotel and I didn’t even know when they had finished. He sounded like he had some money in his pocket too, or some jewelry or something though.

I ended up crying thinking how different my life would have been…….. 😥  Ididn’tevenask……  😥 😥 😥

So, every now and again I come across a pair of shoes. They’re always in fairly good condition. But, I love my Chucks. So, I always pass on them. I don’t need more than one pair of shoes.

But there’s been a pair of black sneaks right outside the hotel for at least a week. They might have been there before I went to the hospital. Nobody has taken them. Zawji told me they were for me. And I thought a thousand people probably (wait, I did go somewhere on Saturday. That was the day the Pelicans played the Golden State Warriors. Zawji wanted to go up there, so we went. I found two umbrellas. Kept the best one and tried to sell the other one. But everybody was pissed because Cali came out on top. I should’ve played up the color RED. Everybody had on red last night. They lost anyway. But if you’re gonna lose, at least look good.

Black people look so good in red. Especially our children.

I couldn’t lose because I live in New Orleans, but I’m from California. 😛 I think I was a little bit happier because The WARRIORS WON tho’ AGAIN!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ #worldchamps 😀 😀 #CALIFORNIA ❤

Anyway, I met a Sister and ended up giving her the umbrella.

If anybody knows a Black Dentist in New Orleans, please comment with his/her information. I prefer a female. Thanks!

So anyway, I thought 10,000 people probably passed those sneakers tonight, but ZAWJI KNOWS BEST.

So, no sooner had I put them down in the Hideout than I noticed something jump out. It was a tawny brown and, at first glance, I thought it was a cricket. I’m from L.A. and even those are rare, but it was the first association I had. But, when I looked closer, I saw it was a little frog! With huge black eyes.

I played with it for a minute, then it hopped somewhere close to my stuff and I thought, “I can’t have you hidin’ out somewhere in the hideout.” I didn’t know his name yet. Zawji told me later, it’s Hopper.

So, I ended up putting it in a container and now I have a pet frog. Let me see if I can find a picture on Google. Okay, I can’t find a picture and it’s just as well, because it died last night. I tried to feed it a fruit fly but I couldn’t get it to eat. I should’ve let him go as soon as I thought about it. 😥 RIP Hopper ❤ ❤ ❤

I hate to say it but I learned, while eavesdropping on a devils’ tour of Congo Square, that according to them, Congo Square is where the devils dropped off their slaves while they went cavorting in the French Quarter. :/

The slaves tell it like they went there voluntarily. :/

Two sides to every story.

I also hate to say it but I LOVE Jazz musician funerals. Probably because I’ve never known either of them personally. But the MUSIC!

I went to Uncle Smokey’s wake staying outside for the most part because Muslims can get in BIG Trouble for going to a Christian funeral or wedding or even eating and drinking with them.

We are not allowed to socialize with Christians at all. The Holy Qur-an warns us that they will not stop trying to revert us back to their dirty religion importunately and incessantly.

I was able to tell one of Branford’s Doppels to tell Wynton about How To Eat To Live and had a ball singing my heart out to a Brass Band. It was the first time really. I loved it.

I finally admitted this morning that the music of New Orleans is the Dixieland Jazz they play in cartoons all the time. I remember one about a flea circus. But it sounds so much better now! LOL

What do kids know? 😉

If I could convince one of these jazz bands to let me sing with them…. YA’LL JUST DON’T KNOW!!!!!! I would blow your mind! But I have to get approval from the King first. I was BORN to do this. Well, I enjoy it immensely. 😀

I was born to teach the good news to my Brothers and Sisters who have never heard it. And pray Allah opens their eyes, ears and hearts.


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