بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Asiatic Black Brothers and Sisters! 😀

My blog has changed so much, Al Hamdulillah! The Blackman has more powerful brains than the Blackwoman because he was created to rule! There was a time when I used to get really upset when I found out about a Brother visiting my website. frfr I used to send them messages and tell them my blog is just for Black women and girls and don’t visit unless you are a single father of a girl. But my website is mostly Islam and Brothers need it more than the Sisters. So, I’m not trippin’ anymore. 🙂

So anyway, Brothers and Sisters.

I’m in Atlanta. Things went EXTREMELY different than how I had planned. But as the Holy Qur’an says, “We plan and Allah Plans. Surely Allah is THE BEST OF PLANNERS!”

My living situation in L.A. was not conducive to my spiritual growth. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my roommates much. Paul, Shaun, Mr. Turner, Mr. Willie, Janine, Jaiy were all cool. Even the devil was tolerable (believe it or not, but Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are due forever, lived with devils so I gave it a try and was successful) but I’m a Muslimah and living with men is not healthy to my spirit. So, I planned to move in June. I was just going to get my own apartment. Allah Blesses the child who has her own, The Messenger (PBUH) Taught. But I really hate living alone. It’s so BORING!!! Even with all the challenges that come with having roommates. I would rather do that than live alone.

Life is proving to me what Allah’s Purpose is for me, at least until I marry Amad-Jamal, My Honey-Stick! ❤ ❤ ❤

I call myself, “Sojourner Love” 🙂  My hateful Aunt used to call me Boll Weevil mockingly. I used to hate that! In fact, I used to hate alot of stuff she used to do. But my biological family is disgraceful and I hate them… Anyway, Gods move around. We don’t stay in one place for too long. You start to decay and soon you’ll be “stinkin’” LOL as they say in ATL.

So, I’ve been wanting to come to Atlanta since the nineties when Freaknic was crackin’ but I didn’t have the courage to travel like I have now back then. I had my daughter too, now that I think about it. I wasn’t ready.

Then last January (2015), I had planned to come, but when I got to the Greyhound Station, Allah (SWT) Instructed me to go to Vegas instead.

Then I was going to go again, but Allah Told me to got to New Orleans instead. ❤

Then when I came home, I thought I was going to be in L.A. for awhile, at least I didn’t know I was going to be leaving town so quickly. But, I’m learning that Allah (swt) is rather spontaneous. And He Doesn’t Give Me A lot of time to change my mind or think too hard about what He Instructs Me To Do.

So instead of finding my own apartment, in L.A. at least, He Told Me, Since I’m moving anyway, I might as well come to Atlanta.

So here I am!!!!

It’s difficult being a “wayfarer” as the Holy Qur’an calls us. You are completely dependent on Allah. I had planned to stay in a shelter because rent and hotels can drain your bank account in a couple of weeks.

But when I alighted Allah Had Other Plans.

I spent the first couple of days trying to find permanent shelter.

I was going to go to a shelter as soon as I arrived, but one of the cab drivers insisted that I go to the Mosque. I agreed because Muslims are “supposed” to take care of visiting Muslims. But the first one I went to was built by hypocrites and they are nauseating because Allah Has blinded them to the fact that they are hypocrites, so I just shine them on.

If Allah leaves them in their inordinacy; there is nothing I can do for them. I just try and save myself from their deception, which is all I can do.

Then I went to another Masjid in Five Points, (which is the Hot Spot in Atl as far as Black people are concerned) and there’s an African Imports Store, for lack of a better term, right next door. The Masjid was closed when I arrived, so I went into the store, and would you know that the proprietor told me Muhammad from Taj Mahal on Crenshaw is his uncle!!! SMALL WORLD.

I bought some cocoa butter, black soap and oils, but the oils were watered down. 😦 I’m going to tell him about that, because people who buy oils can tell and it cuts out on his business AND makes him look bad which is bad for their whole family.

So, I was kind of FORCED to go to the non-Muslim shelter, but they told me the shelter was full!!! So, now, I’m really destitute, and when you’re homeless, your constant thought is where am I going to spend the night??? It’s cool until about 3 am (if your nocturnal like I am. But around 3 you need to be indoors, everything is closed and danger lurks) So, I’m heavily thinking about my next move and I decide my best bet would be to go back downtown where it is more densely populated. And a young Brother had told me where I could find a cheap hotel.

But I had seen downtown from a distance, and it reminded me of New Orleans so much, but bigger. Something about New Orleans is spooky. It’s like there’s an evil spirit over the whole city. And I got the same feeling here in Atlanta. It looks deserted. Like a ghost town.

So, I looked in the direction of downtown and I got a chill but My Saviour, Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises Are Due Forever, Told Me, “ME, AND ME ALONE, SHOULD YOU FEAR.” So, I took a deep breath and with no fear began my descent into Hell.

So, I was walking toward downtown when, like a mirage, I saw an oasis in the middle of the desert. Up above all the other buildings, I saw a minaret reaching toward the sky. I couldn’t believe it at first, because I had had a similar experience in NOLA and it turned out to be a church. But as I neared, to my astonishment, it turned out to be the most beautiful Masjid I had ever seen.

With trepidation, I didn’t go in the main entrance. I like to check out new buildings before just entering. So, I took a roundabout way in. They had a school, which was a good omen. But I was still hesitant. Going to a new mosque can be intimidating. It would be nice to have an escort or some sort of person to show you around, but I’ve been to A LOT of Masjids in different states, so I feel comfortable, but I was still a little hesitant.

So, slowly I walked near, but I was unstable in my steps, and from behind me a young Brother from across the waters, shows up from nowhere, and picks up my luggage, carries it down and then up the stairs and points me in the direction of the Sisters’ entrance. Al Hamdulillah!!!

So, I go in, remove my shoes and sit down in the first room I encountered. There was a rack with silk brocade sheets dividing the men from the women, but you could still see through and I felt very uncomfortable, but I had no where else to go, so I tried to make the best of a bad situation.

Then someone started calling the Adhan and this Brother comes and opens the curtain completely. I was embarrassed, and ashamed. Brothers are not supposed to see the Sisters and I felt so cheap. That was my first red flag that this mosque was just beautiful on the outside.

There was a sign that said, “Sisters Upstairs” but I couldn’t find any stairs leading upstairs. and no one bothered to show me. But Al Hamdulillah, I found an elevator.

The Sisters Prayer Room was beautiful. I’ve read in the comments section online about this masjid that it could be the most beautiful Masjid in America!

Coincidentally, my first day in town, was the first day of Ramadan. So, after awhile the Mosque was filled to capacity. But not until I had had a time to clear my head and relax. AND FREE DINNER WAS GUARANTEED FOR A MONTH!!! AL HAMDULILLAH!!!

I saw a Sister lay down and go to sleep, so I thought MAYBE, I could spend the night here. But, the hypocrites had infiltrated this Mosque too and though the Ramadan Service ended at midnight (which was fortunate for me because the Sun would be up in a few hours), I layed down, hoping they would see my need and allow me to spend the night. I wasn’t going to beg. They love that.

People take advantage of people in need. I call them predators who prey on the poor. Our Savior, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises Are Due Forever, Calls them , “The Bloodsuckers of the Poor.” And it’s true. They don’t want to help you unless they can get something out of you. Especially being a woman. I’ve had so many ignorant men try to make me their hoe. They just don’t know. It makes me stronger.

But this hypocrite woman, came shaking me, “Sister, Sister!!! You can’t spend the night here!” “You gotta go!

So, deliberately taking my time, I gather my luggage. They turn off the lights, then this Brother from Africa (who was just as evil) comes in with a flashlight.

The Sister followed me after I managed to give the African the slip, and made sure I left.


I managed to give HER the slip too! Al Hamdulillah! Allah Provided Me With A Space that was bigger than the room I had in L.A. LOL!!!!!! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!

I went to the Masjid again and the Sister comes up to me, “Sister, did you get some dinner the other night? Do you want me to bring you a plate?”

I looked at her incredulously. But this is the behaviour of hypocrites that I have become accustomed to. I said, “Don’t come up acting all friendly like I don’t remember how you treated me the other night.

Oh Sister, it’s against the rules for Sisters to sleep in the Mosque!

Well, it’s a stupid rule.

I didn’t make the rules.

Well, you’re enforcing them. Where I come from visiting Muslims are allowed to sleep in the Masjid.

Well, we don’t do that here.

I know because ya’ll are hypocrites. What would Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) do? Would he throw a Muslim out of the Masjid to sleep on the street?

Sisters aren’t allowed to sleep in the Mosque.”

Didn’t Aisha (Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) wife) sleep in the Mosque? Didn’t Mary, the Mother of Jesus, sleep in the Mosque?

Well, you’re not Mary.”

I say, ‘La illah illah llah’ (THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH!) just like Mary.

She walked away then and took a seat.

Some people hate to see you win.

But Allah is The Best Knower.

And He is sufficient for me.

So, my spot is cool and I start getting really comfortable. TOO comfortable. LOL

The third day, I’m moving my stuff in. Knowing I’m not supposed to start unpacking, but sometimes I get impulsive. So, I’m reorganizing my stuff and this wheelchair rolls up. I froze. Hoping he would just roll out. But he wheeled in more and I thought, “I’m dead.” All I could think about was where am I going to sleep??

The Brother turned out to be so cool.

He told me he had slept there too. LOL, but if the Imam found out (and the Imam told him to tell him to tell anybody he found sleeping there to come to him!) he wouldn’t be so kind.

He didn’t tell me he would tell the Imam, but he didn’t say he wouldn’t. Yet and still, I had a little time, and I was not about to go and beg the Imam, who I thought I knew and I didn’t know whether he would say yes or no, but I figured not saying anything would be better than going to him and him making me leave. So, I took my chances, but being homeless is kind of like being a fugitive slave. You cannot compromise the secrecy of your hiding place. And even though he was cool as hell, I can’t afford to trust anybody these days.

So, I moved my location, just for my peace of mind. I didn’t want them finding me and telling me I had to leave. So, I just wasn’t going to be there. I learned that from dealing with the police. You gotta catch me first.

The next day, I went to one of the homeless resource centers and asked about shelters out of pure desperation, because I had heard another Muslim Sister say she had just asked and they told her all the shelters were full. But she is a Sunni and not good friends with Master Fard Muhammad, The True and Living God, To Whom Praises Are Due Forever, like I am, and the front desk told me that a shelter had just called and said they had ONE BED!!!!! AL HAMDULILLAH!!!!!!!!

So, Al Hamdulillah! I have shelter.

I cannot tell you the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. Allahu Akbar.

Today, I just did some sightseeing. I’m posting updates of my adventures on Facebook. Periscope sucks. Facebook Rocks. LIVE VIDEOS ON DECK!!!!! Friend me. They won’t let me change my name to the name my Husband gave me LOVE ALLAH, because somebody hacked my account in 2009 and they had to do an executive name change at their headquarters. I had to send them a copy of my I.D. just to get them to change it back!!! So now, I can’t change my name. Search LATIFAH ALLAH. I’m the only one on Facebook!!!!!
❤ ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “ATL

  1. Peace be unto you, my Sister,

    I found much inspiration in your blog, but I do think you must acknowledge and/or seek the wisdom of Allah for your transgressions and repent. Moreover, it is imperative that you are grateful for all that you have and for what Allah has given you, and remove any hate or prejudice you have in your heart for others, for those qualities oppose the Teachings. Love is the heart of Islam – remember that always Sister.

    Love always,


    1. Wa Laikum Salaam L!

      Thank-you for your concern and I pray Allah opens your eyes, ears and heart to the TRUTH of the Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings of His Last and Greatest Messenger, The Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him).

      He Taught Us The TRUTH of This Race of DEVILS – The Caucasian Race. There is no hate nor prejudice involved in the Teachings – merely TRUTH. YOU CAN TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

      Peace is the Heart of Islam, and I am in Perfect Peace. Al Hamdulillah!
      As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum,
      Your Sister,
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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