Route 66

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Bebies!


Well, I did it.


I have left New Orleans.


I’m not in L.A. yet. But I’m close enough to feel comfortable writing.

I have an arrival time.

It’s an hour and a half later than scheduled which is really a bummer because I was going straight to Zawji’s plantation as soon as I alighted.

But there is no way I can get from dtla to Venice Beach on the bus in two hours. Then again, there is the train now…

I don’t know. I’ll have to see when I get there. Maybe I can arrive when he gets off and go from there. I might be married for real tomorrow, ya’ll. 😀

I decided not to get him fired.

A. He needs time to stack his cheddar before opening his own restaurant and

B. It’s a seafood restaurant and I’m a pescatarian who loves fine dining. And that’s all he works at. So, I’ma give him some time.

I want him to open up a restaurant somewhere on Crenshaw where they’re building that new train. I’ve seen whole business centers, including residential plazas, open up around train stations, so there’s A LOT of money to be made.

But anyway, this was the first time I’ve left New Orleans and the bus took us through downtown and I was able to make a video. Let me see if I can post it. BRB

Okay, Zawji doesn’t want me to post it until the end.

But I got on the bus and actually left. I mean, I knew I was going to do it this time. But it was almost surreal. I couldn’t believe I was actually leaving such a wonderful city like New Orleans.

But some things are bigger than just having fun. Zawji needs me more than New Orleans, so when He Calls, I Come Running.

I saw this Brother in Houston who looked like what I think Zawji looks like now and it was all I could do to keep my hands off his body. LBVS. I mean, OMG. He was about 6’3″ and had the body of a muscular ball player but not like Boris or Tyson, well maybe Tyson. I can’t really remember what he looked like, it’s been so long. LOL Maybe Tyrese but I don’t know how tall he is. But just Oh My God.

I’m still getting used to him being tall. I’m pretty sure I’m ready, but I’ve NEVER had to look up to him. We’ve always been eye to eye or close to it. Now I’ll have to stand on my tippy-toes to kiss him. That’s new.

And I feel a little insecure knowing how alluring he is to women, but he keeps telling me it doesn’t matter as long as he ONLY wants me.

It’s so funny because there’s a Subway in the New Orleans Greyhound Station (btw they get the award for dopest Greyhound Station. They have a Subway inside. And the store is off the hook. New Orleans is off the hook so of course, they offer all the New Orleans paraphernelia. Except Saints stuff. They didn’t have any Saints stuff, which made me glad I went to their pro shop and got Hakim a snapback.


I also got him an ink pen and some Ooey-Gooey Cake. He thinks I’m gonna eat it before I get home. But I’m almost there and I still have it. So, looks like he’ll get to taste it. He has good taste in foods, so I know he’ll love it like I do. I need to try and find a recipe. BRB



(I would double the cream cheese topping though. It looks pretty thin in the picture)

I got him some gold beads too. My mom used to go to New Orleans all the time and she would bring back beads but never gave any to anyone as far as I know. That just seems wrong to me. I mean how can you go to New Orleans and not give anybody any beads. She would just hang them on her rear view mirror. Maybe she gave them to other people and not me. In any case, I didn’t think about that until I was putting my son’s stuff together and I thought how selfish can you be, not to bring back beads from New Orleans for your family? It should be second nature. I mean even if they don’t care or know anything about New Orleans beads. Just give them some. They’re everywhere! But my mom is a special kinda selfish. She won’t even let me live in her garage. But that’s never stopped me. 😀 )

So anyway, I should be back in L.A. tonight, In Sha Allah, and I know it is. So, see you when I see you!

Zawji still won’t let me post the video. Maybe later…