بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم












ان شاء الله

الحمد لله

الله أكبر










ان شاء الله

الحمد لله

الله أكبر



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaam-Alaikum Dear Sisters & Brothers!!

Who Dat? I always knew they said that out here in Nawlins’, but never knew why. I thought it was some from movie where I think Fats Waller said, “Who dat say who dat when I say who dat?” Or something.

But, I noticed sometimes when I go around groups of people, someone would sometimes blurt out “Who dat?” And once these people were about to fight and one of them said, “Let’s wait until the police leave!” Talking about me!

It’s kinda hurtful when people don’t trust me, especially my own people. But I’ve been accused of being an agent online before, so I just ignore them now.

Lately, I’ve been letting my appearance do the talking for me anyway. I’m getting ready for marriage. So, I just let my garment speak for itself and just answer questions from those intelligent enough to ask. Just Black People, of course. I’ve been iggin’ devils for daze.

But today, I went to this area where a Brother informed me I could find an inexpensive apartment near Congo Square.

I was disappointed. It looked neglected like Central City and there were far too many devils for my taste. Nevertheless, it beats being homeless. So, I took down some numbers.

Then, I got to a main street and was going to turn back. I don’t like living on main streets, but for some reason I end up there.:/ Zawji reminded me I’m homeless, and don’t have the luxury of being choosy.

So, I’m seeing nothing but devils in an area where there are banners on the light poles celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Oldest Black Neighborhood in America!!! Da fucc? I was instantly pissed. It was turning out to be one of those daze.

Everybody seemed to be uptight anyway and I got really fired up.

I had just seen this Brother in Congo Square selling T-Shirts celebrating Tremé – The Oldest Neighborhood for people of color” 

That part right there!



I went in on him. Poor Brother.

So then, I’m walking down the busy street and I see a For Rent sign. It was a two-bedroom for $1800. I laughed out loud! There were more condos and street cafes designed for and by devils than Black People in THE OLDEST BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD IN AMERICA. GTFOH

And then! I see two devils filming this Brother. First I think, he’s a News Reporter, but I’ve never seen a reporter with TWO cameramen. So, I asked him what they were filming. He said something, I can’t remember. Probably something like a documentary or something. So, I asked him how did he become involved with the project. He said they were just stopping people on the street. But, I didn’t believe him because he looked like he had dressed for the occasion.

Then, I tried to tell him, he shouldn’t be taking devils around our community, especially on film because it’s just going to attract more devils. He started trying to defend himself and I turned around and that devil had his lens all up in my grille.

I told him I didn’t consent to being on film but devils think they can still do as they please. So, I just tried to convince my Brother to try and preserve something for his own kind then the devil said, “That’s racist!” So, the Brother started in on that part.

Eventually, I got fed up and walked away but I turned around and they were still filming me so I walked directly up to the camera and stared straight into the lens,

“Beloved Black Americans, read MESSAGE TO THE BLACKMAN IN AMERICA by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH). The TIME OF SEPARATION from our Devil Slavemasters Has Arrived. Their time is up but we have the opportunity to be saved. We must do something for self and give the devil back the chains of mental slavery that keep us in bondage to him – His names and his dirty religion of Christianity. We must go for self.  Stop intermingling and intermarrying with them or you will become deserving of Hellfire as they are. The Time Has Come To Go For Self. Google Message To The Blackman in America and read it online for free. But stay away from Louis Farrakhan!”

Or Something Like That……..

So, the devil was trying to interrupt me the whole time, but I igged him. Then the Brother comes back, so I tried to talk to him some more. But, when he said he had already read Message To The Blackman, I knew that there was no hope for him so I just gave him the greetings and broke.

I stopped at the store to get my daily rations on the way home, and was walking past the cashier and the line (:/ ) on my way out the door, when I overheard the cashier tell this older cat he was till a little short, as I walked past with my bag full.

I thought to myself, “My ancestors paid for everything in this bag. The owners of this store and the manufacturers who make this shit don’t even have to work. All they do is sit back, buy and sell companies and count money. They pay their slaves barely enough to get by just like in the days of physical bondage. All we can afford is food, clothes and shelter and we have to go back to them to buy it, just giving the money right back to them! Shiiiiiiiid, my shit is more than paid for. They owe me! 400 years of FREE LABOR!!!??? And this Brother can’t even afford a fucking CANDY BAR!!! So, until ya’ll designate some land wherein we can provide for ourselves the necessities of life, which you are obligated to do after we BUILT this country for you FOR FREE, under your brutal and merciless hands, I’ll just take this leather-bound journal and these vittles as collateral. Thank-you kindly, Ms. Security Guard, You have a ‘blessed day’ too, Muthafucka! PEACE!”

New Orleans, Haiti, Roman Catholicism, Allah and Natural Disasters

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Sisters & Brothers

So, I’m living in New Orleans where the majority religion is by far Roman Catholicism. I have discovered that Roman Catholicism is the WORST form of Christianity there is.

Our Beloved Messenger, The Most Honorable and Humble Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah forever be upon him) taught us that in the Bible (Revelation) The Pope is referred to as “The Dragon” that gives power to “The Beast” which symbolizes America.

The Head of the Roman Catholic religion is referred to as a DRAGON.

Ever since it happened, and especially since I’ve been living here, I have been asking Allah over and over WHY? Why would He let or even cause something as devastating as Hurricane Katrina to affect a whole city that is, from what I’ve seen, majority Black?

Well, today, My Beloved Darling Zawji Told me it is because they are Roman Catholic.

Then, I thought about it. New Orleans has very close ties to Haiti, which is also predominantly Roman Catholic and almost entirely Black. Well, a few years ago, Haiti was hit by a very destructive earthquake which destroyed the entire country not too long ago.

Here, in New Orleans, they are still collecting donations for the children of Haiti and when I asked why help Haiti when there are children in need in America, I was just told that they wanted to help Haiti. Now, I know it is because of the close ties between New Orleans and Haiti, both being colonized by the French and sharing the religion of Roman Catholicism.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, PLEASE Give the devil back his religion and join on to your own kind before Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due Forever, decides to send another warning that the time of worshiping Him in any way you see fit is up.

ACCEPT YOUR OWN (Your own God – Allah, Your own Religion – Islam and Your own People – the Black Peoples of the Earth) and BE YOURSELF (A Righteous Muslim) before it is too late.


Dear Brother Louis,

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


My Dear Beloved Musical Phenomena,

In my humble opinion, you are, hands down, the GREATEST TRUMPET MAN WHO EVER LIVED!

I love Miles, Lee, Dizzy, Clifford and Wynton is EXTREMELY talented, but YOUR MUSIC, My Dear Brother….When you BLOW, it just takes me to another level.

Your Duets With Sister Ella are Stellar and I hope they are around forever. I cannot fathom anything that could ever surpass them.

It makes my cry, though, Dear Brother, to think of how the devil Caucasians exploited you and the many other Black artists, who let them.

It makes me cry also, Dear Brother, to know that if it had not been for those same devils’ recordings of you and all of my favorite musicians, I would never have been able to hear your music.😥

It also makes me cry, Brother Louis, to know that if I had been born during the time you were performing, I would have to sit up in the “Peanut Gallery” if I was allowed admission at all (like at the renowned Cotton Club where Blacks were only allowed to entertain the devil patrons but not enjoy the services offered there), if I wanted to see one of your legendary performances.

It makes my heart break, Dear Brother Louis, that you did not have enough Knowledge of Self to see how derogatory “Sleepy Time Down South” was and is to your own Black kind.

I’m sitting here, off Basin Street in Congo Square/Armstrong Park, watching nothing but devils come and go, posing and taking pictures in front of your statue, my dear poor, ignorant Brother.

I’ve been here ALL DAY and have not yet seen ONE Black Person come and visit your statue.

They (America) USED you, their servitude slave, Dear Brother, to travel around the world and act as an ambassador to convince their enemies of what a great country she it. HER SLAVE!

I know you didn’t know any better, Brother Louis, at least I hope you didn’t. I know the poison America has injected into all of her slaves – The So-called American Negroes – through her white supremacist school system, where ALL little Black schoolchildren are taught to worship and admire you because of your love for them.

I hate to say it, My Dear Brother, because of my love for you (regardless of your ignorance) and your music, but you were the Biggest Coon in American History. As much as I love you, Dear Brother, this is a fact.

Some might argue and say, Oprah Winfrey, but she has not been designated by the U.S. Government to act as an Ambassador to Foreign countries, like you were, My Brother.

Oprah Winfrey does not travel the world singing the praises of her slavemasters like you did, my Dearly Beloved, although Blind, Deaf, Dumb and Mentally Dead Dear Brother.

I know you had beef with some of the younger cats who were wide awake to the realization of their condition as “second-class citizens” (if that) here in the United Snakes of America, Dear Brother, like Diz.

I really wish you would have listened to him because that “Wonderful World” (just because of your reputation and image) was some ol’ bullshit, Dear Brother. However, I am happy that you presented a united front in the presence of our Universal and Open enemies – the Devil Caucasians.

Forsooth, if some white hippie, or even a self-proclaimed naturalist, like myself, had recorded it, Dear Brother, it would have had an entirely different connotation. However, because of your history of gratuitous obsequiousness toward your slavemasters, it came off as just another bearer of witness to your blind, deaf and dumb and mentally dead wretched state of mental slavery.

*I just broke my pen, throwing it at these devils.
I wish I had a grenade!
I hate these so-called “Jazz enthusiasts”,
Who claim Jazz as America’s only original art form,
And as if it is their own.
I just wanna CHOKE ‘EM!!!

* * * **

Brother Louis, I would be remiss in my duties as a journalist if I did not relate for my readers, a story probably only circulated within the jazz community of artists…. wait, wait. I can’t tell that one. I read your autobiography.

(The first autobiography of a jazz musician ever written) and I used to get so frustrated, Brother, when you would not divulge some of your “inside” stuff!

So, I’ll tell another one, you did tell in your autobiography. You explained how when you played for the Queen of England and her people, how stiff and stuck-up and boring they all were. So, you gave them all laxatives and told them to “Loosen up!” LOL

Okay, damn I can’t hold water. But, this is so apropos seeing as how (when I wrote this anyway) it was weed-smoking season….

Anyway, you admitted in your autobio that every night before bed, you would take a laxative and then every morning you would “wake and bake” and loosen up in the bathroom.😉

Well, the story goes that once you happened upon The President of the United States on one of your return trips from some foreign country and the President turned out to be a big fan of yours.

So, he asked you if there was anything he could do for you? And you said, “Yeah….”

Slip this bag through customs real quick…..”

You ever notice how when boys add “real quick” to anything they ask of you, it’s impossible to say no?:) #boyz #gottaloveem😉❤❤❤



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Message to the Blackman



bar1h.gif (1534 bytes)

The so-called American Negroes actually believe that they have the same right as American citizens to go any place in white America they please and be accepted or allowed to enter into white society on an equal basis with the white man.

If you understood that which you are seeking to be accepted into and if you understood the nature of those whom you are seeking to integrate with you would, instead, be seeking your own people’s society or building one of your own on some land or territory separate from the American whites.

We need land wherein we can build our own society free from the tension, hatred and violence that have accompanied our race relationship with the white race of America.

When you learn that the white man is not your brother, you will readily begin to see and accept the Divine Plan that Almighty Allah (God) has in the working for our people. Who has been our aggressors and murderers ever since we have been in America? Who, by nature, was made quick to shed blood — even his own?

And how much easier it is for them to shed our blood. They are heartless, merciless, when it comes to you and me. We all know the true answer, whether you wish to bear witness with your tongues or with your hands, we know that the white man is our aggressor — the hater of good, justice and equality for you and me.

Do not expect your former slave-master’s children to give you the privileges to do as you desire in his own house. According to the Emancipation Proclamation, we as a people were proclaimed free to go for ourselves. In other words, we were on our own to build a nation of our own regardless of our hardships and barriers.

But this we did not do because we were unable and unqualified in the knowledge of self and how to build a civilization of our own. And, today our people are too afraid and doubtful even though a way is being made in this wilderness by Allah (God) in Person.

Many so-called Negroes despise and hate “Black Supremacy” without having knowledge of what this means, and yet they support and believe in “White Supremacy.”  If you say you do not support either, then you are neutral. But nay — some must rule over the other. It is the law of nature.

The ex-slaves of America desire to go to their white masters’ restaurants instead of building one for self and kind. You want to go to their schools and learn with white people who hate your very shadows.

I say to you this is a disgrace to act so dependent and loving toward a people who have been your worst enemies and who will go to war against each other before they will give you and me equal justice under their own laws.

Allah (God) is offering you heaven at once on accepting Him for your God, enjoyment and unlimited progress in the new world of universal peace and happiness, unlike anything seen, heard or imagined since the creation of the universe.

You are not American citizens or members of the white man’s world. The only American citizens are the white people who are originally from Europe. So why fight a losing battle by trying to be recognized as something you are not and never will be. I am not trying to disillusion you but merely telling you the truth.

Almighty Allah Came to make Himself known that He alone is God and beside Him there is no God His equal — I know of none His equal. I am going to do my part in representing Him in teaching His words of Truth.

We do not need soft talk when it comes to the truth, we need the thrust that will pull us off our knees from begging and put us on our feet as intelligent men and women no longer dependent upon the slave-master but striving to build an independent nation of our own as others have done before us.

We, the Black people in America, have to fight against great opposition coming to us from all sides — the ignorant Blacks and the wise, skillful whites who envy our progress in the way of self-support.

They hate the wide spread of the Truth that Allah has revealed here in the worst part of our Planet Earth. A truck load of our papers MUHAMMAD SPEAKS was set afire by the envious and jealous haters of the progress this paper is making toward getting the Truth to the mentally dead of our people. Oh seek refuge in Allah from such evil, for I know a day that is coming to them when they will wish they, too, were Muslims.





WATTS 1965

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



As-Salaamu-Alaikum Dearly Beloved Sisters and Brothers,

So, I used to be an avid reader of local Black newspapers. I even freelanced for one earlier in my career.

However, since becoming a Muslimah, my views toward the media have soured tremendously.

Nowadays, I just pick them up and scan them for events coming up in the community – The Calendar and whatnot.

In any case, Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises Are Due Forever, and my Habibi❤ have me back living in Compton.

I was born here and fully feel the impact and the significance of my return home. I feel like I’ve come full circle and I can’t help but wonder why Allah Has Me Here.

I believe it’s because there are very many Black people who have not heard of the Messenger (PBUH), so this is where They Have me.

It’s also very nostalgic for me being here. I’ve only briefly taken a ride around the city and I couldn’t help but notice the dire straits the people who reside in this city live under. It is very depressing.

However, on the bright side, there are a lot of animals who live here. There are horses, roosters, dogs, cats, rats, &c. Most of the horses I’ve seen in L.A. come from Compton.

My roommate was worried about me because I walk the street like I own it. NO FEAR. I don’t even know the meaning of the word. Yesterday, this Sister threatened to kill me. I said, “You can try…

I don’t think Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are Due Forever, Will Allow You to Succeed, Sister. HE WOULDN’T EVEN LET ME KILL MYSELF.

My teacher is The Most Honourable and Humble Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him). He Has Given Me a Thorough Knowledge of Self, God and the Devil. Once you have these, you have no fear, worry, nor grief. I don’t care where you live.

Allah (God) Has Power Over Everything. One day I had to leave with my bandana on my head. It’s my favorite color – RED. I went on down the street where I needed to go, but ALL of these cars kept turning around, slowing down to get a good look at me. No one wears red, or blue for that matter, bandanas. NO FEAR.


My son and I lived in Watts (which is right next door to Compton) from February 2008 to June 2009, in a Transitional Housing Facility (Shelter). It was not nearly as  bad as I had expected and we were living eight families in one house and with ONE bathroom! Believe it or not – we never had to wait.

I guess everyone was just on the same frequency. It was a wonderful experience. I had always wanted to experience living in a communal type of living arrangement (think hippies):/ ikr? But, I thoroughly enjoyed the shared chores and the closeness of living with my Sisters and their children.

Of course, they were all Christians, but I just stayed to myself, kept out of the drama and tried to be the BEST example of a Muslim follower of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) as I possibly could. It all worked out well and I’m grateful I had that experience.

Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH) taught us that “God Blesses The Child That’s Got His/Her Own.” So, even though I appreciate the experience, I wouldn’t want to do it again!😉

When we lived out here, we frequented the same neighborhood businesses, the grocery store and the Library being two of them. The Sister at the grocery store had not even heard of my website and I realized that we’ve been gone for six years!

It feels like six months!😀

I went to the Library and saw the same librarian and this Brother who used to be there six years ago. I couldn’t believe he was still there. That was kind of depressing. Absolutely no progress.

Anyway, it seemed like the Library was YELLING AND SCREAMING AT ME, “IT’S BEEN FIFTY YEARS SINCE THE WATTS RIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Well, I NEVER Pay attention when people or signs are so overtly blatant. So, I just scanned the fliers but didn’t bother reading them. What I saw couldn’t compare with my knowledge of the events that took place fifty years ago.

That’s probably why they want me.

Sisters and Brothers, befriend your elders and benefit from their knowledge and wisdom. Some of them……:/

When you can find an older Brother or Sister who has time and is willing to share with you their life experiences, LISTEN TO THEM.

I have a degree in Journalism and I can tell you there is nothing like a first-person account of historical events.

It’s one thing to read about something, but when you can talk to someone who actually lived it – it makes it so much more personal and they usually go into more detail.

There is this homeless Sister who “haunts” the area around my old home on Avalon and 75th Street. I used to feed her some of my delicious Bean Soup and Pies and she used to feed me her wisdom.

She had grown up in the area, living there since the fifties. So, she would tell me of things she had seen and ways and customs that have long been forgotten by most.

One day, we were talking and she started telling me about the events that led up to the 1965 Watts Riots.

Now, first let me say that my Grandmother told me that back then, in 1965, the area now known as South Central was considered Watts as well. It wasn’t just the area around the Watts Towers and whatnot. She told me her home on 49th and Broadway was considered a part of Watts back then. So, the breadth and scope of the riots was much larger than most people realize, considering today’s perception of the area that comprises Watts.

So, I picked up this newspaper and I could tell the editor had been reading my blog. Most media outlets feed off of each other, so I’m not mad. Just a little offended and annoyed that they didn’t include MY solution to the gang problem (see above) nor a note about HOW TO EAT TO LIVE for their new “food” column.:/

Anyway, the whole damn thing is about the Watts Riots fiftieth anniversary, so I feel it’s my civic duty to tell you what my friend told me.

The police had been fucking with us (Black People) left and right, as is typical for them.

The incident that sparked the “riots” was the third time someone had gotten killed by the devil po-pos in a matter of weeks. So everybody was already on edge.

Earlier that evening, my neighbor told me, she had seen the Brother driving down Avalon, just like everybody else had. He was honking his horn as he drove, waving at everybody, “I’m about to be a FATHER!!!!!!!!!”

Everybody waved back and congratulated him, thrilled and cheering him on for his good fortune.

Before he got to the hospital, members of L.A.’s finest, the Los Angeles Police Department, pulled him over for Reckless Driving and killed him.

THAT’S what started the 1965 Watts Riots!


Do you think they cared that he was on his way to the hospital?

I’m sorry for you if you do! Because you are headed to be their next victim. They probably would’ve have liked to kill his baby too.

“Every time I plant a seed, he say, “Kill them before they grow!!!” – Bob Marley