Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
In the Most Holy and Righteous Name of Our Beneficent Saviour and Deliverer

Master Fard Muhammad,
To Whom Forever Be Praised In The Heaven and The Earth

Elijah  & Clara Muhammad

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Sisters,

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him) taught us that the Blackman has “more powerful brains” than the Blackwoman because he was “made to rule.” That is Knowledge of Self, Blackwoman! Knowing that the Blackman was made to rule and not you. Acknowledging that the Blackman has more powerful brains than you is so liberating! You can finally put an end to all of this trying to be smarter and greater than men!


This does not mean that we are lacking in the area of intelligence. On the contrary, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that “Man is the 1st self. And woman is the 2nd self.” Yes, we are second to the Blackman, but we are still the Original People, who is Allah.

There is no shame in being second to the God of the Universe. It makes sense. The Blackman is the Ruler and we are the Helpmate. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) taught the Brothers that, “Without our women, we would be pretty lonesome creatures.” We complement each other.

Following after the devil Caucasian woman has put us, Blackwomen, in competition with our own Blackman, whom we were Created to Help and Support. It has us acting crazy and other than ourselves. But All praise is due to Allah for the Most Honorable and Humble Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) for guiding us into the Path of Truth. Will you accept your place on that Path, Dear Sister? Will you Accept Your Own and Be Yourself?

Or are you going to be stiff-necked and hard-headed and cling to the debilitating ways of your oppressors?

That way will only lead to slavery, suffering and finally death.

Don’t you want to be successful? Don’t you want to live a life of unlimited progress?

Then you must accept that the Blackman has more powerful brains than you and submit to him!

In order for us to be successful as a Nation, we all must submit to Our Saviour, Who Delivered us and Returned us to our own, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is Due Forever. Additionally, within our homes, we have levels of submission as well.

As the woman, we must submit to our husband, who is the Head of the Household, in order for our homes to function properly. You must rear your children to submit to him as well as to yourself. This hierarchy creates peace.

No man wants his wife arguing with him and challenging him. We must submit to him and recognize him as the head. We can make suggestions and voice our opinions if he asks for them, because Allah made us intelligent just so that we can be useful in assisting our husbands. But we must submit to our husbands decisions. If you cannot submit to your husband you will never have peace nor a well-balanced lifestyle.

The courtship process is when we determine if the Brother courting us is a Brother whom we can respect and honor and one to whom we can submit. We should be gauging his intelligence, his wisdom and common sense. Does he submit his will to the Will of Allah? How does he handle money? Whose company does he keep? How is he with decision-making? If you find that the answers to these questions leave you satisfied and happy, then you consider if you can submit to him in everything.

This is the area where most women drive their men away. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) teaches us that:

“Woman must always submit and recognize man as the head. Even if the husband is a junky husband; yet he is the man. By nature man can’t submit to the woman. Holy Quran says woman has equal rights as he has rights over her. But these rights are defined. We are talking about rights now, not authority. Rights are not authority. Holy Quran says he is exalted over you. He is the sustainer over you. He is the authority and woman is subject to the authority.

“Love makes us humble to the law. If we love each other we won’t disagree. When you love someone, you love them for yourself.”

Success in the home depends on you, Blackwoman. As soon as we stop competing with our Blackman and submit willingly and humbly to him, as well as to our own divinely appointed position as Helpmate, Peace and Tranquility will return to our homes.

One thought on “Submission

  1. As Salamu Alaikum:

    This is a very good blog. Keep teaching sis. May Allah protect and preserve you for preserving the pure teachings. Just one lecture from our Beloved Messenger would solve all of the problems in the black community.

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