How To Properly Clean The Bathroom

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
In the Most Holy and Righteous Name of Allah,

Master Fard Muhammad,
The Beneficent, The Most Merciful
The Lord of All the Worlds


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful and Beneficent Sisters!

The place we call “bathroom” is more than just a room where one takes a bath. It is the room where all bodily functions concerning the element of waste removal are performed. Oral hygiene is performed in the bathroom as well as all other aspects of cleaning and grooming one’s body. The bathroom is a place that calls for a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Decorating with real or artificial flowers or pictures of flowers adds a nice touch. Regularly burning incense or oils in the bathroom ensures a consistent, pleasant fragrance.

Here is a guideline on how to properly clean the bathroom:


* Get acquainted with your toilet 🙂 The toilet is an area to which we should pay special attention, for obvious reasons. There is no need to purchase toxic chemicals to keep in the bowl if you clean it properly. I use Ivory bar soap to clean and then disinfect with bleach. (Make sure you clean the toilet first if you are going to use bleach.) Clean the entire toilet; Reservoir (lid, front, sides, bottom, and as much of the back as you can), seat cover (top and bottom), seat (top and bottom), toilet bowl (the entire top, inside and outside). Be sure to clean the front, sides, bottom and that little skinny part behind the toilet. Clean the wall behind the toilet and the floor round the toilet. (Don’t just rely on the mop.) Also, don’t miss that little, hidden part underneath the seat where it is fastened to the toilet.


* Wash toilet, tub, shower and sink – after each use

* Replace washcloths and towels – every day or two to three times a week depending on your children’s play and the type of work your husband does

* Wash mirror – after everyone has finished with their grooming, at the end of the day and whenever needed

* Sweep and mop floor – every day (wax floor once a week)

* Wash walls – once a week

* Beat rugs – every day

* Wash and change floor rugs – two times a week

* Change shower curtain – once a week for a family of four or more

* Keep all clean towels orderly

* Change guest towels – once a week or after use

* Remove all products and clean out medicine cabinet – once a week

* Keep all cleaning supplies and implements orderly.

* Do a major cleaning every night, disinfecting everything.

** Additional Tips **

**Don’t wait until the roll of toilet tissue runs out completely before replacing it. When you see it getting low, replace it with a new roll and place the old roll on top of it.

**Teach your children to flush immediately, when making bowel movements. This will prevent the smell.

**You should also provide wet wipes for use after bowel movements and for freshening up during menstruation.

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