Thirty Ways To Be A Better Mom




1. Imbue in him a love for Allah (God), righteousness, and his own people.

2. Foster in him a love and enthusiasm for the ACQUISITION OF KNOWLEDGE.

3. Do something with your child every day (just sit down and talk, let him read to you, watch an educational video on YouTube, look through your photos, do a science experiment, play a game, &c.)

4. Don’t EVER raise your voice when speaking to your child. ALWAYS SMILE (even when disciplining).

5. Hug your child AT LEAST once every day.

6. Do things that are good for you health-wise. (Read food labels and avoid giving your child processed foods full of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. NEVER give your child “fast food.” Prepare it yourself. You will have a healthier baby. You eat one meal a day and don’t eat between meals. Cut down on sweets. Be a good example!)

7. Kiss him while he is sleeping.

8. Get him off the computer and from in front of the t.v. for at least an hour every day by giving him educational assignments that will improve his intelligence. For example, a non-fiction book, an educational video, math workbooks, have him research a topic of interest on Wikipedia, or write in his journal, do a science experiment together, &c. (NO SPORTS! NO GAMES! SOMETHING EDUCATIONAL). YOU have to show him/her that developing and improving his intelligence is paramount AND SHOULD OCCUR EVERYDAY (even weekends).

9. Remind yourself, “He’s ___ years old. He’s still a child.” OR “He’s __ years old. He’s growing up.” Then treat him that way.

10. Cultivate SERENITY and PEACE in yourself and your child(ren).

11. Make him his favorite food regularly.

12. Leave a sweet note on his pillow or in his lunchbox occasionally.

13. Be the mother YOU always wanted.

14. Picture yourself at his age. Try to remember how you felt and how you wanted to be treated. Then treat him that way.

15. Pray for wisdom in mothering throughout the day.

16. Tell your child, “I love you and I’m glad you’re my son/daughter!”

17. NEVER criticize your child. And NEVER criticize other people in front of your child(ren). Always demonstrate kindness and empathy towards others and your child will learn to do the same.

18. Always remember that being a mother is a GIFT from ALLAH (GOD).

19. Be firm when needed; but NEVER harsh.

20. Practice PATIENCE. Keep calm and stay relaxed. Do not get emotional and teach your child to do the same. Never show your emotions (positive or negative) in public.

21. Laugh with your child often. Don’t be so serious!!

22. Picture your child at age 25. Mother with that person in mind.

23. Think of a mom YOU admire. What quality of hers can you incorporate into your mothering?

24. How do you want to be remembered by your child? Be that mother.

25. Teach your child many things he can do on his own.

26. Replace sarcasm with KINDNESS.

27. Try not to interrupt when he/she is talking. Listening and showing interest will encourage your child to open up to you.

28. Ask your child’s opinion often. Let him know that his feelings are important too. When ordering food, ask your child what he/she wants to eat. Never order for him.

29. Encourage him emphatically and be overly supportive.

30. Be the persona of Love and Happiness (even when you don’t feel like it 🙂 ).

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