Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved and Beautiful Black Queens!!!

One of the most ancient and most beautiful fragrances in the world is FRANKINCENSE.

I didn’t find out about Frankincense until I started going to Leimert Park.

I entered one of the businesses and was delighted by the enchanting fragrance wafting through the air. The owner told me it was FRANKINCENSE, showed me how to use it, and told me that I could purchase it at a store around the corner. Once there, the merchant treated me coldly and acted as if she didn’t want to share her secret with me. I bought it anyway. Ha!

 Frankincense is, by far, the BEST incense there is. Sometimes, I still use sticks, other times I use oils, depending on my mood. But when I really want to indulge, I always use FRANKINCENSE. And Sisters, being the Black Queens we are, we most definitely deserve the absolute BEST, and should provide nothing less than the BEST for our families.

When your husband comes home, he should either smell food or some type of incense. And when you welcome him home, you make sure you tantalize his nostrils as well.

If you’re in South Central, you can get it from Taj Mahal on Crenshaw and 57th, two doors down from the Post Office. You can get a huge bag for $7.oo. They also sell a smaller bag, but I don’t know how much that one costs. Sika also sells it in Leimert. For my National and International Sisters (and any devils who may be reading this), you can find it and the charcoal on which to burn them online.

To use it, just find something decorative that will not burn; like the pot in the picture. You can also use a glass or ceramic bowl or small plate; just try and make it beautiful, like everything in your house should be. Pack some sand (or dirt :/ ) in it. Light a charcoal (I use tweezers to hold it to keep from burning my fingers) and wait for it to turn orange. Place it on the sand. Carefully (again tweezers) put a FRANKINCENSE “tear” on the burning charcoal.

And Enjoy The Very BEST!

You Deserve It! 

**NOTE – The charcoal will be much bigger than the frankincense tear. Consequently, I always break them into smaller pieces. They are very inexpensive (a dime apiece). But frugality pays. 🙂 Waste not, want not.

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