“Get away from grinding out your stomach with rough corn bread and with peanuts and all kinds of nuts. Keep these things out of your stomach. They will kill you and shorten your life, and will cause you to start looking old quickly.”

“…The wrong food has already been pointed out to you – foods such as pig, NUTS, white flour, meats (of course, we eat some meats), the wrong kind of peas, the wrong kinds of breads, half-cooked breads, too many starchy foods, and too much sweets.”

“Making our stomachs digest nuts will shorten our lives.”

“He (Allah) said to me that even eating peanuts, walnuts and all of the other types of nuts you find these people (white people) eating, will take away five years of your life. Just one meal of them destroys five years of your life.

Question the doctors on how the nuts react in the stomach against good health and the prolongation of life – they will bear witness.”

NO NUTS, whatsoever should be eaten. Allah taught me that they take away five years of your life everytime you eat them. And stop eating that concrete-like peanut butter.”

“Then, in addition to eating frequently, they eat nuts of various kinds and candies full of nuts, which the stomach is unable to digest without harming its delicate digestive tract. Trying to digest these various poisonous foods forces the stomach to empty all of its digestive juices, thus causing it to wear out early from hard work.

The loss of our stomachs can cause the loss of our lives. There is a limit to the amount of digestive juice that starts flowing when our food enters our mouths and continues until it is in the large colon of our body.

*You Can Read HOW TO EAT TO LIVE, BOOK TWO In Its Entirety Here.*

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