Poor Hana “Williams”

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful Black Sisters,

I am fighting back tears as I write this thinking about our poor, poor, dear little Sister, Hana.


This young Goddess was Ethiopian, but for whatever reason, was allowed to be adopted by two Christian DEVILS in the United Snakes.  Her family did not know that they were sending their little Angel to Hell.

Hana lived for four years with these two devils straight from Hell, who reared her and eight other children according to a Christian handbook. They suffered beatings, starvation, water hosings, and were forced to stay outside in 40 degree weather. The thing that upsets me is that she had to wear the last name of the devils who abused her. Just like we had to wear the name of the slavemaster.

According to medical reports, Hana lost 30 pounds from 2009 to 2012, and was shorter than normal.


Her adopted brother, Immanuel, who is also Ethiopian, survived to bear witness to horrid accounts of child abuse inflicted by the Christian devils. For example, he told of beatings when they would hit him in the face with a stick until blood was running down his face. He also said they would lock him in a closet. (Can you imagine being a child and locked in a closet, with probably not even enough room to stretch your legs, for only Allah knows how long???) The devils allowed their biological children to beat him and Hana.

The biological children testified that Hana was in the cold for hours as punishment, and that their mother had told Hana to do jumping-jacks to stay warm. When Hana stopped, her “brothers” were instructed to hit her legs with a plastic switch, according to court testimony.

An autopsy showed that Hana, 5 feet tall and weighing 78 pounds, was covered in bruises and that her hypothermia (frozen to death) was hastened by malnutrition (starvation) and a stomach ailment.

Hana’s frozen, emaciated and bruised body was found face down in the mud in the backyard of the devils’ home in 40 degree weather. The devil told the paramedics that Hana had killed herself.


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