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As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved and Beautiful Black Sisters!

We have so many things to do throughout our day that it may be a challenge determining in which order to complete our many tasks. I have found that doing a little bit of each thing at a time prevents you from getting “burnt out” and also allows you to complete all of your tasks at once.

For instance, if you are doing laundry, you can sort the clothes and let the first load soak. While it’s soaking, you can get started on baking some bread. While the bread is rising, you can go over the days lesson with your child(ren). Once they are busy expanding their wisdom, you can do some housework. When you finish one area of house cleaning you can prepare your receipts for your bookkeeping, then go back to the laundry. Wash the load and prepare it for drying, check on your child’s progress, then do some more housework and knead your dough, &c….

You can substitute pretty much any of your tasks in the slots, just don’t worry about completing everything in one particular area all at once. Break it up. Once you complete one part take a break without really taking a break because you are still doing your work. You just won’t get stuck on one thing while other things need to be done. And before you know it, you will be finished with everything and can sit down with a satisfying sense of accomplishment and enjoy a well-deserved cup of Chai :).

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