Why is it normal and not surprising for Blacks to be killed by Devils in America?


It is because they can’t help themselves.

And we’re stuck here

Unable to get away from them.

They seek us out

“Let’s go kill some niggers.” They say.

Then they come to the Black neighborhood

And chase a poor Black man onto the highway

Where he is run down and killed.

Or they trick a Black man into their car

As if they are his friends

And then attempt to hang him.



Just get angry and hold candlelight vigils


Ask the same murderers’ brothers for justice


Receive none.

Have you ever wondered about our peculiar situation?

Where else in the world

Are there so many Black people living among whites


Have such a history?

They brought us here as slaves,

Reluctantly “freed” us,


Didn’t give us anything to go for ourselves.

We are still here.

And they are still killing us,

As if we did something wrong to them.


We didn’t ask to come.

Now, they don’t have anything for us to do.

They don’t even have enough jobs for their own people.

Why don’t they give us a place

Where We Can Do For Ourselves,

Without Having To Live Under Their Shadow Of Death?

What do you think?

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