As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved and Beautiful Asiatic Sisters!

In this information age, we are communicating with each other via Internet on a daily basis. We want to always use proper grammar whenever we write, to show the greatest intelligence.

There is nothing that irritates me more than reading posts with improper grammar and misspelled words. I understand typos occur. But, Sisters, we should proofread EVERYTHING we post before pressing “Enter”.

You might recall I wrote a blog on “Who vs. Whom” a little while back. Well, this morning I remembered that I really didn’t know the difference between “Who’s” and “Whose.” So, I thought, “Why not look that up also?” I’m sure there are many others who also never learned the difference.

So, here’s the deal. You probably know “Who’s” is a contraction of “Who is”, right? So, you could write “Who’s minding the store?” as opposed to “Who is minding the store?”

On the other hand, if you want to know who owns the store, you would write, “Whose store is it?” “Whose” is a possessive pronoun. It is used to show ownership.

Get it? 🙂

Here are a few more examples:

– “Whose phone are you going to use?”

– “The person who’s bringing the flowers should be here soon.”

– “Whose flowers are they?”

We, are the wisest of all life on the Planet, Our Saviour taught Our Beloved Messenger (PBUH). We have to show the greatest intelligence at all times.

What do you think?

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