The Messenger MTTBM

Messenger of Allah

Originally printed in The Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, September 12, 1969

THE people of America are approaching the doom of the country that was once known as America. The doom of America is not something that is unforeseen. The average scholar and scientist knows of the coming doom of America and the ignorant feel it.

THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is trying to be honest about it, but the average citizen just cannot agree with the President when he tells them that the government will not be able to do the things that the government has been previously doing. He means just that; and it is true.

FIGHTING the prolonged war in Asia thousands of miles away from the American border…supplying hundreds of thousands and millions of men with three meals a day and continually supplying them with clothing, ammunition modern weapons of war and other war material and equipment and the transporting of men and material to foreign territory; this takes billions of dollars out of the country.

AMERICA is being drained in her effort to keep one and one-half million (1,500,000) men at sea with her navies set for battle. The loss of money and war-planes runs into millions and billions of dollars. The enemy daily is causing valuable planes to drop out of the sky… some of them are rendered unfit for scrap-iron.

TO bring about a cessation of war now, all of this money and effort lost. You cannot hope for a prosperous government on the same terms as those of peace-time.

THE President, who is the chief thinker and guide for his people and country is warning you and me of what we now may expect.

YOU do not want a war, but you do want a big salary. One or the other or both has to go. You must not forget the old prophets who prophesied of this time and the condition of this time.

YOU cannot make the old prophets liars. You are too proud to mention their Word and the God Who Gave the Word to them. It is written in the book of Revelation in the Bible that the wicked blasphemed the very Name of God at the very time that they were suffering under His Divine Plagues.

THE country of America is now being Divinely Plagued and hundreds of millions of dollars are needed for reparation of damage caused by storms and other catastrophes and revolution.

THERE IS dissatisfaction and disagreement going on hourly between citizen and citizen and between heads of state and the government, but THE WORST IS YET TO COME.

THERE will be no jobs with high salaries paid to men. There will hardly be any jobs at all. A very small percentage of the people will be employed.

THE war will continue in Europe after America is out of Asia. America must come out of Asia or be thrown out with greater loss. America will be deprived of every post that she has outside of the borders of America. She will have to fight to keep her posts outside of America and after fighting she will lose the posts and the money which she used to finance her hopeless fight to hold them.

AMERICA’S out-posts will fall one by one and what few men she has left will return to America but they will not have the power to ever again set up a powerful and respected government.

AMERICA will come to shame and disgrace. To advise America to throw away all of her stock pile of war material and dismantle her army is asking America to commit suicide.

THE Jews in Palestine will finally be the great losers even with the backing of her friends, because it is Divinely Appointed that the Jews must come out of Asia or be destroyed in war.

REMEMBER the prophecy of Jesus to the Jews…the sign of which would serve as a warning to the Jews to flee for their lives. (Bible Lk. 21:20, 21.) “And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. Then let them which are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.”

THE mountains could represent European governments who aid Israel in giving her a haven in some other country. Israel will never be able to stay where she is, in Asia.

ISRAEL has driven a million and a half (1,500,000) Arabs out of their homes and forced them to look for refuge in other places. Actually the country belongs to the Arabs and not to the Jews.

ISRAEL was never Divinely Given any land in Asia. Europe is the home of Israel. The white race was Divinely Given 6,000 years to live in Europe. The other parts of the earth where you find the white man living, were taken by force and deceit. Only Europe was Divinely Given to the white race. They took other parts of the earth by force and by force it will be taken away from them. The white race and their authority among the people will be destroyed.

ALL of this my Black Brother make the situation regarding jobs, hopeless for you. My Black Brother, it makes bread scarce for you. And even water, in places.

IN destroying the rule of the old world over Original Black People, we face the worst conditions that any living people have faced since man was on the face of the earth. However, the rule must be restored to the Black People, for they are the Owners of the earth.

MUCH tricknology is used by the white man to deceive the Black Man and cause the Black Man to suffer destruction with the white man.

THE white man is Given the Divine Freedom to trick and to take any one he can with him, to the doom of the white man. Allah (God) is not going to deprive the white man of the chance to take you and me with him through deceit and falsehood. If the white man succeeds in taking you and me to his doom with him it is to the gain of the white man; and your and my loss.

YOU cannot obtain good from the white man. You can try to force blood to run out of a turnip, but this does not mean that you will ever get blood out of a turnip. There is no blood in the turnip.

I SAY to you Black Brother [and Black Sister], who have limited knowledge of today and tomorrow, you would be wise to follow me [My Teachings and NOT FARRAKHAN]. I have the key to your salvation.

I have the Power of Allah (God), the heavens, and the earth and the whole universe on my side to help get you in and onto your Own. You will find no future with the white man. You may beat the turnip, but you will find no blood in it, for the turnip is still a turnip.

Black Brother [and Sister], flee to Allah (God) for your refuge and follow me (My Teachings) for a future, otherwise you are doomed. THE WORST IS YET TO COME.

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