بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful Black Sisters!

On my way home from the market this morning, I was talking to a Brother I see all the time around town and we started talking about Mother’s Day which led to a conversation about people dying (his mother has passed) and he told me his homie just got killed a week ago. Then he told me ANOTHER Brother just got killed last night! Right down the street! He showed me pictures of the candlelight vigil for his homie and the next thing I know I’m crying all the way home on the bus.

It hurts me so much to hear about Black Men killing OTHER BLACK MEN! And it’s only because they lack the Knowledge of Self. No Black man with Knowledge of Self would EVER take the life of his Brother Blackman. That doesn’t even SOUND right!

A Brother killing his Brother!?! I know it happens occasionally, as in the case of Roger Troutman, but the frequency of occurrences of Black men STILL killing each other is ALARMING.

We don’t hear about it on the news, like “Doughboy” opined in “Boys in the Hood,” but it is going on daily.

I talk to EVERY BLACK PERSON I SEE; young/old, rich/poor, educated/foolish, civilized/uncivilized, as long as you are Black, I am greeting you and starting a rapport if the opportunity presents itself.

We have to LOVE each other and the only way that can happen is to SHOW LOVE for one another. The Brothers are still killing over colors in L.A. I have lived here almost 43 years and have been fortunate, in that no one whom I know personally, has ever been killed by another Blackman, Al Hamdulillah, believe it or not.

But, this neighborhood I moved into five years ago is interspersed with gangs, from what I hear. I never see it. Allah shields me from evil. But I hear about it. So, I could be talking to murderers when I greet my Brothers who live in my hood. But, I don’t see murderers…. I see who they really are – THE MAKERS, THE OWNERS, THE CREAM OF THE PLANET EARTH; GODS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

They have just been made blind, deaf and dumb and mentally dead to the Knowledge of Self by their devil slavemasters. So, I show them all the LOVE in my heart, let them know that they are my Brother, tell the ones who are willing to listen that their fathers created the Universe and everything in it, and that they are DESTINED TO BE THE RULERS after the destruction of this world.


What do you think?

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