Let it be known that the “Three-Year Economic Plan” is for ALL 22 MILLION OF THE SO-CALLED AMERICAN NEGROES for the purpose of helping self against poverty and want and to curtail our wild and wasteful spending.

If all of the money spent in a year by our people for beer, soda water, wine and whiskey were put together, your eyes would bulge to see the amount wasted. Let us add cigarettes and tobacco to the list of wasteful spending, taking more wealth from an already poor and impoverished people. Then, let us include the poison hog meat to the list-which we can definitely do without-because, along with tobacco, it destroys our good health.

If you stopped eating the poison hog, the devils probably would give it to you, because they want you to have that which is detrimental to your good health. There is plenty of beef, fish and chicken for you to eat. So, why fill your bodies with poisonous foods, which produces complaints throughout your life-and shortens it as well? Ask the medical scientists if you do not believe me.

Why not send all of that money to me, so I can build a bank full of millions of dollars to keep you from begging for a house in which to live, and food and clothing for yourself and family? Learn to save and to do for self, instead of learning to be a slave for others and doing for them.

If you are just able to give a nickel, let us put it up for you in savings, to help buy our food, clothing and shelter; to start farming and building factories and plants like those possessed by other nations. We are wasting our time and education, and even unity, because we want to do everything for others but nothing for self, while hoping someone else will help us.

If you will send your money to OUR (yours and mine) “Three-Year Savings Plan,” we can build a future for ourselves. We must have land of our own.


What do you think?

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