How to Crochet Your Own Slippers

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Sweet, Beautiful and Beloved Black Sisters,

One of my aunts was a crocheting genius. She could crochet anything. She could crochet a blanket with words! I really admired her creative abilities. Once she crocheted me some house-shoes that I absolutely LOVED. I always wanted more but I never got any. I guess it wasn’t important enough to me to really bug her about it.

But she passed in 2006 and that made me really want some more, if just to remind me of her. She was really artsy; a free spirit, so to speak. And could do all the things that I always wanted to know how to do. You know, sew, cook, decorate and she had so much flavor! Whenever anyone in my family needed any type of garment, she was the person to go to. I really miss her.

When I started becoming more of a homemaker, I realized that, now that we have YouTube, we can learn how to do ANYTHING we want. There are tutorials for everything from how to juggle, to how to do a back-flip to, (to my extreme joy) how to crochet house-slippers.

I was fortunate enough to learn how to crochet when I was young, due in part to my beautiful aunt whose amazing crocheting ability I was privy to from as far back as I can remember. Thankfully, one day I got the idea (which I can only credit to Allah) to search YouTube for a tutorial on how to crochet house-slippers.

I picked one and was surprised at how simple it was. The tutorial was very easy to follow and was formatted in a way that even first-time crocheters could master the slippers very easily. For those of us who like to make our things ourselves, this video will help us in fulfilling that inclination. I will never buy another pair of house-shoes again. 🙂

There are others that are a bit more stylish and others for men. But this one is a good introduction to the craft. She talks a lot but you can just skip.

I’ve also made these which are much more durable. Even though it says for men, I need another (sturdier) pair, so I plan on making these but with the sides and the back to go around the entire foot, like in the first video.

I categorized this under “Relaxation Techniques” because crocheting is wonderfully therapeutic. Crocheting, as well as knitting, sewing, cooking, cleaning and pretty much any homemaking activity, frees your mind and body from stress and worry and allows you to clear your thoughts and formulate ideas all while creating something, made through your own creativity, that you can really be proud of.

They also make great gifts. 😉



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