بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


“When two people are together and are at peace, they are in heaven. What is above the peace of husband and wife?”

“The woman is man’s heaven”

“If you choose a man to be your husband, you should live together in perfect happiness especially if you choose him.”

“Islam goes as far back as the root of Mathematics. The root of Mathematics goes as far back as Islam”

“Fractions are taught to you first because you were a part then a whole.”

“We are the root of Mathematics. God Himself is Unit No. 1″

“The greatest heaven that you enter into on believing is a peace of mind and contentment”

“Islam is the circle of peace and the diameter of happiness”

“Above all man’s habits, peace is the most satisfying of his life.”

“He wanted a different human being than Himself, so He studied Himself. He made a woman by studying Himself. He made a woman secondly so this would solve His problem of a search for another man.”

“By nature the woman has a big job. She is the one who increases the Nation.”

“A mother by nature loves and admires her son because by nature she was made to honor and worship man”

“A man should love his family regardless to whom or what because it is part of himself.”

“The teachings of Islam does not force the woman in no way to go out and work. It is her job to stay at home and rear her children.”

“The Holy Qur’an teaches the woman to stay in the house and rear her children.”

“The Muslim woman goes natural. When you see her, you are looking at a natural beauty.”



The woman has learned that the man is more exalted before God than she because of her weakness.”



“Rear your children up in the Word of Allah. Allah Says, ‘Teach them of Me. Burn it into their hearts.'”



“As Hagar did not know that water was under the foot of her child, our people did not know wisdom was in a man under the devil’s feet.”



By the water rising up under the foot of Hagar’s child, this represents us rising up from the foot of civilization.”

“Everything written in the Bible is written to give us a picture of what is happening today.”

“If there is no moisture in the air there can be no sound. When objects fall through space you can’t hear them until they hit the atmosphere. Noise comes from objects striking the atmosphere with moisture in it.”

“If land is to make its appearance it must be made from water”

“The air is the force that makes the blood flow with the heart as the pump.”

“The Saviour gave me 104 books in the Congressional Library to study on Islam and the history of Muhammad”

“I visisted Mecca in 1959. The whole city was all a sign of my people being here in America. My mentally dead people will be the rulers”

“The veil of the Kaaba means that we were veiled from the Truth of Allah.”

“The devils claim that they are the children of God. Why does God punish you like this! He punishes those who are not his beloved.”

“Blessed are those who forge first to bring the way for others.”

“The sands and stars Abraham was told to count. This means Allah would raise up a nation that would be so fast in multiplying that the nations of the earth could not keep up with them.”

“The Light of God is the light of the Hereafter which will guide the people like the light of the sun.”

“When Allah Blesses you with His spirit you are a blessed person.”

“He (Allah) has placed a fountain in the House of Israel; drink.”

“Envy and jealousy will not make you successful.”

“There will be no end to your wisdom in the Hereafter.”

“A fool can always insult a civilized person, but a civlized person can’t insult a fool because it is not his nature.”

“Proudness is sickness. This is why we are divided. We will all be one or nothing.”

“The devil has made us a slave to falsehood.”

“To go into the Hereafter and join the heavenly society you have to give up this world.”

“If you want to talk to Allah, read the Quran.”



If you are my followers then seek the way through me.”

“If you are guilty inside, Allah brings the guilt out in your color. He makes your color to bear witness. The guilty person turns dark because his deeds are dark. Allah makes you to reflect your deeds. Why does God make our color to bear witness to what is in us? Because the blood is the life of us.”

“If you claim to carry a clean religion, you should be clean internally and externally.”

“The property of a Muslim is sacred. This is in the Law of Islam. This means all Muslims will do their best to protect your property.”

“When the first man created Himself, He was the light of the circle. Then He willed the sun into being… It was 6 trillion years between the making of the sun and the creation of man.”

“The  more you learn, the less you seek of self advantage.”

“Just be what you are and don’t try to put one over; then you will feel cheap.”


Allah sends a sun to separate the darkness from the day. “God did not create the sun, He made the sun. When you make something, you start from something. When you create something, you start from nothing.”

“Why do some planets have more moons than others? They have more area to control in Equality.”


“Don’t withhold your good just because another withholds his good. You do your part.”

“Greeting the Muslim is binding upon you, if you do not your mind is not right.”

“Your children have to be prepared for a future they have not lived. You must shape your child. Lazy parents cannot make a child successful.”

“What we long for will finally appear.”

“The right medicine for the disease in our hearts is the Spirit of Allah.”

“Whenever we would rather sin and disobey Allah’s truth and guidance to make self clear then you are destroying self.”

“If you are dealing with truth, you are dealing with Allah.”


“Get in earnest with Allah.”

“Since Allah is The Master, Thee do we serve and to Thee do we beseech for help. I don’t have no other One to help me but You. If I need help I have to look to You. I don’t serve anyone but You. I am in my proper place as a servant. You are well able to help me. That is why I am your servant. Guide me on the right path. Now you have told Allah what path. Which is the right path? The one that Allah Blesses. The path of the righteous before me. Every word of the prayer means good.”


“I alone, God Has Risen Up to Teach a Dead Man.”

“Oh Allah, please let me continue to be a believer. And let no man deceive me and take away my reward.”

“Compiled from writings and conversations of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad by Sisters Anna Karriem and Captain Portia Pasha.”


  1. I myself feel that The Honorable Elijah Mohammed was a very intellegent wise old man that studied Islam Dearly.
    I feel that Islam it’self has expanded itself to a branch of Islam that is updated. ” The Five Percent Nation” aka The Nation of Gods And Earths..

    1. As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Dearly Beloved Brother Corey,

      Our Beloved Messenger, The Honourable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him) was more than “a very intelligent wise old man that studied Islam Dearly,” Brother. He was the Last and the GREATEST MESSENGER of Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Be Praised Forever.

      He didn’t just “study Islam Dearly,” Dear Brother, HE WAS TAUGHT ISLAM BY THE AUTHOR OF ISLAM, ALLAH IN PERSON, for three years and about four months, thus Giving Him and ONLY HIM, the Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding that would return the so-called American Negroes back to our rightful place on Top Of Civilization.

      His Divine Supreme Wisdom Teachings have no equal in any field of study and will last forever. There cannot be any greater Wisdom than SUPREME WISDOM, Dear Brother Corey.

      I, myself, during my search for Truth, almost became a member of The NGE. However, when I learned that their leader, Clarence 13X, just took the Teachings of the Honourable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and started changing (adding to and taking from them) I rightfully decided to stick with the Source.

      Clarence 13X was kicked out of The Nation of Islam for teaching OUR Lessons that were only approved for Registered Members of The Nation of Islam. Which is why they HAVE our Lessons, but are not qualified to master said Lessons.

      Dear Brother Corey, Our Beloved Messenger, The Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad (May the Peace and the Blessings of Allah Forever Be Upon Him) is the ONLY Man who was Raised up By Our Saviour, Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Be Praised Forever, to Lead, Teach and Guide us. His is the Only Way to True Peace, Freedom, Justice and Equality.

      Just stick with him, Dear Brother Corey, and you will never go wrong.

      Start here http://www.seventhfam.com/temple/books/black_man/blkindex.htm

      As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum,
      Your Sister,
      ~ Love Allah ❤ ❤ ❤

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