بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beautiful and Beloved BOLD Black Sisters!

I am noticing many, many more of my Sisters abandoning the devil Caucasians’ standard of beauty and accepting the fact that we (Black women) are the MOST BEAUTIFUL of all of creation -naturally!

We are letting our hair grow out of the perms, throwing away the dyes and the weaves, tossing out the pressing combs and dumping the bleach in favor of our own natural God-given beautifully kinky and rich head of hair.

All I can say is “Al Hamdulillah” which is in our native language and the language of our righteous foreparents (Arabic) and means “All Praise is Due to Allah!”

Consequently, I have been offering my services to my Sisters here in dtla (Downtown Los Angeles), to help them with their transition to natural hairstyles and they have been very receptive. Al Hamdulillah!

Allah (God) Has Blessed Me With the Ability to do natural hair, so I’m going to do it for Him. A Muslim is not a Muslim unless she wants for her Sister what she wants for herself. I didn’t want to do it at first, because cosmetology is so “blue collar” and I have a college degree, but I must submit to my Maker.

Also, I get treated with so much disdain and animosity when I try to help someone. It makes me question my motives almost. But I just ask myself, “What would Our Beloved Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) do?

So, I just “shine ’em on” and do what I feel is right. Allah (God) rewards our intentions. Don’t believe that false statement that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” That is other than the truth and just the devils’ way of making you feel bad for doing something you know is right.

If we intend to do good, then our action will be received as good, and thus, we will be rewarded accordingly.

One of my favorite sayings is,
“There is no act of good that goes without its reward and there is no act of evil that goes without its consequence.”

We are living in the most wicked society that ever existed on the face of the earth (America). The righteous are killed, persecuted, thrown in jail, laughed at, mocked and antagonized. But as the Holy Qur-an so plainly assures us:
Allah Will Pay Them Back Their Mockery.”

Noah, Lot, Jesus and all of the Prophets of Allah (Peace Be Upon Them) were called crazy and suffered all of the above, but Allah proved them right in the end and their opposers were destroyed. Allah U Akbar! (Allah is the Greatest!)

The point is, My Dearly Beloved Asiatic Black Sisters, when you choose to go natural and embrace your natural beautiful hair, you are going to be mocked, laughed at, and ridiculed by the ignorant among our Brothers and Sisters, who are innocent victims of white supremacy.

Show patience toward them. And understand that they don’t know any better. Be forbearing and remember that you may not have always been at the present stage of enlightenment you enjoy now.

Below are some natural hair care websites, to help you on your path.

Oh yes, before I forget

1. ALWAYS cover your hair when you go out.
2. NEVER wear dreadlocks (dirty) or afros.
3. ALWAYS comb & style your hair.
(Do not wear it sticking out all over your head!)

Here is why:
“Life in the Sudan”

Personally, I like cornrows and twists. You don’t need and should not add fake hair to the cornrows, plaits or twists!

Also, be aware, you will have to sort through the hairstyles featured on the websites to find ones that are decent and refined and fulfill the above qualifications. But, as always, seek Allah’s Guidance first.

Okay, now to the websites….

This Sister is Going to be on the “Dr. Oz” show tomorrow!
(We must be on the right path 😉 )
“Curly Nikki”

“Going Natural”

“Black Hair Information”

Finally, here is a link to a poem I wrote about natural hair that you might enjoy.

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum!

What do you think?

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