بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(*Ha! You thought I was going to post Mary Wells, huh? 😉  )

I met my Soulmate, Amad-Jamal Washington, in September of 19 and 79. I was eight (8) years old and he was nine (9) years old.

This was the same month the first commercial rap record, “Rapper’s Delight” was released. I loved it instantly. I used to tell my big cousins, “Play the record with the rainbow on it again!” 

I didn’t know it then, but I fell in love with both, Hip-Hop and my Honey at the same time.

The first time I saw my Honey was on the playground before school started. It was a new school for me and my Sister and I had just noticed him when someone blew a whistle and all the children “froze”. So I froze too. I thought that was so fun. 😛 We didn’t do anything like that at West Angeles Christian Academy.

Imagine my surprise when we got in the classroom, and he passed me one of those “I like you…” notes. I didn’t even realize he was the Brother who sent me that note until last year. But I must’ve said “Yes” because we were inseparable after that.

We would be in chapel, standing in a circle and, of course we were by each other and he could rub his feet on the carpet and shock the hell out of me. I used to get soooo frustrated because I couldn’t do it! But there’s been electricity between us ever since.

So, our school went on a camping trip to Blue Jay up in the mountains. I was surprised my mom let us go.

As usual, we were inseparable.

Since being in therapy, I’ve learned the terminology for some of my behavior – “Isolate”. I love to isolate. They act like you’re not supposed to. But they are a part of the devil’s world. Allah (God) Told Me To “Come, out of her!” (Revelation 18:4) So, the devils call it isolating and make it seem like there’s something wrong when you follow Divine Instruction.

So, me and my Honey have always isolated ourselves from when we first met.

So, he found a spot for us and we’re hip-hop, so I’m almost positive it was behind the stairs (I know it wasn’t on the roof 😉 and everybody was looking for us.

I’m sure it was I who moved (I’ve since learned, very well, Honey, how not to be found when I isolate) and one of our female classmates heard. They fell on us like a pack of hungry wolves – Ripped US FROM EACH OTHER’S ARMS and we were never the same.

I cry every time I think about it. I almost made it this time. So, I guess I’m getting over it. Especially since now I know he still loves me.

* * * * *

Here’s Mary Wells for you, and if you notice, her backup singers are The Temptations. There were only four.


Here’s an example of my being torn sometimes. I love to sing. But I love Allah and Islam (My Hubby/Black People) more. This is an example of the tearing.

I went to buy a sewing machine. Most seamstresses know the two most famous brands are “BROTHER” and “SINGER”.

I BOUGHT A “BROTHER”. I feel like music can be a distraction. If you notice, Our Beloved Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) did not have choirs at The Temple. 

At the Salaam Restaurant, there would be Jazz musicians though, so I haven’t completely given up on music, but it has to be with my Honey (“Brother“) 😉


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