بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Beloved Black Queens!!!

I TRIED IT. That was the first time I was really HIT by a man. He was Cuban. But Black. He threatened to shoot me. Don’t wait for confirmation if you get a bad feeling about something, act the first time. I was down for him to shoot me. But either he didn’t want the murder rap or he was full of it.

I wanted him to shoot me rather than hit me again. But I guess, like a slave, a dead prostitute is not good. I now know that was Allah’s (God’s) way of scaring me away from sin (fornication and adultery / prostitution).

Beloved Black People, Christianity has made permissible evil so much so that something is wrong when a person obeys the Divine Laws of God. We think something is wrong when a person practices abstinence or stays a virgin until marriage.

I hate America.

This is the way were supposed to behave. But this world does the opposite. They make the right seem wrong. And that is why Allah (God) is going to destroy them and America is #1 on His list. You just try and stay out of the way. Read Message To The Blackman. You can find it on the homepage.

Sisters and Brothers, this is a blog about Homemaking and I was hesitant to post this blog. It is very serious, but prostitution is so prevalent among our society that I felt like it needed to be addressed. I apologize for any offense.

My main goal is ISLAM, and ideally, this would be taught within the confines of our classes at the Temple. But I guess we can consider this a processing class. 😉

MARRIAGE is the second goal of this blog, strictly between Black People.

Getting you to read MESSAGE TO THE BLACKMAN IN AMERICA is first.

When I went to jail, and I would say 60 (sixty) per cent or more, of the women were there for prostitution. One of the Sisters tried to justify her behaviour by saying her behaviour was just like a wife’s.

Her reasoning was that the wife has sex with her husband for money and she has sex with men for money.

Anyone with open eyes, ears and heart can find the discrepancy in her idea.

First, the wife is not having sex with multiple partners. She has sex with the man, Allah (God) ordained for her to have sex with.

Secondly, the wife does more than have sex with her husband. She is his Helpmate, which is also what Allah (God) ordained for her to be.

She is not sinning against Allah.

Sisters (and Brothers), if you are currently being employed by a pimp and are unsure of how to escape, say “Bismillah” (In the Name of Allah) and go to the nearest hospital or call 911 and tell them you are suicidal.

They will send an ambulance and take you to the hospital. If they ask “Are you hearing voices?” Answer, “Yes.” Get your prescription and go apply for Social Security Disability.

It will take a couple months, but you will get the money from those months about $3,000.00

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The point is to get away. I’m sorry for my Sisters, who have never been exposed to this aspect of our community. But prostitution has embedded itself in our community from the top to the bottom.

As Black women, we are looked upon by all segments of society as prostitutes. It is up to us to change our condition and only then will we be granted Divine Help from Our Saviour, Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due Forever.

Do not be afraid of your pimp, whether it is your parents, your landlord, or just some predator who is cannibalizing off of you. I’m sorry but it has to be dealt with.

Islam is the only solution to our problem. Accept Your Own (Islam) and Be Yourself (A Righteous Muslim). We live in Hell, but we are Righteous BY NATURE. You MUST change your own situation before Allah (swt) Will Help You.

If you fear your pimp, homelessness, starvation, etc. more than Allah (God), you will never be saved. Allah (God) Has Power Over EVERYTHING. And He Says, “Me, and Me Alone, Should You Fear.

Demonstrating fear for anything other than Allah (God) tells Him that you really don’t believe in His Power Over that which you fear.

I would recommend going to jail, if it means you will get away. Fornication and Adultery are and will always be SINS.

You can extract yourself from your situation or not. It is up to you. Ultimately, Allah (God) is going to ask you about it and you won’t be able to blame anyone but yourself.

Going to jail, will give you time to think. You do not have to accept visits. Nor bailouts (I think). Come up with an exit plan and carry it out. Allah (Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises Are Due Forever) Delights in Coming to our aid.

Going to the hospital will put you in contact with a Social Worker, who can help you with a place to stay. Be righteous. Trust in Allah (God) and SAVE YOURSELF FROM A LIFE OF SIN.

 If you have another source of income, go to a vacant apartment, room, shelter and make arrangements wherein you can move in immediately (when you say Bismillah, Allah [God] Will Help You. He DELIGTS in coming to our aid). Make arrangements to pay when you get your money. As long as you have enough to move in don’t worry about how you will survive the rest of the month. Allah (God) Will Provide.

If you don’t have enough to move in, make payment arrangements, but MOVE. Immediately.

What do you think?

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