بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-Salaam-Alaikum Beautiful and Beloved Black Planet

Yesterday De La Soul had a show. I didn’t go because their opening act was a devil. Or the dj or whatever. I hope it wasn’t the dj. Prince Paul was dope. But that b.s. in the beginning of this video is not cool. Maybe I just don’t get it. Hopefully. He let me (or rather, my employee 😉 ) interview him for my show though. Thanks P. 🙂 btw It’s not the same old water anymore…..

Anyway, I didn’t go. Devils are trying their best to get us to go to hell with them. And they are using any means at their disposal to do it.

We like hip-hop, so they use hip-hop artists to draw us in and get us to be among them. They want us to think it’s okay, even though this is The Great Day of Separation. I know the game. And I’m telling you, don’t get caught up in their hype. They are Devils and they are evil. STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS.

Their time is up and they know it. But they were put here to deceive us. Read the Revelation [Bible] wherein they are described as “THE ARCHDECEIVERS.” They are trying to make us think we can all get along and live together when they know if we intermingle with them, we are committing suicide.

Ya Siin Bey had a show in dtla I didn’t go to either because the devils convinced him to use his other name on the flyer, even though his picture was on it!!!

(This wasn’t the show, but the flyer was the same.)

I KNOW that was a source of contention for him, but he did it anyway! NOT A GOOD LOOK, AKHI.

It’s just that serious, Brothers and Sisters. This De La show was FREE!

That should give you a clearer picture of how sneaky devils are! Don’t go anywhere white people are.  I know you work with them. But don’t socialize with them. Stay with your own.

To my Black People in positions of authority: their money and offers of leadership (good jobs/power) are not worth your soul or the destruction of your Nation!



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